too brutal for you

When people remark stuff like, “I don’t get it, what do you mean the planet is dying and the world is fucked? I think it’s great! :)”

Listen… I’m not going to answer that because I don’t want to trigger some kind of depressive existential crisis, or saddle you with a perspective too brutal to handle, but… can I have what you’re having?

sazzygirl  asked:

Hey could I request RFA (plus Saeran) reacting to MC wearing only a shirt and undies to bed? If not that's fine! (I love your head cannon's btw👌)

Thank you! That means a lot (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I really hope you like it! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  • When he saw you…His jaw dropped.
  • Omg…The room is so, so hot right now!
  • He’s just looking at you…Having already that kind of thoughts.
  • You’re just there, laid on the bed, without the blankets on, reading a book.
  • He’s just looking at your whole body…And when you look at him, he’s just so red!
  • After that he lies on the bed while you continue to read now, he feels a little bulge in his pants…
  • This is just too embarrassing…
  • He’ll put the blankets on, even if he’s almost melting! And he’ll try to not look at you!
  • When you’re tired, you just hug them and sleep, Yoosung is looking at the ceiling, he can’t sleep!
  • Now he’ll have insomnia, great!
  • He’ll be like that for days and days until he can’t take it anymore and he’ll kiss you.
  • And you’ll feel the desperation on his kiss, and after that, he’ll explain all to you.
  • You laugh, this is just too funny “Do you want me to put something else?”
  • He doesn’t know the answer to this…But he knows that he wants to see you like that again…It’s not bad
  • He’s red again.
  • “….N-No…”
  • “Ok, so let’s stop with this talk and let’s sleep” You laugh.
  • Yoosung eyes are full of desperation when he heard this and he kisses you again, after some time just making out he looks at you “Please…Not another day of torture…Just, please…Help me today…”


  • When you got out of the bathroom, he was waiting so he can brush his teeth.
  • He froze, and you just smile walking to the bed.
  • And he’s seeing you…He’s checking on you…
  • Omg, why he did that?!
  • Now things are worse!
  • His plans change, he’ll take a bath!
  • He enters the bathroom and locks the door, he brushes his teeth, but after that, he takes a bath.
  • A very cold bath.
  • So he can control this beast!
  • Now everything seems fine! He’s relieved that this worked.
  • But when he got out of the bathroom, he sees you, lying on the bed…
  • He’s hot again.
  • This can’t be happening!
  • He’s biting his lips, with lustful thoughts that only are making him worse!
  • When you looked at him and smile “Are you coming?” He almost screams!
  • “…MC…Please…Put something else…This is too tempting for the beast…”
  • If you keep that, the beast will not hold back.
  • if you change, the beast will be sad, but will be caged.
  • You choose.
  • He’s wishing that you choose the first option.


  • When you told her what you were going to use to sleep this night.
  • She just nods.
  • It’s not weird for her, this is ok.
  • You can use anything if you want to MC.
  • Not a big deal.
  • This was before she saw you with that.
  • O-M-G.
  • How do you have such effect on her? How are you so pretty in this?
  • Oh god, she’s staring at your thighs, did you notice that? Oh god, she’s blushing too.
  • Now you’re just beside her, lying like nothing is happening, oh god, the temptation is beside her.
  • She’ll pray that she can keep her control, but she’ll cuddle with you that night.
  • She just needs to touch you.
  • But in the next day, she’ll ask you to not use that anymore, and she’ll not give details about it…
  • She would want some pictures of you like that so she can keep that on her phone? Sure…!
  • But if she sees you again like that… She wouldn’t keep her control.


  • Jumin desires you even when you’re with a big coat.
  • He just has a lot of emotions going on, of course, he tries to maintain his composure.
  • He doesn’t want to seem like a perverted or something like that.
  • You’re just beautiful and perfect for him.
  • So when he saw you with just that to sleep, he bites his lips.
  • Thinking.
  • Should he lose the control? Are that clothes for provoking him? Or is just clothing?
  • So many questions…
  • But not a single answer.
  • He sits beside you in bed “Is this your “pajama” honey?“
  • You look at him, he’s checking you, you just smile and nod.
  • Oh, odd.“ He bites his lips again, checking you one more time, you find it strange but you don’t say anything.
  • After some minutes he looks deeply into your eyes, he got close to you right now, pretty close.
  • "I like that on you…” He whispers, kissing your lips gently, but after that he gave your neck some kisses too, making you shiver “…But i would like more if you wasn’t with them…” He bites your neck, making you open your mouth.
  • After that, he just looks at you, giving you a little smile “Of course… If you let me, i can take them off.”


  • He got out of the bathroom right after he showered.
  • He saw you, using only that…
  • Error 707
  • 707 Stopped working
  • His nose is bleeding, his mouth is open.
  • “M-Mc…!” You look at him.
  • “What’s it?”
  • “….I don’t think you should wear those things… Even to sleep…”
  • You sigh, lying on the bed right now, you don’t care
  • “Seven, this is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that.”
  • Seven’s just looking at you, quietly.
  • He left a little grin escape from his lips, and then he let his towel fall.
  • Now, you’re the one that stopped working…
  • “S-SEVEN!” You almost scream while he was lying on the bed, he laughs and looks at you “What?”
  • “…Put some clothes on! You’ll sleep like that?!” He laughs again, looks like he thinks this is funny.
  • And then he hugs you, making you shiver “But MC….This is the way i feel more comfortable to sleep, and i’ll not change that”
  • Ok, he’s using your words against you, you sigh, biting your lips “Ok…I understand…I’ll change, you won" 
  • You make him let you go, while you were standing up, Seven grabs your hand making you lie in bed again.
  • You wide your eyes while he’s getting on top of you, smiling “Too late MC (~˘▾˘)~”


  • Ok, Saeran never says what’s wrong.
  • He’s just a grumpy punk.
  • But he was so surprised when he saw you like that. 
  • Like,  really, he froze.
  • After that, he’s just blushing, even if he doesn’t admit it.
  • You look at him, and just smile, while he was there, next to the door, while you’re already on the bed, sitting, combing your hair.
  • After that smiles, something in Saeran snaps.
  • He runs to you, jumping on you, making you lie on the bed, making the comb fly over the room, while he was now, on top of you.
  • He’s already taking off his shirt "S-SAERAN” He looks at you.
  • “Wait? You wanted me to see you like that and be quiet about it?!
  • He sighs, he knows sometimes he’s too brutal, so he looks at you “…This is torture for me MC”
  • You look at him while he’s getting closer “It’s too much bare flesh for me to handle…I need to mark it” He starts to suck your neck, making his way to your ear.
  • “Please…” He whispers… When Saeran said that, you knew, he was really desperate for that.
I Just Wanna Love You


Bucky x Reader, mention of other Avengers

Warnings: drinking, unprotected sex (use a condom!)

