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MBTI and F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes

- There are all types of love in this world but never the same love twice
- Her philosophy is carpe diem for herself and laissez-faire for others

- Personality is an unbroken series of sucessful gestures
- It was only a sunny smile, and little it costs in the giving, but like morning light scattered the night and made the day worth living

- The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want
- So we’ll just let things take their course, and never be sorry

- I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go
- It was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life

- It’s not a slam at you when people are rude. It’s a slam at the people they’ve met before
- I don’t ask you to love me always like this, but I want you to remember. Somewhere inside of me there will always be the person I am tonight

- I wish I have done everything on earth with you
- Things are sweeter when they’re lost, I know because I wanted something and got it. It was the only thing I ever wanted, and when I got it, it turned to dust in my hand

- Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss
- I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you find the strength to start all over again

- There are only the pursued, pursuing, the busy and the tired
- The loniest moment in someone’s life is when they are watching their whole world fall apart, and all they can do is stare blankly

- A woman should be able to kiss a man beautifully and romantically without any desire to be either his wife or his mistress
- And in the end, we were only humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness

- For what it’s worth: it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be
- Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall

- Everybody’s youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness
- The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function

- It’s funny thing coming home. Nothing changes. Everything looks the same, even smells the same. You realize what’s changed is you
- Live the full life of mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of unusual

- Life is essentially a cheat and its conditions are those of defeat: the redeeming things are not happiness and pleasure, but the deep satisfactions that come out of struggle
- I’m a romantic: a sentimental person thinks things will last, a romantic person hopes against hope that they won’t

- You are the finest, loveliest, tanderest and most beautiful person I have ever known - and even that is an understandment
- There’s something between us; a sort of pull. Something you always do to me and I to you

- Living your life is a task so difficult, it has never been attempted before
- Why don’t you tell me that “if the girl had been worth having she’d have waited for you?” No, sir. The girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody

- Genious is the ability to put into effect what is in your mind
- Nothing is beneath you if it is in the direction of your life

Happy National Book Day

Hello - Newt x Reader

Prompt: A little drabble! Soulmate AU where everyone is born with the first words their soulmate says to them tattooed on their wrist. Reader is completely fed up with her quest to find her soulmate, as the only hint she has is the incredibly vague black letters that have always been stamped across her wrist.

Warnings: Swearing, bullying, use of alcohol, harassment and unwanted advances

God, you hated your soulmate tattoo.

What sort of a soulmate tattoo was “hello”? You had detested it your entire life. What vague-ass higher power had decided when they gave you your tattoo to stop at “hello”? How would you know for sure when you met your soulmate? Couldn’t they have elaborated a little bit? Just a few more words? A proper sentence that you could actually recognize your soulmate with? But no, you were stuck with the most common greeting in the English language tattooed permanently into your skin. Hello. What absolute bullshit.

Every time someone greeted you with that simple phrase, your eyes would narrow, you would square your shoulders, and you would spit back the most distinct and unmistakable response you possibly could. You were not going to be the soulmate couple that had “hello” on both of your wrists. Your lucky, lucky soulmate probably had something ridiculous, like “Whatever you say,” or “Did you know that a hippopotamus’s sweat is red?” because you absolutely had to stand out, and you made sure that your replies to “hello” always did. There was no other way to be sure that anyone and everyone who said “hello” to you wasn’t your soulmate.

What a useless tattoo.

All throughout your school years at Ilvermorny, you were completely embarrassed to show people your tattoo. Unfortunately, when your classmates found out, they had great fun sending people you had never spoken to before up to say “hello” to you.

Your reaction was always hilarious, so they kept doing it. Your responses ranged from “Go fuck yourself,” to “Nice try guys, but I’ve already spoken with her before,” to straight up punching one student right in the jaw when he got a little too friendly with his hands as he delivered his “hello”.

You started to feel a little bad for your actual soulmate as your replies increased in hostility. They probably had a particularly colorful quote of yours. “Go to hell,” perhaps, or maybe “Who the fuck put you up to it this time?”

When you graduated, your defensive nature had thankfully melted a little. You had switched to solely offering people fun animal facts whenever they said “hello” to you, and it was far less stressful. “Seahorse mates hold each other’s tails so they don’t lose each other,” was a favorite of yours, as was “Cows have best friends.”

One evening, you were at a bar with your roommates Queenie and Tina, and you were in no mood for advances from anyone. You had decided to date, as many people with soulmates do, just to pass time while you waited for your soulmate to arrive, but your recent significant other had found their soulmate and left you in the dust. It was incredibly depressing, and you just really wanted a drink.

A man waltzed up to you, sliding into the chair beside you and offering a hand to shake. “Hello,” he said with a grin. You looked over at him, as annoyed as you were drunk, and reached out to flip his arm over and look at his wrist.

“Alright, let’s get this over with I’m not in the mood to think of a fun fact,” you grumbled, pulling back his sleeve to look at his wrist.

It wasn’t really with disappointment that you read the words “I’m so sorry I ran over your dog,” in black ink on his wrist, and you patted his hand drunkenly.

“Good luck with that one, buddy,” you slurred, getting to your feet and heading toward the door. He blinked after you, bewildered, and then returned to his drink.

Such was a usual encounter for you, and by the time Tina dragged a certain magizooligist into your home, you were sick and tired of your goddamn animal facts.

“Queenie, (y/n)!” Tina called out to you. You peeked your head around the corner where you were helping Queenie mend dresses, and you saw with a pang of confusion that Tina had brought two men along with her.

Queenie voiced your amazement, grinning and chirping “Teenie! You brought men home!”

You approached your friend, not bothering with the fact that you were clad in only a slip, and you blinked at her in disbelief. “Who are they?”

“This is a no-maj, and this is Mr. Scamander. He’s responsible for his injuries,” Tina said wearily, pointing her finger at the sweaty, overwhelmed man who offered you a disoriented half-smile before fixing his gaze back on Queenie, who giggled.

Mr. Scamander gave you a little wave. “Hello,” he said.

You let out a slow puff of air, your frustration resurfacing as your hand shot forward to grab his wrist. “Merlin’s Beard, just show me the goddamn tattoo,” you grumbled without thinking. You were in total shock when you slipped his sleeve back and found yourself face-to-face with your own words.

You looked up at him with wide eyes, and he looked just as startled. A hush fell over the room, and you felt your face grow hot. “Sorry about that,” you mumbled apologetically, unable to drop your gaze from his.

“That’s quite alright,” he said softly, his lips twitching upward in a small smile. “It’s quite the conversation piece,” he teased, and you found yourself chuckling.

“You had better be worth all the trouble my ridiculous tattoo has caused,” you teased back. The other three people in the room were watching the two of you, completely taken aback.

“I think for the most part people usually find me to be more trouble than I am worth,” he confessed, his eyes sparkling.

You dropped his hand at last, your face red and your heart pounding with embarrassment. “We’ll see about that,”

This is such a silly idea but I had to write it down so here u go

def not my best work but I hope u enjoy!! I literally didn’t even proofread this so it’s probs full of errors and bad transitions but pls enjoy this dumb little drabble!! (two fics in two days, who am I and what have I done with puk)

Caught (Spencer Reid x Reader)

One shot request for @damhunterofartemis! “Spencer has a girlfriend and the team doesn’t know about her until they catch him kissing her.” Un-beta’d! 
Requests are still open! :) 

“Honestly, Boy Wonder, you should come out with us tonight. You need to meet someone,” Penelope said as she was scurrying around in her heels, grabbing her purse and outfit change. She, JJ, and Emily extended the Girls Night invite out to the rest of the team.

“Garcia, I appreciate the offer but trust me, I’m fine.” Spencer said, rejecting yet another invite which was met with a pout from the blonde.

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Uptown Girl

Summary: Y/N comes from one of the richest families in New York. Peter crushes hard on her but knows they could never happen.

AN: hi i’ve come back from the dead lol (this is also gonna be in peter’s POV)

Peter Parker x Reader 

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“Are you coming over tonight?” My friend, Ned Leeds, said.

“I can’t. I have the Stark internship.” I opened my locker to avoid looking at him. He would see right through my lies.

“Again? Didn’t you go there yesterday too?” Ned leaned against the locker beside me.

“Well, Mr. Stark expects me to work hard. I don’t wanna let him down.”

“Don’t you think you’re working a little too hard?” Ned crossed his arms.

“No! I just want to-”

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Punk (Chap. 1)

Originally posted by in-perfectenschlag

Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1871

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  So this is what I work on when I get blocked writing Nobody.  It’s supposed to be angsty and funny and fluffy (maybe a tad naughty at some point idk).  I hope you enjoy the first part!

“Morning, sunshine,” Tony greeted you as you slogged into the kitchen with a scowl.  Your (Y/H/C) was sticking up in random, knotted directions from tossing and turning all night, and dark bags hung under your puffy (Y/E/C) eyes.  

“Uhnnngg,” you groaned as you poured yourself a sizeable cup of coffee.  Tony was one of those ‘happy morning people’.  You hated him.  And his stupid face.  But his coffee was good so you let him live.

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What happens in Vegas... - Tom Holland

Word count: 2448

Summery: You wake up after a night in Las Vegas, only to discover you married the one and only Tom Holland 

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4  | Part 5

A/N: I really hope this makes up for the weekend! I was inspired by Carrie Underwood’s “Last Name”. Please, let me know what you think! It would really mean a lot! If the interest is there, I might make it into a series, so just let me know if you want a part 2! 

I know the ending is lacking a little, but i’m reallly tired, so i’ll just make it a cliffhanger! 

