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Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.07.15]
└ “What’s wrong with you today?!”

... that very random headcanon where bakugou is not a cat person and not a dog person.

//… Right, so these stuff came up when I was thinking what animals does Bakugo like… and tadaa, this randomness is born… whoops. //

so what if…

  • Bakugou isn’t a dog person.
  • He isn’t a cat a person either.
  • Bakugou is a GOLDFISH person.
  • The reason behind it is because watching them always calms him (and he thinks they’re really nice to look at what with the tail and the nice colors and pretty scales).
  • (It makes him forget some of the less pleasant things)
  • (When he’s alone, lingering after effects of nightmares are washed away by watching these wonderful fishy swimming around their aquarium in lazy circles)
  • He has a huge aquarium full of pretty goldfish in his dorm room. There are 10 of them.
  • They all have names. All 10 of them.
  • They are very creative names (aka Fish Sticks, Sushi, Pumpkin, Cheese Cracker, Bubblegum, Muffin, Cookie, Chili, Corn Soup, and last but not the least, Cotton Candy). He is planning to get a new goldfish, and probably name it Gold Fish (because he ran out of food names).
  • Bakugo will also explode anyone who ask him why his pets are named after food (it’s part of Bakugo’s creativity, okay).
  • He likes the tosakin goldfish, but his most favorite is the butterfly tail goldfish
  • His hero costume might or might not be inspired by a goldfish tail (and by his quirk too ofc).
  • He owns a 3ft. long goldfish plushie (he totally does, no one can convince me otherwise).
  • He also owns a hand-crafted wooden goldfish keychain from Kirishima
  • (made by Kirishima)
  • (Bakugou saw that bandages on his hand, okay?)
  • (It was a really ugly keychain)
  • (But it’s a goldfish keychain)
  • (and it’s from Kirishima)
  • (Bakugo secretly loves it)
  • (so much)
  • (He likes it better than that limited edition All Might merchandise he bought)
  • (He will probably – totally - appreciate a cheap goldfish keychain more than a fancy car)
  • Bakugou just really loves goldfish.
  • Okay? He just loves goldfish so much. He can spend hours watching them swimming around their aquarium.
  • (Bakugo will fight anyone who insults goldfish)
  • Did I say Bakugou loves goldfish?
  • Bakugou Katsuki just really loves goldfish.
  • (You can use it to bribe Bakugou into doing something)



Renren’s Tomoki-kun LOVE (DANSUI version)

(May 13) You can’t see even a speck of the usually gentle Tomoki-kun on the stage of Dansui! Amazing! I took a picture with that Tomoki-kun!

(May 16) Today, I also took a picture with Tomoki-kun! I was told “Again?” by him but I will continue taking pictures!

(May 17)  With Tomoru-kun and “Tomoki-kun”! (Renren probably meant he was taking a picture with the usual smiley Tomoki-kun so he put Chantomo’s name in quotation marks XD)

(May 18)  Tomoki-kun unexpectedly asked for a picture with me! (It’s usually Renren asking his senpai for pictures. He’s so happy fans are congratulating him XD)

(May 19)  Today, I took a picture with Tomoki-kun again! This Tomoki-kun is really handsome! He’s usually handsome though!


Food babies Suwoong and Daehyun 😆💕 they ate really well though . I feel like a proud mum watching two kids eating .