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omg ur requests are open!! :DDD can i request kagami and himuro crush headcanons + himuro friendship headcanons? thankuuuu i love ur writing so frikkin much omg


warning: kinda sorta nsfw


  1. Ok you know what, Kagami literally doesn’t know what to at all so he’s gonna need help. A lot of it. Like a lot
  2. He’s probably going to go to either Himuro, Riko, Junpei, or all three for help. Any other situation that doesn’t involve love, he’d ask Kuroko but Kagami thinks he’s just as helpless as him (he’s not wrong)
  3. He has a hard time talking to you, and some english might slip out, only because he doesn’t want you to hear how stupid he sounds
  4. Kagami’s crush is probably someone who’s just as sporty. If not sporty, he loves someone who is passionate about something like he is with basketball. If you aren’t passionate or determined, how can you understand his love for basketball?
  5. Has probably definitely fantasized about you, especially when he falls asleep in class, he can’t help it! For some reason, like 75% of his dirty dreams about you are in class, and he hates it because you sit like three desks away. The other times he’s at home so he’s able to relieve his needs
  6. His first attempt to get close to you is to ask you about the homework or help him study for an exam. He doesn’t think about the subject when you ask what he needs to study, so he panics and says, “UH, E-English!”
  7. And you’re like, “????? But?? Aren’t you from?? America?????”
  8. And he’s like “W-Well, ever since I moved here, i-it’s gotten a lot worse!!”
  9. And you’re about to call him on his bluff because the teacher always commends him on his high grades, but you smile and say, “Of course I’ll help you.”
  10. After studying a few times together (and both receiving the highest grades in English), he bucks up the courage to ask you to watch his games. He’s too nervous to ask you on a date just yet. Besides, he wants to see your reactions when Seirin wins


crush head canons

  1. Himuro is smooth like butter, so he really has no problem with something that’s simple. Though he does want to take things slow and kind of tease you a bit
  2. Himuro’s kind of like…. a master of seduction. He likes catching you off guard to make small talk, likes to linger his touch on your arms or shoulders that leave you blushing and tingly, and did I mention kabedon? So he’s quite obvious with his intentions
  3. Once you’re for sure about his attraction to you, and once he knows that you know, expect small gifts and notes from this man. Nothing too big or too expensive, so don’t worry, maybe a flower or two here and there
  4. It’s cute, but it’s quite embarrassing when everyone in the room is looking at you knowing who put that there
  5. You have to confront Himuro when it starts getting too embarrassing and all the girls look at you with death glares
  6. He’ll chuckle at your blushing face. “I’m sorry, _____, I didn’t think you minded.”
  7. “I-I don’t! But I think everyone else does….”
  8. He leans in close, and you can feel his breath tickle the nape of your neck. “Well, how about we go somewhere more private? Where no one can catch us.”

friendship head canons

  1. The Mom Friend. Honestly, out of all the players, like the only person capable of being the mom friend
  2. Made a copy of your house key for himself without you knowing. It’s his escape from Murasakibara and he likes your shower head pressure
  3. Like half the time doesn’t wear a shirt around you for some reason????
  4. Borrows your make up
  5. Although he’s the mom friend, when he gets sick, he becomes a helpless princess. He’ll come over and will not move from you couch so that you have to pay attention to him and make him soup
  6. But once you get sick, he’ll tend to you like how you tend to him, maybe even more so. You insist that you’ll be fine, but he refuses to leave until you fall asleep or are all better
  7. He’s used to playing Murasakibara’s hair so he’ll play with yours out of habit. He’s really good a braiding
  8. Likes to pretend that he’s your boyfriend or that he’s in love with you when you’re out in public because it freaks you out
  9. When you two are chilling or hanging out, his favorite spot to sit is on the floor in front of you while you’re on the couch. He also likes having his hair played with
  10. When he’s upset, he needs to shut himself out and stay away from everyone for a few days, so don’t take it personally. The last thing he wants is for you to worry or to think it’s your fault (unless it really was lol), so just give him some time
Masked monkey with a machete

Word count: 1,719

Pairing: Sam X Reader

Warning: Just pure Sam fluff, slight language

Movie prompt: Friday the 13th

Prompt 2: “Don’t you know, the cute one dies first, so you’re safe”

A/N: This is for my babe @sdavid09‘s “TaleTeller’s Fright Night 2016 challenge.” It’s unbeta’d because well, it’s her challenge :P I hope you like this Shanna :*

Ahhhggg… I missed writing Sam! I honestly did, I hope you guys like it. You know feedback is really really really appreciated!

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It was your turn tonight, finally! You were so done with the Chuck Norris movies Dean chose and the eccentric ones that Sam picked, that you couldn’t wait for this evening and after all this time, it had finally arrived.

“So what movie you wanna see, kiddo?” Dean asked as he dropped on the bed next to you.

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Hello. What do you think about Jenna Coleman's nose?

Thank you anon.

The glory of Jenna Coleman’s nose can be summed up in the following.

1. The Size - It’s cute and small with a slight button at the tip and a perfect arching curve on the bridge.

2. The Upturn - The upturn of tip has been described by a close friend ( itslifeorbeth ) as a perfect little ski-slope. It gives her a slightly elvish, or Whovian appearance. (Of the Seussian variety, rather than the DWian) All of this adds an irresistible cuteness.

3. The Bridge Scrunch - This is something often over looked in the world of noses. It’s a rare thing that only happens occasionally. When she smiles, in a flirtatious way, not just a happy way, she gets a scrunch on either side of the bridge. It’s perfect, and a swoon when it happens. I just. I just can’t.

4. The Profile - The nose is cute and tiny, but not so tiny as to go unnoticed. The side profile is just stunning, coming to an aesthetically pleasing point.

5. The Sass - Now this isn’t actually a direct feature of Jenna Coleman’s nose, its a trait. However, once combined with that cute nose, you get a well-rounded ball of adorable. A complete package. You get the endearing, loveable nickname “Sassy McCutenose” a name I apply to all images of Jenna on my Blog.

In conclusion, I am way too attracted to Jenna Coleman’s nose. I could probably make this list longer, but I’m working really hard on not being too creepy.

For Further research, please refer to the noses of the following: Isla Fisher, Taylor Spreitler, Bailey Buntain, Amy Adams, and Kate Beckinsale.

*Drops Mic*