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Au where yata is the heir to the yakuza?

So maybe Yata’s bio dad was the head of a yakuza gang, Yata’s mom didn’t know when she married him and he tried to keep her from finding out because it would put both her and the child in danger. Then maybe someone from a rival gang finds out that Yata’s dad is married and he has to leave his wife and child behind in order to save their lives. Yata’s mom though thinks he just walked out and so she doesn’t keep many pictures of him around the house or anything and she always tells Yata that his dad was just a deadbeat who didn’t realize what a wonderful child he had. Yata grows up being loved by his mom and by his stepdad, though like in canon he always feels a little left out and like he’s the only one in the house who doesn’t quite belong. What he doesn’t know is that his dad is still secretly keeping an eye on him and his mom just in case, like living across the street from Yata is this cool guy named Mikoto and his best friends Kusanagi and Totsuka and Yata talks with them all the time and they’re actually related to the yakuza gang that Yata’s dad is head of. Their families were part of the yakuza and though the three of them rarely deal with anything from that world themselves (though Kusanagi has some occasional shady dealings going on and Mikoto’s known for being a good enforcer in the right circumstances) they agreed to watch over the boss’s family since it seemed like an easy enough assignment, they didn’t quite expect to get attached to the tiny angry ball of sunshine that is Yata Misaki.

Then when Yata’s in middle school he meets Fushimi and they become friends, Fushimi’s wary about actually becoming close with someone though because his parents are also involved with the yakuza (imagine Niki’s like a hitman and Kisa does a lot of vaguely illegal weapons exporting) and Fushimi thinks that anyone who gets close to him is likely to end up dead. Yata manages to break into Fushimi’s little world despite that and the two of them become friends. Fushimi convinces Yata to move out of his house and share an apartment with him, Fushimi thinking that this way he can hide Yata from Niki. Except what happens is this ends up inadvertently alerting some of the other yakuza gangs to Yata’s presence, like the place they get their apartment from has yakuza ties and someone spots Yata at some point and recognizes him as the person who was rumored to be the son of a recently-deceased yakuza head. The informant then leaks the information to one of the strongest yakuza gangs in the area, jungle, and boss Hisui Nagare decides that they should attack the apartment and kidnap Yata so that they can use him as leverage against the other gangs. Hisui stages the whole attack under the guise of a bunch of school kids rioting, Yata and Fushimi try to escape the chaos and suddenly Fushimi is pushed down and Yata is grabbed by some big enforcer type. That’s when Mikoto shows up out of nowhere and takes the rival guys down, saving Yata and Fushimi in the process. Yata’s thankful but really confused as to why Mikoto’s there, which is when Kusanagi walks over looking all sheepish as he says he supposes Yata’s their boss now.

Upon learning that he is apparently heir to a giant gang Yata’s super confused but also maybe a little excited, like he always wondered about his dad and learning that his dad only left because he wanted to keep Yata and his mom safe makes him really happy. He’s upset to learn that his dad died recently though and totally out of his element when he realizes that suddenly he’s expected to take over when he has no idea how to do things. He tries to lean on Fushimi a bit for help, since Fushimi knows everything, but Fushimi’s having his own crisis now that he knows Yata’s also part of the yakuza and a rival gang at that, like surely his people know who Fushimi is and they won’t let him stay by Yata’s side (ooh for extra angst points maybe it turns out Niki killed Yata’s dad but sustained wounds himself that killed him, the whole ‘disease of the internal organs’ thing was a cover up). Fushimi also feels like he must be useless to Yata now since Yata has this whole group of people at his beck and call and won’t Fushimi just be a liability, especially since jungle’s started making more moves to destroy Yata’s gang. Fushimi instead gets lured away by another one of the gangs, led by Munakata, believing that by working outside Yata’s group he can actually keep Yata safe, like he believes Munakata can keep Hisui in check and counter any reckless moves Yata might make. Yata of course can’t believe Fushimi left him and is blindsided when he’s informed that in the yakuza, betrayal generally means death and is Yata willing to kill Fushimi for his disloyalty (short answer: nope, no, not happening).