You woke to the sun shining on your face through the window. Your throat was drier than Sahara, and your head was pounding. You fumbled for your phone, and when you looked at the time, you also saw the notifications on your phone.

Your twitter and Instagram had blown up overnight. Like really blown up. There had never been this amount of notifications before. How the hell did this happen?

I don’t know what happened, but there’s a legal document stating that we’re married!” You heard a voice say outside the door. You frowned your brows. When you looked down at your hand, to find a slim golden ring, that you were sure hadn’t been there yesterday. What the shit happened last night?

I did what?” His voice continued. You opened twitter, and quickly gave up on figuring something out based on your notifications. Instead you found a couple of news articles, and several screenshots of a tweet.

“Just married the love of my life, @y/t” and a photo of you in a white dress, kissing the guy who you assumed sent out the tweet. Did you seriously get married to some stranger last night? And apparently someone famous too! At least you got the wild Vegas trip you wanted, you just didn’t expect to get married.

With a sore body, you left the bed. You were only in your underwear, the white dress laying on the floor, and your other clothes were nowhere to be found. You didn’t really feel like wear a wedding dress, so you searched the rest of the floor, and found a white T-shirt, that you quickly put on.

As you walked out of the bedroom, you found the guy standing shirtless, leaning against the kitchen counter. He eyed you, as you walked to him. You spotted the matching ring on his finger, and sighed internally.

“Haz, I gotta go. I’ll call you later” He hung up the phone, and sent you an awkward smile. “Hi. Ehm. So. We got married last night. It was a mistake, uh. I was very drunk, and I’m guessing that you were as well. I think we might have slept together, but I’m not sure, and this is going to sound really bad, but I don’t remember your name”

“it’s y/n. I didn’t plan on getting married to a stranger, yet alone a famous one, so there’s that. What do we do? Can’t we just get an annulment? Or a divorce or something?” You asked. You knew your parents was going to be so mad if they found out that you got married in Vegas.

“About that. I kinda told the whole world we got married, and my agent thinks it would be bad for my reputation to get a divorce. It would apparently be, and I quote “a PR nightmare”, and I don’t want that” He explained, and you were a bit shocked.

“You want us to stay married? Are you serious?” You couldn’t believe it. Why would you want to do that? “Yes. Just for a couple of months! Maybe a year. It’s my agents idea, and I thinks it’s kinda stupid, but Marvel don’t really like the idea of damaging my reputation if we can help it. So yeah. Sorry” He apologized, and you could feel yourself getting angry. Who the hell was he to think, that he could decide that?

“I don’t want to be married to you! I don’t know you! Hell, I don’t even know my own last name right now. I’m not going to stay married to you, just to help your career! Who exactly do you think you are?” You were definitely angry now. He was about to say something, as your phone rang. Before he could speak, you answered the phone.

“Y/n! I just got off the phone with Tom Holland’s manager. He told me what happened. How you got married in Vegas, congratulations on that by the way” He told you. You prayed that he could help you out with the divorce part.

“Oh thank god! I don’t want to be married, to that arrogant prick. So please, tell you can get an annulment!” You watched the annoyed expression on Tom’s face, but you just rolled your eyes at him.

“Yeah, I don’t think we should do that. Netflix just offered you a role in a new series. Mostly because of the news of you getting married. It would be great for your career!” No-no-no-no-no! This could not be happening!

“Are you kidding me? Why on earth would I want to do that?!” you yelled into the phone. “Well, look at it as an opportunity! Mr. Holland is a very international name, and being with him, could mean you get your big break”

“And before you say anything, Ellen wants you on her show. Don’t turn it down. This might be your only chance” You manager continued, and you just wanted to smash something.

“You can tell Holland’s manager that I want a contract, if we’re staying married” You said before hanging up. You glared at your new husband. This couldn’t possibly end well.

“So I’m guessing we’re married. Look at it positively. You’ll get famous quite fast now” He smirked, and you just wanted to slap the smile of his face.

“Oh please. This is strictly business, okay? I don’t care if we slept together last night, but I won’t happen again. I’ll play the part in public, but other than that I don’t care about you” You said coldly. You didn’t like him. He seemed so arrogant. Who gave him the right to think he was so much better than you?

“That goes both ways. Maybe we should get to know each other, and maybe agree on what we’re telling the public. Do we pretend that we know everything about each other, and that we just kept our relationship hidden? Or do we play it off as a love at first sight thing?” His voice was, is possible, colder than yours.

“Love at first sight. Then I don’t have to spend that much time getting to know you. At least not right now” You glared at him, really wishing you weren’t wearing his shirt. It just seemed wrong, and if he claimed It back, you would feel very exposed.

“Great! If you just give me my shirt back, I’ll leave. I don’t really want to be here anyway” You took the shirt off, and almost instantly the annoyed look in his eyes disappeared. His eyes went down your body, up again, only to go down once more, and then stop at your bra.

“Hey jerk. My eyes are up here” You threw the shirt in his face, and you turned on your hell and walked towards the bedroom again. It gave you some satisfaction, knowing he was staring. At least in this way you were better than him, and you were going to let him know. It didn’t take long before you heard the door slam shut.


A couple of days had passed. You had been so busy with phone calls, from your family, your friends and even journalists too. You had gotten the script for your new role, so when you hadn’t been on the phone, you had been learning your lines. For short moments, you had happily forgotten you had to play the role of Tom Holland’s wife as well. You sat down on the couch, mentally preparing for the interview. This was your first real interview.

“So, we’re here with Tom Holland and y/n y/l/n! Or do you prefer Holland?” The host asked, and you quickly looked over at Tom, who was casually sitting with his arm around you. “Both actually. As an actor, I want to be my own person, so there I prefer just my own name. But in every other situation, I very much prefer Holland” You gave the biggest smile you could, and looked back at the host.

“That’s so sweet. So let’s get right to the question everyone’s been asking. How long have you been together?” The host leaned forward a little, and you looked at Tom as he started to answer.

“Well, Darling. How long have we been married?” He looked at you, and your faces was suddenly so close to each other, and you forced a giggle. “4 days” You said, keeping your eyes locked on his, until he looked back at the host. “We’ve known each other for 4 days” He said, still smiling wide.

“What?! This is unexpected news! So you guys didn’t know each other before getting married?” The host looked at you with wide eyes, and a slightly open mouth.

“Kind of. We ran into each other in the afternoon. I had just gotten the part in the new series, and I wanted to celebrate. Then I met Tom” You glanced at him again, trying to seem in love. “He spilled a glass of water on me, and when I looked into his eyes, I just couldn’t look away” You continued.

“I’ve never been the type, to just fall in love, but there was just this instant connection. Everything just felt so right. It was really spontaneous, we can both admit that” He laughed, and you decided to continue.

“There was just something so beautiful about the love. I think we both wanted to have it to ourselves, just for a minute. We didn’t tell our family, we didn’t tell our friends. We got a dress, a suit. Then we got married” You carefully bit your lip nervously. “You didn’t tell your family?” The host asked, a bit astonished.

“No. It was some very awkward phone calls the following day. I think the word stupid was used a couple of times” Tom answered. The interview went on with you talking about the wedding, and just a bit about your new projects.


You were already hating this day. The interview was hard getting through, but now you still had to go on a date with Tom. You had to be seen out in public, preferably kissing. As you stood in front of the mirror, applying your favourite lipstick, you thought about how you were going to survive tonight.

You looked at the time. He was going to be here in 2 minutes, so in your opinion he should’ve been here 3 minutes ago. You absolutely hated when people were late, but you wouldn’t be surprised if he was. He was rude, and arrogant, so he was probably also late.

There was a knock on the door, and you were actually a bit surprised. You went to open the door, to find him leaning against the doorframe, looking at his phone. Impatient could be added to list as well. He looked up at you, and once again his eyes scanned you, causing you to smirk.

“As annoying as you are, you are still hot. So as long as you keep your mouth shut, I might actually survive tonight” He smiled, and you rolled your eyes, as you walked out to lock the door to your apartment.

“You’re just so charming, I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have married you” You said, you voice dripping with sarcasm. You followed him to the car, and he quickly started driving to the cinema. You were going to see one of your movies. Well, it wasn’t your movie, but you did have a minor role in it. It was a dancing movie, and you were a backup dancer. You were on screen a lot, but you didn’t really have any lines.

As you got to the cinema, you found you seats. Your fingers were intertwined. As soon as the lights dimmed, all physical contact stopped. You didn’t focus much on the movie, instead you looked around to see what everyone else thought. You had seen it a couple of times already, so there was nothing new in it for you.

You reached a scene with a little sexier dance. You weren’t wearing much clothes in the scene. You always looked away in this scene, not because you were embarrassed, but because it was very strange seeing yourself be so sexually powerful.

As you glanced at Tom, you saw him smiling, and he started biting his lips. He didn’t realize you were staring, which make you smirk. The scene was definitely turning him on, and you couldn’t help laughing to yourself. He was such a jerk, but apparently all it took was a dance. This could definitely be used as torture. It was going to be some long months, so you might as well find something to entertain yourself with.

After the movie ended, and you walked out of the cinema, there were a lot of paparazzi. This was it, now was the time for your grand kiss. He was holding your hand, leading you to the car. He opened the door for you, and before you could prepare, he put his lips on yours.

You wanted to push him away, but you also knew you had to make it seem real. You put your hands behind his neck, and deepened the kiss a bit. You tried to imagine him as some other actor, but none of your tries really worked. After a while he pulled back, and you got in the car. He got in on the other side, and started driving.

“some of the paparazzi followed us, so if it okay with you, I’ll come up with you. I’ll sleep on the couch. I’ll be gone, before you’re up tomorrow” He said awkwardly, as he looked at you.

