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heey first of i just wanted to say that you're like literally my favorite blog no joke i love love your writing like i cannot stop smiling whenever im reading your stuff and as your friends to lovers thingy is one of my favorites i was wondering if you could do one with taehyung?? thaanks 💙

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  • you and taehyung have always been messes,,,,but cute messes together
  • you technically became friends in detention ,,,,,,
  • taehyung had been sitting at the back of the classroom with silly string all over his hair and shirt ,,,, he’d brought a can to school and accidentally sprayed himself and the gym teacher
  • and you,,,,well you had gotten into an argument that had ended in a food fight and there was probably still some cold cheese from a pizza that was flung at you in your hair
  • but,,,,,,with mutual understanding you and taehyung had just grinned and gone “that’s what you’re in here for? cool!”
  • the teacher who was supposed to be guarding you and making sure you were doing homework had flaked in the middle to go gossip in the hall so you and taehyung had moved closer discussing if it would be good to make a break for it or not
  • you thought maybe using the silly string as a distraction could work but also taehyung wasn’t looking to get expelled so you’d decided instead that peeking out the door till the teachers backs were both turned you two would dash down the hall for freedom
  • and you did,,,,,,,,you were just a tad slower and taehyung had grabbed your hand and pulled you along through the doors as the sound of the teacher drowned out behind you
  • after that,,,,you two became inseparable 
  • and sure it had a lot to do with you both loving practical jokes and being free-spirited but it also had to do with just,,,,,how you got each other without words
  • just looks and smiles and inside jokes,,,, and you never making fun of taehyung in anyway because no matter how people saw him 
  • taehyun is smart and caring and you knew that,,,just like he knew that about you
  • and growing up you guys got out of pranks and skipping class and just became more into going to live concerts late at night and staying up past 4 am to set of fireworks on the beach with other friends you’d made as you got older
  • and ,,,, it stayed nice and carefree but you were also adults now so,,,,you had to be there for each other not just for laughs but for serious things as well
  • and one day taehyung confides that he’d like to be a singer and you support him one hundred percent but before an audition he decides he wants to dye his hair to stand out
  • “what color are you thinking?”
  • “,,,,,,,you’re going to laugh but,,,,,,,orange”
  • you look at taehyung like are you being serious but you can see the twinkle in his eye and you’re like ok orange it is let’s make you into a walking flaming dorito
  • and it was ur first time,,,,bleaching and dying someones hair,,,,but taehyung for some reason trusted you
  • even though you were the two kids who thought itd be smart to throw water balloons over a huge spiked fence in highschool ,,,,, but hey friends trust friends,,,,,,,,right?
  • and so with paper towels everywhere  and you standing behind taehyung in your tiny bathroom,,,you managed to get him in an old t-shirt with gloves on your hands and spreading bleach over his hair
  • and every minute or so he’d whine that it stings and you’d be like suck it up kim we have another half your head to go
  • and taehyung would mumble that you should at least try to distract him and you would go do u want me to focus so i dont get bleach in ur eye or what
  • taehyung: point taken
  • and when you’d finally got him blonde,,,you could start on getting him orange
  • and tbh taehyung was like “you should dye your hair too,,,let’s be matching!” and you were like if i ever am feeling the baby carrot hair look ill tell u and taehyung rolls his eyes and ur like hey i can see u in the mirror dude
  • and he sticks his tongue out and ur like im holding the life of ur scalp in my hands do not test me
  • ,,,,,but when you were done,,,,, taehyung closing the door to wait before taking a shower you’d spread out on your couch tired of standing 
  • and half an hour later your friend walked out, after you hear the dryer turn of,,,,,,his orange hair as bright as possible,,,,,and you cannot help it
  • walking over and ruffling your hands through his hair
  • smiling and going “i did a good job,,,,its so cute!!” and somehow you cant stop yourself from adding “your hair is so soft too,,,,”
  • and taehyung,,, letting you run your hands through his hair,,,,brings his fingers up to wrap around your wrist and he gently pulls them so you look at him 
  • and,,,,,,even with a hair color not many can pull off,,,,,,you see how it falls into taehyungs eyes
  • makes your friends naturally gorgeous skin shine,,,,,,eyes slightly hooded and lips parted
  • and you are used to being this close to taehyung,,,,but in the quiet moment in your living room with his body so close to yours you can feel the warmth of his presence
  • your heart cant calm down 
  • and taehyung seems to feel it too,,,,,,u didn’t know just dying someones hair could mean getting so intimate but thinking on it 
  • the whole thing,,,,,seemed like such a couple thing to do,,,,the standing behind taehyung and fixing the back of his shirt so it wont get dirty,,,, wiping sweat from his forehead and stray dye,,,,giggling and joking and having taehyung threaten to tickle you if anything
  • like sure friends could do all of this too,,,,,but taehyungs grip on you ,,,, his eyes,,,,,,, something now was different
  • and just one more inch and you can feel his cheek brush yours,,,, the long bangs tickling you and then his lips,,,,,
  • settle just at the corner of your mouth,,, like the almighty funny and carefree taehyung is nervous to kiss his bestfriend on the lips
  • and when you pull back the two of you are silent but taehyung walks you back against the sofa and it’s like,,,,natural for you two to fall back in each others arms
  • your hand coming up again to run through his hair and taehyung whispers
  • “i think we’ve always been a couple,,,,neither of us just said anything,,,”
  • you nod,,, pressing a bit closer and going “but to be a singer,,, we’re gonna have to keep pretending it’s just friends”
  • taehyung leans down pressing his forehead to yours and grinning “well we’ve convinced everyone thats just what it is but for now - we’re alone and im going to kiss you some more”
  • “ok carrotcake kim”
  • “don’t spoil the moment” 