WC 1191

AN: The other day I heard Jay-Z’s “I Just Wanna Love U (Give it to Me)” and I got the idea for this. It’s really my first attempt at smut and… truth is, I’m not sure how it is. Your feedback is appreciated!

I’ve tagged the usual people but if you’re not comfortable reading smut, I won’t be offended in the least.

It was a well deserved night off and you found yourself at a club - of all places! - with the team. Nat and Wanda had coerced you into going and surprisingly, you were actually enjoying yourself.

You were reluctant to dance choosing rather to lounge in the VIP room that came along with having Tony Stark as a friend. Every so often, Nat or Wanda would come and try to drag you out to the dance floor but you were stubborn, insisting that you were waiting for the right song to come on.

Suddenly, you jumped up and made your way to the dance floor. You really liked this song! Wanda and Nat shrieked their hellos (everyone had been drinking) and you started to lose yourself in the song.

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Drive Me Crazy

Bellamy X Reader: Angst, smut

Request? Yes:
(Idk if I sent this in or not lol) could you do a Bellamy X read could be an AU where they were FWB Briefly(but had secret feelings they didn’t share to w/ other) on the ark. when both are on earth he’s a huge player and doesn’t know Y/N is there until he sees her talking to Murphy, causing him to become a lot tougher(over the top mean bc he’s jealous) and it gets too much she runs away causing him to go mad, sending out a search party.(long one plz, your writing is great)

Author’s note: This is extremely long, so please be prepared. It’s not just a smut like most of the other things I write.

Italics=Ground flashback

Bold italics=Ark flashback

You scramble over broken twigs and mossy rocks, nearly tripping over your own feet. A brief glance behind you sends a fresh wave of terror coursing through your veins. The cloud of acid fog moves closer, reaching out in finger-like tendrils that claw over the ground. You turn your head forward again and your legs carry you faster. It won’t get you. You won’t just be another name crossed off the list of delinquents.

You feel like you’ve been running miles. The grounder horn you heard must have been blown an hour ago, at least. Every time you get the nerve to turn, sure that you’ve distanced yourself from the approaching mist, it seems to have gained on you. You’re desperate now, eyes scanning the woods for any place that might just shelter you from the worst of it.

Air whooshes from your lungs as you slam into something solid when your attention is turned. You grip the tree trunk for support as you try to force oxygen back into your bloodstream, but you continue wheezing. Maybe this is it. That’s what the chancellor sent you down here for after all, isn’t it? To die? Your will to keep going dissipates with every painful breath. You’re all but resigned to take what you’re given. This has to be less painful than seeing his face again anyway.

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Rules of the Game

Femslash Fridays with Izzy & A, Pt 9
Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 | Pt 7| Pt 8

Feat. Pansy and Ginny, here to prove once again that opposites attract 

Pansy: Ginny. Against my better judgement, I am rather fond of you.

Ginny: [looks down, bites lip] I just wish you were there. 

Pansy:  [rolls eyes] That face isn’t going to work, you know. 

[This is, of course, a better tactic.]

Ginny: I’ll take care of it. 

[Weasley shoots, she scores!] 


[OOC: Aaaaand we’re back! Apologies for the hiatus, but wouldja look at that, we still have queer witch content for you <3 Tune in next week for more, & keep sending in pairing requests–we swear we’ll get to them ASAP! Feat. the always extraordinary @youvegotenoughnerve, per usual]

Yoongi Scenario: Tainted Love - Part 8.

Request: Could you make one with Yoongi being some sort of demon/vampire boss that every one is super scared of but then there is Y/N, Yoongi is in love with her and everyone is always super impressed how Yoongi always surrenders and softens when something is about her? He’s super protective and wants to please her in his own way, thank you for doing this i love you

Summary: Demons are merciless, demons are ruthless, demons can’t hold nothing dear to them. Yoongi is the leader, the king of the demon world. He is feared as he is respected, no one expected him to bring a human girl as his lover, you. You fell in love and now you are in the midst of adjusting to the demon world, its custums, and its dangers. But everything is worth it if is for him, the demon king that lives between shadows and that would turn hell apart to protect you.

Demon AU. Featuring all BTS

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 9

It was obvious after that day that something had happened. At least to Yoongi’s inner circle it was, as some of them has already insinuated it and had made comments about it. You were having none of them which kind of confirmed it, and as for Yoongi, he was being himself, but worse.

You only had one week left until your vacations were over, and even thought you could go and just leave things as they were, you didn’t want that. You wanted an apology from Yoongi, you felt that after what he had said and the way he was being you deserved one. So you decided to stay in the manor for the little free time you got, Yoongi didn’t oppose of course, he just went on with his duties as normally as he would any other day, but you knew him, you could notice that he was going out of his way to be colder with you, to spend as much time as he could out doing who knew what since you wouldn’t be asking, why would you? You didn’t want to hear him saying that you should stick to your business, not saying anything since he was angry.

You frowned, well this was your business. If it was for you to stay put inside then it also was for you to know and be informed about what happened. Before Yoongi wouldn’t have a problem in telling whatever, but the last few days he was giving you as much insight as a rock would.

You rolled in bed seeing his bare back in front of you, the bed was big enough for you to sleep without touching, even still you always found yourself waking up closer than you had been before. In other circumstances you’d run the tip of your fingers down his spine, up and down until he woke up, he’d grumble and groan at first but then he’d turn around and put you to his chest, holding you tight enough for to not move away from him. You wanted that, but you didn’t move your hands to touch him. 

After you went to the bathroom you were surprised to find Yoongi still in bed, could demons be exhausted? You supposed they did, if they slept then that meant getting tired, maybe he was too tired lately. You wouldn’t find it odd with how busy he had been.

You crawled to bed once again and your eyes were drawn by the katanas on the wall, getting on your knees you took one, it surprised you how light it was, you had figured it would be heavier since it was after all a blade, but it wasn’t like you had held any other sword before so it was natural for you to be in awe. You looked at it, elegant, curved and slender, much different from Taehyung’s swords that looked sturdy and heavier. The scabbard was made in lacquered wood with flowing lines and spring flowers carved on it, the same lines showed in the handle as well, it was a true work of art and you wondered what the blade would actually look like.

