too close to the city

All the Chantry’s candles couldn’t compete with the spark that’s in your eyes

“What are you thinking about, Alistair?”

“….uuuummm… Lamp posts, definitely.”


I’m not so much mad that Sokka’s confirmed dead in Legend of Korra, I’m mad that we don’t know anything about him! Did he end up with Suki? Did he have kids? How did he die? Was he close to Korra too? Did he live in the South Pole or Republic City? Did he ever meet Foo Foo Cuddly Poops again? Did he ever teach anyone like Piando taught him? Was he as close to Bumi as everyone headcanons?

The Lego Batman Movie Sentence Starters

“DC. The house that Batman built.”
“Get yourself ready for some…reading.”
“Batman is very wise.”
“Yeah, I’ve got an extra ab.”
“We are transporting 11 million sticks of dynamite, 17,000 pounds of C4, about 150 little cute little classic bomb-type bombs, and two best friends, and request permission to fly over the most crime-ridden city in the world!”
“I’m a loser at home, and I’m a loser at work.”
“You should be terrified.”
“All the C-grade villains have broken into the energy plant!”
“Dear gosh, you destroyed the ___! You have thought of everything!”
“I just wrote a song about how I’m gonna kick all of your butts.”
“Get it together, guys, you’re making me look bad in front of Batman!”
“Save the city or catch your greatest enemy.”
“You think you’re my greatest enemy?”
“I like to fight around.”
“I’m okay with you fighting other people.”
“Remember, kids: If you wanna be like Batman, take care of your abs.”
“Were you looking at the old family pictures again?”
“I don’t talk about feelings.”
“Your greatest fear is being a part of a family again.”
“Tuxedo dress up party!”
“How am I supposed to get ___’s respect when I’m working with these human farts?”
“I’m just so jazzed to meet you!”
“I hate everything you just said.”
“You won’t get to fight any of this anymore.”
“Riddle me this: …what just happened?”
“There are no more vigilantes allowed.”
“You need to take responsibility for your life.”
“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.”
“Hello secret camera!”
“You’ve been watching too many Lifetime movies and drinking chardonnay.”
“Chance of failure is 110%.”
“Sometimes to right a wrong, you have to wrong right.”
“How dare you tell me how to parent my kid I just met.”
“Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”
“I’m trying to give you a big old hug.”
“What’s the vigilante position on cookies?”
“It’s weirder if it’s not your son…”
“Somebody get this man some pants.”
“You can’t be a hero if you only care about yourself.”
“I got thrown in this heckhole on purpose!”
“I’m gonna go start looting.”
“Ask your nerd friends.”
“Who’s the greatest villain of them all now?!”
“I’m rubbing my butt all over your stuff.”
“Rename this the buttmobile.”
“Do you ever get scared?”
“This is not a family trip.”
“It’s 100% lava.”
“Why did you build this thing only one seat?”
“Last I checked I only had one butt.”
“For a loner, you sure like movies about relationships.”
“Good news, our bathroom problem is solved.”
“We are just one big happy f…raternity of people.”
“I don’t need friends.”
“I swear I’m a good guy.”
“I was trying to protect them…”
“Are they really the ones you’re protecting?”
“Don’t do what I would do!”
“You’ve gotta let me go down there and save them!”
“I don’t even know why you bothered coming back.”
“…I was afraid.”
“I was afraid of feeling the pain you feel when you lose someone close to you.”
“Saving this city is too big a job for one person.”
“Who’s laying down those funky beats?”
“Okay, ___. Bring the pain.”
“As I predicted, we’re doomed!”
“You had me at shut up.”
“How are your abs, bro?”
“Sometimes losing people is part of life, but that doesn’t mean you stop letting them in.”
“This is my family. But it’s your family too.”
“Do you have a knife? Because someone needs to cut the tension between us.”


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Because I changed my URL, all the links in this masterlist have been deactivated. The only ones that work have already been correctly replaced and I will be working on the rest.
I’ll try to replace them as soon as I possibly can, but if you’re looking for a particular fic in the meantime, shoot me an ask and I’ll be happy reblog the right link for you! Sorry for any inconveniences this might be causing, but I ask you for your patience and promise everything will be back to normal soon <3 All my love.