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Do you have any tythan head canons cause I need life rn


-Tyler being super awkward when he and Ethan first met, before Ethan just starts talking about some random shit and Tyler warms up to him really fast

-Ethan being really scared of big man Tyler, before he sees Tyler playing with Chica and his heart just melts

-Amy being tired of their constant pinning and just walking up to Kathryn and going “if these idiots don’t kiss by the end of the night-”

-Mark being completely oblivious when they start dating, and one day Tyler just makes out with Ethan in front of Mark and he goes “woah wait, friend kissing is a thing??” Before Tyler just gives up hope

-Nights where Ethan is up super late editing, Tyler will just come and sit in the room with him, not talking just keeping company

-Date nights that end up as movie marathons bc both boys are too tired to go out and just cuddle on the couch the whole night

-Tyler loving Ethan’s hair so much, and just running his hands through it constantly 

-Ethan is an actual angel and Tyler can’t fucking stand it, HOW IS THAT MAN SO BEAUTIFUL

-Both boys confiding in Amy, bc supportive mom

-Ethan sometimes stresses himself too the point of breakdowns, and Tyler has to be there to remind him that its okay, he’s here

-Just holding hands and shit bc its so fucking cute i cANT

-Nicknames. All of the cheesy ones

(there u go, im so in love)

Mean Masterlist

This is the mini masterlist of my series Mean! It’s a Harrison Osterfield series so hope you like it! It’s rather terrible. I’m working on my writing so sorry!

Summary: You and Harrison share the same group of friends, but somehow you can’t stand each other. All of your friends wonder how long it’ll take for you two to get along, or maybe even fall in love.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 

Part 7 (end)

Hope you guys like it!

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Hey! So idk if you're taking requests but on the off chance that you are, do you have any more headcanons for the YouTube au? I enjoyed the first one sooo much and now I'm way too invested - like would Marinette ever make a channel? Alya? Nino? (P.s. Congrats on finishing tangled ribbons dude!!! It was unbelievably cute and well written and fun and ahhh I've got a lot of love for it!)


(i had a bunch of these written down a While Ago but i forgot about them rip im sorry) also??? i cant believe i finished tangled ribbons?? constantly in awe that thats done 

part one

  • adrien covering ed sheeran songs
    • this is super random but i think it’s important
    • (this was written before the new album but my point stands)
  • nino helps adrien set up a better mic system once he finds out about the youtube thing
    • it becomes a Thing™️️ where they get together and talk about tech and adrien will film a video or two and then they’ll sit on the couch and watch movies or binge anime and pig out on ice cream
    • they keep doing it once adrien is just as well versed in audio equipment as nino is
  • nino geeks out over adrien’s camera
  • adrien totally gets the camera that ninos been eying for ages when he needs to replace his, because nino helps him with recording so often. nino almost cries when he first holds it

(this got kinda long)

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about the “stars on leaders” stuff

ive been thinking about like, applying actual headcanons and stuff to that and i’ve come up w/ some neato stuff about it - the stars on leaders thing is something that probably doesnt really need headcanons bc its just a cute art thing, but still im gonna give it to them so;