The one and only handsome student you won’t have a chance to share the classroom with…

Mark Lee ♥

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Do you ever thing KS will become an anime & if it does would you watch it?

I don’t think I can see KS getting animated and aired because of censorship and what not. But if it does ever get animated, of course I’d want to watch it.

The science is problematic

Physics: Keeps me on the ground

too many rules/equations

????Dark matter????Dark energy????

Astronomy: I want to know all the stars

Space???? Too big.

I cannot touch the sun

Geology: Nothing.

Rocks are perfect.

Just trust me on this one.

Chemistry: Too many chemicals I am not allowed to touch


Cool experiments are “too dangerous” and “could kill you”

Biology: Living things are problematic.

Like seriously.

Just look at humans.

Oceanography: So much we do not know

The ocean is deep

Things will eat you.


Also, fixing things make things worse


Sans breaks the fourth wall again. And… that’s it? Yeah, I’m a horrible person ;D

Next week, we’ll see how the gauntlet of deadly terror is like!! Since Paps already pressed the switch!! :O

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Favorite Character : Poe Dameron

  • Pilot
  • Hufflepuff
  • Sarcastic
  • Escapes the First Order, crash lands, still has time to help out the locals.
  • Princess Leia is his senpai.
  • Loves his mommy.
  • BB-8 is his buddy, not his property.
  • Was willing to give up absolutely everything–his career, his dreams, probably even his freedom to do the right thing.
  • Too fucking cool to get killed off in the first ten minutes of the movie.  Instead, worms his way into our hearts and the new trio.
  • Gives his X-Wing a custom paint job (and call sign) because he can.
  • Runs towards the fire if there are people that need help.
  • Is the best, probably knows he’s the best, but insists everyone around him is also the best.

Because I love the background characters in Tyranny too much, here’s my interpretation of Layla, Nunoval’s lover in the short story “Carved of Shadow, Crept from Darkness” by Megan Starks (and also some extra rough sketches).

For this, I used a handful of descriptive sentences from the short story for reference, namely:

[…] tough as bronze,” “[…] abs bunching beneath, taut, bronzed skin,” 

[…] eyes half-focused and bluer than the northern sky.

[…] her hair spilled around her like a golden crown.

…keep in mind, Nunoval is the point-of-view character and he is clearly biased in his descriptions of her, so who knows I might be way off mark here with my ripped and statuesque babe imagining. ;D

I also got the impression she was a Fatebinder or at least directly affiliated with the Court, so I made sure to include Tunon’s sigil and elements from the Fatebinder armour in the outfit. 

I love Niall man. He’s just the coolest guy. So happy that he digs all the songs, and just a really cool dude. He kills it live too, every single time. He’s just so impressive, so professional. 10 out of 10. He’s a real pro. He’s a true pro.
—  Shawn Mendes talking about Niall on his Instagram livestream

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how do you think the paladins end up in a relationship with their s/o?? like who asks who out, was it accidental or planned, was it in a quiet moment or in the middle of action etc. Thank you!!

It’s mod Enki! This was a really cute ask so thanks for submitting it! 


Shiro: His s/o probably has to ask him out first because he honestly strikes me as someone who would be completely oblivious to someone hitting on him. If his s/o is oblivious too and they’re both dumb nerds then it probably ends up with the other paladins stepping in and shoving the two together. In that case it definitely isn’t planned and they just kind of gradually accept their feelings for each other. There’s the whole “Just kiss each other already!” skit and everything and it ends up in a huge blushing mess. It wouldn’t be until much later that they find time to confess to each other after a lot of pushing from the other paladins. There’s a lot of nervous laughing and giggling when they finally get out the confessions. Over all it’s an adorable experience and kills everyone in the closest vicinity with how cute it is. Please help these nerds they’re too powerful.