“Sure, I don’t care” You shrugged your shoulders, and in silence you walked up to the apartment. “Do you think we should move in together? To make it more believable. I got 2 bedrooms, so it wouldn’t be a problem” He stated, and you were once again rolling your eyes.

“So do i. We could just as well move here” You answered, as you opened the door. “Maybe we should talk about this some other day. I’m tired, and I really don’t have the energy to argue with you” He sat on the couch, and you mentally cursed at him. The moron didn’t take off his shoes.

“Since you’re here, do mind unzipping my dress? And taking your shoes off” You smiled ironically, as you walked towards him, turning your back against him.

“Sure” He sighed, slowly unzipping your dress, letting it fall down. You could’ve done it yourself, but you liked teasing him. He could be as mean as he wanted, but he couldn’t take his eyes off your matching black bra and panties.



“Do ye no’ listen to a damn word I say?” Jamie said, shaking salt on his chips.

“I’m not the meek and obedient type,” Claire said, splashing vinegar all over.  She tore off a piece of fish and popped it into her mouth.  

“I specifically asked ye not to come.  Not to talk to her.”  

They sat in a Fish and Chip shop close to New Scotland Yard.  The place was small.  Warm.  Tables pressed tightly together.  They sat side by side.  

Jamie said he couldn’t sit across from Claire.  He said he could never fit behind the person at the next table.  

Claire didn’t care what his excuse was.  She pressed her leg into his. 

“I never agreed to that,” Claire said around a mouthful of food.  

“Aye, ye did!” Jamie pointed a chip at her before eating it.

“No,” Claire was smug.  “I didn’t.  I climbed on top of you instead of answering.”

She watched as his memory ran through the conversation and subsequent action from that night.  His posture relaxed.  “Aye.  Ye wee vixen, ye did.”  He leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.  “Mmmm. Vinegar.”  

“Still,” he shook his head in disbelief.  “Next time warn a man.  I nearly died seein’ ye out front touchin’ her hand.”

He reached for a pen.  “Tell me again what ye saw when ye touched her.”

“Um,” Claire swallowed.  Reached over to stay his hand.  “Wrong book, hon.”

Jamie stopped.  Hon. He shook his head at the endearment.  Smiled to himself.  So, Claire Randall.  Have I softened yer heart a wee bit?  

He wiped his hands on a napkin.  “Aye.  Thank ye.”  He dug into his pocket for the caramel coloured notebook.  

“She was in the hospital.  The priest had come to visit, but he was mainly focused on talking to her husband.  It was like she wasn’t there.  She was trying to explain that they could keep up the chemotherapy, and do what the priest wanted, but he ignored her.  Kept quoting scripture.”

“What did he look like?”  Jamie’s pen was poised.  “Did ye glean a name?”

“I couldn’t see his face.  He was a big man, though.”  Claire closed her eyes in concentration.  “No.  No name.”

Jamie scribbled and Claire took another bite.  “I’m surprised Reverend Campbell didn’t tell you who it was.”

“Aye.  Weel.”  Jamie said around a mouthful of chips. “He’s scared of the man, whoever he is.  He wouldna say a word without a lawyer.  Chief Inspector is no’ happy wi’ me right now.  Stirring up the church and such.”  

“Jamie?”  Claire worried that her part in all of this would backfire.  “Chief Inspector Grey….does he know about me?”

Jamie nodded, swallowing his bite.  “Aye.  He kens I have ye workin’ with me.  Ye ken that.  Ye heard me on the phone the other day.”

“I mean,” Claire pushed her food away from her, “does he know about me.”

“Ye mean yer gift?”  Jamie shook his head, “No.  I’ve told no one.”

Claire relaxed.  Jamie reached for her food.  Pulled it closer to her.  

He leaned into her shoulder, whispered in her ear.  “Now eat up.  I’ll be wanting to see ye home.”

“Such a gentleman,” Claire whispered back.  

“Och. No.  There will be nothin’ gentlemanly about what I do to ye when I get ye there.”  

D.C. Mohr gave Jamie a look across the room.  Tapped the side of his head.

Jamie cocked his head to the side in agreement.  This priest was as odd as they came.  Jamie and Angus were continuing to interview the Parish staff.  Jamie was purposely leaving the secretary until the end.  He could tell she was anxious.  Nervous.  

He wanted her near to breaking.  

At this point, he and Angus had been trying to talk to the man for the past half hour but he kept going off on these tangents.  

Father Fogden, despite his strong resemblance to St. Francis of Assisi, was not the picture of priesthood.  He rambled incoherently most of the time.  

Ramblings that yielded some interesting comments in between.  

“One must make sure that the sheep are taken care of, that the flock is tended.  The world is full of wolves, wolves that threaten our sheep.  Curses.  Plagues.  Trials.  Hardship.  Burden.  Affliction.  Misery.  Woe.  Tribulation.  Misfortune.  Pain.”  

Jamie was scribbling furiously.  

“You would know him.”

Jamie stopped writing.  The Priest was staring at him intensely.  “You would know him.  Aren’t you Scottish?  You would know him.  Bone.  The Slayer.” 

Jamie was frozen to the spot.  Riveted.  “How would being Scottish help me know him, Father?”  He shot a quick glance at Angus. 

Fogden blinked suddenly, as if he’d just noticed Jamie and Angus. “We have guests!  What great fortune!”  

He yelled over his shoulder to the outer office, “Can we have something to serve our guests?”

He turned to Jamie.  “Do you like Sangria?”

“No, thank ye, Father,” Jamie said, coming out of his shock.  “Can ye tell us if ye’ve recently been in the old chapel on the grounds?”

The man’s back went ramrod straight in his chair.

“Oh no.  No, not at all.”  His black eyes fixed on Jamie.


Jamie felt a chill run down his spine.  

“Spirits, Father?”  Jamie watched as the priest swayed a little in his chair.  “Father!  What do ye mean, spirits?”

The cleric slumped over, head lolling forward.  

Both officers’ heads swiveled to the door as the parish secretary came in the room carrying a tray of tea.  

“What’s wrong wi’ him?” Jamie asked, voice concerned.

“Drunk,” she said.  And set the tray down with a clatter.

“Read the words to me again,” Claire said, pencil poised.

They were in Claire’s office at the morgue.  It was quiet there.  Private.  

Jamie ran through the list for the third time.  Claire wrote down only the words that spoke to her.

Jamie was fascinated.  He read them slowly.  Her eyes were closed in concentration, “listening” more to her inner voice than his.  She would shake her head if the word didn’t resonant.  Write furiously if it did.  

She brought it down to four words.  With the last two that she swore were connected to his name.  

Trials.  Hardship.  Woe.  Pain.

Bone.  The Slayer.

“And he said you should know him because you’re Scottish, is that right?”

“Humpf,” Jamie grunted. 

“Aye….hold on.”  Jamie stopped and dug through his book for a sheet of paper.   

Claire’s mind was a chaotic mass of sensations.  

“Synonyms,” she mumbled.  “That much is clear.  And for you to know must mean that the words are Scottish in origin.  But words don’t derive from Gaelic.  They come from Latin or Greek.”  

She sighed.  Looked up from her notes. 

“I’m sorry, Jamie.  It’s all too much.”

Jamie was staring at the paper.  

Jaw clenched.  Muscular throat working.

“Why that slippery wee bastard.”

Jamie snapped his notebook closed.  

“What?” Claire got up from her chair to look over his shoulder.  “What did you find?”

He bolted before she could see.

“I’ve got to go.”  Jamie’s long strides took him to the door of the morgue.  He pushed open the door.  Stopped.  Walked back. 

Kissed her firmly on the lips.

“Call ye later.”

And he was gone. 

Claire placed a hand to her lips.  

God.  No.  He can’t be walking into THAT.  

Claire grabbed her medical bag.  Searched it.

Dammit.  She’d need a couple of medicines before she could show up there.  Time was of the essence.  

The hospital was two blocks from the morgue.  She ran the whole way, driven by fear.

Panting heavily she made her way to the pharmacy.  

She was commanding.  Authoritative.  With an air of the busiest of doctors. She got what she needed.  Bypassing paperwork.  Bypassing protocol.  

Bypassing questions.  

Catapulted into action she didn’t even hesitate when the unknown number rang her phone.  

“I know it’s you!” she half-shouted into the phone.  “Detective Inspector James Fraser is on his way!”  

She heard a sharp sob on the other end.  

“What’s happening?” Claire asked.

A small voice answered.  It was the secretary at the school.

“He’s going to kill him.”

Accidents Happen (Part 4/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: I love all the feedback you all keep giving me! I wanna be humble and say: “You’re feeding my ego, stop!”… but KEEP IT COMING! *Wink* I love it! Makes me want to keep writing! Love you guys! You give me the warm and fuzzies! I have a big weekend, so part 5 may not be posted until next week! XOXO

ALSO!! I had someone ask me about this, yesterday… If you notice that I sometimes switch off and on using contractions (it is versus it’s), that’s because I have a lot of APA style papers I’ve been doing for college and my professors keep telling me not to use contractions (example: it is or you are)! I think contractions sound less strained, but it’s hard to kick the habit after writing papers! Just to answer that question!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, swearing (always), a little bit of smutty/fluff at the end, etc.


Accidents Happen Masterlist

Originally posted by 0chlophobia

“Is she okay? Is the baby okay? What happened?” You hear Peter’s panicked voice from outside the door.

“Her blood sugar was low.” You hear Natasha’s voice, “She was lucky Ed – from security – caught her, or she would have hit her head.”

“I got a voicemail from her saying that her mom hit her with a bottle.” He said quietly, “Is there any damage?”