- leaders earn stars after their nine lives ceremony; the stars don’t really stand out TOO much [bc then it’d be easy to tell how many lives ur leader has left]; its one of those things that you cant really see from afar, you’d have to be close and concentrate on a leader in order to count them [so mates, family members, and meddie cats usually know]

- the stars usually are in places that make sense for that leaders personality/skill set; for ex. bluestar was very intelligent and used her wit a lot, so she had a lot on her face; tigerstar was very into brute force, so he would have a lot on his paws/shoulders; firestar is all about his courage and faith and he’d have them on his chest etc etc

- loosing a life means taking a star from the leader, so when that leader looses a life, a big ole scar replaces it; it sorta resembles a missing patch of fur if anything, bc ur dying once and something has to be taken from u, if that makes sense

THATS WHAT I GOT FOR NOW but its too cute i lov the stars on leaders

Boyfriend Jaehyun

this was requested by @why-cody , hope you like it !! ~

  • shit this is going to get too serious because we can all agree that jung jaehyun is boyfriend material af
  • im so happy you requested this
  • and im even happier that i’m writing this
  • okay let’s start

  • you’d probably be working at a cafe or something like that ,

  • and he’d be a regular there that never failed to catch your attention
  • because he’s the definition of perfection honestly ?
  • everytime he comes he’d smile at you
  • you guys chatted a few times before on a few occasions
  • he probably hit you up a few times before with smooth af pick up lines
  • but back then you weren’t too into him so you brushed it off as a joke
  • you missed so many chances girl why
  • “ Has anyone told you what’s wrong today ? ”
  • “ No .. why ? ”
  • “ Good , because there’s nothing wrong ”
  • and you laughed it off and thanked him but didn’t think that much
  • until one day he did it again ,
  • “ Would you like to fill up a survey for me ? It’d be really quick ”
  • and you’d agree because you wanted to help him
  • and when he passed you his phone ,
  • you’d blush like mad and smile crazily ,
  • because he handed you his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open
  • that night he messaged you and the both of you chatted for hours
  • and eyebags could be seen on each of your faces
  • and both of you would laugh it off when you saw each other at the cafe
  • and you’d probably get ticked off by your manager because instead of taking orders you were talking with jaehyun
  • he’d wink at you and shoo you back to work while he sat at his usual seat , staring at you
  • one day he’d go to the cafe just 30mins before it closes ,
  • just to wait for you to end work so he could take you out
  • “ Jae i thought you weren’t coming today , why’re you so late ? ”
  • “ I’m waiting for you to end work , i have somewhere to take you ”
  • “ Oh shit give me like fifteen minutes more i still have things to finish up ”
  • “ It’s okay , take your time , i’ll wait for you ”
  • and then he brings you to the restaurant you told him you wanted to try out very badly just two weeks ago
  • he even reserved a private table for the both of you ,
  • ordered the dishes you liked ,
  • and treated you like a queen
  • you’d get suspicious and ask him ,
  • “ Jae why are you doing all these ”
  • “ For this special day .. ”
  • “ … special day ? …. ”
  • “ Yes Y/N , i’ve had feelings for you since a long time ago .. Are you willing to be together with me ? ”
  • you’d stare at him without saying anything because you’re too shocked and couldnt comprehend anything he said
  • but after awhile you’d smile and nod your head
  • and he’d smile like a child , his dimple showing
  • then the waiter serves you a cake and you’re like ????
  • how long did jaehyun take to prepare all of this ??
  • okay this guy would show you off anywhere ,everywhere
  • he probably went home that night to call all the other members to tell them about the relationship
  • and soon enough the whole neighbourhood knows the both of you are together
  • because he’s always holding your hands when you’re out together ,
  • his arms around your shoulders or waist
  • and if you were standing alone doing something he wouldn’t be afraid to backhug you and place his head on yours
  • he LOVES skinship so much i cant even
  • probably lots of teasing and jokes ,
  • mainly because he loves seeing you flustered and laughing ,
  • and it puts a smile on his face too
  • “ there’s a bee behind you babe don’t turn around ”
  • and you’d literally freeze in your seat with your eyes widened
  • and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing - “ you’re so cute baby , i cant even- ”
  • when you smacked him back he’d continue laughing , trying to catch his breath
  • and you’d just sigh and end up laughing with him too
  • he loves complimenting you though
  • you could be brushing your teeth in the morning with your messy hair and face,
  • and he’d still hug you and call you pretty
  • when he’s jealous , he gets really really protective
  • he’d probably have a really straight face and he’ll keep you behind his back like you’re his child
  • and when the both of you are finally alone again he’d kiss your forehead because he’s glad nothing happened to you
  • when you’re sad he comforts you and takes care of you no matter how wrecked you were ,
  • he might sing you songs and make some silly jokes for you
  • lots of kisses and hugs !1!1!
  • they’d would cheer you up so much because he just has that positive vibe ??
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet , unlike his usual self
  • he’d talk to you about it and ask for advice ,
  • because he needed your words and encouragement the most
  • people are legit jealous of the both of you because y'all are like the perfect couple
  • cause like couple fights hardly ever happened - like not even once ??
  • how is that possible y'all
  • he fetches you to and from work everyday without fail
  • and as a supportive boyfriend ,
  • he orders multiples times a day to help boost the cafe’s business
  • like he’s so sweet why
  • he loves hugging you to sleep ,
  • and waking you up with kisses
  • and have i mentioned you’d be blessed because he’d cook for you everyday ?
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his skills
  • when you tried to help , he’d make you do the basic things
  • like cutting and peeling the ingredients
  • because no one disturbs chef jaehyun when he’s cooking , he gets all serious
  • he’ll shower you with love and affection 24/7
  • he’s the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d can find basically
  • i’ll stop here before i switch lanes to Jaehyun
  • gotta stay loyal to mark

honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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you made me start shipping bakugou, kaminari and Kirishima (i forgot their ship name). They're sucha good ship and your drawings for them are amazing!!!!!!!

Oh man thank you!!! I’m super happy I could make you like them!!!!!! They got amazing dynamics, don’t they? :D

Anon said: Your ocs are always so cool and cute i love them??!? Do u have more information about them?

THANK YOU!! And yesssss I do, actually! And I’ve also talked about them a while ago already!!! If you’re looking for more info specifically about Josh and Chris I blabbered about them here!!! <3<3

Anon said: I love your art ! And I love your Bakugo, but, have you ever thought of a undercut Bakugo ??

I sure have!!!! Tho I guess I do draw him more often with a side shave haha

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Desire Pt.4 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3

Word Count:1804

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

February 20th, 2016

It was my birthday today, and I still hadn’t heard from Jimin or Caroline. I mean they had tried to contact me prior to today but it was to no avail. I sighed as I kicked the comforter from my body and sat up. My phone began going off, playing the Kim Possible ringtone, you know the kind.

I checked the caller id, it was my mom.

“Hello?” I said into the receiver.

“Happy birthday my sweet baby!” my mom said happily back to me.

“Thank you mom.” I said, mumbling the last part. I rubbed my eyes, and stood up, pacing around my room.

“Did I wake you?” my mom questioned sweetly,“Cause if you were asleep, I could call you back later? Your father and I just wanted to call you and-”

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Hello!! Could I have sole headcanons for Gyro, Johnny and Giorno as husbands and fathers? Please and thank you, I love tour blog ^^

[ I’m so glad you asked this. At first I was like oh no idk what to write and now that I’m done im just like oh no thats adorable i want to marry them all.]

✖ Gyro Zeppeli ✖
- He’d be the kind of husband that if you we’re to complain about any work aches, he’s already giving you a back massage telling you to just relax, even if he himself just came home from a long day at work, he’d still place your comfort over his
- Gyro would be one of those husbands where you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning to see his hair tied up as he cooks you breakfast in the kitchen as he sings his own song. Or be really cheesy about it and ask you to come over so he can feed you those scrambled eggs he just made. “ Do you like them? I woke up early just so I could cook them for you!” 
- Though because of his upbringing, Gyro would probably be the kind that wants to have a lot of kids, he thinks a big loving family is the best thing and at the very least will have two children, he doesn’t want his child to ever get lonely.
- There’s nothing he loves more than coming home after a long day of work to his partner and kids welcoming him home. It just fills his heart with pride knowing that his family is always there for him.
- He’d also try to bring the whole family out on vacation once every two years maybe to travel Italy or even visit his friend Johnny in America. The Joestars and Zeppelis would be quite close.
- If you have a daughter you bet he would be the one doing the hair braiding instead, he loves it if his daughter was to end up tying his hair instead. If she wants a tea party sure as hell he was going to sit down with Mr. Fluffles and talk about how nice the air tea is.
- If its a son he’d be the sporting kind of dad bringing him out to look at horses or continuing the Zeppeli tradition and teaching him about the medical uses of the Spin from a young age.
- Gyro would also be that dad you see cheering the loudest at school sports carnivals or anything the parents can attend. He is supportive dad number 1 and even if his kid doesn’t win he still celebrates like they came in first.
- Though when it comes to academics he always tries his best to teach his children whatever he can, if they were to ask him any nonsensical questions, why the sky was blue or why does grass grow, no matter how busy he is he would try to sit down and explain to them never brushing off their curiosity. 

