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Quick review of Kalafina’s and LiSA’s CROSS STAGE

oath sign: This was my first time listening to this song (aside from the sneak peeks we had gotten prior to the complete version). I really liked it even though it’s not something I’d usually enjoy. I am not a huge fan of LiSA’s voice but it fits the mood of the song quite well I think. Keiko’s intro was so freaking awesome, I loved the way she sang it, very sexy (and all those looks *fans self*) <3 Hikaru’s voice is perfect for songs like this and she obviously has a blast performing them XD. Wakana did surprisingly well, I am impressed. Usually I don’t like it when she sings typical “anisongs” but here she managed to make it work. All in all, everyone’s voices blended together nicely, there were only a few moments where they all sounded a tad too shrill.

THIS ILLUSION: I have no idea what this song is originally supposed to sound like but I love the way Wakana’s and LiSA’s voices blend together! Their harmony work is really lovely, I never would have thought that was possible. Wakana struggled a little during a couple of her parts but I think that’s due to the fact that this song (like all of LiSA’s songs) is not suited for her voice. However, all in all it was a nice performance. Also, I love love love the lyrics of this song! WaLiSA hug too PRECIOUS for this world!

träumerei: Awww, it warms my heart to see Hikaru having so much fun on stage. As I have mentioned above, Hikaru was made to sing songs like this. I feel like she sounds better singing this than LiSA does. Once again, great harmony work, their voices blend seamlessly together, sometimes it felt like the two of them became one singer ^_^

The comment section was super precious <3 So cute how LiSA is addressing Hikaru with “chan”, I wasn’t aware that they are almost the same age, only a few days apart. Wakana is so hyper here, I love it!! How she says that she was super nervous and worried because she is so used to having three people on stage. “Eh! It’s not gonna be enough!”XD LOL, but it really turned out well! She actually cried when LiSA first offered to sing this song together with her. Hahaha, typical of Wa-chan. I wish Hikaru would have had the chance to talk a little more. I feel liek she got cut-off >_<

Magia [quattro]: One of their best performances of this song to date, really liked Hikaru’s powerful voice here and Keiko sounded amazing too. Also, DAT Kala-dansu <3

blaze: Not much to say about it except that my favourite part is still the kajiurago-bridge <3 I love how energetic the girls are!

輝く空の静には Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa: Meh, LiSA’s voice really throws me off here. Oh! What a surprise! Wakana and Hikaru join in for the bridge!! LOVE!! WOW! Keiko’s solo part! I think this is the deepest she has ever sung this part!!! *dies* *death by deep Cakey voice* (generally I feel like Keiko was using her extra deep voice during all the performances that day!! I approve!) I liked LiSA more when she was singing Hikaru’s verse but it still wasn’t exactly my cup of tea.

believe: Solid performances but nothing out of the ordinary. Keiko squatting is my aesthetic. :P

identify: I like this performance much more than the one during their Arena Live. For some reason it seems more energetic but that’s just my opinion. I love it when they look directly into the camera, those close-ups are killing me! Also, WaKei <3 LOL at Hikaru and Korenaga ^_^

音楽Ongaku: More WaKei <3 Hikaru’s jumps (and resulting tummy peakage = LOVE); Wakana nailed her part (although her “へ“ was a tiny bit strained towards the end)! Poor girls were really starting to sweat like crazy at this point. Then again, Keiko’s sweaty bangs are my aesthetic.

ring your bell: I forgot that they sung their Arena Live version with the first verse being acoustic. So precious <3 Their looks towards the end looked a little too fierce for this song XD Wakana’s final two “bells” are my favourite things ever!

One Light: Not a big fan of LiSA’s voice here but it was super fun to watch them together. DAT Hi/LiSA combo during “僕は行ける“ was super badass, I loved it. Best moment for the confetti!!

I generally prefer Kalafina’s more toned down lives but once in a while I really love seeing them all hyper and energetic like this. <3 All this Keiko-arm-action will be the death of me some day! Surprisingly I really enjoyed all the collabs! I didn’t like Kalafina’s collabs with Aoi Eir all that much so my expectations for this live were pretty low but I guess I was proven wrong, there’s something about LiSA that I really like. I think it’s because she is so freaking cute! And she has a great stage-presence. Plus, most of her songs have a catchy tune, that definitely helps!

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hiii I hope this isn't too much of a bother, but do you have any scenarios or writers that you'd like to recommend? Or do you have a fic rec tag?

Ahh you’re not a bother at all! ^^ I don’t have a ficrec tag, but considering the amount of fics I read I really should. If anything, I love reading scenarios just as much as I do writing them! Here are some fics/writers that you should really check out.

