too cute to fail

BTS REACTION: A cute foreigner trying to pronounce their name and failing

Jungkook: He gives up teaching you and laughs a little because it’s funny.

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Namjoon: Patiently, tries to teach you, spelling slowly and smiling everytime you fail. “One more time”, he says.

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Jin: “I can’t do nothing to help you, you’re too cute failing to pronounce my name. Keep with that.”

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Suga: “What are you trying to say? That’s not my name. I’m Min Yoongi”, he smiles at you.

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J-Hope: wouldn’t stop smiling at you because he thinks you are too cute for this world.

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V: “You can call me V if you want to, it’s easier. But I like it when you try to say my name.”

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Jimin: “Repeat, please”, he asks, because thinks it’s cute when you fail.

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Lucas “Whipped” Friar

Inspired by this post.

“‘Cause we’re going to have it now, while we’re all fifteen and you’re 24”. Maya quips with an adorably smug smirk.

It feels like it has been so long since Maya and Lucas teased each other. Their banter sort of subsided once the triangle was formed. But here’s Maya, teasing him again. The fact that it feels so right is wrong, so Lucas tries to bite back his grin; he really does. His attempt at keeping a neutral expression fails.

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i just discovered the KHr Vomics and i’m??? I feel so blessed????? each voice actor for shimon is A++ i kid you not. Adelheid is the bomb, Shitt. P is a darling, and Gokudera freaking out over U.M.A.s is the best but most of all.

Enma?? his voice?? he’s so cute oh my god i love him to bits

here’s the links if you’re interested:
(it’s only up to when tsuna and enma bond over tsuna’s failed test papers, but it’s too cute to pass up)

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Ok so…. i tried to make shrink charms and failed miserably, but it’s still cute so i thought you would like it!!! Gonna keep trying until i make a perfect one!!

oh my gosh, you haven’t failed miserably!!! it’s absolutely adorable!! 💕 its tail is glorious and its little ears, AAH 💕 you should be proud!!


The struggle is real. (x)

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bodhi teaches luke how to plau sabaac but luke is so horrendously bad at it, like he has no poker face and it's so easy to tell when he has a good or a bad hand but bodhi loses on purpose just to watch luke light the heck up and smile all big and "I can't believe I won! You're the best person on base at this!" (luke knows bodhi let him win they're both rolling with it)

this,,,is too cute???

I can just imagine Luke’s dumb, failed poker faces. Like whenever he gets good cards he isn’t able to control doing this little smile, and then as soon as he realizes he’s smiling he tries to coax his face back to a Serious Expression but it’s already too late and he’s just such a DORK. And Bodhi just finds the whole thing so entertaining because for one thing, Luke is adorable, and it’s also fun to be doing something for once that Luke isn’t naturally amazing at? However, the other members of Rogue squadron do not find this at cute and get really frustrated at the two of them when they’re try to play a serious card game. Wedge will lose it from time to time and just yell at Bodhi “Are you SERIOUS? Why are you letting him win??!!?” and Bodhi just replies something like “What? Letting him win? Guess I must just be having an off night…” and then Bodhi and Luke just exchange this LOOK across the table and everyone is just so done with their obnoxiously cute shit but can’t even be too mad because of how cute they are.