-Put that down, you’re going to cut yourself-

Frowning you looked at Yoongi who was now turned to you, his lean body barely covered by the blankets, his hair was tousled but he still looked pretty hot like that. You huffed and kept looking at the sword.

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Slumber Party

Author: ceruleanbucky

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Cursing, detailed smut for all my fellow sinners, unprotected sex (I shouldn’t have to say this, but wrap it before you tap it.) oral sex (female receiving) and I think that’s it.

Word count: 2749 (this is an apology for not posting a lot)

Sorry to my followers; I know I’m shit at updating and posting but i hope you accept this sincere apology on my behalf. Enjoy the sin.

“Hey Seb, where’s the Bailey’s?” You yell down the hall of your friend’s apartment. You had just gone through a break up, and you wanted some drinks, and comfort. It’s not like it was a bad breakup; it was mutual, but you still didn’t want to be alone. And who better to be comforted by than your lifetime friend, Sebastian?

Plus, he has really good booze.

“There is no Bailey’s! It was just Christmas! You expect there to be Bailey’s left after Christmas?” He yells back, clearly amused at your obvious lack of thinking. Of course there’s none left.  

With a sigh, you plopped down onto the couch, waiting for Seb to get into his pyjamas to start the movie. You had settled on Star Wars episode IV, because neither you or Seb had seen it in ages. And if felt right, because Carrie Fisher was one of your favorite actors ever, other than the one and only Sebastian Stan. Obviously.

If you’re to be brutally honest, you were too busy spacing out to notice Seb had joined you, until a pillow hit you in the face, causing you to jump.

“Oh, is that how it is?” You ask, a smile creeping its way onto your face as you grab the pillow he just threw at you.

“Oh, that’s how it is.” He replies, and instantly jumps onto the couch to attack you. He has his signature smirk on his face, and you have plans to wipe it off. With a pillow.

Since you are a lot smaller than him, you have a bit of an advantage. It’s always been like that. You usually jump on his back, and slightly smother him with the pillow, but this time, its different. He has been training with Don, and he is a lot stronger than you, so when you jump on his back, it barely affects him. Instead of trying to throw you off, he just flops down onto his back, crushing you.

Hey; it’s not like you care. You can feel every muscle through his exceedingly thin shirt, and you’re basically in heaven.

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“I’m not drunk, you are” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Reader never drinks alcohol, so obviously, the day she decides to taste some champagne, she’s quickly…Rather drunk. Bruce and his sons are fortunately there to take care of her…and to film her embarrassing moments.

I thought I’d write something a bit more lighthearted after I made some of you “cry” with this ;-). 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


You never drink alcohol. Never. You just don’t like the taste of most of the beverages. Champagne or wine, tequila or vodka, even just a light cider…No thank you. 

When you go out with Bruce, you usually drink a soda or soft drink, even just water sometimes. 

But tonight, at yet another charity ball, your mind was elsewhere.

You had done it again. It often happened, and you always regretted it. Always. But you just couldn’t help it. Sometimes, you just had to be a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers. It always got you in trouble, since your early days in school, to now, in an important and very public event.   

This time, you had been a sarcastic little shit full of witty answers to the Mayor himself. The man already had a problem with your family ever since Bruce decided to support Harvey Dent to become the new mayor of Gotham, and was probably one of the most corrupted people in the World…so, needless to say that, when he left you company, clearly upset, you knew your actions would have repercussions, consequences, and it stressed the hell out of you. Why couldn’t you just control that damn mouth of yours ? 

Bruce wrapped a reassuring arms around your waist, bend down to your ears and whispered into it : 

-Relax (Y/N), no matter what, I’ll handle it. As Bruce Wayne or as…the other one. 

You gave him a weak smile and shook your head. 

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I begin this letter by, ironically, apologizing.  I am not the best writer, nor the best historian. I will do my best to convey the most accurate account possible, but know that I am, of course, biased and grieved. It has obviously deeply affected my state of mind, and every day I can barely bring myself out of the downward spiral of endless thought. Forgive me.

A lot of people might tell you that it was entertaining at first, amusing even. When it happened everyone didn’t really know how to react – but eventually we all figured out how.  Our melting pot of emotional reaction rapidly churned into a thick, hot rage that no one dared try to simmer.  We were united, all of us, for the first time in history.  But it was a slow start.

It was early September when it got there, right above one of the Galapagos Islands. A group of Spanish scientists were the lucky few to get the first look.  It was small, dark, swirling, and sporadic.  The media liked to say it was about a tenth the size of Rhode Island, which was not a very helpful benchmark for anyone not familiar with Rhode Island. It floated, or rather simply existed, 1.44 miles in the sky, and occasionally dropped down a few yards, much to everyone’s horror.  The color of it was like staring into a black sun; mosaic waves of darkness swirled around and sparked. It smelled strongly of ammonia and sulfur according to anyone who went close, and one scientist liked to say it felt like staring death in the face.

I can’t begin to describe to you all that happened in the first few days.  Scientists from every corner of the globe, every backwoods nation and fringe group, demanded access to the newest Ecuadorian landmark, whose government was not too willing to comply.  At first, select small teams were permitted admission, closely monitored by the Ecuadorians.  But when a U.S. carrier strike group shows up at your door, all international law and decorum goes out the window.

They figured out pretty fast what it was, a wormhole of some sort.  A very, very weak one. Helicopters and planes could fly within a couple hundred yards from it and only barely feel a pull.  That pull increased almost exponentially as anything went closer to it, as several birds were the unknowing producers of that knowledge. Electronic systems worked fine, and other than the small gravitational interruption, nothing was horribly wrong with the gigantic black blob in the sky.  Yet.

About a month or so after it had gotten there, when the media was just beginning to start covering anything else, a black cube the size of a truck spurted out from the center of the hole with incredible force, slowed down to terminal velocity, and then sunk into the South Pacific. Of course this was all captured on film; by now thousands of cameras and satellites were aimed at it, and a city of yachters had gathered beneath, despite the smell.  The whole world was shocked that the silent, putrid, black sun had actually done something other than suck up the occasional bird.  I was horrified. I thought we were going to be invaded.  That cube was not natural.  It wasn’t a meteorite or a speck of dust or anything you’d expect to be on the other end of the line. It implied, practically proved, that something intelligent was over there.  

People thought the box might be to communicate, that perhaps it was a sort of radio or beacon.  We soon found out what it was.  Before we even had time to get divers down there, it burst. Most of the blast was held in by the ocean’s depths but still a colossal geyser of water sprang up, almost touching the blob itself.  The explosion seemed nuclear, but we were assured it wasn’t.  Some sort of conventional explosives, several times stronger than any nuke we owned, had created the largest crater on Earth’s floor in the span of a second.  The waves flushed rapidly in every direction, toppling the yacht city and swamping the coasts of the islands. Hundreds died instantly.  