“Just a cut and some bruising. Her body will heal it once her blood sugar is back to normal.” You hear someone sigh, “I think we need to get her out of there. Especially, if she wants to keep your baby.”

“I’ve been a dick.”

“Yeah, you have been.”

“Yeah, you have been!” You call out, jokingly. Your back cracked as you stretched, “Now, can someone get me the hell out of this bed?”

The door was thrown open, and Peter ran in. His entire appearance was disheveled. “You’re okay.” He breathed out.

“I feel fine. Just sore.” You held out your arms, “Hug me?”

He ran to you, sitting down and pulling you up into his arms. “I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked, “I thought I needed time to think, but all I could think about was how much I wanted to talk to you. I was miserable, and being a jerk. Then, Tony called and said that you were in med bay, and I panicked.” He tightened his arms, “I had a full-on panic attack in front of Steve. I was terrified something happened to you, or the baby.”  

“’Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.’ Benjamin Disraeli.” You smirked, burrowing your face into his neck and pressing a small, chaste kiss there. “You were upset. I get it. I’m sorry I scared you.”

“How the hell do you have these quotes memorized?” He sniffed, a smile in his voice and smoothing your hair against the back of your head, “I keep having to Google them to keep up with you.”

“I like to keep you on our toes.” You pulled back, framing his face with your hands, using your thumbs to wipe away any evidence of tears, “I’m sorry for being a jerk, too.” You pulled him down, pressing your lips to his. His hands moved to your waist, pulling you closer. Before you could get too intimate, though, you pulled back a little, keeping your foreheads together, “We need to talk about this. This isn’t something we can put off. There’s kind of a deadline – or due date, if you will.”

“You really want to keep this baby?” He asked, pulling back, but taking your hands in his, “You want to be parents at sixteen?”

“I just don’t think I could live with myself if I chose any other option.” You looked at your intertwined hands, “Are any parents really ready? At any age?”

“I suppose not.” He mumbled, bringing your hands up to his mouth, kissing your knuckles, “I just don’t want you to hate me, if things don’t work out.” He looked up, “Not th-that I think it won’t work o-out, you know? I just want to make sure you are ready to be stuck with me for the rest of your life. This isn’t something we can just back out of.”

“I was already prepared to have you in my whole life, however long my life lasts.” You smiled up at him, “Whether it be love or friendship.”

“Really?” His eyebrows shot up, “You like me that much? Wow, sounds like you’re a little obsessed with me.”

“Shut up, you ass.” You hit him in the shoulder, gently. “I fucking like you, okay? Like, a lot. You know I don’t take dating lightly. I’m dating you for a reason.”

“I thought you said you only liked me for my ‘hot bod and decent personality’?” He smirked, using finger quotes.

“I did say that, didn’t I?”

“You guys are weird.” Natasha’s voice came from the doorway. “I will never be able to get that sentence scrubbed from my brain. Thanks for that.”

“Hey, Nat.” You leaned over, looking behind Peter. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Apparently, too long.” She smiled, “How are you feeling?”

“Better.” You scooted over so Natasha could sit on your other side, “My face doesn’t hurt anymore. I feel fine.”

“I talked to your doctor.” She frowned, “Your blood sugar was really low. Not good when your hormones are changing. When was the last time you ate?”

You thought about it. “Well, shit… Lunch? …Yesterday, I think? I was freaking out.”

“You can’t do that, Y/n.” She scolded, running a hand through her red hair in frustration, “You’re pregnant. You need to eat more. You could really hurt the baby.” She slapped your arm, “And no more rigorous training until after the baby is born. Only exercise as much as the doctor allows. Cho is going to find you the best OBGYN. Tony already said that cost doesn’t matter.”

“I can’t let him pay for things.” You frowned, moving your hand over your small bump. “I can’t pay him back.”

“You can let me pay for things, and you will never speak of paying me back, ever again.” Tony waltzed into the room. “Everyone out. I need to speak to Y/n, alone.”

Peter kissed your forehead, “I’ll go grab you something to eat.”

You nodded, and the two left the room. “So,” You started, nervous about what Tony had to say. “What’s up?”

“I’m only going to say this once.” He put on his stern ‘dad-voice’ that he usually reserved for you and Peter, “You are getting emancipated.”

“Tony…” You sighed, leaning back against the pillow.

“Don’t you ‘Tony’ me!” He replied, furious. “That woman threw a fucking bottle at your head. I know this isn’t the first time she has hurt you, and it probably won’t be the last – if you fucking stay with that woman.” He started pacing. “You’re lucky that I haven’t reported her to Child Protective Services! You’re still a minor, and she has been abusing you.” He stopped, crossing his arms and facing you, again. “What if she hurts the baby?”

“She wouldn’t-”

“Don’t you dare say she wouldn’t.” He snapped. “You know – deep down – that she would. Accidently, or purposely.”

He was right. She was always either high, or drunk. Who knows what she could do, or leave around the apartment for a baby to find. “So, what do you suppose I do?”

“Get emancipated, and move into the tower.” He shrugged, “Or with Peter and that insanely hot aunt of his. Either way, as long as you’re not in that apartment.”

“I’d need a job to get emancipated.” You sighed, “I don’t have a fake ‘Stark Internship’ like Peter. Or a job.”

“I’ll put you on payroll for Med Bay.” He sat down next to your knee, “Your job is to finish high school. You can raise the baby, go to school, and work for Med Bay when the baby is born. We could use you in Med Bay after a mission, anyways. Plus, we have a 24-hour daycare, you know.”

It wasn’t a bad plan. “Are you sure about this?”

“Would I offer this if I wasn’t?”

He had a point. “Okay.” You held your finger up before he could say anything, “I don’t know if Peter will want me to move in full-time, so I’ll keep my room here, and we can add to it. How does that sound?”

“Sounds reasonable.” He shrugged, “Although you do realize that the kid is head over heels in love with you, right?”

“Shush!” You leaned forward, slapping his shoulder, “We haven’t talked about that kind of thing, yet!”

He laughed, standing up, “Well, I’ve hogged you long enough. I can practically feel spiderkid pacing outside the door.”

“Thanks, Tony.” You smiled, and he tried to wave you off, “No, seriously, Tony. You are literally saving us, and I appreciate you.”

“Shut up, kid.” He blushed, “I don’t want to see two beautiful minds not live up to their potential, just because life didn’t go according to plan.” With that statement, he opened the door and walked out.

Peter ran in a few seconds later, arms full of different food. “Hope you’re hungry.”



“So, you’re really keeping the baby?” Aunt May asked, sitting across the restaurant table from you both. “Are you guys sure about this? It’s not something you two should take lightly. This is a child, who’s life is going to depend on your care.”

You nodded, holding Peter’s hand under the table, “I have a job. Mr. Stark hired me for med bay.” You took a small bite of your food – thankfully not Italian food – and squeezed his hand a little, “I’m also getting emancipated, so I can move out and away from my mom.”

“Are you living with us?” May asked, eyes widening in excitement, “I am so happy you are finally leaving that apartment. You have no idea how happy that makes me.” Her voice cracked, and tears sprung to her eyes.

“We decided that Y/n is going to have the option to stay with me, or stay at the tower.” Peter shrugged, “Mr. Stark gave her a room.”

“He did?” May asked in shock, “I didn’t realize you knew Tony Stark so well, Y/n.”

“I, uh, talk to him when I visit Peter.” You stuttered, trying not to lie, but trying not to tell the whole truth, “He said that he didn’t want to see our ‘beautiful minds’ not live up to their potential just because life didn’t happen according to plan.”

“That… Wow. That was really generous of him.” She was in shock. “You do know that you can move in with us, if you want to. I doubt Peter will mind. Not like he isn’t already in love with you.”

“Aunt May!” Peter gave her a look, squeezing your hand a little too tight, “We talked about this. Shut it.”

“Oh, yeah.” She made a zipping motion over her lips and chuckled. “Sorry.”

Wait. Did he talk to May about how he felt?! WHAT DID HE SAY?!?!

You smoothed your thumb over his knuckles, changing the subject. “Anyways, I figured I could move in for a little while and see how that goes. If it becomes too much, then I’ll stay at the tower. Otherwise, Peter’s getting a roommate.”

“I feel like this is one of those situations where I should be stern about you two sleeping in a room together… Especially, permanently.” She joked, motioning for the check. “But you’ve been doing that for years, and you’re already pregnant, so…”

“Real funny, May.” Peter rolled his eyes. “Hilarious.”

“I have a question.” You mumbled into Peter’s chest, later that night, before you both fell asleep.

He tilted his head down, “Ask away.” His voice was thick with sleep.

You were silent for a few moments, listening to the sounds of the city while you were trying to summon the courage to ask him the question that’s been eating away at your mind. How does a girl ask their boyfriend if he loves her? Do you just come out and say it? Do you beat around the bush? Will he freak out?

“Hey,” He ran his hand soothingly up and down your back, almost lulling you to sleep, “Are you okay?”

“I was wondering…” You took a deep breath, “When did you decide that you liked me more than a friend?”

He snorted, “I’ve always liked you more than a friend. I told you that.”

“Yeah, I get it, I’m hot.” You joked, burrowing closer into Peter’s side and running your finger along the lines of his chest, “What I mean is: was there a specific moment that you just decided that you liked me more than a friend?”

“You were eating chicken nuggets.”

You shifted around, sitting up and climbing on top of him, thighs on each side of his hips – so you could look down at him in shock, “Seriously?”