∞ = Work in progress
* = NSFW (Please read if you’re 18+ ONLY)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

One -shots:

The Mess we Made

When it Rains

Don’t Mess With My Roses

The Player

Life in Technicolor

Being Enough

Rays of Sunshine

Not Going Anywhere 

Take Me Dancing


Ghost stories (in progress)

Summary: After encountering the woman he’s been dreaming about on the street, Bucky Barnes sets off on a quest for answers about his past as the Winter Soldier. His search leads him to a mysterious, dying woman, and after learning more about her ties to him, Bucky realises there’s more to their shared past that he thinks.

Ghost Stories masterlist

Strings of Fate (in progress)

Summary: Having the ability to tamper with soulmate bonds, you accept to use it and help your friend Natasha tie her string with that of her boyfriend. But after a surprising turn of events, Bucky Barnes turns out to be your soulmate, and in order to keep your promise, it’s your string that you’ll have to cut.

Strings of Fate masterlist

Habits {ON HIATUS}

Parts [1] [2] [3] [4∞]

Thicker than Water {ON HIATUS}

Parts [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6∞]

The Unblessed {ON HIATUS}

Parts [1] [2] [3*] [4∞]

Not About Angels (in progress)

Summary: Loving him feels like the most exquisite way of self-destruction. Too close, and you’re radioactive. Too far, and your heart shatters, and the city cracks in two while debris scatters in the space between your ribs. Pining over a brooding, unstable Bucky Barnes isn’t exactly your brightest idea, especially when you’re just as damaged as he is, and he doesn’t seem to love you half as much as you love him.

Not About Angels Masterlist

And Some by Virtue Fall (in progress)

Summary: When unfortunate circumstances force you to seek help from one of the dancers in a stripping club, your life gives a sudden turn for the unexpected.

Chapter one



Season’s greetings

ncr: our president is surrounded by our most elite soldiers when giving his speech, if youre hated by the ncr you better tread lightly in a disguise, and no matter who you are if you step too close you get shot.

diamond city: idk man you can stand there naked aiming a gun at the mayors head during his speech. no one cares. our guards are probably on the other side huffing jet. honestly this guy has only one guard in his office we just do not care what happens to him.


Bendy’s room (& adjoining bathroom)

It’s his dressing room, if that’s not clear. Just a little.. Modified. Not sure what to say about this one. He probably doesn’t need most of the stuff on his bathroom sink, but it’s nice to have anyway. You may notice that not many things are… too high up off the ground.

The Only Exception (Part 8)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,733

Warnings: language, fire, panic, dangerous situation, rescue, drinking, bad jokes, I’m off the handle because I no longer care

A/N: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. After the posts I saw last week that personally attacked me…I wish some people put half as much effort into helping others and the earth as they do being genuinely awful.

Anyways, it’s fiction.

Part - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

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i’m honestly not sure if i will ever really finish/post this “tim vlogging from star city” fic because the vlog conceit ends up cluttering things up a lot and obfuscating a lot of things i may not want to obfuscate, and also, there are ten million goddamn characters

i guess i could rewrite the fic to have tim filming the vlog throughout without it being written as if it is describing the final video, but youtube jumpcuts are the most convenient narrative device in the world so it would need to be completely redone from scratch and i’d lose a lot of good jokes

meanwhile this other thing is at 6.6k and is getting worryingly tell-y and when it’s done it will be completely obtuse and not remotely compliant with any existing dc canon ugh ugh ugh

anonymous asked:

Domestic jupeter headcanons?