The fallout spawned itself in the form of rage and panic.  Were we being invaded?  What next horror would fall through the sky? How can we stop this thing, how can we turn it off?  The second question was soon answered, as a day later thousands more boxes fell through, each in succession, each various sizes.  A quarantine zone was declared, as everyone expected the worst.  But these cubes never exploded like their precursor.  They sank to the bottom, fell on top of each other, and slowly but surely piled up towards the surface.  

Weeks later, when the dilapidated pyramid of boxes had begun to pierce the waterline, whoever was in charge had concluded that the threat was low enough to send someone in to investigate.  The team that went in noted that the cubes were coarse to the touch despite the sea water, the edges were perfectly formed and sharp, and there were no markings to give any hint to their purpose.  Taking a box back with them to the continent, the collective effort to open it began. As time ticked down, pressure mounted.  Debate raged over whether it was wise to even open it at all. Pandora, Pandora, Pandora, rose the cries from the streets. But it wasn’t the people’s call to make.  The boxes were soon opened, the answer revealed, and the questions began.  

Garbage. Millions of boxes of garbage had been streaming from the black mass.  Information trickled in, but people begged for more. It was alien, from a civilized culture.  Bipeds, more advanced than us, larger, omnivores. It was amazing what we could tell from their trash.  It was an instant view into some other part of our universe.  When more boxes were opened we continued to learn.  But there were no photos, no paintings, no art or culture of any kind.  The clothing, or at least what we assumed to be clothing, was uniform and exact. Everything was bland, simple, and spartan.  Soon, discoveries became rarer and rarer, as the items became just copies of the ones found prior.  Finally, nothing new was opened; just a hundred or so items of compressed waste had formed their gift to us.

The pile on the other hand, had become a problem.  It, combined with the blast, had devastated most of the area’s ecology.  The boxes had also slowly bled a red slime, likely a coating of some sort, which had dyed the ocean for miles. All fish in the area were floating to the surface, dead and cancerous. The birds stopped flying anywhere near.  The tortoises crouched down in their shells and gave in.  The Galapagos were dead.

It didn’t stop. The dye and waste had slowly began to affect every drop of water on Earth. There was no one who did not feel its terror. It was biological, ecological, and psychological warfare.  It was an unending barrage of terror.  It was death.

So I hope this letter reaches you, whoever you are, and I hope you learn how to comprehend it. You have destroyed our planet. You have defied our attempts at reconciliation and communication, and you have been a brutal, silent antagonist for too long. It is time for you to understand. My letter to you is just one part of the millions to be sent through the rabbit hole tomorrow.  Know that it is just a fraction of what you have sent us.