“Yeah.” He smiled, placing his hands on your thighs, “It was a few weeks after we met, and you were eating chicken nuggets during lunch. You were talking to Michelle about how much you loved them, and she was yelling at you that it wasn’t real meat. Then, you noticed I was staring at you, and you smiled at me. That bright, gorgeous smile was when I knew that I couldn’t just be friends with you.” He looked to the side, not meeting your gaze, “That was when I realized that I was completely in love with you.”


A tear slid down your face, and your lip wobbled, “You love me?”

“Well… Yeah. I do. I have for a long time.” He bit his lip, nervously, reddening it.

You leaned down, sliding your arms underneath his neck so you could hug him with your whole body. “’My heart is, and always will be, yours.’ Jane Austen.”

He pressed his lips against the side of your head, “Does that mean you love me back?”

You leaned back, connecting your lips with his. You threw all your emotions into that kiss, all the passion, the lust, the love… Everything you had ever felt for him. You could taste your tears on his lips, as you buried your fingers into his thick hair. He was responding back to you quickly, sitting up so you were straddling his lap, so he could pull you closer. There was so much fire in that kiss, you could feel your skin heating up throughout your entire body. Your heart was pounding in your chest, and you could feel Peter’s pulse racing when you brushed your hands down the sides of his neck, placing your hands onto his bare shoulders.

You pulled back slowly, gasping for breath. “Does that answer your question?”

“I think I need a little more clarification.” He pressed a small kiss against your jaw, “Just to be safe.”

You slid your hands back up, holding his face. “I.” You pressed a small kiss against the corner of his mouth. “Love.” Another kiss on the other side of his mouth. “You.” You tilted your head and kissed his lips, tongue brushing against his lower lip, daring him to open his mouth.

He flipped you over, earning a small squeak from you as your back hit the mattress. He kissed your neck for a few moments, making you lose all form of thoughts for a few moments.

Pulling back, his grin was bright with happiness, eyes shining. “’Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weakness.’ Ann Landers.”

You blushed, brushing his hair out of his eyes, “Did you google that one, earlier?”

“You bet your ass I did.”

Part 5

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New chapter -Tom Holland

A/N: Aight, here you go. Alarm part 2! Please don’t hate me. I hope this came across as I wanted it to. Enjoy!

Tom Holland and Y/N broke up!

Dream couple broke up?!

Couple goals, not anymore! Do we still believe in love?

What happened?!

I came out of the store and put the envelopes into my bag, I brought for them. I looked left and right before crossing the street and wrapped my coat around my body. It was cold winter morning in London and I was walking down the street to the subway when I saw him. It had been two years since I saw him last in my apartment. Face to face. I tried to avoid the media as much as possible but couldn’t outmaneuver him completely. He was a rising star after all.

After our fight, I made him leave. I changed my number and even moved to a completely new place, so he couldn’t contact me even if he wanted to. After all this time in which I started from zero again, I was happy to realize that I wasn’t feeling hurt or heartbroken anymore. I was just sad that something so beautiful ended that way.
He was walking Tessa and was looking down to his phone and while I was debating whether to say hi or not he looked up and took that choice away.

His mouth dropped and he stood his ground while Tessa was confused and pulled at her leash to keep going. I smiled halfheartedly and raised my hand to wave at him shyly. When he still didn’t move I gathered my courage together and decided to walk over to him.
“Hey!” I greeted him and left my hands in my pockets so there wouldn’t be an awkward should-we-shake-hands-or-not-moment.
“H-…uh..Hi,” he stuttered and scratched the back of his head and looked down again.
“You look…good,” he complimented me and I cracked a half smile.
“Thanks! Can’t say that about you though. Tough shoots?” I asked and he nodded while chuckling nervously.

“Yeah, you know how it is. Never done two movies at the same time. It’s kinda kicking my ass.” He chuckled and ran his fingers through his hair like he always did when he was nervous.
“Alright. Nice to see you again,” I said politely and was about to turn away to leave when he stopped me.
“Y/N! Can we-…uh talk?” He asked suddenly and I shot him a look over my shoulder. His face was pale, only cheeks and nose slightly red from the cold. One hand holding the leash of Tessa, the other one going through his hair every now and then. His eyes not able to look into mine longer than a few seconds.

“Sure,” I answered and he let out a breath of relieve.

“My apartement is around the corner, we could go there. Have a coffee-…or, or not. I mean if it’s weird. We could go to a café but I don’t think that you would want to have pictures taken with me. I mean, it’s up…”

“Your apartement is just fine, Tom,” I said and when I said his name his head shot up and he looked into my eyes, with an expression I couldn’t quite define.
“Yeah. Uh…just around the corner,” he said after gathering himself and lead the way.

My heart skipped a beat when I realized which one was his apartement. I knew this door, these steps, this doorbell. We almost moved in here together. We were sitting at the table and he made some sugary tea which we were sipping in silence now.
“So, did you finish college?” he asked as if we were best mates catching up.
“Yeah. I did, a year ago actually. I’m working now.”

“You do? How is it going?”

“Really good. If I keep receiving orders I could open up my own office in a few years. How about you?” I asked him and pushed my hair out of my face which were falling over my shoulders.

“Always rolling. As always,” he answered and we both fell into an awkward silence where we neither could look at each other nor dare to make a sound.

“I’m sorry.” He finally broke the awkward silence and I looked up to see teares in his eyes.

“I know,” I said and stirred my tea again for no reason.
“You really broke my heart,” I added not because it would change anything but because I had to say it.
“I know. I really am sorry for everything I caused you. The last thing I wanted was to hurt you. And yet, I did,” he said and I could hear his knee bounce under the table nervously.
“Well, I am fine now. I’m happy,” I said and gave him a reassuring smile. I took the mug into my right hand to take a sip, while I hid my left under the table.

“That’s good. Really.” He looked up with a sad smile on his lips and ran his hand through his hair again. “I wish I could say the same. After…we broke up, I couldn’t deal with the thought of never seeing you again. You changed your number, your apartement. It, it was like you never exsisted,” he said and I could see his hands trembling. Was it a bad idea to come here? To dig up the past? I could feel the tension grow between the two of us but neither one of us dared to say something for quite some time and the only noise was the rain hammering against the windows.

“I never got to thank you. After all I did, you still protected me from the press and did not tell them what really happened. Thank you. Even though I would have deserved every bit of hate from the media and my fans.”,he said and started fiddling with his fingers.

“I did it because I just wanted to get out. Clean cut, without the drama. And it wouldn’t have changed anything, would it?” I shrugged my shoulders and tugged my hair behind my ear to keep it steady.
“I’m sorry,” he repeated and suddenly his hand was lying on mine and I flinched away.
“I know this is unbelievably stupid of me to hope but I still wish a future for us. It was a mistake that will never happen again. And now that you finished college we could always be together. You could work from where we are and it would be…”

“I’m getting married.” I blurted out and interrupted him mid sentence. His mouth dropped and his eyes widened, trying to understand what I just said and I panicked.
“I’m engaged. He was my neighbor at my new place. I’ll be marrying Chris in a month.” I pulled my left hand out from under the table and laid it on top of my right, showing the diamond engagement ring on my ringfinger.

“I-…Congratulations,” he said, while staring at my hand and was still not able to process what I was telling him. Another awkward silence spread between us and I felt incredibly awefull.
“I should go,” I said and stood up while shouldering myself into my coat at the same time.
“Thanks for the tea. It was nice to see you again.” I said and was about to rush out when he gathered himself together.

“No, wait! I-…Are you happy?” With him, he wanted to add but even though he did not say it , I knew what he meant.
“We’re not going to do this Tom.” I shook my head and he shook his head as if he was waking up from a trance.
“Of course. That was-…I’m sorry. I’m happy for you,” he stuttered and I shoved my hands back into my pockets.
“Good bye Tom.”

~POV change~

Tom thought that he would never see you again after you rushed out of his apartement. Fled, really. He was devastated to a point that he could not breath after you left and he had to sit down to calm his nerves.
Weeks past and Tom came home from the grocery store when he found an envelope in his mailbox. He took it inside and what he saw when he opened it, made his knee tremble and a gasp escaped his mouth.

Dear Tom,
I’m sorry that I fled that day. You deserved a more detailed explanation but I was afraid and certainly not ready. This may seem bizzare to you but I would be really happy to see you at my wedding. No I’m not delusional like most people thought when they heared what I had decided to do. I need you to see that I am happy, so you can move on and be happy too. If you still care for me just a little bit I’ll see you at my wedding. I hope you do.

Love, Y/N.

Attached to the letter was an invitation.


It was past midnight. The wedding was almost over, only family members hanging around, chatting in distance, slightly drunk. Tom didn’t have the courage to show up earlier, with the mass staring at him and your family judging him. He was wearing a casual tuxedo when he arrived at the  place and he was hoping that you did not leave yet. The darkness allowed him to melt in with the shadows so no one recognized him while he made his way to the tent, which was arranged beautifully. He was sure that you loved it. As he entered the tent his heart sank for a moment when he couldn’t see a bride. It was very bright inside, white and gold were the dominant colours. It wasn’t overpowering but still elegant, just how you liked it. Music was playing in the distance creating a cozy and peacefull mood. It was empty until someone appeared from the other side of the tent and stared directly at Tom.

He was taller than Tom, had darker hair than him and piercing blue eyes. Handsome for sure. Tom knew right away that he was the groom, no doubt. As of the groom, he knew exactly who was standing infront of him.
“You came,” Chris said and walked slowly towards Tom with an unreadable expression on his face.
“Even if it’s almost over,” he added when they were standing right infront of each other and Tom nodded slightly.