  • duizhangdeluxe - Ahh, how could you not love Amanda’s writing? She has a ton of different muses that you’re going to love reading about. My personal favorite is sweet prince overdose!kai. ;;; Plus she’s super sweet, she even let me write a poem about o!kai for a class assignment! When she’s not writing full scenarios, she’s always answering asks/playing muse games! Please go give her fics a read, she’s honestly one of the best writers out there and deserves a lot of love! Don’t blame me if you fall in love with her muses like I have. ;;
  • an-exotic-writer - Of course I have to mention Missy! She writes for so many groups and updates like everyday? Like how? How do you achieve that level of mastery? Her EXO scenarios are great, and let me tell you, I don’t usually read BTS scenarios, but I read hers. ;; They’re just so good! Her writing feels very personal; as you’re reading, you can’t help but get immersed in it because her writing just makes you feel, you know? It’s really something you should see for yourself, so go check her out. ^^
  • thesammtimes - Samm writes such lovely stories! She updates quite often and I love reading her writing! She also writes very good nsfw stuff hahaha. I’ve spent a shameful amount of time reading her smut, oops. She writes for a multitude of groups; you can find them on her masterlist!
  • pandabearlikes - Okay, let’s be real here. Lila is one of my favorite writers of all time. That’s right, of all time. Her stories are so magical and wonderful and amazing, and you’re really missing out if you haven’t read them yet. I started reading her fics even before I made this blog, and she’s the one who inspired me to start posting my own scenarios! Beautiful Distraction was the first story of hers that I ever read, and I was hooked. But if you’re going to read only one story, then One Thousand Years is my number one recommendation. It’s so so so good. That story wrecked me so badly. Her stories make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, and I could go on and on about how much I love her writing, but I’ll stop here for now!
  • exo-nerates - My dear Cat, she writes so well and her titles are the best! Two of my favorites are Media Naranja and Induratize! (Of which I’m still patiently waiting for part 5 hahaha.) She was my first real friend on here, and I can’t believe we’ve known each other since January and still talk. ;; She’s super duper nice so you can always shoot her a message!
  • ex0imagines - Her scenarios are just… wow. ;; I’ve been following her writing for a long time now, and she never fails to impress. Mafia Sehun is one of my all time favorites! Also, I seldom read Suho scenarios but this is by far one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m not lying when I say that I’ve stayed up at unholy hours of the night reading her fics… also I get so oddly excited when she updates, I’m just like /heavy breathing/ and then I internally scream a little before I read hahaha. Is that weird? I just love her writing so much, go give it a read!
  • dontimagineyourbias - Just a lovely collection of optional bias imagines for your pleasure! ^^ She also wrote her first one-shot series, which is really good so definitely send her some love!
  • exobtsimagination - Ah, they always update so often! ^^ Several admins run this blog and they’re all very sweet. :) I’ve been patiently waiting for the next update of Partners in Crime hahaha. Their one shots are great as well, and they have tons of reactions!
  • modestlydreaming - Let’s just say… I stumbled upon this one day… and to this day I think about it more than I should… /sweats/ And I’m just going to leave this here, because I’m smut-reading trash. A great nsfw writer! ^^
  • dvehyun - Ah, I love her writing style! ^^ It’s very mystical; she gives a lot of detail but it’s delivered in a way that’s extremely beautiful and it leaves you wanting more. I find myself immersed in her writing, and Looking Up from Underneath is my favorite scenario of hers! It’s actually what inspired my own mermaid series, so I’d like to thank her for that. :) She writes for a ton of groups so you can find her masterlist here!
  • chanyeolthetype - A collection of ‘Chanyeol the type’ posts, by the wonderful admins (who also run some of my favorite EXO blogs) and submitters! Of course I’m leaving this because I’m trash, but also this because we all need some daily fluff. ;; You all should definitely submit to them when you have the chance!
  • causekpop - Ah, I love her writing! Her one-shots are great, and the first thing I ever read from her was Gangster Tao. She writes for a ton of groups, but you can find her EXO masterlist here. (With some very nice nsfw fics, might I add.)
  • keypea - Absolutely love her writing. Her TLFN series is hilarious (this is a personal favorite), and her Different Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ series makes my heart melt. She writes for several different groups so there’s something for everyone! ^^
  • hitchhikingbabeh - My goodness, I stumbled upon her writing very recently and I’m so glad I did. As soon as I started reading Brontide, I knew that she was an excellent writer. Not to mention Nyctophilia? Her writing is so eloquent and beautiful, and I was so absorbed into her prose, dotted with tiny details that I found all the more interesting. Definitely a writer I would recommend! ^^
  • chan-chanyeol - Her writing is so lovely! Centigrade made me feel so warm inside. ^^ And Miscalculations had me giggling, it was too cute and funny! She’s really creative and she’s written tons of scenarios with different AUs, so check her out! ^^
  • beautifykpop - I love her writing! Especially her Baekhyun scenarios. My favorite of hers is Reunions, that one made my heart all fluttery ahh. She fulfills requests as well and her ask box is open, so go send her a request! :)
  • dreamingexodus - Okay, I almost cried while reading Days Gone By. What a mess I was. And Mission Impossible had me in shambles because it was way too cute. ;; I see her quite often in the scenarios tag. Her writing has great voice so you should definitely read it! ^^
  • krismebaobei - Alright, another writer whom I stumbled upon recently, and I’m so in love with her writing! My absolute favorite is Click; I thought it was hilariously cute and it was so cool to see her perception of the boys as bloggers! I love the voice she puts into her writing, it makes you feel more connected to the story. The great thing about her style is that it’s realistic, and that’s the number one thing I look for in writing. The character interactions are believable and you can place yourself into the story easily. Check out her masterlist here!

I apologize for being so long-winded… but seriously, all of these writers are so so so talented and deserve a lot of love! They’re all so creative and have definitely inspired me in one way or another. If you have any other fic/writer suggestions for me, send me a message! (Even though I already spend an unhealthy amount of time stalking the EXO scenarios tag…) I hope you enjoy reading my recs and continue to support us writers who work so hard. <3

I really like your AU, it is really COOOOOL!!!!

So I made some fanArt…

I hope you like it!


((I had to remove that section for reasons, sorry!))

Oh wow!! These are all so super cute! It just fills my heart with a warm fluffy feeling! It’s been a long time since long hair Chara! All the Chara’s look so adorable! The soft pencil shading on the hair is really nice too! And then Dusty and Tem!Frisk!! Eeee!! Everybody is drawn so cute! Thank you so much for the fanart!

* Tem!Frisk presents you with a box before running away quite a distance and ducking behind some cover. You’re not sure if you should open it…