✖ Johnny Joestar ✖
- Johnny would be the kind of husband that’s more like a best friend, he’d pull small jokes on you at home every once in a while like scare you out of bed in the morning or switch the salt and sugar before your morning coffee
- He’d love to feed you whenever you guys get to eat together, he finds it adorable and loves teasing you with it to like offering you a spoonful before eating it himself and laughing.
- He does have bad days though, [bad flashbacks to the Steel Ball Run] so there’s some days where its just quiet nights with him sitting beside you, leaning into you for comfort. Running your fingers though his hair and telling him how you won’t ever leave him is the only thing that makes him feel better. He cherishes you dearly for that.
- Johnny would try his best to be a good father, but there’s always the residing fear in the back of his mind that he’s going to end up like his own father. [ When you assure him he’s doing a good job though he just can’t help but to smile]
- He’d always be trying his best not to make the same mistakes his own father did, he makes sure to never downplay any of his kid’s efforts, always being as supportive as he can with whatever they do.
- If his child is proud of something he is to, today’s the first time the horse let you pet it? We’re celebrating. He wants to make sure his kids know they’re loved.
- He’d make a super big deal out of their birthdays too, who cares if his child is only 10, he’d buy them their first horse. He just tries so hard to be the Best Dad™
- Johnny would probably be satisfied with having one child though if you wanted more he wouldn’t complain, he’d just get nervous hoping favouritism won’t ever be a thing, but when you assure him that you’d keep him in check he’ll calm down.
- He’d love to teach his children the beauty of horse riding though he wouldn’t push them to it if they didn’t want to. So from a young age he’d bring his kids to visit the ranch and to teach them the very basics of taking care of horses, so even if they didn’t pursue a career in it, you bet they all do ride in their free time.
- If its a girl, Johnny might end up spoiling her, he just loves his daughter so much he can’t help but try to give her anything she wants, so its up to you to play the bad guy here and lecture her when Johnny can’t bear to.
- If its a son though Johnny is probably stricter with them, wanting to make sure they don’t end up like he did in his younger days, as a playboy wasting his life away.

✖ Giorno Giovanna ✖
- Your husband is the Don. You want something, you get it. Unless you really wanted to work, he would be fine with you just being a housewife, being around him in Passione would make him happy enough.
- Giorno would be one to bring you out on dates once a week to some expensive restaurant making sure you only eat like royalty and he’ll pamper you to bits.
- When it comes to official D & D events in the mafia, expect him to bring you around, he’d love to buy you gorgeous gowns or tuxedos and show you off to everyone. 
- To most people in the Mafia, you are well known as Passione’s Consigliere. An outsider yet it was because of your cool that Passione’s power just continues to grow, if you’re seen in a meeting between gangs they know it will go well for both sides. You we’re not only the wedded partner to the Don but now a mother hen to the whole of Passione too. Everyone trusts you as much as they trust Giorno.
- Everyone even out of Passione know not to mess with you as Giorno himself would personally wipe an entire gang from power if he so hear’s they threaten you. He would do anything to ensure your safety yet make sure you didn’t have your freedom taken away from you.
- When you both finally have a child, Giorno would be the happiest dad. Making sure they had the best childhood. Education came from only the best private tutors, with Giorno being the Don he didn’t want to risk the child getting kidnapped thus making sure they were homeschooled
- Giorno would only want one kid, being part of the Mafia he felt it was unfair to bring a child into such a dangerous world, but yet he’d still want an heir so for him, one is enough.
- Though he would still want to make sure they had friends, so if any other members of Passione had children expect to see them out on play dates a lot, with the Don himself overseeing their playtime if he’s free.
- Although he’d try to keep his children out of the mafia, if its a boy, eventually when they reach their late teens, Giorno himself would expose them to the mafia, assuming they inherited a stand, he would teach them self defence too.
- If it was a girl, she would eventually grow in popularity amongst the boys in the mafia, known as Passione’s Principessa it took Giorno’s personal strict teaching to ensure she wasn’t spoilt by the amount of suitors she gets. 

