too cute not to love

This scene was perfect!
Ruby felt guilty and started crying and apologising, and Yang just wrapped her in a hug and told her how much she loves her
Like, they both realised how much they’ve hurt each other with how they responded to the fall of Beacon, but they also realised just how much they still need each other
And then they just basically adopted Weiss, like, they’re that close they may as well be sisters too

I also loved how Qrow wasn’t like “RUBY, YANG IS HERE AKSBDKDHSKALDBBX!!” He was all calm and knew exactly how to handle it

¾ - we’re nearly there guys! Only one more and the gangs all here! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Schneep is absolutely fascinated with Marvin’s magic. He’ll always be one of Marv’s biggest fans and constantly wants the magician to show him how all of his tricks work. Some of their best bonding moments are when they’re hunched over Marvin’s work desk and Schneep gets all awestruck and excited and sings Marvin’s praises for his ingenuity.

As soon as I wrote that headcanon for this post, I knew I would have to draw it eventually! Help, I’m in love with these cuties And it’s like the admin from Marv’s protection squad said, we don’t get to see them being nice to each other very often, for some reason! I don’t get that :/ You’ve all seen how nice the two of them are, right? So here, have some nice fluff between them! 

Sometimes I do an art.

This time when I did an art, I tried drawing @spacehamsterg

I think it turned out okay.

Look at what came in the mail today 🍎 I got this from my beloved wife anko 💕


happy birthday to my beautiful bean of a best friend @frivolouspotato !!

thank you so much for being apart of my life. you mean the absolute world to me and i’m so glad you’ve stuck around for so long.
i’m sorry that sometimes i’m not a great friend to you n i’m sorry for all the times i’ve done wrong. i’m incredibly happy that you’ve stayed my best friend, even when i’m unbearable. i don’t know what i’d do if you weren’t in my life. i keep telling you this, but if you asked me to i would find a way to fling myself into the sun for you. 
you’re such a beautiful and fantastic person n i am so Blessed to be your friend. every time i hear you laugh, i am reminded that there are reasons to live. your smile is able to make my terrible mood completely flip. just being in your presence can cheer me up. you are so full of love and you do so much for all of us. n ur also so heckin cute. i really don’t know how you do it.  stop being so cute wtf. you are the most amazing bean.
i’m so glad i’ve gotten to experience so many things with you. i love the adventures we’ve gone on and the memories that come with them. idk how you feel about it but you are my soulmate. 100%. we were meant to be apart of each others lives. n if you don’t agree this might be a lil embarrassing for me.
i know i’m being a Soft Bitch but sometimes i need to be sappy to remind you that how much you mean to me. instead of writing a book on what i love about you, i’ll chill out.

i love you so much, ben! i hope your 18th birthday was a fantastic one!

Seriously, my dreams, especially when they’re B99-related, are becoming weirder and weirder. This time I was watching a new episode, where the whole squad + the families of Jake and Amy were having a huge “before-the-wedding” party, with games and all. It was fun and cute. Until at some point a criminal made his way into the party, and threatened to kill everyone. So Jake made a deal with him, saying that he could kill him if he let all the other ones go. Of course they all complained, especially Amy, who didn’t want to become a widow without even getting married yet. But it was too late, the criminal was there, with his gun on Jake’s head, and the TENSION there was omg it was horrible. There was no music, nothing, just silence as we were waiting for something to happen, because it’s B99, a comedy show – no one can die like this. But then everything turned to black, and we heard a gunshot, and I was so afraid this was the end of the episode, that we would have to wait another week to know what happened. But then there was a flashforward of a few minutes (hours?) to Amy, alone, cleaning the room, devastated. And then we were shown blood, so much blood. Still no music, a super heavy atmosphere. And even though I knew it wasn’t possible they killed Jake, I started to wonder because EVERYTHING was screaming he’s dead, all clues were telling that story. But finally we saw someone washing themselves in a tub that had curtains so that we couldn’t see who was inside, and then Amy opened the curtains and… Jake was there, trying to take the blood off his hair. So Amy took the shampoo and started to wash his hair herself (thank you Charles for this image, I suppose haha). And then it was the end – I suppose someone managed to kill the guy and free Jake?

So yeah, that was super weird, and I’m still shocked xD


happy birthday to our cute jimin!
thank you for being our angel

listen i know we’re all losing our shit over kravitz warming his face up before he kisses taako and trust me i am too but like

the reason he’s so cold to begin with is bc he’s dead. not just his face but his whole body is cold bc there’s nothing alive to keep him warm from the inside out in comparison to living bodies. 

that means that any breath coming out of him?? cold. frosty as hell. our breath is warm bc of our internal temps but krav has got None Of That this boy was blowing cold air onto his face bc he was so nervous about kissing taako that he forgot that wouldn’t even work thank u for ur time