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2017.04.22 👣🚜 Gardening and Walking Around

Did a bunch of gardening, hoeing weeds, repairing hoses (After hoeing them too, oops), digging, and walking today. Didn’t go on an ‘official’ walk, but fitbit gave me some credit anyway. And, sunset … finally. Going in to find some food and a shower and probably my bed. 

The Real Queens//Josh Dun

Request: Hey just a random request but could you possibly do one where the reader and Josh play filters?? You can add anything else if you want to! Thank you queen <3

(I’m assuming snapchat filters? If I’m wrong please let me know and I’ll write you a new one ASAP)

(This was super rough, I’m really sorry man).


               “Josh! Come here.” You yelled, laying on the couch, making weird faces at the screen in front of you—which was currently turning your face into what looked like an alien. You were scrolling through the various filters when Josh’s face soon joined yours in the screen—becoming a bunny. “We’re bunnies!” You smiled, this previous expression falling when the filter came off your face (making Josh the only bunny).

               “You’re cuter than any bunny.” Josh smiled at you, pressing a kiss to the top of your head before properly sitting beside you on the couch (considering he was leaning over the back of the couch initially). “What is with you and snapchat filters?” He laughed, scrolling over to the next filter.

               “I’m…a banana.” You whispered, eyes widening as you saw Josh pout at your screen. “Don’t hate, I didn’t choose the banana life—it chose me.” You bit your lip, trying to stifle the laugh that was building in your throat. You saw Josh slowly begin glaring at you through the phone, pretending to be disgusted with your latest look. This caused you to finally break, laughter filling the room as you scrolled through the filters once again. Stopping on the flower crown filter—this time you took a picture, writing a caption then posting it to your story (which somehow the clique had found. They were awesome but little psychos at the same time).

               “Little psychos?” Josh giggled, head falling back against the couch as your face turned red. “You’re really something Y/N.” He laughed—referring to your habit of mumbling your thoughts to yourself, on many occasions.

               “First, it’s not my fault your fans can act like little alien-skeleton-lovechildren psychos. Second I mean it in a good way, considering I’m not much better, and third I’m so sorry. Being alone for months on end when you’re touring leaves me with no real conversation partner so I do the next best thing.” You smiled at him, resting your head against his shoulder once you were done ‘ranting’.

               “Whatever you say, you large psycho.” Josh laughed, wrapping an arm around your shoulders—leaving the two of you in a comfortable silence.


               “So, I bought you something.” You heard Josh say—the two of you were currently skyping while you made yourself supper. “But I won’t tell you until I get home.” You picked up your phone, glaring at the face which filled your screen.

               “Not even fair!” You laughed. “I want to know now Josh.” You pouted, watching him roll his eyes at you. “Don’t roll your eyes so much, one day they’re going to roll right out of your skull.” You waved your finger at him before propping the phone up against the wall, where you could see him while stirring the contents in your pot.

               “That wouldn’t be too bad, like if they still worked. That would be sick—I could see anything. Like when you’re showering without you knowing it.” He laughed, the volume increasing as you paused, resting one hand on your hip as you gave him a “motherly” look.

               “That’s disgusting Joshua. What have I told you about rolling your eyes around the house, and into the bathroom when people are bathing?”

               “Not to do it.” He groaned, resting a hand on his face—trying to match the level of serious you were currently acting on.

               “And what do we do when you roll your eyes around the house?” You bit back a smirk, awaiting the creative answer he was plotting.

               “Put them back into my eye sockets without cleaning them—which is probably child abuse.” You smirked, a small laugh escaping your lips as you stirred your food. “Hey Tyler” Josh started, putting his phone onto the bed as he left the screen—talking to Tyler about the latest debate the two of you were having. You listened to their indistinct talking for a few minutes until Tyler’s face was filling your screen, a horrified look embedded into his features.

               “You’re cruel!” He screamed. “Do you know how much gross stuff is on the floor? And you’re shoving that into Josh’s eyeholes?” These two were going to be the death of you—not a bad torturous death—but a death indeed.


               “Y/N!” You heard a voice echo through the halls of your house—waking you up from a quite nice sleep. Glancing at the clock sitting at your bedside, the bright red numbers read “6:22AM”. Why so early? Why must someone break in at this hour, why not 6:22PM? Come in, have supper then steal a bunch of stuff. “Come here!” Being a bit more awake, you realized the mystery voice belonged to Josh—who was home a week early? What? You rolled over, preparing yourself for the cold air that would be surrounding your warm body once the covers were pulled off. Which felt worse than you had prepared yourself for—but Josh would be warm. The boy was a human furnace.

               “What?” You groaned, voice thick with sleep. You wandered out to the kitchen, where Josh was standing with a flower crown sitting atop his bright yellow hair—a cardboard sign reading “the real queens” being held at chest level. You raised an eyebrow, trying to figure out what was going on. It took a second (it was too early to think) before you realized: the last selfie you took with Josh before tour.

               The flower crown snapchat filter selfie. You smiled at him, walking over and wrapping your arms around his middle, smiling into his chest.

               “I can’t believe you remembered that.” You laughed softly, looking up at his face when you felt something being placed atop your head.

               “Of course I did—it’s the first thing I see whenever I open my phone. The last selfie we took before I left. Call me cheesy but I have to find ways to surprise you somehow.” He smiled softly at you, leaning down to gently press his lips into yours.