“I’m Chris,” he introduced himself with no anger or hatred to Toms surprise and reached out his hand for Tom to shake it.
“Nice to meet you. Congratulations,” Tom said awkwardly and shook the grooms hand.
“I know that this is not the most common situation. Having the ex at a wedding who just happens to be a moviestar,” Chris said and shoved his hands into his pockets while looking at his feet, his shoulders tense.

“I know. I wouldn’t have come if she didn’t want me to.”

“Yeah.” Chris furrowed his brows trying to find the right words but it was pointless. He let out a sigh and looked up into Toms eyes.
“Look. I know what happened between you two. I was there to pick up the pieces and put them back together. It was not my intention to marry her, hell we were just neighbors at first but we developed feelings. Really deep ones, rooted, based on trust. And that’s why I was okay with her inviting you. She is finally happy. The smile on her face that I saw today was the most genuine smile I have ever seen from her. But she needs to close the chapter which you guys left open, for her own health and happieness. So please don’t ruin it.” Chris was genuine and kind while asking him but Tom did not miss the threatening undertone.

“I won’t.” Tom couldn’t say more, there was a lump in his throat.

“Alright. I’ll go get her,” he said and patted Toms shoulder awkwardly.
“And thank you. For coming,” he added before leaving to get you. Tom followed him with his gaze and when he turned around the corner he saw you. There you were in a long, white, silky dress, elegantly hugging your curves in all the right places. Your hair was in a updo, only some streaks falling down softly from the sides, showing the affects of the long day. You were holding a glass of champagne and currently laughing at something your friend said, throwing your head back, eyes wrinkling slightly, showing your white teeth. A genuine laugh, from the bottom of your heart.
When Chris reached you, your smile changed. It was still genuine but filled with innocent love and understanding. Your eyes were glowing and in the golden light you looked like an angel to Tom. You wrapped your arm around his waist and leaned against his side while he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, his hand resting on your arm. You looked up to him and leaned in to give him a kiss and that was the moment Tom couldn’t bare looking anymore and looked away into the distance. His heart dropped a beat and he felt like someone was strangling him.

When Tom gathered himself together and dared to look up again he saw you directly looking at him. Your mouth slightly ajar, your hand still resting on Chris’ arm. You broke the eyecontact first and looked up to Chris. You cupped his face with one hand and Tom could see you say something to him which made both of them smile. You leaned in to give him a quick kiss on his cheek before you pulled away and walked over to Tom, while Chris led everyone out of the, almost empty, tent.
“May I have this dance?” you asked with a playfull, soft voice and reached your hand out for him to take it and a sad smile appeared on Toms face.
He took your hand and rested his other one on your waist while yours was on his shoulder. You put your chin on his shoulder and closed your eyes while you slowly stepped back and forth to the music in the background.

“I’m happy that you came,” you finally said and he chuckled nervously.
“You look stunning. Wouldn’t miss it,” he joked halfheartedly and made you chuckle too while your cheeks blushed.
“Shut up. Don’t jinx it!”
You two fell into a peacefull silence where time seemed to stop and it was only you two. It was in that moment you had a realization. You were happy. There was no more broken pieces in your chest. Finally, after two years, you felt whole and at peace. You were happy with who you were and with whom you’d spent your life with.

“I forgive you, Tom,” you whispered into his ear and you could hear him holding his breath while his body tensed up.
“And you should forgive yourself too,” you added while pulling away. The dance was over.
“Because if you don’t, you’ll never find happieness and I believe from the bottom of my heart that you deserve to be happy. No matter what happened in the past. I’m happy now, you should try it too. I should even thank you, for helping me find my soulmate. Even if it happened on bad conditions.”

You could see him tear up and so were you.
“I love you Tom. Always will,” you said and started backing away with a peacefull smile on your face.

“I love you too. Always will,” he answered and you could see a tear escaping and rolling down his cheek.
And with that you turned around and left the tent to go to your newly wedded husband whom you loved more than anything in the world. Finally the chapter was closed.

Tom was left behind but the strange thing was that he felt light. Like a weight was lifted from his shoulders and he could finally breath again. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before turning around to also leave the tent and his past behind.

He finally could start a new chapter. Both of you could.

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who’s scruffy looking?

in which clarke has ~a thing~ for bellamy’s beard

happy late birthday to @prosciuttoe​; sorry this isn’t furry enough for you 🌚

wc: 4 951
rated m | read on ao3

As with most things, Raven is partially to blame.

(“I don’t understand why you’re also blaming me ,” mutters Miller mulishly, “ She’s the one who made the bet with him. I had nothing to do with their bullshit ideas.”

“You spurred them on,” says Clarke, and he rolls his eyes, but doesn’t deny it.)

It starts when Miller returns from vacationing with his dad up in the mountains sporting a full beard.

His beard isn’t really anything new to them- normally he just errs on the side of scruffy, but has been known to grow it out once in a while, especially back when they were in college- so there’s just the general ribbing and maybe one or two pointed comments dropped by Monty before they ignore it.

And then Bellamy gets drunk.

Bellamy doesn’t usually get drunk when they go out; in fact he’s usually the one still annoyingly sober while they do stupid shit like climbing up on the tables or trying to rewire the jukebox. But it is the start of summer break and all his AP students passed their exams so if there was an occasion for overdoing the celebratory drinking, this would be it.

Drunken Bellamy is even sort of cute, far more tactile and vocal about his affection. Which is why it’s no surprise that as the night wears on, they find him gently stroking Miller’s cheek murmuring all sorts of nonsense while Miller looks three seconds away from throttling him. Clarke sneaks a picture. She’s totally going to use this in a mood board when his birthday comes around.

“I’m so jealous of your beard,” he slurs, just a little, and Miller slaps his fingers away. “I’ve always wanted a beard.”

“I don’t know if you’ve realised this,” says Raven, dropping in from seemingly out of nowhere, “But you’ve got all the components you need to grow a beard, Blake.”

Miller snorts at the exact same moment Bellamy’s face falls. “Yeah, no. Theoretically he might have them but trust me on this. Blake is as bare faced as they come.”

Raven’s eyes practically light up at that and her head snaps back to look at him. “You can’t grow a beard?” she asks delightedly.

“Of course I can grow a beard,” he grumbles.

“Then how come we’ve never seen you with one?”

“Because it’s uncomfortable .”

“Uh huh, sure. That’s why.” She lifts an eyebrow. “I bet you can’t grow a full beard like Miller’s before the month’s up.”

“Easiest fucking bet you’ve ever made, Reyes,” says Miller, and Bellamy elbows him in the ribs.

“I can totally grow a beard in the next three weeks,” he protests. “I don’t need to prove that to you.”

“Methinks the man doth protests too much,” she says in a sing-song voice, and his scowl deepens.

“I’m not protesting. And that’s not the quote.”

“Come on,” she wheedles, “Fifty bucks says you can’t.”

He glowers at her for one last moment before finally caving. “Fine,” he sighs, sticking his hand out for her to shake. She does so rather enthusiastically and Clarke already knows that this is going to be a disaster. “I’ll take your stupid bet.”

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Goldilocks || 02

Rated T (language and suggestive themes)

Summary: After getting evicted, your two best friends Jimin and Taehyung offer you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Needless to say, with a part time job and a mountain of student debt, that’s not happening any time soon. Eventually, they DO become really fond of having you around, helping with chores and even splitting rent. So when you come home one day to find someone has been sleeping in your couch-bed, well… it’s something you won’t take lightly.

Word Count: 2k

Out of context Goldilocks quote:
“What…? This can’t POSSIBLY be bad,” he purrs, “It’ll give you an excuse to come sleep with me.”

Link to: Goldilocks Masterlist || Previous Part || Next Part

not my photograph, credit to owner


The room floods with darkness as you turn off the light, the same irrational thought going through your mind on replay.

Jungkook can’t catch you if he can’t see you.

“Wait,” his confused response is probably (hopefully) just instinctive, and you can hear him stumble around, falling off of the couch, kicking the coffee table.

Of course, you plan on doing anything BUT waiting. So, panic flooding your system, you attempt to find the doorknob in complete darkness, the storm outside letting no light through the windows.

With each second you spend groping the wall, Jungkook gets closer.

Heart hammering, your fingers find the cold metal and a rush of relief pulses through you… only to be torn away as you realize you locked the deadbolt.

The lights flick back on and your attention lingers on the boy poised at the switch just long enough to scramble underneath him, give his body a good shove, and physically INSIST that the lights STAY out.

Just the thought of seeing him, meeting his gaze, sends prickles across the back of your neck. TOUCHING him is another story. Jungkook, even in your brief contact, feels warm and solid and like a fucking BOULDER.

Not knowing what else to do, still unable to see, you make a break for the bathroom and lock yourself inside.

Before you pushed him, Jungkook had tried to talk to you, but his words fell on deaf ears, the panic too thick, your heartbeat too loud. Maybe he had been trying to reassure you. Maybe he had been trying to apologize for spilling his drink on your dress. Or maybe he simply wanted to yell at you for having slapped him afterward.

Whatever the case, the only thing you catch is an exasperated, “Well fine. Fucking be that way.”

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‘Led On’ - Harry Styles Imagine

Originally posted by fireproof-harry

Words: 1,515

Pairing: Harry Styles & (Y/N) (Y/L/N)

Warnings: Swearing

Requested: Yes @tphizz

Requests are OPEN

She counted, thousands of kisses, hundreds of texts, a countable of dates, several romantic nights together, and one lie. She counted the days, the months, and weeks since they first meet, him being his quirky self, her trying to impress him. ‘It was worth it’, she would tell herself over, and over again. Ashamed of that lie, coming forth to herself. She reminded herself, again, and again that she had no idea, but one can simply lie, and actress can make it real.

