too cute to fail

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So imagine that at one point in time Nate was really insecure about his smile and dimples. To the point that Nate tried not to smile at all for fear of his really obvious dimples showing.

So cut to when he met Hunter and they were just starting nateanddookie and Hunter was just watching Nate as they played a game and watching Nate cover his face anytime he smiled and also trying to smile very small smiles that didn’t show his dimples (it wasn’t working all the well Because Nate’s dimples are HUGE.)

Eventually Hunter told Nate that his smile and dimples were one of his best features and that he should never be embarrassed of his smile ever. No matter how much Nate protested.

“Dude, you have no idea how adorable you are when you smile.”

And there was the one time Hunter literally pinned Nate down and tickled him until he was a laughing/wheezing mess under him. But more importantly, Nate was smiling.

He was smiling his now common dimpled grin that we’ve all come to know and love. Well, that was with the help of Hunter.

Every now and then Nate thanks Hunter for his help for overcoming his insecurity even though Hunter insists that there’s no need to thank him at all!


Firecracker [a.a]

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Title: Firecracker
Fandom: Riverdale
Characters: Archie Andrews x River Vixen!reader, Veronica Lodge, Betty Cooper, Cheryl Blossom, Reggie Mantle, Kevin Keller, Jughead Jones
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,629 
Requested: Yes, by anonymous
Short Description: You, a river vixen and Archie’s girlfriend, never fail to make Archie smile; or blush for that matter. The two of you are a sophomore power couple at Riverdale, Archie as quarterback of the football team and you as Cheryl Blossom’s successor as cheer captain when she graduates.
A/N: Archie’s nickname for you is firecracker bc you’re a total babe. Also, I absolutely live for writing River vixen!reader fics. Seriously.

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[Y/L/N] = your last name

Being a Riverdale Vixen habitually put you at the top of the Riverdale High School social scheme. But for you, it just meant that you could let loose as you cheered on your football star boyfriend, Archie Andrews. You and Archie had been together for over a year, and you loved being a River Vixen. Cheerleading had always been up your alley. You had a fiery, sassy attitude, which earned you the nickname that Archie gave you: firecracker. Only Archie ever called you that, and you thought he was beyond sweet for giving it to you.

“Y/N!” the harmonious voice of Cheryl Blossom, the senior captain of the River Vixens, acknowledged you as you stood at your locker. You glanced over at her, seeing the beautiful redhead smiling an authentic smile at you. A lot of people thought that Cheryl Blossom was cold-hearted and malicious, but you had known her since your Freshman year at Riverdale, and you had always gotten along well with her. 

“Hey Cheryl,” you greeted, closing your locker and leaning against it with a beam. “What’s up?”

“Don’t forget that we have a mandatory River Vixens practice after school before the game tonight,” Cheryl reminded you as you both began strolling in the direction of the student lounge. “I mean, I didn’t think that you would, but better safe than sorry.” She inserted and you nodded your head.

“Of course, captain,” you laughed, teasing her. “I’ll make sure B and V get there too,” you assured Cheryl before parting ways as you entered the student lounge. Betty, Veronica and Kevin were all sat together on the sofa chairs, chatting amongst themselves as Kevin finished his homework at the last minute. “Good morning Vixens,” you saluted them, taking a seat next to Betty with a grin. “Cheryl just reminded me that we have practice after school before the game tonight, so be there.” You added, and Betty and Veronica both expressed their anticipation for the game that evening.

Two hands covered your eyes, and you heard Betty and Veronica giggling quietly to themselves. “Jughead, I already told you, not at school,” you joked, knowing that it was Archie as you covered his hands with yours and pulled them away from your face. You turned and laughed, seeing Archie smiling at you, dressed in his varsity jacket, as per usual. Jughead stood behind him with a smirk.

“Oh Y/N, you’ve revealed our affair.” He joked, nudging you with his elbow as he passed before taking a seat next to Veronica. “However will I satisfy my need for pep now?” Jughead added – making fun of your status as a cheerleader, and the slogan of your hometown – and you got up to greet Archie with a kiss.