[ Oh shit I got too carried away with this omg i typed so much??? but its so cute though I like the idea of these precious jjba boys as parents]



You and mark were in the car when ‘I Like You’ came on from your shuffle, you couldn’t speak Korean fluently so he wouldn’t expect you to be able to rap in Korean but when his rap part came on you rapped it fluently like there was no tomorrow. Mark’s jaw dropped and he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Jagiya why didn’t you tell me you could rap?”

Originally posted by markjin


You and Jackson would be walking around Hong Kong hand in hand when you started humming along to ‘A’ but when it cam to his rap part you whispered it aloud and he could hear you, man did he fangirl.

“OMG (Y/N) that was amazing! The world needs to know! ill cal JYP right now, he can get you a deal!”

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Jinyoung was at dance practice and you had tagged along to watch him. While the boys started warming up they did a quick recap to ‘Stop Stop It’ and you found yourself subconsciously singing along while searching through your bag for your phone charger. When you looked back at the boys your eyes went straight to Jinyoungs, you expected him to be dancing but he was just standing there with a smile on his face.

“You never told me you could sing.”

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It was late at night and you and JB were laying on the couch cuddling with the tv on in the background, you were both scrolling through your phones when you softly started singing ‘Hard Carry’. Looking at you he would ave the biggest smile on his face, he would feel proud and surprised. He would plant a kiss on your forehead and sing along softly with you.

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You and you were at the recording studio with the rest of the boys for their new album. Youngjae was warming up in a different room from you with Jinyoung and Jaebum. They were prating along to ‘Just Right’ for one of their warm ups, you decided t sing along not noticing that Youngjae had left the room to get some water and was now standing behind you. Once you realized you couldn’t hear him singing anymore you turned around to find him with a cute smile on his face.

“That was so good jagiya!”

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BamBam was still asleep when you woke up next to him after a big night out. Thinking he would still be dead to the world for a while you carefully slid away and went to take a shower. You played your playlist off your phone and belted BamBams part in ‘Confession Song’ a bit too loud as halfway through his rap e had walked into the bathroom. Bam flung the curtain open and hoped into the shower with you having a smug look on his face.

“That’s my girl.”

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It was the filming for the ‘My Swagger” music video when Yugyeom was filming his parts. The boys had invited you along so Yugyeom and BamBam would be entertained when they weren’t filming yugbam. The music was playing for Yugyeom’s rap for the 10th time now and you had learnt the rap, so you decided to rap while he was filming assuming the music would be loud enough to cover your voice because you hated it and didn’t want anyone to hear. Not surprisingly Yugyeom could hear you over the music and was shocked at first having never heard you rap or sing, after he finished filming his part he raced up behind you and hugged you.

“You need to use your voice more princess, it’s beautiful.”

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kpop1237  asked:

Hello! Not sure if you're accepting requests or not but if you are and it's no bother I was wondering if you could do HC for the RFA + V & Saeran as to how they would react to MC being cheated on and how would they confess their feelings? Thank you!

hello ! ngl i was kinda confused with this at first (not your fault tho) so i hope i got this right, if not feel free to hmu and ill write something else~ thank you !

also side note : i finished this on ~3 hours of sleep so they got progressively worse after, say, jaehee ^^;; i may fix them later but for now i REST


  • a n g r y
  • how could someone cheat on an amazing person like you ??
  • you were literally perfect
  • fuck the one who didn’t see that
  • he actually wanted to fight them
  • but calmed down when you held his hand, leaned against his shoulder, and gave him a little smile
  • hakkuna matata, my dear boy
  • if you wanted to forget about it, he would respect that
  • but…
  • he loved you and wanted you to know that
  • itd be sickeningly romantic, hed hold your hands in his and lean his forehead against yours
  • kiss each hand, and let his lips linger for a moment, eyes closed
  • then hed open his eyes and look into yours, and with the sweetest, most heartfelt words he could muster
  • hed tell you just how important you are to him
  • youre his world, his everything, and he couldn’t stand the thought that someone hurt you…his princess
  • he loved you more than anything, dammit
  • probably cried a little
  • its okay you probably cried too