Originally posted by wonnhao

  • sorry this gif has a caption but i have to set The Mood and this v-live was all I could think of when i got this request
  • okay so apparently this is a series?? with mingyu??? where he has this imaginary girlfriend named younghee and honestly i died bc i was not ready when this vlive aired
  • but i got lots of inspiration :D
  • so mingyu has had a few relationships
  • when he gets in one i think he’d be a mix of confident and awkward (kind of like how he was with younghee lmao)
  • mingyu is the kind of guy that’ll come up to you and try to befriend you immediately tho
  • like there’s barely an awkward period
  • at least, for him
  • so you, being a trainee under pledis, you spend a lot of time practicing for your debut
  • if you’re not schooling, you’re practicing
  • this means you’re always at the pledis building, and guess who came to get some last minute dance practice one day :)))
  • mingyu usually comes with wonwoo and a few of the other boys to practice together bc he finds it’s more fun but seeing as they’re all exhausted from practice yesterday mingyu has to go alone
  • the boys usually have a room to train in of their own, and everybody knows that it’s their room so nobody has the balls to use it even when seventeen isn’t there
  • but today they’re not there
  • and you’re too into your dance routine to find another practice room to use
  • mingyu is rlly confused when he comes up to their usual practice room bc he’s so used to them being the only ones using it that he’s like “who dares trespass on our territory”
  • he opens the door a peep and oop, you’re cute
  • you’re in the middle of doing a particularly sensual move on the wooden floors when mingyu just waltzes in and turns off your boombox
  • you’re thinking it’s one of the people you’ll be debuting with so you prop yourself up on your knees and grin and go “how did I do?”
  • but when you look over, it’s def… not a trainee
  • you know everything about seventeen, they’re basically pledis'  babies, and you can’t go anywhere without hearing about them nowadays
  • the only thing is,,, you’re not fond of mingyu
  • you’ve heard rumors from fellow trainees that he’s a natural flirt and overall the general consensus is he’s a playboy in the making and you want nothing to do with that
  • you’re far too focused on having a successful debut that you can’t be bothered
  • “you could use a lil more force in your thrust, I’d be happy to show you how” mingyu offers with a dazzling smile
  • you take that the wrong way completely
  • immediately you scoff and begin stretching, hoping he’d disappear on his own
  • but instead you see him shrug in the mirror and drop his bag in the corner of the room before he plops beside you, beginning to stretch too
  • “aren’t you leaving? this room is taken” you tell him, giving him a nasty glare, but mingyu just beams, totally unbothered
  • “i’m gonna practice with you. hi, i’m mingyu” he holds out his hand for you to shake but you ignore it, going to stretch your arms over your head
  • you’re hoping that your coldness will deter him and he’ll decide this isn’t a fight he can win, but no
  • he’s still there
  • even when you start your own music up again and he doesn’t even know the dance, he attempts to follow your movements, meticulously matching you until he’s doing the dance better than you that handsome tall shit
  • you get back to the bit where you struggled before, having to thrust toward the floor
  • you’re involuntarily holding back even now, very aware of mingyu’s gaze on you
  • you happen to look over and
  • fuck
  • he’s doing the thrust perfectly, with just the right amount of force and flow that makes it look completely natural and really attractive and wow haha are u sweatin
  • mingyu finishes the roll of his hips with a fluid move back onto his knees, and then he grins, throwing your question from earlier back at you  “how did i do?”
  • fucking amazing holy hell how did you do that teach me your ways “you were okay” 
  • you end up having to leave early for singing lessons so you abandon mingyu
  • at first he’s a lil bummed you have to go but then he notices you left your music behind in the stereo and gets a genius idea
  • you don’t realize until the next day that your music is missing, and when you rush back to seventeen’s practice room, you’re mortified to find all of them there, mingyu front and center, showing them your dance
  • “and then it’s like this and this and- oh hey (y/n) come show the boys your dance you did with me yesterday” “how do you know my name”
  • the other boys are just giggling their asses off like it couldn’t be more blatant how much mingyu likes you
  • he’s been talking about you since yesterday and had seungcheol go with him to find out your name from the company
  • “doesn’t matter, come on!!” he even has the audacity to take you by the wrist to drag you further into the room, thirteen pairs of eyes watching you in curiosity and amusement
  • “mingyu…” you warn, glaring hard at his head, but he’s still grinning like an idiot, nudging you softly in the arm
  • “it’s a good dance (y/n). they’ll love it. and i know for a fact you can pull it off way better than i can. i’ll even do it with you!! it’ll be fun!”
  • you’re understandably nervous before them all, bc like they’re your seniors and they’ve been doing this for way longer than you have, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of them but mingyu isn’t letting up any time soon
  • so you finally give in and mingyu starts your music for you before he joins in beside you
  • as soon as you two start dancing tho, all the nerves dissipate
  • you’re lost in the beat, your body moving on its own accord in perfect sync with mingyu’s
  • you don’t even realize how close mingyu is to you, how he moves his body in time with yours as you two are dancing right up against each other
  • to make matters worse, instead of you initially thrusting against the floor, mingyu has maneuvered you and the dance in a way that he’s laying underneath you, grinning ever so cheekily when you catch on
  • dino is forcibly removed from the practice room
  • as soon as you two finish, you collapse on the ground beside him, panting from the unexpected workout, and the others are either in awe or grinning stupidly
  • finally, seungcheol claps his hands together “well i think we’ve been violated enough for one day, good practice everyone”
  • the other boys easily fall back into their own routines again and you’re left panting next to mingyu, oddly satisfied with your performance
  • “that… wasn’t so bad” you admit sheepishly, rubbing your arm as mingyu smiles over at you
  • “told you you could do it” 
  • something about mingyu’s confidence in you after only knowing you for like twenty four hours is really comforting and you find yourself smiling back, the rumors that you’d been fed slowly escaping your mind
  • from that day on, mingyu declares himself your “oppa” which entails taking you out for food at random times in the day, helping you with practices even tho u literally did not ask, and fending off gross male fans once you debut
  • he visits you and you group often, and there is maybe only a handful of v-lives your group has done that mingyu hasn’t shown up in
  • the rumors about mingyu’s flirtatiousness come to a halt as soon as you two become friends and everyone is #speculating but your group and seventeen know what’s up
  • in fact, the only person that is truly oblivious about how mingyu feels is… mingyu
  • like even you know he likes you a lot
  • it’s pretty obvious lmao
  • mingyu thinks he’s being super casual when he,,, texts you at 2 am
  • gets pouty when you spend more time with the other members
  • has fourteen different heart emojis next to ur name in his phone
  • literally refers to you as the love of his life like how goddamn transparent kim mingyu
  • one day he takes you on a late night dinner date to this noodle place and he’s got on his black cap that covers his bleach blond hair, a cozy looking black hoodie and he’s got a shopping bag filled to the brim of things that you can’t make out from how he holds it
  • he orders your food for you and starts babbling on about his day and how tired he is and that their comeback is soon so he should be sleeping rn and you’re just like “??? then why did you take me out for dinner lol”
  • but then he just smiles at you over the rim of his milkshake, a warm blush dusting his cheeks “because I wanted to see you more”
  • at this point, you’re like for fuck’s sake boy just admit your feelings already
  • then he pulls out the bag and he’s grinning like a moron “also!! oppa got you some things since he’ll be busy with the comeback” 
  • and he piles all kind of gifts on the table in front of you like chocolate “bc it’s sweet, like me”, a blanket “since i won’t be there to keep you warm”, even a box of tissues “for the nights when missing me gets too much”
  • he’s halfway through this cheesy shit fest when you just blurt out “kim mingyu is this a date”
  • he’s like O.O gotta blast
  • “w-why would you think this was a date?” “because i know you like me and you’re being very greasy rn so if you could save me the trouble and just confess already that’d be great”
  • mingyu’s ears are lit burning red he’s so embarrassed and it’s the first time you’ve ever seen him so awkward??? usually he takes everything as a joke and is never serious but now he’s fiddling with his fingers and gnawing on his lip and he looks so cute you can’t even deny
  • “…you caught me. i like you a lot (y/n)”
  • he low key expects you to reject him now and leave him looking pathetic in the restaurant but then you just. reach across the table to grab his hand and you’re smiling and… wait holy shit you’re smiling? do ppl usually smile before they brutally reject someone???
  • “about time, dweeb. i like you too. also i’m taking all of this chocolate for myself so don’t even try to ask for any”
  • mingyu is fucking heart eyes the rest of the date ok
  • he’s just watching you eat the chocolate he bought you and when he walks you back to your dorm he’s straight cheesin’ before he kisses your cheek and whispers “goodnight beautiful~” like the goddamn cheeseball he is
  • somehow after confessing he manages to be even more embarrassing
  • any time he sees you in the hallways of pledis’ offices he just throws his arms up dramatically and yells “baby!! it’s me!!! your bf mingyu~”
  • always texting you for selfies when he’s away
  • mingyu: if you don’t send me a pic of u right now i might forget what you look like and not even recognize you when i come back :((( is that what you want
  • you: absolutely
  • the boys know as much as mingyu does about u bc he never shuts up abt you
  • “did you know she used to play this sport when she was a kid? crazy right?? look how cute she is in her lil uniform. omg minghao come back i haven’t showed you the pictures from middle school yet”
  • tall
  • always putting things out of reach when he knows you’ll need those things later so you have to call for him
  • he slides into the kitchen of your dorm with a smile “yes sweetheart did you call for me?”
  • “why are all the forks on top of the fridge”
  • even tho you’re straight up savage with mingyu he knows you love him
  • you always ask if he’s feeling okay and if he needs a lil quiet time
  • you two resign yourselves to the couch and he lays on your stomach, gangly limbs hanging off the furniture as you play with his hair and hum a gentle song in his ear
  • when he gets stressed or insecure during a comeback you’re always the first to be called 
  • just having you in the same room as him calms him like no other
  • sometimes all he really needs is you to look at him and he takes a breath and readies himself for whatever he has to face
  • mingyu really treasures you and he lets you know he’d do whatever possible to convey that to you
  • he’s so thankful that you’re a part of his life and all he wants to do is be the man that you want
  • if he ever gives off the vibe that he feels like he’s not good enough for you, even in a supposedly playful offhanded comment, you just run your fingers through his hair with a smile
  • “kim mingyu, you’re everything i want and more. don’t ever forget that”
  • just saying something like this can get mingyu through anything
  • bc you’re his anchor, his best friend, his confidant, and he’s so glad that you’re his

other boyfriend!seventeen



college boyfriend!wonwoo

college boyfriend!minghao

college boyfriend!jihoon

Good to go.

