too cute to be cute


~Kim Seokjin loves food so much that he has a backpack full of minature plastic foods for personal enjoyment

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I saw these two pictures on Twitter with the comment “That’s Ishido Shuuji” xDD Seriously, I want this game and see him with his hair down ‘cause I love it *O* He’s so adorable. Just look at his face in the first one. x3 A cutie !


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hayoon.y 슈우박…..🍉🍉🍉🍉츄릅💦

my mom runs a dog insta for her dog and has a whole bunch of middle aged dog instagram friends and they leave all these sweet facebook-like mom comments on all my instagram posts. when one of her friends found out i was a lesbian she sent a homemade rainbow scarf and a rainbow snood for my dog to support me they’re so sweet and im emotional rn