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Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 18

S18 E48 Brave New World: The moment she starts putting it into words with “I can see how uncomfortable the whole thing is making you,” my heart just turns over in my chest because you can see where this is headed. 

This whole scene is Bernie trying to take away all of the discomfort she’s seen Serena suffer throughout the day. It’s her trying to smooth things out in the kindest way she knows how. From her saying she kissed her because she wanted to, to toasting their “undeniable sexual chemistry” and saying:  “I think it’s wise?” with the little lilt at the end. It’s all aimed at making Serena feel okay about it, or as okay as possible.

There are definitely things Bernie could have done differently here, such as ask Serena what she wants, but her actions stem from her care for Serena and I think that is a wonderful thing.

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Just for kicks I plopped my Bamboo Wok lot down in San Myshuno, replacing the karaoke bar that was the Fashion District. I gotta say, I do love the night views of the city. (Just don’t zoom in too closely on the creepy Sims in the background. ;) Been enjoying your posts, @josiesimblr!)

When I say I bought CL for the shinies, this is what I’m talking about: pretty signage! I’m in love with that noodle bowl sign. I also added some of the new Chinese food to the menu - now my Sims can use chopsticks there! 

It’s a bit redundant, though, since the food stand over in the common area is the Chinese one. XD  I suppose it’ll change once in awhile, or at least when it’s festival time? (And @zingssimblr, your Paul Hext showed up to work this stand, too, even though this is a different save! LOL. He’s quite the world-hopper.)

What I really really want for future storylines in Holby is a hospital plot, a bit like the FT status plot in s13/14 where Hanssen get to be an actual CEO and all the wards come together to fight against a board baddie and budget cuts

(I know there is Tristan Wood and stuff but it became more of a Darwin plot and Hanssen being forced away)

It had been three years since ‘the accident’, the one that took Kaite’s little brother and left Katie barely holding on. It was honestly amazing that she made it out alive, yet even now she flinched at cars passing too close on the road. 

When she moved to the city with Owen, to get away from the pittying stares and the place where it happened, I knew she wouldn’t be back. Not for a while, at least. That’s what I had needed, when Camilla… well. I got out of there as soon as I could and she did too. She needed a reset. I think we all do, every now and again. To remind ourselves we’re still alive.

im in orlando and i stg every time i visit here i want to move here a little more :(

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Arrow AU - Abigail Moira-Shado Queen

“Thea, you better be joking. We don’t have room for a puppy.”

“There’s always room for a puppy, Oliver.”

Oliver and Felicity’s genius five-year-old is getting a little too close to comfort to discovering her parents’ secret second jobs as the Star City vigilantes. Luckily, the whole team are happy to lend some help.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to all of my wonderful followers and friends, here is an early New Year present to all of you fantastic, incredible people. If people like the idea of this enough, might do some more edits in this ‘verse… for now, enjoy! Tags under cut.

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“I hope you know what you’re getting into.”

100 random starters

jesus.” a sharp exhale arcs into surprised laughter, puffs of grey erupting from her mouth.  “you’re getting in too deep now, aren’t you? don’t fall for me, kiel.  i’m too bad for you, and you’re too good for me.” she’s joking.  of course she is.  but every lie carries some thread of truth, and this particular one says you really shouldn’t think about me at all.  (because the ending is always the same.  someone gets too close. they burn. she burns.  and then it’s another city, with another box of matches and another tank of gasoline, waiting for another one to go up in flames.)

maybe she’s overthinking.

they spend too much time together.  won can surmise this much, because she can count the number of times he’s worn that same obnoxious turtleneck–three, and well on its way to its fourth by the looks of it.  she reads his hesitation like a stamp of betrayal; of the words that trickle out, of the little smiles that don’t quite reach his eyes.  she doesn’t know him but she does.  and in all honesty, it’s a little concerning.

maybe it’s time to leave seoul.  

but goodbyes are always hard, and her brother’s too attached, and she’s too attached to this crooked city with its too-bright lights and rounded syllables.  so she laughs again instead, this time without the harshness and more of the warmth, reaching out to tug at his hair.  “you’re so melodramatic sometimes.”

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He was still in the natural park near a city, not too close yet not too far away from said city, and once again he had failed at hunting. Lysandre was both annoyed and hungry, having not been able to catch enough for fuel his large body, and paced in front of a half-dug up Bunnelby hole for a few moments before digging at it again with a large hand. The creature could smell the prey in there, hear it in the bottom of the burrow, but it was only getting to it that was the problem.

Joy Ride
“Just let him be a DJ!”

~Spoiler Warning~

So apparently we’ve been watching season two already. Huh. Learn something new everyday. Anyway, we get more Buck, Jenny, and Sour Cream spotlight. Sour Cream mentions he’s the stepson of Yellowtail. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say Sour Cream and Onion are biological brothers and their mom remarried a fisherman. While each teenager expresses their life problems, Steven opens up and claims that his gem family might hold a grudge against him for the loss of Rose and everything that followed. Who knew such a happy-go-lucky kid could even consider the idea. Moments like these remind us how difficult it is for Steven to maintain his positive and optimistic attitude in every episode. It takes a considerable amount of strength for anybody to be like that all the time, through good times and bad. “Steven rulz” indeed.