Lance: He definitely asks his s/o out first. But not before copious amounts of flirting everyday all day. If they aren’t completely sick of him after weeks of constant flirting then he knows that they’re the one. Lance would go for a surprise attack and asks them out after getting them alone somewhere. Tbh it goes pretty bad and he loses his breath so he can barely get it out. He ends up leaving his s/o completely confused and runs off to rethink it. It takes him at least 3 tries to get it right and by then his s/o already catches on via a not so anonymous tip from Pidge. By the time Lance can try for the nth time his s/o just interrupts him by telling him that they like him too. It practically kills him because HE was supposed to look cool by smoothly asking them out. RIP Lance.

Keith: Surprisingly asks his s/o out first. He refuses to admit that he has feelings so it takes him a while to figure out what to do with him. Begrudgingly asks one of the other paladins for help in regards to helping him express his feelings. He can never really figure out when to ask out his s/o and ends up asking them out during a mission??? Probably when they’re exploring a new planet and he’s watching them gaze out onto the landscape or looking at the stars. It’s not as smooth as you’re probably thinking. He pretty much grabs them by the shoulders and loudly/almost aggressively tells them that he likes them. Keith scares his s/o half to death with that stunt and it takes them a second to actually register what he just yelled to them. His poor s/o has no idea what they’re getting themselves in to. He then spends the rest of the mission awkwardly close to them. Poor s/o.

Hunk: He’s such a nervous child so his s/o has to be super patient with him when he tries to admit his feelings for them. It ends up being a situation where the both of them have to ask each other out at the same time. It’s a very shy event and it most likely happens right before bed or something around that caliber. They’re both really sleepy and it’s about the same as being drunk so they both end up spilling their feelings during a heart to heart session. It doesn’t really hit both of them until like a few minutes later and they’re like ??? “Did we just confess to each other??” It’s very confusing and they end up in a giggling fit together and agree that they’re finally dating. Hunk gets very flustered later because he can’t believe that he just did that?? When he sees his s/o in the morning he pretty much showers them in affection because this cutie is his s/o now! He deserves to be happy let this child live.

Pidge: She’s never going to admit her feelings until she absolutely knows that her s/o likes her first. It therefore falls on her s/o to ask her out first. Her s/o probably falls asleep by her when she’s working on tech stuff and just trying to figure out upgrades for her lion. Pidge tries to resist the urge to reach over and try to move their hair out of their face but she fails and ultimately ends up giving in. She gets caught red handed when her s/o wakes up and is a little confused. Pidge freezes leaving her s/o to gaze up at her before they smile at her and make some sort of jab at how great it is for them to wake up to her pretty face. She probably hits them or something while she gets really flustered. Her s/o eventually just asks her out and she acts a little mad but is secretly super happy about it. They start teasing her for being flustered so they get into a playful banter with each other. It’s very much a love/hate relationship sometimes with lots of teasing.  

That “I don’t care if it hurts men that I find them scary” keeps pissing me off

Beyond being like, really obtuse about how brown men and brown men exclusively get brutalized for all the “men are inherently violent and out to get you” discharge…no actually nothing besides that that just pisses me off whenever these dainty asses go off about how scary and unreasonable men are it’s never some Jake Gyllenhall looking guy that comes to their collective minds and even when it does those consequences always fall on brown men.

There has to be a medium between taking care yourselves and combating misogynistic violence and fucking…throwing my dark ass under the bus for some shit I ain’t do

Preference #1 | You’re on your period.