  • it is cold on mars, and peter a) doesn’t own many warm socks and b) is a thief. so he just steals juno’s, which has the added benefit of forcing juno to buy new socks and do his laundry a little more often because before that peter was complaining constantly about the state of the socks which he had stolen, peter
  • when peter has a place he’s actually returning to, he becomes a squirrel. there are caches of various tools and clothes and food items everywhere in juno’s apartment. it is actually kind of a problem. there are knives in the couch, peter. peter.
  • “I can’t take you anywhere,” juno says, somewhat impressed, as peter empties at least four tables’ worth of silverware from the restaurant they went to out of his pockets (and also a doorknob, and a dog collar, and someone’s wallet, which juno makes him return.)
  • peter is, so far unsuccessfully, trying to teach juno to break out of handcuffs (it doesn’t help that juno probably enjoys being in the handcuffs a little too much)
  • they flirt by bickering
  • constantly
  • “can you please stop feeding every animal that shows up on the fire escape?” - juno, frequently
  • “when you buy some groceries worth feeding to a human being, darling,” - peter, usually
  • peter thinks juno’s penchant for tasteless art is the single funniest, most endearing thing he’s ever seen. he occasionally shows up with pieces whose previous owners are probably glad to see them gone. juno is equally touched and annoyed that his boyfriend wants him to hang stolen goods on his walls
  • juno gets back at peter for stealing his stuff (like his toothbrush, and his last expired PI license, and his socks) by pilfering peter’s jewelry, mostly stud earrings and any rings that look like they could break a nose. peter retaliates by painting juno’s nails when he has things he needs to be doing with his hands
  • casual touches!!! all the time!!!
  • c a s u a l  k i s s e s
  • “move out of the doorway I need to get through” “not until you kiss me”
  • peter is always careful to be uncharacteristically loud when he’s approaching on juno’s blind side so that he doesn’t surprise him
  • living with juno is basically like living with an alcoholic cat, including the bits where the cat starts running around like a maniac for no reason and then stares at the wall for three hours
  • peter’s good at expressing affection through words and gifts. juno gravitates more towards doing things for and with peter.
  • juno starts cooking a lot more often. he was always good at it and now he makes a bit more of an effort, getting rita to help him scrounge up recipes from places peter has mentioned he’s visited, places he’s mentioned he wants to. he doesn’t want hyperion city to close in too much around peter, does his best to bring a little of the universe in.
  • juno is exactly the right height that peter can sneak up behind him while he’s cooking and put his chin on top of juno’s head, like the smug gangle he is
  • peter usually enters via the windows (there are so many cameras at street level). this makes juno yell a lot
  • they honestly just like being together and sitting on the sofa half on top of one another and swapping stories for hours

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do you think dark!remus still has his remus-y traits? does he also turn children or?? i'd love to read a list of your hcs for dark remus if you're ever bored!

(( OOC: Ooookay… I just came up with Dark!Remus on the fly, mostly because I wanted to do Remus with Tattoos and shit… So I’m completely bullshitting here…. let’s see how this goes. 

Remus is taken at the age of five, and raised in a small pack that is overseen by Fenrir outside of his home. Fenrir isn’t involved a lot with the raising of the kids, he just “takes care” of the pack in general, stops in every once in a while, uses them when he needs them, and makes sure that the caregivers raise the children the way he wants them to be raised. 

Most of the individuals in the pack are either people that were turned and fell out of touch with society at a young age, or people that were easy prey (homeless, runaways, etc.) Because of this the children receive a very limited education. 

On top of that, the pack, being made up of so many random victims thrown together for the sake of survival, suffers from a lot of internal contention. When Fenrir is not around, it’s hard to maintain order or civility. There are kind hearted wolves mixing with selfish, and sometimes dangerous wolves, making Remus’s childhood very unstable. 

Remus learns to survive through depending on his street smarts and basic survival skills. He is raised to believe that witches and wizards are cruel, vicious, and that they want him and his kind dead. He grows up isolated, hidden from the wizarding world, and that causes him to fear it. The only interaction he has with people outside of the pack is through hunting. 

Unlike Fenrir, the children’s main caregiver (who joins the pack when Remus turns eight) never gets the children involved in hunting. He is a kind man that was turned at a later age, and has compassion for humans.  

Remus hears little snippets about the wizarding world from this man, and grows curious. He and the caregiver become close, the caregiver sharing his knowledge with Remus and expanding the young man’s horizons. As Remus grows older, he begins to help with raising the kids, sharing his caregivers pro-wizarding-world ideals with them. His curiosity begins to peak, and soon he finds himself wanting to interact with the wizarding world. 

