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I got sucked into Daiya, so when I had like 5 episodes of HQ to catch up on last week, I was like oh yeah, he Sawamura too. Let’s just pretend their ‘sawa’ kanji aren’t different. (澤村 for Daichi and 沢村 for Eijun)


Words: 4,290
Dean x Reader
Warnings: none! IT’S FLUFFFFFY
Requested by anonymous! “I don’t know if you do song fics but could you maybe do a Dean one shot off of Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon? Ps you’re fabulous”
Summary:Y/N meets a handsome stranger at the bar at her sister’s wedding and though he says he’s related to the groom, she knows otherwise. (Also, this imagine!)
A/N: THANK YOU! YOU’RE FABULOUS! I hope you like this fluffy one shot! It was good to write some Dean… cuz we all know how I love some Dean…

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“You sure you don’t want to come, Sammy?” Dean asked, looking his reflection over one final time and loosening his tie a little more.

Sam glanced up from the book that was open on his lap. “Do I want to crash some poor, unsuspecting couple’s wedding with you? For the last time, no, Dean,” he said sternly.

Dean gave his brother a half-smirk, clearly not put-off by his judgment. “I’ll play wingman for you,” he said, leaving his reflection behind and smoothing his suit coat, slipping his room key into the pocket.

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anonymous asked:

A blurb please :) Can you do One Where you accidentally give niall a boner

You and Niall were at the the Derby football game, it was nearing the end of summer, but it didn’t change how hot it was. You wore a Derby jersey-tank and denim short shorts. Niall wore his jersey and shorts as well, even with box seats, it was still hot. 

Derby had yet to score and the other team had two goals on them all ready. Niall was tense and you were too. This was your boyfriends favourite team and it was yours too. 

Niall was growing frustrated and the heat wasn’t helping the situation. The only things keeping him benched was your hand on his thigh. It was his line to coolness and sanity. 

He was studying you when he entirely missed the first goal. You jumped up, screaming but his eyes were anywhere but the field. Your boobs were jiggling and bouncing with each jump. He bit his lip and shifted his eyes to your bum when you noticed your shoe was untied and bent over to tie it. 

Without a second thought, Niall reached out and spanked your bum lightly. You straighten, “Oi!” You giggle and sit on his lap, “That wasn’t very nice.” You tease, kissing his cheek. 

“You know, you have me entirely hard right now.” He shifted so you could feel it. 

You giggle and shift off of his lap, “Oh well, that sounds a lot like your problem.” Your eyes goes to the obvious bulge in his jeans. 

He rolls his eyes and adjusts himself while you watch. 

So you wanna go to a concert?

Let’s start with the basics: 

What do I wear?

  • Comfortable shoes Don’t be stupid and wear brand new shoes to a show. You’re going to be crying by the end. Know your shoes, and wear what you know you can jump and dance around in for hours. Also, shoes you can trust won’t come untied easily. You won’t be able to tie them in the pit, and it’s actually terrible don’t let it happen.
  • A cool T-shirt aye so yes it’s acceptable to wear a band’s shirt to their show. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s also acceptable to not wear their shirt to a show. Either way don’t wear something too tight. Hot topic sells those skin tight band shirts, I don’t recommend wearing those at all. Don’t wear something too loose either. Find something you can breath in that’s not falling off your shoulders. 
  • Your favorite jeans I would be against shorts right now because you have to wait in line and it’s winter, but in the summer go for it. Just be aware that they might ride up. 
  • Hair: do not wear your hair down. I swear to god. I do not want to stand behind you and eat your goddamn hair or have it slapping me in the face. You can wear it down in line, but put it up once you get inside.

*Don’t be stupid, don’t wear a jack into the venue.  I left my jacket outside in a bush one time. No one touched it. 

**I strongly recommend you not wear hats, gloves, or sunglasses in the pit. Also be cautious with your glasses. My friend had hers knocked off by a crowd surfer and we almost didn’t get them back. When we did they were really scratched up and it just sucked. 

***Also I’d advise against wearing jewelry in the pit for obvious reasons

What do I bring? 

