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Someone requested Tord w/ monster Tom (fully shifted) but im dumb and accidentally deleted the ask aaayyye

also,, tried doing Moho’s monster tom design but i dont really know if i got his design right because i didnt use references while drawing it gkjfhgjk hope it looks okay 

Actually on the topic of HTTYD are dragons meant to have a giant overlord by nature or not. Like at first I thought the red death/big dragon from the first movie was just a prick that made the other dragons do its bidding, but the second movie implies that dragons naturally will hivemindedlt follow orders from a grand master dragon.

Does this mean instead of liberating them humans basically killed the dragon’s natural leader in order to make themselves be able to control them for their own bidding. 

Also dragons don’t seem to be a single species so there wouldn’t be any evolutionary benefit for them all on mass trying to appease the needs of a single  unrelated dragon of a different species, unless the big “leader” dragons like the red death and the bewilderbeasts evolved specifically to act as social parasites, or have the ability to control the minds of “"lesser” dragons like some unworldly abomination.

When Toothless became the “alpha” dragon in the second movie does this mean he now has some unnatural power over the will and minds of other lizards?


Wrap Up Challenge: Day 8 - Favourite Competition

Canadian Nationals

1.  I was there.  I can not overstate the bias that results from this, LOL.

2.  They hit a really beautiful balance between technical precision and emotional involvement in their programs.

3.  They seemed relaxed and happy – working hard, of course, but remembering to have fun.

4.  You’d think that from my post that they did nothing but hug (or hold hands) the entire time.  They also skated a bit.

5..  Just kidding about 4.  The skating was amazing.  Please see 1.

Here’s one example of how Shawn is going to ruin any chance I have at getting a boyfriend or even just paying attention to boys in general: (Aside from the fact that I am waiting for a boy to live up to the person I think he is.) I literally just completely ignored this cute guy who was walking by and slowed down to say hi and talk to my friend standing next to me because I was so consumed with looking at Shawn’s insta. I normally say hi to him and I had like a really good conversation with him the other weekend, but now he probably thinks I was purposely ignoring him when really i was too distracted by Shawn and didn’t realize he was even there…….

Unfortunately, Brittane has died from the latest episode of Supergirl. Ace Reporter has done her in and she is in her resting place.

I am still alive and will represent my boo thang™ Hopefully, she will be resurrected soon. Until then she may be missing from her tumblr. Maybe she’s floating in the mass effect universe.

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