Unfortunately, Fenrir finds out about the caregiver’s empathetic feelings towards humans (and the fact that he keeps the children from hunting humans) and the man disappears from the pack. 

Fenrir, determined to do damage control, takes over leading Remus’s pack, and the following moon he takes Remus and a few of the older kids on their first hunt. Remus ends up getting too close to the city and attacking a young woman, and when he comes to she is turning, but doesn’t survive the transformation, and ends up dying. Remus is mortified by the experience and refuses to eat for days after, terrified that the meat being served is human. 

Fenrir realizes how much of an impact the caregiver had, and turns to manipulation and fear in order to get his “little ones” back on track.  

Remus, being older, is not as easily swayed, and Fenrir turns his attention to the rebellious wolf. He forces him on hunts, and punishes him when he doesn’t submit… determined to shape him. 

This causes Remus to push back harder, his resentment and fear towards Fenrir causing him to draw closer to the wizarding world. 

Fenrir then decides to switch tactics, making him his “right hand man”… giving him special treatment. Remus becomes more compliant, since the pack is the only life he knows and he fears leaving it, but Fenrir isn’t satisfied with compliance. 

He decides to give his “pup” a reason to fear and hate wizards, and ends up dragging Remus into the wizarding war, showing him the worst of humanity, and the atrocities that they commit on “monsters” like them. Remus starts to find himself slipping back into submission, his fear of wizards growing and overcoming any empathy he had felt for them. 

Fenrir then tests the waters and starts to send Remus out on specialized hunting missions… going into the cities to “collect” victims… instead of feeding off of the “scraps” on the streets. Fenrir wants the wizarding world to fear them… and the way to do that is through targeting the youth… the young soldiers that will be joining the war soon.

Take away the youth and the hope goes with it.  

Remus, having been educated about the wizarding world by the caregiver, is trained and sent in to lure young adults out of bars, to interact and smile and appeal to them, and then take them or turn them…

… You guys can imagine where this is going. ;) ))   

Oh, Romeo

Pairing: Connor Murphy x reader

Prompt: “I’m standing on a balcony and you randomly began quoting Romeo and Juliet at me”

Author’s Note: I live for Theatre Nerd!Connor and so this fic happened

Words: 1,233

Warnings: Underage drinking

Parties weren’t always your favourite thing. Yeah, you went to most of the ones you were invited to, but you often left early - either your only friends had left or you had lost interest. But something compelled you to stay at this one. And that something might have been the abundance of alcohol.

You weaved your way through the crowd that had formed in the living room of the house, walking past the extremely drunk teenagers jumping - what they called ‘dancing’ - to reach the brightly lit kitchen. Almost immediately your open hand found a sealed beer can and you breathed a sigh of relief. Standing around by yourself somehow seemed less awkward with a drink to nurse.

Dreading the return back to the overcrowded living room, you tried to find an escape, at least until you finished your beer and had stayed for what the host could deem a satisfactory length of time. Deciding to explore you left the kitchen through a different door, stumbling upon a staircase whose bannister was decorated with a string of fairy lights. You followed the lights up to the second floor, your eyes immediately catching sight of a half opened door at the end of the hallway.

A balcony. Cool air. An escape. You wandered down the hallway, looking at the pictures that had been hung on the walls. Pushing the door further open you stepped out onto the balcony overlooking the thinning crowd in the back garden.

Your eyes shut as a cooling breeze washed over you, somehow cleansing you. The night sky was navy in colour, but no stars were visible: you were too close to the city. A sigh passed through your lips before you took a sip of the beer in your hand.

A cough from the garden down below caught your attention - now only one person was standing outside, and they happened to be staring directly up at you.

“Two of the fairest stars in all the heaven, having some business, do entreat her eyes to twinkle in their spheres till they return.” You could see the wide smile on his face even with the lack of light provided by the slowly darkening sky. But you didn’t recognise the origin of his words until he spoke again, shouting up, “The brightness of her cheek would shame those stars, as daylight doth a lamp.”