  • he was honestly outraged
  • but he knew picking a fight would just cause more problems
  • that’s not what you needed
  • so he just held you
  • he held you tight and promised hed never let go, never let anyone hurt you ever again
  • and he kissed your forehead
  • and cheeks…and pet your hair…and…
  • he held you so close and tight you wanted to say ‘hold me tighter’ but wasn’t sure he could
  • he calmed down after a moment, apologizing
  • he overreacted didn’t he ? let his emotions get the best of him, didn’t he ?
  • you insisted “no, he was perfectly fine” and he swallowed
  • “i love you.”
  • he what
  • its just, youre so important to him, y’know ? he cant stand the thought of someone hurting you
  • he loves you…
  • shit
  • shit
  • abort abort he didn’t mean to say that a b o r t
  • he kept apologizing, and tried to pull away from you
  • but you just placed a hand on his cheek and lay you head on his shoulder
  • he wrapped his arms back around you as you both fell into a blissful silence


  • she was angry of course, but she was mostly worried
  • plus, she knew throwing a fit wouldn’t solve anything
  • besides, you needed her right now
  • you were always there for her, the least she could do was be there for you too
  • you held each other on her couch, she let you vent and cry if you needed
  • you felt so safe and comfortable with her
  • she didn’t speak until you were done, sweet words and reassurances
  • her voice was low and calm and she was petting your hair and you just felt so at home
  • “mc…you can always come to me if you need anything. im always here for you, because i like you… i really like you. youre so important to me… i might even…”
  • you sniffled and looked up at her, seeing her face red and eyes adverted
  • “might even…?”
  • “i… might even love you, mc.”
  • jaehee felt her stomach twist with anxiety
  • but it was better to come clean about these things anyways, right ?
  • “don’t… answer. right now isn’t about me. its about you. you can tell me your thoughts later, when youre ready. ill make us some coffee and put on a movie, okay?”

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the-nefarious-nipplemancer  asked:

Have you ever seen something so adorable you cried? Like LEGIT tears of joy over something? Like seein a two year old chase down a remote controlled R2-D2 JUST TO GIVE IT A HUG AND TELL IT "luv you artoo!"

I actually legit cried when I first saw the pokemon rhibombee.

My partner and I tried to take special care to avoid most spoilers about Pokemon Sun&Moon and it paid off. Now I had seen cutiefly by accident and thought it was goshdern adorable but never saw its evolution.

I love bugs n fairy types so I definitely caught one right off the bat and when it finally evolved I lost my shit. I was crying and squeaking at it and had to put the game down cause this pokemon is too heckin cute.

I even went as far as to catch a shiny because I just cant stand how precious this lil bugger is.

anonymous asked:

Seeing all these disorder otp prompts you're doing, and gotta say, the ones i have are very accurate & relatable! I'm kinda wondering if you have any ideas for cynophobia, but i'm scared the notion of exposure therapy coming up. Maybe i'd rather ask for general plots that don't include dogs? I just see a lot of dogs in fluff plots & i keep feeling inhuman bc dogs are the epitome of humanity, ESPECIALLY on the internet. Sorry to bother you if you're not doing this anymore or just hate cynophobes.

never be sorry for your phobia!! i’m sorry this took so long too!

disability au’s: cynophobia!

consulted by romentical

  • “im more of a cat person i guess” is a really lowkey way of putting i cant stand dogs but also i guess i played myself bc now all you do is send me stupid cat pictures every time you see one online”
  • “you’re hella cute but also you walk your dog literally everywhere you go so im doomed to never getting to speak to you or anything—what a shitty fairy tale this sounds like”
  • “people always give me the worst fucken looks whenever i say i hate dogs as if i just said i eat babies in my spare time and honestly? youre the first person who has moderately shrugged and said “fair enough” and its kind of sad tbh that that response made me so happy”
  • “ive been hitting you up cause youre hella cute and all but after a while i started to notice how jumpy and squirmy you are around dogs and now that i ask, it turns out your phobia and my deep dark secret of being a werewolf are not going to go hand in hand once i marry you”
  • “you can understand the bitter cruel irony it is that i happened to have the werewolf curse when i literally panic at any dog trotting towards me”
  • “you dont like telling people youre not into dogs bc of the obvious backlash it gets, but i can tell with how you swerve around dog-walkers or twist away from strays that come to our outside table that you and me? pea’s in a pod cause we cant stand dogs and love each other.
  • [person with several dogs] “not really”