Everyone thought she was an actress, living a lie for her life. Growing up to be the best that she can be, playing around, and having fun in her early onset of years to come. She was a writer, a good writer can write simple white lies, a real, elaborate writer can turn what was simply normal, to a plot twist. This was a plot twist.

It was simple, it was a rush of memories in only several months. She was under his spell, was lost, and dazed. He took over her with a smile, that same smirk that he used for the previous few birds, drawn her in with his jokes, and took her away with himself. But, there was a lie.

She thought she had him under a spell as well, but in all her stories, she was never correct. (Y/N) saw him at a coffee store, the same one she goes every Monday morning to head to her class. Her order was simple, a medium London fog, or a latte. It was depending on her day, and her mood, she liked to mix it up, but it was usually simple, with a blueberry muffin.

Liked said, she saw him at a coffee store. He was sat by the window, sipping a cup of coffee, reading a newspaper in front of him. He looked like he rolled out of bed, placed a pair of sweatpants on, a shirt that was left on the chair, and walked out, not bothering to make breakfast to start the day. His green eyes scanned the paper, reading each word with delicacy. She saw him from an angle, seeing him push his hair back, and his mouth moving, guessing he was on the phone.

(Y/N) grabbed her order, and walked towards the second booth at the side of the window. The clear glass, having the words to draw people in, “Coffee”, “Fresh”, etc. Her body was filled with joy, she could hear her heart beating, her blushing beginning to arise. Hoping that no one can hear, or feel her shudder. Her gaze fell upon him, and she looked to her left, and the smile came down, a girl was across from him. She cleared her throat, placed confidence in, and straightened up, trying to look like the better person.

“Harry! I never knew you came here.” She stated. He instantly looked up, praying that he thought it was not who he thought it was. But, it was, his smile came dull, but he pushed through it.

“(Y/N), hey, yeah, I… I come here once in awhile.” He stated, trying to catch her words. She nodded, a smirk coming upon her face. (Y/N) looked again to the girl, catching the brown eyes of her, she looked like everything she was not, and that hurt her.

“Oh, this is Zoe… my…  girlfriend.” He said, a smile, coming to a frown at ‘girlfriend’. She still nodded.

“You are?” The girl spoke up, (Y/N) kept a steady eye and smiled.

“(Y/N), I work with Harry, I’m with a recording studio.” She nailed back, faster and easier than she thought she could. One could simply lie, but another could lie back.

“You know Harry, I got to go, but we definitely need to talk about the situation with the understanding of the song, the communication. We might need to re-record, or just ditch it.” She ended the conversation. She knew if he was smart enough, he’ll find what the last statement really meant, but again, she is a writer, everything she says, could mean something else.

The last few hours of the day was dreadful. She was under a fucking spell, and she could not get out. Her class was terrible. The students, and peers around her took up the fact that she was not her typical self, with asking questions, and showing interest. She blocked her teacher’s lesson, picking up quotes. She was present, but absent, in a way.

Her mind was on a roll, with every situation about the current event. Was she a fuck buddy? Was she a friend? No, she can’t be with the dates, and all. Her mind was in circle, making her sweat a bit. Was it the anxiety, or just the temperature? She had no clue, but her phone constantly vibrated during the lecture, her knowing it was from him, calling. (Y/N) did not want to hear it, she wanted to try and pay attention. She knew there would be some kind of fake excuse, but she was in no order to hear it.

The minute she got home, she looked at her phone, 103 messages, 34 calls, and 27 voicemails. He was desperate, she knew each of them were on the lines of, “It is not what it looked like.” She knew the answer, ‘you fucking said she was your girlfriend’, but she will never have the gut to say that to him. Was it desire, or was it love? Or was it the fucking spell that she kept blaming it all on? Therefore she helped herself to a glass of wine, a chocolate bar, and a good few hours of shitty TV.

Hours later, hours of going through a bottle of wine, two chocolate bars, and a bowl of Chinese from last night, she fell asleep. Her phone constantly rung, but lucky for the do not disturb, she let it ease. But only a few hours of shut eye won’t hurt.

It began with simple knocking, a few knocks, and silence. Then it became harder knocking, a call of her name every once and awhile. And then came the banging, the call of her name, coming every second. That jolt her awake. She would know the voice from anywhere, but was she in the state of this, the beginning of yelling, and her losing him. But, she had to fight her own war. So, she got up, took her half drunk of wine, glass, and opened the door.

He was panting, lost of breath, and she held a poker face, watching him look at her. He was lost of words.

“(Y/N)..” He started, a pitiful look upon his gorgeous face.

“Don’t, ok, I don’t know, I don’t know about anything, about the last few months, I don’t know.” She stated, beginning to close the door, he slid through, watching her. She knew the action, she saw it before on telly, but she kept a firm posture, walking back to her couch in her small apartment, and plopping down.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry, Zoe and I are done.” He said, taking a seat next to her. She did not move a muscle, expect to take a sip of her red, cheap as fuck, wine.

“Please don’t say her name.” She said, still looking ahead, his body was turned towards her.


“I don’t know, you led me on. I don’t know what I was. What was I?” She asked, turning her face to him. She knew that the moment she saw his eyes, she’ll start crying.

“(Y/N), you were someone that I needed. A person that was normal, a lover, a partner. God, fuck, love, you were everything I needed. You don’t need a label.” He said, rubbing his eyes.

“So, in another kind of way to say that, I was your fuck buddy.” She said, looking at him, trying her best not to tear up.

“Never, you are too, you are too, proper for that. She was more of a fuck buddy, she was more of a slut in a way.” He stated, trying to get closer to him.

“Then why the hell did you introduce her as your girlfriend?” She stated, she has not moved, her eyes were pointed to him.

“Because, I don’t know. We were friends with benefits, and around people, if we get caught, we just say “dating”.” He said. She sighed.

“That is the most pathetic answer, I have ever heard.” She said, with a straight face.

“(Y/N), my heart belongs to you. I am sorry, please, let’s work through this, please baby.” He stated, “I love you.” She was gobsmacked, five months, it only took him five months, she thought it would take longer.

“H, we can work through this, but it’ll take me awhile to forgive you. Lying is one thing, but keeping a large secret is another.” She said, placing her glass down, and coming closer to him, he brought her in a hug.

“I love you too, gorgeous, but it’ll take time.”

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Lots of love,

-Ava. Xx


au: a bet to break the badboy’s heart couldn’t be a more stressing task. 

authors note: based off an old fanfic i read that had *nothing* to do with 5sos. very eventful, get your seatbelts buckled..

They were drunk when they made the arrangement.

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in celebration of reaching a huge milestone for this blog and museinspo’s first birthday, under the cut you’ll find 229 quotes that can be used for verse and otp tags. they’ve been categorised into different ship types ( eg. general ships, long distance, toxic, fwb, exes, and many more ) so some quotes may appear under more than one category. i do, however, recommend checking out all the categories !! they were simply listed by my own interpretation and definitely aren’t limited to a certain ship type in the slightest. the pronouns used are simply what was in the original line but can obviously be changed to fit your ship. depending on personal preference, some may be a little too long but can be shortened down pretty easily. i believe that covers it all !! if you find this useful, please do like and/or reblog ! thank you for supporting this blog so much and i hope you enjoy !

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I Looked For You In All Of Them

Happy birthday Carry On!!! This is half of my contribution to the @carry-on-bday-2017 celebration!!! (The rest will come on the 8th) Please know that I am super sleepy and that this has not been edited XD 

Rating: T

Word Count: 1959

Tags: bar fic, snowbaz, what if Simon never went back to Baz’s house, Reunions, angst, fluff, kisses, this was done in such a rush i apologize, 2 chapters

Summary: What if Simon never went back to Baz’s house after the events of Chapter 61? But what if they met again in a bar years later, not knowing who they really were?Also inspired by the quote: “Then find a thousand men who look exactly like Simon bloody Snow and break each of their hearts in a different way.”

Chapter 1     Chapter 2


I found him again last night. He had his curls: bronze, bloody wild, and lying every way other than flat. He had deep blue eyes, a mole dotted above his lip, and a clumsy sunshine smile. It wasn’t luck. Just a terrible coincidence.

I always do this now. I stagger into a bar, drowning in the mistake I made the night before, and I try to find the bloke that looks good and golden and completely wrong for me. So I can make his bloody night, whisper all of the pretty words that never left my tongue, and run off into the darkness with the pieces of his fallen smile and broken heart in the dust. I’m still in love. Or I’m in love with that feeling. The feeling I get when my imagination takes over, and I’m pulling everything from that night, and suddenly the strange face between my hands isn’t so strange anymore. Last night was cracked lips and a rattling cross that burned my throat. It was the smell of something baking or something burning. It was the feeling of fire sparked with electricity. It was him.

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Best Quotes of Experimentation

Hey @redlance, remember that anon? That was me.
My “collection” of your quotes sprinkled with my thoughts turned out a mess tbh, and it’s kinda really late, and way too long, but here you go anyways:

Best Quotes of Experimentation, aka The Bechloe Bible™. Chapters 1-35.

[or: what you should read if u love that fic but ur too lazy for a whole reread.]

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lenasdayoff pt 10

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

Kara rushed around her apartment, nervously cleaning as she listened to Alex get closer to her front door.  She had called Lena in a panic almost five minutes earlier complaining that there was no way in hell that Alex didn’t know about them.  Lena had laughed and reminded Kara that she was okay with Alex knowing about their agreement.  

