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So in the latest chapter, Touka and Kaneki agreed to get married?

In their own special way, YES!
Kaneki was asking Touka how ghouls get married, but she told him not to worry about it because it wasn’t like she wanted everyone to know that they ‘did it’. However, Kaneki felt that there must be proof about their relationship so he decided on bite marks:)


Guess who finally got into miraculous ladybug! I seriously love these girls’ designs. Every time I wanted to give an opinion on them all I can think of is cutie patootie. I had to draw them <3

Another thing what I love about the show are the villains and their powers, i dunno im a sucker for cool villains :3c

The story with these pictures is that they’re hanging out at a park and someone asked to take their photo

It’s been so long since I drew something!! This is my very first BTS fan art and of course it had to be Suga<3

This is the original pic 

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So it was  @birate ‘s birthday ♡ and she had been rambling about all the day1 long distance KenHina stuff that had been flooding her (and my) dash… So I decided to make a late submission - 

 KenHina Week 2016- Day 1: Distance / Movies

I added my own twist to it. We live in two different countries and I really wanted to give her flowers for her birthday because she loves them so much, but I couldn’t do that, so I had these two dorks do it instead. 

I like to think that Kenma would just trust florist Sugawara to make a bouquet with the colours of the sunset/sunrise for Hinata, and Hinata would love it and be excited for the rest of the day ♡.

Please don’t repost to other websites and don’t remove credits. Thank you sweeties.


: A b-b-b-belated Happy Valentines Day to you, Mimi ~ (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