The moment I woke up and felt a sharp pain in my stomach, I knew exactly how my day was going to go. I started my shower and slowly washed my body trying to get the warm water to soothe my cramps. I got out and dried my body quickly, then reaching to grab a tampon. I dug my hand around the drawer, but I couldn’t find the box. I glanced down and the box was missing. Did I seriously forget to buy a new box last month? I sat down on the toilet, figuring that may be the safest place until I figured out what to do. I heard my front door unlock and footsteps into my apartment. Why does Ashton have to be here right now? “Babe? I know I’m early, but I thought you’d be okay with going to breakfast.” Normally… “I actually don’t know if I’ll be up for it today! I’m feeling a little sick.” I heard his footsteps race towards the bathroom and then a soft knock. “Can I come in?” He asked hesitantly. “Uh, I just got out of the shower, so no.” “Wouldn’t you feel better if you got into some warm clothes and I can make you some toast?” There was silence until I could figure out what to say. “It would, but I can’t exactly do that right now.” It was like I could hear his face form into confusion. “Why not?” I sighed. It wasn’t like this conversation wouldn’t eventually have to happen. “I’m on my period, Ash. And I kinda forgot to buy tampons, so I’m stuck here until I figure out how not to bleed everywhere to go buy more.” He laughed. “I’ll be back in one second.” Ashton yelled as he ran out the door. He soon came back and his breath was heavy. “I think this should help your issue.” A tampon was slid under the door and I’ve never been more thankful for Ashton. “Where’d you get this?” I asked as I grabbed it. “I took it one of the times I was over for emergencies like these.” I giggled. “Well, I’m glad you’re not grossed out by them.” I wrapped my towel around my body and opened the door. “I’m going to go get dressed and we can head to breakfast.” I walked into my bedroom. “Or we could stay here..” Ashton trailed off, following me into the bedroom. “You promised me breakfast, bub.” 


I was awoken suddenly by Michael trying to rip the bottom sheet out from under me. “What the hell are you doing?” I questioned. “Uh don’t worry about it. I’m going to wash this and get a new sheet. Go back to sleep or something.” He said quickly, but hesitantly. I scrunched my face at him. I glanced at the sheet, which now had a huge red spot on it. My eyes widened. “Oh my gosh. You don’t need to clean that up. I’ll do it.” I got up and felt an uncomfortable wetness on my pajama shorts. I began to waddle a little. “Are you sure about that, baby?” Michael chuckled. “Shut up.” I glared. I continued to waddle towards the sheet until Michael pulled it back and out of my reach. “You should get out of those and get into the shower.” He insisted. “Just set the sheets in the washer and I’ll do it. I need to throw my underwear and shorts in there too.” He just smiled as I began to walk away. I took a nice long shower, trying to get rid of image of my stained sheet. I quickly got dressed into some leggings and one of Michael’s shirts. I went to grab my underwear and shorts from the bathroom, but they were gone. I went downstairs to find Michael soaking the sheets, my underwear, and my shorts in water. He looked over at me. “I texted my mom and she said it gets the stains out better if you soak them in cold water before you wash them.” I smiled. “What did I do to deserve you?” “Well, for starters you play video games, sing along with me in the car, and you don’t get mad when the boys come over unannounced like they are right now.” He chuckled nervously. “What?” I heard the noise of a car locking and the sound of three boys walking up the front steps. “Get rid of the stained clothing and sheet! They don’t need to see that!” I yelled. Michael ran to open the door. “Welcome, boys! I was just about to make y/n breakfast. Want anything?” They all let out some sort of a yes and a hello to me. They all stepped into the kitchen, looked to the soaking items, and then looked at Michael. “There was just a bit of an accident this morning, so I texted my mom and she said this would take care of it.” I ran up the stairs, blushing, to the boys making whip cracking noises. 