Looks like Peridot is hiding near Beach City. Too close to the Crystal Gems. I honestly thought Peridot was going to make a surprise appearance from under that suspicious lonely haystack Steven tried to jump over. She’s either heading to the Kindergarten or whatever the Cluster is.

Is Steven strong enough to lift a grown teenager, or is Jenny just a petit girl?

I swear. The Crewniverse are such HUGE anime nerds and I would love to discuss what their favorites are. Hope I wasn’t the only one who thought of the cockpit’s LCL from Neon Genesis Evangelion. How fun would it be to see Steven pilot his own Eva Unit? It looks like Steven was breathing that strange toothpaste the Robonoids spew to repair the crystal warp pads. What would it do to his own gem? Return his healing power?

Sour Cream had some funny dialogue voiced by the funny comedian Brian Posehn. “Just let him be a DJ” and “I’m invincible” was a nice laugh.

I’m relieved Steven’s older friends weren’t written to be cliché rebellious teens who cause chaos around town for fun just because no one understands them. Instead, we get relatable teens trying to find themselves in the world while being there for each other when they’re troubled, which Steven also got from Connie in Full Disclosure. At first, it looked like they wanted to include Steven in some mischievous deeds, but they just wanted to get him out of that mopey mood after the whole invasion catastrophe.

Since season two just hit the ground running, I can’t wait to see Peridot return with some character progression. Maybe change a new leaf?

Also, Steven can watch TV again!


guys i need your attention please! since yesterday many people were protesting against the government’s decision to cut the previdence beneficts (the cut is due to money the government took from the people) given to public school teachers in Paraná, Brazil. the protests were happening in Centro Cívico, Curitiba. Differently from what happened a day ago, the confronts between the protestants and the police was brutal. Tear-shell and rubber bombs were used, not only severely hurting people, but some were also thrown at ambulances trying to take those who were injured to safety. day care centers were emptied because the gas was affecting the children. two teachers died during the manifestation that turned out to be a bloody war. we can’t let this happen anymore, don’t let the people who fought for an important cause go unnoticed! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!
Jesse Lee Soffer Teases 'Steamy' Scenes With Sophia Bush on 'Chicago P.D.'

“Linstead is going strong. If you are a big Linstead supporter, I think now until the end of the season there might be some skinstead, if you follow what I’m saying,” Soffer, 32, tells Us. “It’s going to get steamy.”

“One of my favorite Linstead scenes — there’s a scene at the bar, I think in season 2, where Sophia’s character is giving my character crap about dating the bartender and we end up using Scrabble in quotes as analogy for having sex,” Soffer recalls, laughing. “It’s a very funny scene. Even just reading it the first time, I think I loved it and it came out great too."The costars and their castmates have become close while filming in the Windy City over the years. But Soffer, Bush, 33, and Patrick John Flueger, who plays Adam Ruzek, actually first worked together before Chicago P.D.

"We all did a pilot together playing siblings, which is just crazy. It’s unheard of that three people end up on another show the next year together,” Soffer tells Us. “It was kind of meant to be. We were all supposed to be in Chicago together, and I’m grateful to have them there.”

Bastian didn’t often fly in the city, not wishing to draw more attention to himself than he already did. When he did go flying, he stuck to less populated areas, places where he wasn’t as likely to be watched and, most importantly, wasn’t as likely to experience negative repercussions. Damn, did he miss the days when most people who saw him flying just ran home to tell their family that they had spotted a real angel. Now people saw him and the wonder was tainted by distrust and misinformation, the stigma against Metas leading to bad reactions. Thus was the result when he flew too close to the edge of the city and was met with two bullets in his right wing. He managed to get to the park for a relatively safe landing before the pain of the injury forced him to the ground. He landed hard, tearing up the skin on his hands and knees badly before crumpling to the ground and hoping he hadn’t been followed.

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    It wasn’t until Mito turned to look over to her captain when she noticed something was…off, with him. 

          They had been fighting for a while with the crowd of vampires seemingly only growing closer. How many had she killed? The redhead had lost count. Her and Guren had been separated from the rest of their squad, they were checking out a possible noble hideout which had come a little too close to the city walls and split up after seeing the mass of vampires coming their way. Since close combat was the best option in tight spaces and indoors Mito and Guren were one of the best options they had. While the rest of the team saved the small group of humans held prisoner here. 


 He was standing breathing heavier than before, hand still grasping his sword out in front of him while Mito stood back to back with him, her own fists raised and body heavy with pain and strain. He had stopped making sounds for several minutes now, even when another vampire went for him, Mito had to intervene. “Guren, what’s wrong?!” She couldn’t see any obvious injury, which only worried the redhead more.

It took two hours after he’d last seen the Antivan elf for his calm time in Val Royeaux to turn into a lot of concern.  Word got around it seemed, even with him not having snatched a single thing in his time here, and city guards keeping too close an eye on him was… nerve wracking to say the least.  

Hiding in the Alienage here was more than possible, but Tavi had at least some bare minimum for his surroundings.  He wouldn’t get himself caught in that mess.  No, he needed out.  Which meant he needed someone to get out with.  

Luckily, mercenary groups were plenty and he had money held back for just this sort of occasion.  The qunari woman wasn’t the only likely merc in the area, just the one that looked most like she was in charge and most likely not to deal too closely with guards - qunari didn’t get much better reaction than elves.  He approached, cautious.  "…How much to get an elf from here to a place that’s not here?“ he asked after a moment.