too damn high guy


Nice to see Tenka put down personality type in their character profiles. 

So that’s what Shingen/Yakov type called ..  goukai & WILD (i’ll keep that in mind XD).

Nobun is cruel and heartless eeepppp *runs*

Mitsuhide is kuso majime 


Saizo is Kimagure (whimsical/misleading?). He’s the same type with Mikhail

Ieyasu is blackhearted ._.

AND What do you mean Kenshin personality is SEXY HAHAHHA

Me: just my opinion but, as a ship, aside from having absolutely no leg to stand on, Eren is only 15 years old. Shipping him with a man in his 30s is a bit weird and wrong.

People: OMG but he’s in the military he is not a child!!!1!! Consider how mature he must be to be in the army omg think if the times - God get out with your millennial thinking

Me: Eren was an actual dick this chapter. Not worthy of the uniform on his back and his insubordination was ugly to watch.

People: OMG he’s just a child leave him alone. He’s only 15 of course he’s going to get emotional jeez stop picking on him!!!1!1!1 (ノД`)

tldr: moving from apt to suv

hey guys, i was obviously gone a pretty long time. pretty much after my husband and i moved into an apartment together and settled down i guess i lost interest in tumblr and other social media. i pretty much stopped drawing too, just had so much stuff to do, my husband and i live in an apartment and he works all day so i clean and cook and looked after the pets. during our free time we just spent it playing android games together lol.

someone asked, no those are not my kids in my instagram photos, they are my husbands from a previous marriage so i guess they are my step kids. i still dont want my own and i never will, and the hubby doesnt want any more. 

i unfortunately dont do my cosplay anymore, we settled down a little too much as i mentioned and i gained enough weight that i no longer fit into my costume. hopefully i can rectify that someday.

so i returned because im looking for a potential blog space as my husband and i are about to do something pretty drastic with our lives. we are sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck, throwing it all into an apartment we dont even enjoy living in, practically hoarding animals we cant possibly properly take care of in a desperate attempt to gain meaning in life, being in constant debt, and only dreaming about places we want to see and things we want to do while still youngish.

so we have decided that when our lease expires in 8 months we are going to live out of our SUV. with no rent to pay, means plenty of money to finally pay super old bills off, and finally get a decent credit score. it means finally being able to afford to do all the things we only talk about doing, such as comic con or alaska. it means always having enough gas to visit friends and family. it means if the husband misses one or two days of work, it wont KILL us. it means being able to afford the dental and eye care we dont have insurance for. it means finally being able to afford going on a honeymoon. 

the blackouts that followed hurricane matthew and irma forced us to sleep in the SUV due to the 90+ degree weather. and not only did we do pretty good, we actually enjoyed the excitement of trying to figure out how to “make it”. after the monotony of our lives was finally broken, well, it was very hard to go back to how things were. we just sort of looked at each other after paying rent that month and said, “what are we doing?? why are we paying for this?” 

we have already begun the first step. getting rid of EVERYTHING. the animals are being carefully rehomed. the stuff is getting sold, donated, or trashed. and only essentials are staying with us. and for the next 8 months, we will start converting our 2004 Ford Escape into a road worthy camper (and watching literally all the youbtube videos on car camping).

so i guess this is everyones FYI, this tumblr account will be getting either abandoned, or rehauled into an adventure blog.

DM: “The bird you saw comes down out of the sky and you see that it’s actually a dwarf with wings. We’ll call it ‘the best bird’.”

Jason: “What the–ABOMINATION!!! I cast ray of frost.”

Daniel: “And to avoid this awkward situation, I try to shoot it in the head with an arrow.”

DM: “You know what? You guys are too damn high to play this and you just initiated war with a 'Best Bird’ army and Ryan is gonna come back next week confused as fuck and you guys can explain how a simple conversation turned into you killing some dudes bird and declaring war.”

Jason: “Wait. What were we doing?”

The Cost for Women Working in Comics


Hi, I’m Lea Hernandez, and I’m telling you this:


You need to help lower the price of women doing business in comics and in comics fandom to only the hard work. Not the hard work plus ducking threats online and off of violence, dodging groping, inappropriate advances, joking at the expense of the fat girl, the not “hot” girl, picking up and carrying around the short girl, creepshotting the cosplayer, stalking the professional. 
You know, sexism. Violence. Attacks intended to create doubt and fear.


CALL OUT OTHER GUYS. If women doing this for themselves really really worked, I wouldn’t have to be saying this. 
Start culling guys from your personal and professional circles that are bad citizens, that you have to apologize for.

CALL OUT MISOGYNY AND SEXISM. Intervene. Speak up. Vocally reject things like the “Big Cans” promotion at NYCC on your blogs, Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, right then and there when it happens.

THE COST FOR WOMEN IN COMICS OF DOING BUSINESS IS TOO DAMN HIGH. We’ve been paying and paying. I’ve paid with my health, self-esteem, and sense of safety. Other women have paid more.

Men, help us lower that cost so it’s the SAME AS YOURS: hard work.

(Please share the hell out of this.)

ETA: This post has already been getting around on tumblr and twitter as a screencap without credit to me. One person who did edited his post after he was told. If you see it, please (GENTLY) share with that person the source of it is here. 


The ‘Rent Is Too Damn High’ Guy Says He’s Being Evicted Because He’s Black

Fans of spectacle and outlandish facial hair were crestfallen when Jimmy McMillan, founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High party, lost to Bill de Blasio in the 2013 New York City mayoral election. But with Monday’s unfortunate news that he’s undergoing an eviction from his Manhattan apartment, Jimmy is back in the press.

According to the New York Daily News, this particular rent-controlled unit wasn’t being used as a primary residence, which violates the terms of staying in a rent-controlled apartment. McMillan disputes the claim, and isn’t taking it lying down. He’s seemingly ready to turn this personal problem into yet another battle for the hearts and minds of New Yorkers.

When I asked him if the eviction was tied to the issue of rents being too damn high, he said his eviction “is about a nigger, living on a piece of property owned by a rich guy, who doesn’t want a nigger living on his property.”