Name: Good to go.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: The 100

Pairing: John Murphy x Reader

Theme: AU

You’ve been down before
You’ve been hurt before
You got up before
You’ll be good to go, good to go

Destiny said it, you got to get up and get it
Get mad independent and don’t you ever forget it
Got some dirt on your shoulder
Then let me brush it off for ya
If you’re feeling me, put your five high
That’s my girl

GUYS. This is my first The 100 story, so i would really love to hear from you.

ASK is open <3

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Homestuck D&D Headcanons

The paradox space comic wasn’t enough, merely an appetizer that made me hungrier for more. Here’s some basic headcanons:

- John
Thought it would be fun to play as a bard, but after many asskickings, decided to also rank in barbarian. Seemingly only rolls 20s and 1s. Has 6 sets of dice but only ever one at once because he keeps losing them and finding them around the house, none of the dice are full sets of the same colors either because he finds each die one by one. Forgets to eat while playing and sometimes talks in character the day after a session

Decided to play as a wizard simply to bar Rose of the opportunity to be the party’s magic user. Wanted to focus on necromancy in the edgelord sense but was given so many healing rings and potions by the DM that he’s forced to do the other side of his job as well. His familiar is his fursona, Awkwete Purrmusk. Worst offender of the “don’t argue with the DM rule” but surprisingly good character focus

Played as a wizard anyway, Dave’s best attempts be damned. Always on her phone??? Buts it’s okay usually because she’s looking up rules and names for various NPCs when the DM gets stumped. Always fucking rolling to seduce. Leeroy Jenkins all day every day. Really annoying to play with but it doesn’t feel right if she isn’t there to be obnoxious

The DM. Provides snacks and places to sleep in case they decide to go through the night (they usually do). Super open-world and adventure oriented. Usually only one fight or so a session, but those fights are fucking brutal. Gives out magical items a lot tho. Money too so you can buy all the cool items in the big cities. Spends weeks thinking up every detail. Never plays but has a huge binder of NPCs that she sometimes tags along as (usually animals or shape shifters that turn into animals)

Loves to play but usually can’t make it. Has to step out to take important phone calls. She’s played as one orc nearly every time and that character is so OP it’s basically a demi-God and is mentioned in other campaigns in reverent tones. Keeps forgetting which dice do what??? Super lawful evil but not in an annoying edgey way

Forgets his AC and Def every time it’s relevant. Stands up and briefly LARPs whenever he has trouble explaining with words. Brings weird snacks no one has heard of and are decent but always eaten last. Always an elf. There’s an on-going joke that he isn’t allowed grenados or any amount of lizards exceeding 1

A walking armory that has tried every weapon at least once. So immersed in his character he doesn’t respond to his own name sometimes. Never intends on staying the night but always the first to suggest it. Plays elves and humans exclusively except for the one time he was allowed to be a centaur and quickly lost that privilege

Makes friends with every damn character. Usually ends up as royalty somehow? Cried the first time her character died. Tries to rank in everything but is basically useless in most things because she’s spread so thin. Always the first to suggest breaks. Annoying chaotic evil player who is only chaotic when she remembers to be and that she shouldn’t have nearly as many friends as she does

Thought she had it in the bag after her days of FLARPing but fell down a hole and died nearly immediately and has never lived it down. Honestly just here for the laugh and chaos and doesn’t much care that her characters are perpetually poor. Loves playing with Jade because there are always ruins to explore. Usually a dwarf

Best damn rolls all the time. Barbarian + beastmaster combo usually. Quiet strategizer who only quips in when his character is talking or when the pizza roll supply runs low. DMs sometimes and has killer dungeons but can’t think of better starting places than taverns for some reason

Loudly complains over having to go somewhere irl to play a not-MMO RPG, but is very easily convinced to play regardless. Keeps losing his character sheets so he “restarts” every time but always as basically the same character. Plays as a human almost always but tries for mind flayer each time. Jade lets him play as ambidextrous because she knows it means a lot to him. Characters are constantly drunk as an excuse for him to “roleplay” fights with other players

Can’t even pretend it isn’t the best part of his week. Has played every class and race but won’t touch evil alignments because he sucks at those and he knows it. Favorite character is a self-insert Mary Sue in the search for love. Rolls like shit constantly and argues with Jade over rules just as often. Once got a grievous hit on an enemy that was about to kill him and cried actual fucking tears of joy

Not a single character isnt a Mary Sue to some extent and she isn’t even ashamed. Big on character voices and will legit scold other players when they don’t use theirs. Remembers all her special abilities at just the right time. Will out-roleplay the DM. Sometimes a halfling, sometimes a tiefling

Is a mess. Can’t remember her stats. Tries to heal everytime but has only played a cleric once so no one knows why she’s stuck in that frame of mind. Makes everyone tea when things get stressful. Plays all types of characters but all of them end up sounding like her vampire OC if she isn’t reminded every once in a while

Lawful neutral always. Usually highly agile orcs. Does homework on her racial and class bonuses before the session even starts. Has the most fun being an inconvenience to John. Isn’t allowed to have lizards anymore either after her escapade with Jake. All three manuals out at once all the time

Annoying chaotic evil character. Tempts Terezi to join the dark side every session but it never works. Knows everything about the game and all possible loopholes but keeps getting in trouble for cheating. Seduces everything as her go-to

Just glad he got invited. Didn’t know he could play a character that wasn’t him. Tries very hard to do character voices but keeps cracking. Is very invested. “Politely” argues about rules but “respects” Jade’s authority. Usually a dwarf

Shows up late always. Isn’t ranked in anything relating to charm or diplomacy but always rolls stunningly well in that area. Forgets he can get arrested in most large villages. Mostly just spectates. Never tells people that he plans to stay the night but always does. Doesn’t mean to anger Jade but keeps doing it anyway

He swears his favorite character he always plays who is a Demi-God military scientist sailor isn’t a self insert but is so painfully him in a different suit. Keeps looking over people’s shoulders at the manual/their character sheet. Forgets character names like nobody’s business but gets so mad if you forget his

Talks out of turn. Doesn’t announce what she rolled for but wants everyone to know she got an 005. Her characters are always mystical creatures but Jade likes her so it’s okay. Brings the best snacks and also a lot of carrots and beef. Tries to resolve conflict but her whisper voice is just so damn loud


Bad Girl Ch 4: Apologies

This chapter has a torture scene! 