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Not About Angels | Part 1

Wishful Drinking

 Next part ->   |   Series masterlist    

Main Masterlist

Bucky Barnes x Reader series

Summary: Loving him feels like the most exquisite way of self-destruction. Too close, and you’re radioactive. Too far, and your heart shatters, and the city cracks in two while debris scatters in the space between your ribs. Pining over a brooding, unstable Bucky Barnes isn’t exactly your brightest idea, especially when you’re just as damaged as he is, and he doesn’t seem to love you half as much as you love him. 

Warnings: drinking, moodiness

Word count: 1158

A.N: This is the first part of my submission for @whothehellisbella ‘s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge (whew!) and it’s based off the song Angels by The XX.

I have to confess I’m very exited about this and hope you enjoy the series as much as I do!
Dedicated to the beautiful Ella @buckysinthesinbin for putting up with me and my coffee highs, and for never complain about being woken up at 5 a.m. (still sorry about that) to read angsty chapters. I love you <3

It all starts as an accident.

First it’s you barely coming back alive from a mission, sore and bruised and soaked to the bone after spending almost three days stranded in the middle of never ending rain.

You can feel a headache forming in the back of your brain and have just stepped out of the meeting room after hours of debriefing with Steve who—God bless the man—took pity on you and gave you the entire week to rest, and the second he lets you go you’re practically rushing to the kitchen.

The place is huge and dark—you don’t even bother to turn the lights on— but it’s Stark’s and you can always count on a billionaire for good booze. You know it’s probably a bad idea, especially when you know you have a drinking problem, but it’s late and you’re tired. Plus, it’s not like the rest of the team doesn’t have issues of their own that they want to forget about, so you rummage through the cabinets as quietly as you can, using the little light that’s coming through the window to try and find something to drink.

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Of Course I Believe in Magic (Newt x Muggle!Reader)

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Request:  Hello! I’m a big fan from Portugal and I want to do a request! Could you please do a Newt X Muggle!Reader? Like, she believes in magic and she’s investigating (She’s a detective) the Goldenstein sisters, and when Newt appears, she starts being a little less careful and Newt notice her. And he watches her while she watches him. Then he ask her to go out with him, and the date is super cute and he tells her he’s a wizard and she tells him she’s a detective. - @cecesunshine-fanfictions

This was a suuuper cool and original idea and I apologize it took me a while to write


L/N: Last name

When you were ten years old, you witnessed what appeared to be an average woman pull what looked like a twig out of her pocket, mutter something under her breath, and before you could process what happened, she had vanished into thin air.  Of course you had heard stories when you were younger about wizards and fairies and dragons.  Most kids stopped believing in that kind of stuff as they got older, but you weren’t ‘most kids’.  Deep down you felt that magic was all around you, but you just couldn’t see it with your own two eyes.  But when you saw that woman disappear in an abandoned alleyway, it was enough to confirm your suspicion that wizards and witches did exist, and looked just like your average person.  You were curious as to how wizards and witches got their powers.  Can anybody become a wizard?  Or did you have to be born one?  Is there some magic wizarding school hidden from average human eyes?  Whatever it was, you were determined to find out.

**Fourteen years later, age 24**

Fourteen years later, here you are.  A detective living in New York City, one of the busiest and most crowded places in America.  Not your stereotypical detective that wore a trenchcoat, totally not-suspicious sunglasses, and a fedora or deerstalker hat.  You preferred to blend in with everyone else.  You figured that there just had to be some wizards living in America.  About a month ago, you had become curious with a pair of sisters.  After a few days of what some would consider stalking, you had discovered that their names were Tina and Queenie Goldstein.  Queenie was the bubbly blonde-haired sister, you would usually always find her wearing some shade of pink.  Tina was the more stern dark-haired sister.  Using your context clues you had determined that Tina must be the eldest.  Aside from their physical appearance, what really fueled your suspicion was one morning you made the bold decision to follow the sisters wherever they were going.  You stayed about twenty feet behind them as to not stir up any suspicion from them.  Eventually you saw them enter the Woolworth Building on Broadway.  You followed behind them; but when you entered the building, they were nowhere to be seen.  

You went home that night and thought about it.  Maybe the building acts as an entirely different place for wizards if they use some sort of spell, you thought.  

