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You know what I’ve just noticed? You know what breaks my heart?

In this scene, when Lexa tells Clarke “Ai gonplei ste odon”, and Clarke responds by “No, I won’t accept that”, you can see Lexa slightly smiling.

You’re driven to fix everything for everyone. 

Even in her last moments, Lexa lovingly smiles, and stares at Clarke. She’s staring at the girl who always makes the best decision for her people, the girl who never backs away from a possibility to make peace with her ennemies, the girl who always wants to save as many people as she can. 

With her last bits of strength, she smiles and stares lovingly at Clarke. 

What she finds is partly comfort, because she knows the girl she loves will always be herself. She will always seek the best in life. Even in the worst situations. 

But as we can see, Lexa has tears in her eyes. She unsuccessfully closes her eyes to hold back her tears, but knows some are still escaping. 

Now, do you believe Lexa, Commander of thirteen clans, a long time trained fighter and leader, who is used to suffering in silence, both physically and mentally, who willingly grabbed a sword with her bare hands, freshly and quickly slicing them in the way, would cry? 

Yes, taking a bullet freaking hurts, but Lexa wouldn’t cry at the physical pain.

Lexa is crying, because as much as she finds comfort in seeing that Clarke is, and will always be, herself in any kind of situation, she knows who she’s leaving behind. She knows that she’s once again abandoning Clarke, and that, once again, Clarke will be hurt because of her. Only this time, Lexa wasn’t the one to make that choice. 

This time, they’re not in the cold, dark woods near Mount Weather. They’re in Polis, the place that made Clarke fall for Lexa once again, a place reflecting hope, and life. They’re in Lexa’s home, a place where they exchanged rough, and yet sweet conversations, where Clarke found peace while drawing Lexa in her sleep, where she found Lexa’s fears and hopes for the future; but mostly, where they found each other, going desperately and hungrily after each other’s lips barely a few hours ago.

Lexa was never afraid of dying, but this time, just to lay by Clarke’s side in their bed, she wishes she could just breathe a little longer.

And this time, as Clarke kisses her goodbye, Lexa falls asleep for good, only wishing she could hold those lips against her own forever. 


THE WESTERN AU COMIC!!! It always bothered me that the original was split into two post so for your viewing pleasure here it is all at once. Please don’t put it on pinterest (and if you do for gods sake don’t save it as a jpeg crimeny)

Anyway, in this world they still have their powers. Logan and Hercules are the proud daddies off Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee, Yuko and Laura AND THEY ALL DON’T TAKE KINDLY TA NO ROUGH HOUSIN’!

Pushing Twenty-Five

Title: Pushing Twenty-Five

Characters: Coach Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You hate PE with a passion.

Warnings: NSFW!!! 6k+ words worth of filthy smut, student-teacher stuff (reader is of legal age)

Note: FINALLY! My entry for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash 2nd writing challenge! So happy to be participating this time! Prompt is Coach Negan obviously. Writing’s kinda messy tbh, but I did my best. Enjooooy!

You failed PE the first time.

You dropped it the second time. And from then on, you avoided taking it during your next two years in college. Why would PE be a requirement in college, anyway? It’s not like it’d benefit you as a Literary major. Besides, was there even a known writer in history who credited PE as one of the major factors for their success? Nada. You hated PE, you despised it. It was totally unnecessary but now that you were moving on to your last year in college, you’re left with no other choice but to conquer it in order to graduate.

The regret from not passing it early on hit you the very moment you entered the gym. Since PE was only taken by freshmen students, you were sort of the oldest among your classmates. Had you not failed and dropped it during your first two semesters in college, you wouldn’t be dealing with such embarrassment now.

But then again you suck at being athletic so even if you didn’t drop out during your second semester PE, you’d still face the embarrassment of having zero skills in any kind of sport.

It also didn’t help that the only PE class available was volleyball and you just had to end up being in the class handled by the most notorious coach in the entire university– Coach Negan.

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This cat is not as comfortable as she seems.

Look, I know they’re evil and I know they’re the bad guy but they’re too damn fine to not crush on and I still want one

anonymous asked:

Imagine the night before Shawn leaves for tour he invites you over and you guys make dinner together then watch movies, cuddle, and talk the rest of the of the night. Then you have sex before the night ends after the sex you lay your head of his chest he tell you how much he loves you.😍

I was lying on Shawn’s sweaty chest, listening to his heart pound fast and his chest moving more than usual after sex. 

Shawn removed a sticky tot of hair from my forehead, before placing a tender kiss with his soft yet wet lips. 

His fingertips were moving in circles around my naked back, leaving my skin behind with chills just by feeling his touch. 

“I love you, you know that right?” Shawn said, suddenly. 

His gaze fell on me and a little but somehow also shy smile, ran across his rosy lips. I reached up to his lips with my fingers, letting them slide across gently. He kissed the tip of my fingers, before biting into one of them. 

“I love you too” I whispered back. 

“But like… Do you understand how much?” 

“How much what?” I asked confused, cuddling further into his burning chest. 

“Just how much I love you?” he whispered back, letting his long fingers run through my steamy hair. 

I was still struggling with my breath, so I didn’t answer his question with words. Instead, I just kissed his bare chest, before stroking him lovingly with my thumb. 

“I didn’t just fall in love with the way you look, you know? Though you’re pretty damn fine too. I fell in love with the way you smile and the way your nose wrinkle when you laugh. I fell in love with the tiny scar just below your knee and adorable sound you make when you’re sleeping. I fell in love with your soul, your heart, your kindness, how you make me feel like home. I fell in love with you back then, I fell in love with you this morning and I will fall in love with you again tomorrow. I fall in love with you over and over again and it’s never enough. I never get enough. That’s how much I love, y/n”


Okay let me tell you bitches something because I really need to get it off my chest. So if you guys have watched The New Edition series on BET or whatever than you would recognize this man. And let me tell you, I been feenin for this nigga for a whole ass week and I don’t know how to stop. This nigga is too damn fine and I just don’t get why is he so fucking fine? like w h y me why does this always have to happen to me? why couldn’t I have grown up in a strict christian home? I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit all the time, but I’m not mad because at the end of the day I will always have the energy to put this pussy on him any day, any time, anywhere you fucking name it. I dont care. I would let this man spit in my mouth. I would let him slap me in the face and call me a bitch. I would let him choke me. I would let him slap his dick in my face. I would let him eat my ass like it was his last meal. And I know he got a big dick he maybe 5'6 but that dick prolly like 6'5 and this throat is 12'47 so holla @ me. Every time I see his face I am weak. I mean, I am WEAK. I am SWV-Weak. I am 6 WEAKS pregnant. I am 3 WEAKS late of paying my bills. Fuck you. I don’t care.