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wanna one as ghosts who haunt your house


- so one fine night you return to your house after work or school
- and you called out for your pet but it never responded to you like it always would
- and you were like “???
- but you didn’t think much of it and just went to your room
- and boy you got the biggest shock of you life
- lying on your bed, was a boy with your pet cuddled in his arms
- if you actually knew this guy you’d have gushed at the fluffiness of it
- “excuse me?? who are you and why are you on my bed with my pet?
- the guy goes all “hi!!” and starts complimenting how cute your pet is
- you try to get him to answer your question but he always manages to change a topic
- so after a while you decided to tell him straightforwardly
- “okay thanks for liking my pet and all, but please get out, i don’t even know you, you could be jailed for trespassing you know-
- and the guy just replied with the saddest puppy eyes you’ve ever seen and blurts out, “i can’t leave.
- of course you were confused
- “what do you mean you can’t leave?
- “i haunt this house.
- well that went from zero to hundred real quick
- you were gaping
- “are you a ghost??
- you weren’t expecting the guy to say yes but he did
- so you decided to screw it, and sat down to chat with him all night
- rip your work/ school the next day
- you learnt that his name was daniel and he was indeed, a ghost
- you couldn’t touch him and your hand passed right through his body
- daniel had to spend half an hour just trying to calm you down
- and you also learnt that he died when he was in a fight
- but it was an accident and he doesn’t blame it on anyone
- it also happens that the accident occurred right in the alley next to your house
- which is why daniel haunts your house
- okay enough explaining
- daniel would wake you up in the morning on time
- quotes; “ghosts don’t need sleep!!
- and he takes care of your pet at home so you don’t have to worry about it being lonely
- and the both of you live like that for some time
- but in the midst of all these you start to doubt your friendship with daniel
- why else would you feel flustered everytime daniel cuddles up to you
- you were scared at first because “wow y/n are you falling in love with a ghost who haunts your house
- but you confirmed that you definitely liked daniel in a non- friend way
- and you’d be thinking of how to confess or deal with this crush of yours
- until one morning, you woke up to daniel’s smirk
- it wasn’t unusual since daniel always woke you up
- but the smirk was unusual
- before you could even ask what the hell he was doing, he hit you with a
- “so you like me?
- you were asking yourself millions of questions while trying to answer him
- “y/n stupid bimbo did you mention anything to him
- “i didn’t get drunk these days though?
- so you end up stuttering a “huh?”
- and daniel snickered
- but apparently you were sleep talking while daniel came into your room
- and you said something among the lines of liking him
- it took you every single will not to kill yourself right there and then
- and you were speechless, trying to find an excuse
- but daniel started blushing and he mumbled something
- he was hoping you wouldn’t hear him but of course you did
- “i like you too y/n.
- and you were even more speechless
- cues daniel panicking when he realises you heard him
- and it might take a few moments for the both of you to process what happened
- but everything’s well at the end of the day, you two were officially dating
- and honestly? dating a ghost was no difference from dating a human
- except that you couldn’t really touch him but that’s okay
- love conquers all
- dating daniel the ghost would be so cute
- it is likely that some of your friends find out about daniel
- but they accept it well
- also random playful fights about how your pet loves him more than it loves you

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- you first caught wind of the news that a boy from sopa died from a car accident
- he was dashing across the road and got hit by a car
- the boy’s name was park jihoon, and you felt sorry for him
- i mean, no one wants to die from being hit by a car
- but you didn’t expect a boy to be in your living room, with clothes that seemed like yours sprawled out on the floor and watching some random channel on your television
- besides, the door was locked, how did he get in??
- you were freezing in your spot, unsure if you should call the police or try to not knock this guy out
- but the boy turned to you, and waved at you cheerily
- “hi!! i’m park jihoon, the ghost haunting your house!!
- you just kind of stared at him dumbly
- “did you just say you’re park jihoon? and you’re a ghost doing what?
- jihoon nods several times and you piece two and two together, park jihoon is dead,  therefore he’s a ghost, so this boy could be telling the truth
- “why my house?”
- jihoon just shrugs
- “well, i had to find a place to haunt, and you didn’t close your wardrobe door properly, so i went in to close them, but you had such nice clothes i can’t help but to match them together!!
- wow cute
- you reached out to touch him, since ghosts can’t be touched, and holy cow your hand passed right through his neck
- so you accepted the fact that this cute ghost named park jihoon was going to haunt your house for the rest of your life
- and you were queasy with the idea of it for the first few days
- because jihoon was still a boy and that meant living with a boy
- what would your parents think??
- but somehow, only you could see jihoon
- you asked jihoon about it but he only smiled and said that he didn’t know how it worked either
- so whenever you were lonely at school or somewhere else, jihoon would literally rise out of the floor from nowhere to keep your company
- and after some time you were struck with a thought that you wanted to be more than friends with jihoon
- but you wanted to make sure jihoon felt the same way too, otherwise it would be awkward, living with the person who rejected you
- you tried to do more skinship with him, and it was obvious that jihoon would be much more flustered
- but you still couldn’t confirm
- until one time, you came out of school to see jihoon squatting down on the ground, plucking petals off a flower and murmuring something
- you went closer, and you heard him saying, “she loves me, she loves me not-
- you were behind him, and when it was down to a few petals left, jihoon buried his head in his hands and grumbled
- “why am i so whipped for y/n.
- you chuckled and reached over his shoulder to pluck of the few remaining petals
- “she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not, she loves me.
- and you grin at him triumphantly
- jihoon flushed a deep crimson and stood up
- “you heard me?
- at this point he’s just struggling with his words like a baby so you just reply him with “i love you too jihoon.
- jihoon can’t even look at you straight in the eyes
- that’s when your classmate shows up behind you
- “love who, y/n?

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- you met daehwi the ghost when you went back home in the afternoon to grab a textbook you’ve forgotten
- the teacher of that subject was particularly strict about bringing your textbooks to class
- and you had a long lunch break that day so why not
- when you entered your room, there was a boy sitting on the floor and looking dazed
- he’s literally staring straight at your wall with his mouth hanging open
- you didn’t know how to react, so you screamed
- the boy turned to you and screamed back in response
- he truly looked horrified to see you
- after about 5 seconds of intense screaming, you two just stared at each other
- the boy started to giggle and so did you
- the whole situation was amusing even though having a stranger in your room was a rather alarming issue
- you had plenty of time to spare, so you decided to sit down and chat with the boy
- you were ignoring the fact that this boy might be an axe murderer for all you knew
- but a boy who screamed at the sight of you and who looked like a otter wasn’t very much likely to be an axe murderer
- you were pleasantly surprised to find out that the boy was more than willing to talk to you
- his name was daehwi and he’s a ghost
- the both of you had a scream fest for the second time when you reached out to hit him playfully, but your hand never did come in contact with anything
- daehwi didn’t know that either and screamed with you
- you came to know that he accidentally fell off his balcony while trying to reach for  his wallet which had landed on a tree nearby
- at this point you’re just
- “??? daehwi why would you do that
- “that was a present from my hyung :((
- so yes you guys just talked about everything and anything
- and you realised that lunch had passed and that you were going to miss out the rest of your lessons
- but at least daehwi’s there
- from that day on, daehwi would literally trail behind you
- like a lost puppy
- you found that really cute and didn’t mind it
- of course that meant the both of you being extremely close to each other
- you were debating whether you liked him as a friend or something more one day
- and daehwi popped up out of nowhere, smiling at you
- and this is cliché and cringey, and you suddenly knew that you liked him more than a friend
- you decided that you will and you can hide your feelings
- after all, daehwi is just a child, him being all clingy is a normal thing
- he might not even like you in that way
- you both went on for some time like that until one lazy afternoon, daehwi burst into your room in a flurry
- “woah daehwi what’s up-
- “i like you.
- you were blinking
- “come again?
- daehwi started whining about how embarrassing it was and how you were teasing him
- you insisted to hear it again, just in case your ears decided to pull a nasty prank on you
- “fine, i. like. you. in a non-friend way.
- “aw, i like you too.
- you pulled him into a huge hug but fell instead
- daehwi cackled
- and you spent the rest of your day trying to teach him a lesson
- but happily ever after
- :D

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He Overheard

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Prompt: “could you please do a Bones/Reader where it’s like, one night you drunkenly confessed to Jim that you have a sort of ‘doctor kink’ (or he finds out somehow about it) so whenever Bones is near you, Jim is all smirk-y and giggly, but Bones just usually passes it off 'cause it’s just Jim, but eventually Jim can’t hold his tongue and he tells Bones and he gets all blushy 'cause he likes you, so Jim cooks up a plan for you two to get together? haha sorry it’s long but I looove your writing so much xx”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: language

Words: 2096

A/N: Sorry this is a little late, y’all. Moving has been really stressful and it’s eaten a lot of my time lately. Thank God for my tireless Beta, who puts up with me incessantly asking questions and sending her things late, as well as yelling at me when things aren’t quite up to par. <3  

Ladies night. It had taken so long to actually get everyone together, but finally, you and Uhura had managed to wrangle a few other women from the bridge, the medbay, and engineering to have a night of fun when the ship was docked. Christine Chapel from down in medbay had gone on a supply run, while you and Uhura prepared your living space for several more occupants than it should have. You’d decided that keeping it on ship would be easier, as you’d have fewer unwelcome guests at your shindig.

“That should just about do it!” Uhura says, tossing another pillow in the corner to complete the last seat around your low table.

“Finally, now we just need Christine to get back with the…” You’re cut off by the door opening, and Christine appears in the doorway, arms full of bottles.

“A little help?” She gestures her head towards one of the bottles that’s about to fall. You rush to her, snagging it before it can drop and you take a few other bottles out of her arms. Grinning, you set the bottles and glasses up, chatting with Christine and Uhura until the other women arrive.

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