too drunk for good art right now

Undyne and Alphys - a WhoLe nEw WoRLD???
ShutUpAdachi [Drunk]
Undyne and Alphys - a WhoLe nEw WoRLD???

There’s so much to celebrate right now, oh my god.

Holy shit. I just. I am fucking over the moon thousands of times over. Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support.

UNDERTALE won the GF thing too!
That’s fucking neato.

And TerrariaTale is getting a bit of a following! 
Fucking amazing.

Anyway, to celebrate, here’s some delicious tunes.

I think you’ll REALLY like this you guys.


Ridiculous album art @kyleehenke

Birthday score so far:

 + my Tumblr pocket friend wrote me a ficlet, which was the first thing I found after I woke and honestly nothing can beat that,

 + my boss dropped by at my workplace to congratulate me and present me with a bottle of wine (which I left there in the work fridge for later when I will actually BE back in work and not only dropping by on my way from one kid’s school to another kid’s sick care),

+ my dad called,

+ my mom called immediately after that, distraught that she forgot about my birthday (she didn’t really, she gave me play tickets for my birthday already back in November, she just forgot about that too)

+ EDIT: I GOT AMAZING ART O_O (let me get drunk, I literally can’t cope right now)

- my husband is in Switzerland and I believe he DID forget for good :-D