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history meme (french edition)  →  free choice: relationships (1/?) Marguerite de Valois and Henri IV’s children.

“When Marie de Medici, second wife of Henri IV, was crowned queen of France, Marguerite, his former first wife, garbed in crown and royal mantle, followed behind. This is in fact quite a good metaphore to resume their family life. Marguerite acted as a kind of honorary aunt to her former husband’s children; she was godmother to his son Gaston, and the Dauphin, later Louis XIII, tenderly called her “mama”. After her death in 1615, the young King confessed that ‘he misses her dearly’. A. Lloyd Moote, Louis XIII, the Just

excited to share that i will be working at ign entertainment as a designer starting june 1! my first job out of school and what better way to start my career than to make stuff promoting video games :D

What I want to do: tell people I’m asexual so it’s out of the way and they can stop assuming I’m allosexual

What I don’t want to do: give a 5 minute explanation of what asexuality is followed by a 10 minute debate on whether or not it’s actually a real thing followed by yet another another 10 minutes of uncomfortable questions as they continue to try and disprove my sexuality to me 

The science is problematic

Physics: Keeps me on the ground

too many rules/equations

????Dark matter????Dark energy????

Astronomy: I want to know all the stars

Space???? Too big.

I cannot touch the sun

Geology: Nothing.

Rocks are perfect.

Just trust me on this one.

Chemistry: Too many chemicals I am not allowed to touch


Cool experiments are “too dangerous” and “could kill you”

Biology: Living things are problematic.

Like seriously.

Just look at humans.

Oceanography: So much we do not know

The ocean is deep

Things will eat you.


Also, fixing things make things worse


One good advice for Sangwoo

looking thru my old files and i had remembered there was actually a beta?? a first attempt to make a stuco/delinquent au haha,, originally they had their canon uniforms on.

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Mtl favourite risings?

  1. leo: such divas, have a lot of self-confidence and inspire me to be the same. fun af to be around.
  2. libra: very charming, have the best sense of humour and probs my fave placement for libra.
  3. taurus: I love all things taurus, but taurus risings are so attractive to me and have such a sensual way to move I’m dead.
  4. scorpio: mysterious and the best gaze oml.
  5. virgo: fresh looking af and are very understanding and great listeners.
  6. pisces: love the way they look and such a dreamy aura.
  7. aries: things are just right with them and they are good friends always. they tell you the truth as it is.
  8. cancer: they just get me and are pretty affectionate and gentle.
  9. gemini: fun, upbeat, keep the conversation going.
  10. sagittarius: wild and chill what else do you want lol, the best laughter around.
  11. aquarius: cool but may take too far the “too rare to live” bs.
  12. capricorn: never met one I think lol but I’d probably find them hot af.

Okay, but imagine like, Miranda isn’t dead, she was like maybe shot in the shoulder instead, and she stands (sits) next to Flint, ready for trial in Charlestown. 

Then Vane walks in (like he owns the place) and delivers Abigail’s diary to the jury. 

That one member of the jury in charge of reading selected passages reads a little too far, and now everyone knows that fearsome pirate captain Charles Vane once brought her a tea cup so she could drink water (because isn’t it what you English people do??) and also that Manderly guy has very nice arms, but it sincerely doesn’t hold a candle to Miranda’s cleavage.  

Miranda has to bite her cheek to stop laughing at Lord Ashe’s face. 

Charles had had enough of people knowing he brings tea cups to teenage girls so he decides to burn Charlestown down. No one should be left to remember that. 

Abigail has heard they were reading her diary in court so she sneaked out. She has never blushed so hard in her entire life. When the fight starts, she begs Flint to take her with him because now she has like zero hope of living that one down. She doesn’t like the idea of people dying, but she’s glad no one will be left to remember. 

Except Miranda. She remembers. 

Miranda brings Abigail home in Nassau and they start a school to teach children how to read and write. Abigail invents naptime stories for them. When the resistance for Nassau starts, they still let Billy and the resistant in their house, but they’re too afraid of Miranda to break any tea cup, or look at Abigail for too long. 

Abigail teaches old grumpy rough and dirty pirates twice her age how to read and write with a very gentle voice. Miranda gives the more passionate speeches and the philosophical discussions about why resistance is necessary. 

Charles hides in the house because everyone thinks he’s dead. He learns to play the harpsichord.

A little note to the PJO fandom!

As you can see, these books have Rick’s stamp of approval and they are definitely worth checking out! They are full of ghosts and also wonderful children running around with swords and I just really hope they don’t hurt themselves because I will protect them to the end of the world

There is also a sassy talking skull that lives in a jar. He’s pretty cool too.