“I am really glad we could hang out again, y/n.” Luke almost yelled over the loud music. “Yeah, it’s been really good to see you!” I yelled. Ashton’s house was filled with party-goers, music, and alcohol. I sipped on my cup of coke. I was designated as the driver tonight with my group of friends. “How’s your job going? Are you enjoying it?” He asked. “It’s going pretty well. Being a librarian has its perks. But how’s your job rockstar or the world tour you just finished?” He blushed. “It was pretty cool. 101 tours in 8 months. I got to explore 4 continents, I guess.” My jaw dropped. “Pretty cool? I’d kill to do that! It’s too bad there’s openings for mediocre talent or a librarian on your tour.” I laughed. “Would you ever want to go sometime?” Luke asked hesitantly, as if that wasn’t really the question he was asking. “I mean, I’d..” I was quickly cut off by a drunk Michael and Ashton grabbing Luke. “C’mon dude! There’s a guy doing his 5th game of beer pong, you have no idea how hilarious it is to watch. You gotta come watch.” Luke looked at me with desperate eyes. “It’s okay, Luke. Go and watch with your friends. I’ll be here when you get back.” I smiled. “Promise?” He asked. “I pinky swear.” I held up my pinky and waved it. He turned around with his friends and I sat there waiting for him to come back or the night to be over. He finally came back a little more intoxicated than previously. “Y/N! LETS GO DANCEEE!” He yelled and grabbed my hand. “Luke, I don’t dance…” Slightly drunk Luke didn’t take no for an answer. Soon we were dancing basically on top of each other because of how many people were there. We were laughing and playfully grinding until he looked down and his eyes widened. “Y/n, let’s go upstairs.” He commanded. I didn’t understand, but I followed. He walked us up into the bathroom and shut the door. “I don’t want to embarrass you and that’s why we are in here, but look at your thighs.” I saw the beginnings of a murder scene and my face looked like a tomato. “It didn’t get on you, did it?” I whispered. “No, you’re okay. Just clean yourself up and I’ll take you home. And I’ll make sure there is an uber for your friends later.” He smiled. He opened the door and I whispered, “I love you” with the hope that I was the only one to hear it. “You love me?” He turned around and shut the door. I nodded slowly. “Good because I’ve been in love with you since before I even went on that stupid tour.” He grabbed my face and began to kiss me. I pulled away. “I’m gross. Can I clean up and we can continue this when I’m not a murder scene and you’re completely sober?” I asked. “Absolutely.” 


“BAAABBEEEE!” I yelled. “Yes?” Calum stuck his head into the doorway of our room. “Can we please have a lazy day? I know you really wanted to go out today, but I’m really not feeling it.” He laughed. “You don’t want to go to the mall? Not even Sephora? Not even your favorite smoothie place? Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?” I rolled my eyes. “I would like to go, but if we’re completely being one hundred percent honest, I’m a robot created by the boys to get you to do whatever they want.” I giggled. “That makes so much sense! I knew there was a reason I suddenly wanted to do their bidding.” He joked. “Now what’s the real reason?” He looked at me with concern. “I’m on my period and I have cramps. I don’t wanna see people.” I flopped to the other side of the bed. “But I’m people?” “No, you’re Calum. You’re like a personal heater and you give me massages and kisses when I don’t feel well.” He smiled. “I’m glad that I’m not people, but we really do have to go out today. I have like no shirts since we donated a bunch and I only have so many that aren’t currently in your wardrobe.” I blushed. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He stepped closer and closer. “Oh, you have no clue? What are you wearing right now?” I quickly looked down and jumped off the other side of the bed. I tried to make a run for the door, but Calum caught me. He threw me onto the bed and began to tickle me. “STOP! I CAN’T BREATHE!” I yelled while I tried to get out of his grip. “Say you’ll go to the mall and I’ll stop!” He chuckled along with me. “NEVER!” I yelled and continued to struggled. “DO IT!” “FINE! STOP!” I screamed. He suddenly let go and began to walk out of the room. “Get dressed and I’ll be in the car in 5. We’ll get smoothies for breakfast!” I glared at him. “Stop staring, babe. A picture will last longer!” He called. “I hate you!” I called back. “No, you don’t! Hurry up! We can lay around when we’re done!” I got up and raced around to get ready as fast as I could, only taking a couple breaks to grab my stomach in pain. I just finished putting my shoes on as Calum picked me up and started taking me to the car. “You take too long.” He laughed. “You only gave me 5 minutes!” I countered. “You took 15!” “I need more time than you do to get ready!” “Nah, you look good all the time!” Calum kissed my forehead as I rolled my eyes. 

why didn’t I talk here about my concert

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So you did a Monster Factory anim but I think itd be cool if you did one for game grumps too! You'd kill it! Its just my opinion tho aaaaa

I’d feel like such a faker since I don’t actively watch the grumps!!

altho I love the channel and follow them all on twitter

(I’m just bad at keeping up with let’s plays… rip)