too busy being artsy~

myers-briggs types as negative stereotypes that aren’t really negative

INFJ: Self-aware adolescent who’s probably spending Saturday night reading Tolstoy or Dostoevsky… or browsing Tumblr for the latest aesthetically pleasing film, enjoys that video of the monkey in the snowsuit a little too much (but also pities the exploited monkey), needs to be dragged out of the house to attend social functions

INTJ: Anime-obsessed nerd who is equipped with an eidetic memory and a morbid sense of humor, is easily bored by his/her peers’ intellectually-lacking conversation, loves being an ‘expert’ on a subject and talking about said subject for hours, has a wicked death glare, genuinely likes being alone

INFP: Overemotional writer who blogs instead of trying to find a publisher because he/she can’t handle any more rejection + criticism, loves chocolate, attempts to contact Jane Austen at a middle-school séance

ISFP: Sensitive songwriter who spends his/her weekends unsuccessfully searching for a word that rhymes with ‘angel,’ is very open-minded and preaches the “live and let live” mentality, is too busy being kind and artsy to find time to get a haircut

ISFJ: Former conservative who becomes more socially liberal with age, will say/do anything to keep the peace, occasionally utters a passive-aggressive insult when he/she feels threatened or insecure, believes babies are pure + perfect gifts from heaven  

ISTJ: Dedicated musician who practices 7 hours a day because he/she wants to attends a prestigious conservatory, wears too much cologne but somehow manages to pull off the heavy + slightly nauseating scent, wakes up at 5:00 am on school days to straighten hair

INTP: Socially anxious computer expert who is actually very much in touch with his/her emotions, will ignore you if you can’t differentiate Star Wars from Star Trek, is very hard on him/herself, contributes silly quips to dull conversations

ISTP: Rebellious bad boy/girl who is independent af… leather jacket… unbelievably cool and perpetually brooding… need I say more?

ENFP: Little energetic bean squirrel who has the stamina of 9 pronghorn antelopes, loves everyone too much (is too much love even a thing?), will run to your house and cheer you up with hysterical stories and candy at 2:38 am if you’re feeling sad

ENTP: Straight-A student who doesn’t have to study, still worships Kanye but prefers his older works, quotes rap lyrics during intellectual debates, laughs at his/her own jokes

ENFJ: Pun-obsessed cuddlebug who absolutely loathes conflict, uses humor and self-deprecation to restore harmony, has trouble concentrating on one person and will participate in 11 conversations at once

ESFJ: Mom-friend who remembers every friend’s birthday, thinks everyone hates him/her, wants to befriend all peers but is afraid of rejection

ENTJ: Perfectionist workaholic who is motivated by personal ambition and the desire to make his/her partner + family proud, would rather lead than follow, either despises abstract expressionist art or spends hours analyzing Jackson Pollock’s paint splats

ESTJ: Strict + somewhat traditional science teacher who doesn’t tolerate obnoxious students, shows his/her love by helping loved ones pursue goals (instead of showering them with hugs and kisses), finds an efficient way to execute everyday tasks (cleaning, cooking, paying bills, gardening, etc.) 

ESTP: Promiscuous teen who’s hyperaware of social status, can shop for 27 hours without tiring, will slap you if you talk s*** about his/her friends

ESFP: That one charismatic kid in high school whom everyone—ladies, gents, & other–has a secret crush on, will party and flirt with anyone and everyone, will spontaneously hop on a plane to Vegas “just because"

Harrison and Tom go shopping

Harrison sighed, grabbing the basket next to the door. This was the worst part about staying in self-contained flats when filming: having to buy food. Especially when jet lagged, under caffeinated and starving. Also, the fact that Tom was none of these things made Harrison want to punch his best friend. He wasn’t going too, no way, but still, it was tempting.

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