“Are you ready?”

“Daddy?” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them. Jiho looks at me, concern written all over his face. I don’t let him pull me away from the balcony, I need to see them, I need to remind myself why I don’t need them, that I don’t want them. Baekhyun is standing in the middle of the dance floor in front of the poor victim tied to the chair. He has a bright red metal bat in his hands that match his new hair. Even from here I can see his eyes out lined in kohl making him look sinful. I forgot how beautiful he was.

“It has been awhile,” He muses with a playful smirk on his face. “In case you don’t know, I am Baekhyun of EXO. This is Yooseok, a married man with four children. He teaches at the local high school and also tutors in his free time. But what most people do not know about him is that he has a horrible gambling problem, which has wracked him up a lot of debt. So to compensate for all the money he lost he decided to volunteer to be our guest for tonight.”

Baekhyun tears of the piece of tape covering the man’s mouth, “Help me! Please help me!” The man screams.

“Does anyone here want to help him?” He scans the crowd, pouting when no one answers him, “No one want to step in and save this man and take his place?” He snickers, “What a shame, sorry friend. How about I let you pick which leg I start with, will that make you feel better?”

The man is in tears constantly calling for help that no one would offer. Everyone is too afraid of not just that seat but also EXO. From what I’ve heard they are the most ruthless when it comes to torture, they are the group you don’t want to piss off. The man’s screams get louder when Baekhyun raises the bat and brings it down to one of this knees, the crunching of his bones echoes through the hall. I can’t hold back my cringe yet at the same time I can’t get myself to look away.

“Please!” The man begs through his cries.

“Oh you want another? Since you asked so nicely who am I to deny such a request,” With that Baekhyun flips the bat once in his hand before bring it down to his other knee, letting out the same disgusting bone crushing sound as before.

“Baek-ah,” A familiar voice calls coming out of the darkness into the spot light. “You can’t have all of the fun,” Xiumin says with a chilling grin. My heart stops at the sight of him.

“Xiumin,” I let out breathlessly.

“You are too brutal to start so you have to wait till the end,” Baekhyun whines.

“Does that mean I can go?” Kai joins them with Sehun and Kyungsoo tailing him.

Baekhyun continues to pout but nods, “I guess but be gentle, we don’t want him dying too early.”

Kai nods as he pulls out a hunting knife, he looks to his hyungs, “Which finger should we start with first?”

Sehun cocks his head, deep in thought, “I suggest the pinky finger first. But don’t forget to leave a few for Kris hyung.”

I watch in utter horror as Kai easily cuts off the man’s fingers, blood splatters on his shirt as a deep chuckle rumbles in his chest. The man is screaming bloody murder as his finger is waved in his face, pure horror on his face. Sehun plucks the finger out of his hyung’s hand and quickly shoves it into the man’s mouth.

“I’m tired of your screaming, stop being a bitch,” Sehun snarls.

The man spits out the finger, “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you volunteered of course,” Baekhyun muses. “Plus,” His eyes scan the balcony until his eyes find me. He gives me a chilling smile, “We want to show someone their future.” The others follow his gaze to me, their expressions seem dumbstruck for a moment. It’s as if it’s the first time they are seeing me, Jiho tries to pull me away but my hands won’t release the railing. I can’t get myself to look away from them until Chanyeol’s hearty laugh echoes through the hall.

“Why did all the fun stop?” He wonders.

“Our- my- my baby,” Sehun stammers to the whole room.

“Sehun-ah,” Baekhyun snaps, “Focus and remember what Suho hyung told us.” But the younger can’t seem to look away. I break eye contact when Chanyeol moves towards the man. A sick feeling settles in my stomach at the sight of the pliers in his hand. Images of my nightmare from all those months ago, that is enough for my hands to release the railing allowing Jiho to pull me out of their view. I cover my mouth with both of my hands, the idea in my head that he will be coming after me with those.

“Calm down Joo,” Jiho whispers softly holding me tight against his chest. He tries to muffle the sounds but I can hear everything. I can hear them mocking the man as they shred him to pieces, he is screaming as Chanyeol rips out his teeth one by one.

“I can’t be in here,” I stammer as I push Jiho away and rush off to find the bathroom, hoping and praying that the screams couldn’t reach there. I know Jiho is tailing me but I’m too focused to care, I need to get away. I push open the heavy wooden door and slip inside before bracing my body against it. The ivory marble room is silent and appears to be empty, thank god. Sinking to the floor and let my head fall back as my body relaxes, mostly. My hands are still trembling with fear and my heart is racing in my chest. I close my eyes to take a few minutes to calm myself.

There is a knock on the door, “Jooyoung-ah, are you okay?” It’s Jiho, just as I’m about to answer I open my eyes to find a gun pointed at my fore head. What surprises me more is who is holding it. Xiumin stares down at me with something a little more than hatred burning in his eyes. My heart stops in this moment, how could he? How could he raise a gun to my head after all he put me through? He crouches down to my level and I can’t help but think of the first night we met.

“Tell him you are fine,” He commands me in a whisper.

“I’m fine Jiho,” I mumble loud enough for the other man to hear through the door.

“Tell him to give you some time.”

“I’ll be out soon, just give me a little time.”

Jiho sighs, “Of course, I’ll be out here when you need me. This should only last a little longer than I’m getting you home.”

“Such a good girl,” Xiumin slurs, obviously drunk. He drops down on to his butt, the gun still aimed at me. I shrink into myself as he scoots closer, his legs on either side of me. His free hand reaches out and caresses my cheek softly as if he’s afraid I’m going to fade a way. I’m too afraid to fight back with the gun in his hand but at the same time I don’t want to. For someone holding a gun he looks so vulnerable right now. Pink, blood shot eyes scan every centimeter of my face as if he has never seen me before. He smiles but I can see the sadness behind it, “You are so beautiful.”

“What’s are you doing? You shouldn’t be here,” I tell him in my strongest voice even though I don’t feel any sort of strength left in me. All I really want to do is hug him and tell him everything is going to be alright but I know I can’t. Not only for Jiyong but for myself. I laid my love for all of them to rest when I full accepted that they left me. I push his hand away.