  • I would recommend a single drawstring back for you and your group of friends. Only put a few items in it, and make sure they’re small. It’s going to be pressed up against your back the entire show. Don’t bring anything that’ll like stab you or the person behind you. 
  • Bring a water bottle or two for you and your friends to share in the bag
  • Something for the band to sign in case you do meet them 
  • Hair ties
  • Your ticket and money should also go into the bag not your pockets. 

During the concert, what do I do and what to expect?

  • There’s going to be pushing and shoving, don’t complain. It’s a concert, it happens. It just does okay. It’s apart of it. No one wants to hear you complain.
  • There’s going to be crowd surfers probably. Be sure to check around you often. Most of the time the bouncer will make their way over in your direction if there is a crowd surfer behind you, but that is not always the case. Also tell the people around you if you see a crowd surfer and they don’t. They’ll return the favor.
  • Also don’t fucking be that person who says, “I’m not carrying them! They shouldn’t be crowd surfing anyways!” They’re just trying to have a good time, and people really get hurt by being dropped. I’ve seen people get carried out of the pit unconscious, and a girl even broke her nose once. It’s not cool. We’re a family, and we’re out for a good time. Don’t ruin it ok. 
  • If someone needs to get out of the pit because they can’t breath, you scream and shout you do whatever it takes to get the bouncer’s attention to get them out. It's extremely important. 
  • If you feel like you need to get out, which you will especially since it’s your first concert, hang in there for a bit. Don’t lock your knees. You’ll want to leave and go home. Just dance and sing to the music. You’ll forget about it eventually. If you start having the signs you’re going to pass out, get out right then. Tell the people beside you, they will help I promise. 
  • There are a lot of flashing lights and it’s extrememly loud. Prepare yourself. 
  • It’s OK if you get separated from your friends. Don’t worry about it, don’t let it bum you out. Just wait by the exit of the venue. They might want to buy some merch. 
  • Merch is crazy. It’s freaking crazy. This is your fair warning. 

What do I do prior to the show? 

  • Start drinking water the day before. Lots of it, not just a single bottle. This is really important, okay. If you don’t want to pass out, just do it. 
  • In line, make some friends! I know what your thinking, this chick’s crazy, but most of the time this happens naturally. You all love the same band, and you’re all there for the same reason. I’ve met someone new at every concert I’ve been to. 
  • Double check all your stuff the night before
  • Get lots of rest
  • Eat before you get in line, but don’t eat right before you get inside
  • Make sure you have directions to your venue, and look up pictures of your venue. This is really important. Know your surroundings. 
  • Make a game plan before you go in. What side do you want to go on? How close do you want to be? 

SO THERE YA GO. If you have any questions just ask me.  I’ll be glad to answer. I’ve been to a ton of these and these are the guidelines I use myself. If you want me to add something else, send me your tip. From experience, this is what I got thus far. 

classy-kate  asked:

Hi yes I was planning on being in frat next year so I was wondering what I could wear to rush that would make me appear to be a "bro"

You really want to be a “bro?” Here’s a 110% foolproof way to be the bro-est bro of all bros in the brotherhood.

Chubbies, which show that you’re there to party and you don’t mind if your thighs get sun poisioning while doing it.

Some sort of “preppy” tee, which will really show how preppy you are. So prep. Much classy. Bonus points if the shirt obnoxiously shows off the fact that you summer in the Hamptons or know Richard Branson and he lets you vacation at Necker Island. #ACK is too basic. Cape Cod is for plebeians. Does Martha’s Vineyard even exist anymore?  Step up your game, son.

A PFG, if you’re looking for a different look other than a tee. Even though the only things you’ll be fishing for are compliments.

A really cool visor that compliments your SICK LAX FLOW. It better look really, really sick and wicked or else no bid for you.

Boat shoes because you’re going to be on so many boats during rush. Boats everywhere. In fact, there aren’t frat houses. There are frat yachts, and pledges are hazed by having to learn how to tie 102 different knots to dock those puppies. Sheepshank knots are for middle schoolers. Gold cup sperries or go home.

Wayfarers, because you need sunglasses obviously. If they aren’t a variation of Persols or Ray-Bans, go home. You’re not getting a bid.

Croakies, because it’s probable that your glasses are going to miraculously fly right off of your nose bridge while you’re shotgunning some variant of relatively cheap beer.