**Two weeks later**

You hadn’t really made any groundbreaking discoveries on the Goldstein sisters the past two weeks, but today got you a little curious.  While standing near a lamppost on the street the Goldstein’s apartment building is on, you saw the two of them enter the building with two men.  You found this to be very out of the ordinary, as the Goldstein’s apartment building was females-only. One was shorter in stature, with dark hair and a mustache.  The other was more tall and lanky and appeared to be in his twenties.  He had cinnamon colored, curly hair and was wearing a bright blue coat.  You didn’t have that great of a view, but you could tell his face seemed to be littered with freckles.  In his hand he was gripping a brown leather case.  

He was the last to go in, and you, not realizing you were staring, caught him looking straight at you for a brief moment before following the others inside.  You were sort of embarrassed that he had caught you staring, but you had to admit:  he was pretty cute.


Over the next few weeks, you kept seeing the blue-coated curly-haired man around the city.  You never got too close to him, as you feared that there was a possibility he was catching onto your spying habits on the Goldsteins.  Yet you also wanted to talk to him and get to know who exactly he was.  (Oh, and french kiss him.  He looks like he tastes like pastries or somethin like that).  Next Friday, however, was different.


You weren’t doing anything involving the Goldsteins today.  You’ve been taking a break all week.  You were walking down the busy street holding a steaming cup of coffee, when the Gods decided to make it rain.  Hard.  You didn’t have an umbrella to use, so instead you tightly wrapped your coat around your body and began to walk as fast as you could in your heeled boots to get back to your apartment.  

You sharply turned a corner only to bump right into a man.  You looked up and was shocked to see who it was.  It was the attractive curly-haired man.

“Oh–uh–I’m sorry, I’m just trying to get back to my apartment before I get soaked–” you rambled on.

The man chuckled, before opening an umbrella over the two of you.  (It’s your average muggle umbrella).  “I see that.  I’ve been seeing you around the city lately, but I haven’t gotten the chance to speak with you.  Can I walk you back to your apartment?  It’s freezing and wet out here, I don’t want you to get drenched and catch a cold,  I could imagine you’d like some company.”

He was British!  That just made you attracted to him even more.  You were grateful for his kind offer, and especially for the umbrella that protected you from the ungodly weather.  You were pretty positive that he wasn’t a rapist or some shit.  He was just too adorable.  “I’d appreciate that very much, thank you.  Oh!  I’m Y/N, by the way.  Y/N L/N.”

He smiled.  “I’m Newton Scamander, but everyone calls me Newt.”

The trek back to your apartment took about fifteen minutes.  You and Newt made small talk, about little things, like hobbies, why Newt was visiting America, stuff like that.  You never brought up the Goldsteins so you didn’t sound creepy, you actually wanted to get to know this guy.  However, you found out that Newt was actually in the middle of writing a book, but he didn’t tell you what exactly it was about.  He said he was visiting America because there was something here that he needed to study for his book.  It sounded a bit suspicious, but hey, for all you know he could actually be an undercover agent.  

Or a wizard.


You arrived at the door to your apartment.  

“Thank you, Newt, for walking me home on such short notice.”  You smiled to show your gratitude.

“It was my pleasure.  I’m glad I finally got to talk to you, I’ve been too shy to actually approach you,” Newt responded, a cute smile appearing on his freckled face.

“I guess me running into you was fate, huh?”

He chuckled.  “Well, I should probably get back to where I’m staying.”

You frowned.  “At least come in for a cup of tea before you leave, in return for walking me home.”

Newt seemed very happy with the idea.  “I’d love to.”

At the end of your little two-person tea party, Newt had something important to ask you.

“Y/N, I know we’ve only really known each other for about an hour, but you’re more intriguing than any girl I’ve met the past ten years.  So I have to ask, would you care to go on a date with me tomorrow at Central Park?”

You nodded happily.  “Yes, of course I would!”

“Perfect.  I’ll be here tomorrow at six?”  Newt’s huge smile remained on his face.

“Sounds lovely.  Now you should really be getting home, it’s getting really dark.”

“Trust me, I’ll be fine.”


All throughout the next day you were giddy with excitement for your date with Newt.  You were grateful that Central Park wasn’t a particularly fancy place, thus making it a lot easier for you to choose your outfit.  

