too cute aa


Guess who finally got into miraculous ladybug! I seriously love these girls’ designs. Every time I wanted to give an opinion on them all I can think of is cutie patootie. I had to draw them <3

Another thing what I love about the show are the villains and their powers, i dunno im a sucker for cool villains :3c

The story with these pictures is that they’re hanging out at a park and someone asked to take their photo

So it was  @birate ‘s birthday ♡ and she had been rambling about all the day1 long distance KenHina stuff that had been flooding her (and my) dash… So I decided to make a late submission - 

 KenHina Week 2016- Day 1: Distance / Movies

I added my own twist to it. We live in two different countries and I really wanted to give her flowers for her birthday because she loves them so much, but I couldn’t do that, so I had these two dorks do it instead. 

I like to think that Kenma would just trust florist Sugawara to make a bouquet with the colours of the sunset/sunrise for Hinata, and Hinata would love it and be excited for the rest of the day ♡.

Please don’t repost to other websites and don’t remove credits. Thank you sweeties.