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just here to tell you that in the actual Spring Awakening play in the scene where Moritz announces he passed the first thing Hanschen asks is if Ernst also passed and I think that’s very important for y'all to know


the fabric of your flesh, pure as a wedding dress
until i wrap myself inside your arms i cannot rest
the saints can’t help me now, the ropes have been unbound
i hunt for you with bloodied feet across the hallow’d ground

Bowling date

Characters: Jeongguk & You 

Genre: fluff fluff fluff (i was supposed to write something else but watching his vlive distracted me and apparently i haven’t written fluff with him before)

Words: 2422

Summary: Jungkook is trying to be cool but fails (because he’s too cute for his own good) featuring you trying to impress him with you non-existing bowling skills.

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BTOB: making out

Eunkwang: lol this fool will try and seduce you at first…such a fail bc he’s too cute. But you still give him a kiss bc he tried and you feel bad. Not the type to want to makeout 24/7, he prefers having his own space and giving you your own. So when it actually happens, it’s so nice and he makes you feel so loved. Wouldn’t rush things or go too fast, it’s all soft and sweet and perfect.

Minhyuk: you’d kiss his perfect lips any chance you can get, that’s why he loves to tease you and walk away. But when you’d actually get him under you and his face locked to yours, his kisses are so full of passion and love. He’d pull his body as close to yours as possible and place kisses along your jaw and neck, feeling your breath hitch in your throat, knowing how much you love his lips on your neck.

Changsub: such a perv…He’ll have you pressed up against the wall whenever he wants and practically traps you in his arms until he’s satisfied. He’ll playfully keep biting your lips and pulling away until you pout and ask him to kiss you properly, then he’s more than happy to oblige. Will tease you so much by groaning your name in a deep voice and tracing his fingers all over your back and arms.

Hyunsik: will do whatever you want…literally will ask you what you want and he’ll obey. If you like it when he bites your lips, he makes sure to do that. If you liked it when he moans your name, he’s sure to give you feedback and add your name somewhere in there. Only wants to satisfy you and will do whatever he can to have you breathing heavily and moaning his name.

Peniel: very hesitant to initiate it bc he’s a shy puppy…so you’ll have to take it slow with his shy heart. Also the type to let you do whatever you want, but it’s only bc he doesn’t wanna do anything you don’t want so he’s more than happy by letting you take the lead. Will never be rough tho, just like Eunkwang, his kisses are all sweet and full of his love for you.

Ilhoon: smh another tease. Constantly asking you what you need him to do and where you want him to kiss you. Hovering his lips over yours, you know this boy has you wrapped around his pinky. He’ll go so slow and sensual and really take his time until you’re both breathing hard and moaning each others’ names, then he can’t take it anymore and it’s all lips crashing against each other and hands all over you.

Sungjae: honestly wouldn’t know what to do so expect a lot of “is this ok?” And you’re like just kiss me you dork, all you gotta do is press your lips against mine and move them. Still clueless and bumps foreheads with you often until he gets the hang of it. But he’s all fluff and nothing like some of his hyungs, his kisses are like kissing an angel.

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I’m Minhyuk’s foot

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BTS REACTION: A cute foreigner trying to pronounce their name and failing

Jungkook: He gives up teaching you and laughs a little because it’s funny.

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Namjoon: Patiently, tries to teach you, spelling slowly and smiling everytime you fail. “One more time”, he says.

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Jin: “I can’t do nothing to help you, you’re too cute failing to pronounce my name. Keep with that.”

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Suga: “What are you trying to say? That’s not my name. I’m Min Yoongi”, he smiles at you.

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J-Hope: wouldn’t stop smiling at you because he thinks you are too cute for this world.

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V: “You can call me V if you want to, it’s easier. But I like it when you try to say my name.”

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Jimin: “Repeat, please”, he asks, because thinks it’s cute when you fail.

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We always talk about the “Manos” episode because the movie is so bad, but what we really should be talking about is how Joel is extra, extra adorable in it.