You glanced at the clock.  It was 5:58PM.  Newt should be here any minute.  You pulled on your heeled boots (you had basically mastered walking in them) and your warm winter coat.  You looked at the clock one more time just as the hand turned from 5:59PM to 6:00PM.  There was a knock at the door.  Man’s got impressive timing.  

You checked your hair one last time in the mirror next to the door and coat rack before opening the door to see a handsome Newt standing there with a single rose in hand.  He was dressed in his usual attire, but damn did he look sexy in it.  “Good evening, Miss L/N,” Newt said in his beautiful British accent before handing you the rose.  

You carefully took the rose as to not get blood on your coat and inhaled it’s sweet scent.  “Why thank you, Mister Scamander.  Come in for a minute, I’ll find somewhere to put this rose.”  

Newt stepped into your apartment, closing the door behind him.  You bustled around in the small kitchen and found an unused vase under the sink.  You put some water in it and placed the rose inside before setting it in the middle of the coffee table in your sitting room.  

As you were doing this, Newt spoke up.  “Y/N, you look beautiful.”

You looked up at him and felt your cheeks heat up.  “Aw thank you, Newt.  You look quite handsome yourself.”  Newt blushed as well.  “Shall we get going?”

“I believe we shall,” answered Newt as you linked your hands together and left your apartment.


Central Park wasn’t too far from your apartment, maybe two blocks over.  It was cold outside, but when you were with Newt the weather didn’t seem to bother you that much anymore.  You both walked down the paths and admired the icicles hanging from the bare trees and the frozen fountain.  You talked mainly about life and past relationships, which it turned out that neither of you had had many.  

When it started to get darker, you could see the beautiful colored lights that lit up the whole of New York City.  Your legs were starting to get weak from doing so much walking in your boots, so you pulled Newt over to the nearest bench that happened to overlook the trees and gave you a perfect view of the setting Sun.  You pressed yourself against Newt’s side and lay your head on his shoulder, much to his surprise.  Not that he was complaining, he loved the affection.  

“Isn’t it gorgeous?”

Newt nodded.  “Absolutely.  I’ve heard stories of this city, but getting to actually be here is incredible.”  

“I’ve always wanted to go to England.  It sounds amazing,” you said.  

Newt chuckled.  “If you like clouds and rain at least half of the week. You’ll definitely love it.”  

You two sit there, in silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence as you watch the Sun set behind the skyscrapers and the silver Moon rise.  

Suddenly, Newt broke the silence with his soft and beautiful™ voice.  “Y/N… I know this is completely out of context, but… do you believe in magic?”

You took your head off his shoulder to look him in the eyes.  You scoffed.  “Of course I believe in magic.  It makes living in this cruel world a whole lot easier if you believe that wizards exist and unicorns live.”

“Alright, that’s a relief.  But you might think I’m insane after I tell you this-”

You cut him off.  “That you’re a wizard?”

Newt stared at you blankly, eyes growing large.  “What?  How on EARTH did you know?  Are you a witch too?”

You looked taken aback.  “I was right!?  I knew I had a fifty-fifty chance oh wow this is amazing!  Are Tina and Queenie Goldstein also witches?  Please tell me they are.”

Newt looked even more surprised.  “Yes, they are.  You know them?”

You shrugged.  “Eh… not really.  I’m a detective, you see.  I’ve dedicated the past decade to try and find proof that there is in fact a wizarding world out there.  When I was ten I could’ve sworn I saw a woman use a wand or something and then suddenly she disappeared.”

“What you saw was an apparation spell.  It’s what wizards and witches use to get around quickly,”  Newt replied, still in shock.

“So wands are real, too!?” you sounded like an excited child on Christmas morning.

Newt reached into his pocket and pulled out a stick.  More accurately, a wand.  “Lumos,” he said, and the tip of the wand illuminated.  You stared at it in awe.

“Are wizards even allowed to tell regular people that they’re magical?”  you asked.

“The wizarding laws in the United States are different than in the United Kingdom.  In the United States it’s forbidden to be in a relationship with someone non-magical, but in the United Kingdom it’s legal.  There’s an obliviation spell, it makes a non-magical person such as yourself forget anything they ever saw that was magical.”

The color drained from your face.  Newt noticed.  “Oh, love, don’t worry!  I’m not going to use it on you.”

“Oh thank God.  This is all so incredible to me.  It’s so much to take in…”

Newt smiled.  “I’ll tell you everything soon, I promise.  And do you remember the rose I gave you?”

You nodded, confused as to how it was significant in this conversation.

“I enchanted it.  It will never die.”

“You just keep amazing me, Newt,” you replied and kissed his cheek.  “Did you really trust me enough to tell me that you’re a wizard?  Especially since it’s illegal here apparently.”

You could see Newt’s blush through the light of his wand tip.  “Y/N, I know we just formally met yesterday, but I feel more attracted to you than I have been to anybody, ever.  I don’t usually care for people that much, I mainly spend time with my magical creatures and beasts-” he noticed that you were about to interrupt and cut you off- “we’ll talk about them later.  There’s something about you that I’ve never seen in a human before.  I could sense you were very close to the magical world.  Not to mention your beauty and kindness…” he trailed off.

“Good lord you are just a complete sweetheart, aren’t you?”  you exclaimed.  Newt’s cheeks were blazing red.  You leaned in and pressed your lips to his in a sweet and chaste kiss.  Suddenly you felt something twig-like brush your neck, causing you to pull away in fear and confusion.

Newt groaned.  “Pickett!  You little bugger!  I thought I told you to stay in the workshop!”  Newt pulled a green stick-looking creature out of his breast pocket and placed it on his shoulder.  “I’m sorry, Y/N.  This is Pickett, he’s a Bowtruckle with some attachment issues, he basically lives in my pocket.

“Is this one of your magical creatures you mentioned?  He’s very cute,” you said, admiring Pickett with curiosity.  

Newt nodded.  “Yes.  I have so many more… I think they’ll all really like you.  But there’s no way they could love you as much as I do.”  Newt leaned in for another kiss, hand on your waist.

This was sure to be the start of something a m a z i n g.

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Press Coverage/Less Coverage (Tony Stark x Reader) (Part 2/2)

Part 1 is HERE

Warnings: Daddy kink. There’s a little bit of tony hating himself but like if you’ve seen the iron man movies you already know what that’s like. NSFW.

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 7.2k (oh my fucking god how did this get so long)

A/N: I started this fic in june of last year and it’s just now finished. I hate my procrastinating ass so much you have no idea.

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When I Collapse

Bucky x teen!Reader (platonic)


Summary: when life is getting too much for the reader and she feels she’s going to collapse, Bucky is there to hold her.

Word Count: 1489

Warnings: mentions of depression, angst, lots of crying, fluff

AN: inspired by that video of Sebba running into the crowd to hug that fan, and he kind of bounced her while he was carrying her. This may or may not have A LOT of my own life reflected into it. By the way, this is strictly older brother kind of Bucky. No romance. Enjoy 💛

I exit the school with my heart in my throat and my teeth clenching down on the insides of my cheeks, a habit I’ve had since I can remember, and a telltale sign that I’m trying not to cry. Keep it together.

I round the corner of the school field and spot the clean black car parked by the sidewalk. I hurriedly walk to it and open the door. My driver, Nathan, greets me with a smile. I offer one in return, but it physically hurts to force my lips to turp upwards. Not when I want to do the exact opposite.

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Sometimes I feel like my heart is just like New York City’s night sky. Dark blue and starless.
We’re lying on the bed like crossroads, your head on my stomach. You’re reading a book whose name I’ve never heard of, I’m playing with your chestnut hair.
You’re all of the lights across the city, with your own dark alleys and the soft, warm glow of the streetlights spilled over the dark grey roads.
Your hands in mine are the intersections in this new city we’re building.
Too close, and we’re radioactive.
Too far, and the city cracks and the debris scatters itself over the emptiness of our ribcages.
Sometimes I feel like my heart is just like New York City’s night sky. Dark blue and starless.
And I don’t think I’d ever be as bright as I am, if it weren’t for you.
—  Tamarind Fall
Based off of @maxwelldpoetry’s quote.