He chuckles as he wipes his eyes, trying his best to hide the tears I see streaking his cheeks, “That is what everyone has been telling me yet here I am. I thought that I could stay away but when I saw you in the balcony I had to see you up close.”

I set my shoulders back and raise my chin, “You saw me, now put the gun down and leave.”

“No, no, no, no, we are not done.”

“What else do you have to say to me?” I snap.

He is quiet for a moment as he just stare at me, “My youngest brother told me saying sorry to you would make me feel better. It would be therapeutic so that I could move on with my life and not focus on that tragedy. So do you think I should say sorry? Do you think I will feel better? Will the nightmares stop if I just say those two little words to you? Will I be able to sleep through the night without reaching out for that familiar warmth? Do you think my baby will be able to forgive me? Do you?”

I slap him. How dare he, how fucking dare he ask me those questions. He can not disappear for a year and pop asking such heart wrenching questions, how can I respond to any of those? I push him away from me and manage to get to my feet. He is surprisingly quick and pins me against the door. Looming over me, he makes me feel so small. His hands are holding mine against the door but they slowly slide to my shoulders then to my neck and for a brief moment I think he is going to kill me. I see my life flash before my eyes and I find myself apologizing to Jiyong about all of this. But that stops when his hands continue to cup my cheeks.

He kisses me. It’s just a soft peck before he presses his lips to my fore head, his tears slide down his cheeks to land upon mine. “I’m so sorry my Baby, I’m sorry,” He cries softly. Tears are threatening to spill from my own eyes so I force myself to push him away and leave without giving him another chance to trap me. I fling myself into Jiho’s arms.

“Get me out of here!” I cry into his chest.

“What the hell happened in there?” Jiho wonders hauling me into his arms princess style.

“Xiumin was there,” I mumble into his chest.

Jiho freezes, “Did he say anything to you?”

I shake my head, “He just kept apologizing, he asked if I would forgive him but I didn’t even answer. I just pushed him away and ran. Now can we get out of here before anymore of them appear?”

He nods, “I can find away out.”


“Are you sure you are okay?” Jiho worries.

I nod, “I’m fine, thank you for staying for awhile, I’m completely calmed down. You can go back to your life, by that I obviously mean your bed.”

He chuckles and places a kiss on my forehead, “Have a good night, if you need anything, you know where to find me.” I nod and shoo him into the elevator. When he is gone I scan my eyes over the empty apartment and I find myself missing Jiyong. I also think about Xiumin, do you think I should say sorry? Do you think I will feel better? What a selfish man! Has he honestly not thought about how him saying this stuff will affect me? I just wanted closure not this, not a brand new mess I have to deal with. I want to yell at him , at all of them.

My phone buzzes on the couch and I rush to answer it, “Hello?”

“Hello my love,” Jiyong purrs into the phone.

I smile, “How are you?”

“I am horrible, I miss you. I’m tired of China already. I’m trying to come back as soon as possible.”

I chuckle, “And how is that working out for you?”

“Horribly, these men can’t even wipe their asses by themselves, how they managed to get this far in this world is beyond me,” He huffs cutely.

“I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t having any fun.”

“What about you? I heard you had an interesting night.”

I take a deep breath, “Xiumin kissed me.”

“WHAT?” He snarls into the phone.

“I pushed him away when it happened and stormed off. I’m so sorry.”

He is silent for a moment, “I’m not mad at you my love, it’s that bastard who dare touch you!”



“Could I look in their file?”

“You want to look into their file?”


Jiyong, as the boss of the Black dragons, has a massive amount of information about every group out there including EXO. He gathered all this information and neatly organized it into a filing cabinet hidden behind on of the panels in his office. He gives me free rain of his office and everything in it and I’ve never asked to look into anyone’s file but I feel like this isn’t our usual situation.

“Of course,” He insists. “You know you don’t have to ask for permission.”

“I know I just thought that you might feel different about this.”

He chuckles, “My love every man I have in those files is just a man, those men are just men, not competition, right?”

I nod, “Of course, you have me 100 percent.”

‘Good. I’ll be home soon, you feel free to look in those files as much as you would like. I trust you.”

“Thank you oppa, you sleep tight, I’ll see you soon. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I close my eyes and press the phone to my head for just a moment of piece before taking a deep breath and standing up. I shuffle down the hall to our shared office and straight up to the golden framed mirror near my desk. With my thumb I use the fingerprint scanner to open the secret file room door. The mirror goes into reveal a small room with floor to ceiling filing drawers. EXO isn’t hard to find considering they have their own corner, all the branches of their organization are in these drawers, all their higher ups, the middle men, the foot men, absolutely everything. I pop open the middle drawer and stare down the twelve folders. My brow wrinkles in confusion as I scan the labels, some familiar but other’s not so much.

Kim Minseok

Kim Junmyun

Kim Jongin

Kim Jongdae

Kim Yixing

Kim Yifan

Who the hell are these people? I rip out the first name I that sounds familiar, Kim Jongin. Inside is a picture of Kai glaring daggers back at me. Haneul’s voice rings in my ears, he tried to kill himself. Him and the other two younger boys, which means Sehun and Tao, oh my fucking god. I scramble to grab all twelve before rushing into the living room and throwing them all on the floor. I grab the bottle of soju from my desk, knowing I’m going to need something to give me the courage to do this.

After a few much needed shots I’m not shaking anymore, I can convince myself to grab the file that is on top that belongs to a Kim Minseok. I run over all their names in my head on who this could be, his picture isn’t in the front though, dozens of pictures of mutilated bodies fall on to the floor in front of me, revealing his bio in the back. But I could already guess who it is.

Kim Minseok a.k.a Xiumin

March 26th, 1990


Specialties: Information extraction, torture

I’ve seen some horrifying things this past year but this takes the cake, when I was living with them I knew he wasn’t someone you wanted to get on the bad side of but this is worse than I was imagining. I collect all the pictures together before closing it. This is the first file and I already know more about them than I wanted to. His picture is peeking out the top of his file, I can’t help but pluck it out when I see his cat like eyes staring at me.

“Daddy,” I mumble the word fondly as I stare down at his picture. My heart flutters for just a second before I remind myself that I’m done with him and the others. I need to make it clear for myself and for them.

And I know just the way to do it.

I hope this pulled at your heart strings because I plan on making the next one rip them out. Don’t worry though, no angst in my stories, well not really.

Xoxo Pretty Bird

Strela Amura- Chekov x Reader

A/N: So sorry about how late this is, I’ve just been really busy at Uni. Anyway, She’s Kirk’s sister but also not Kirk’s sister. It’ll make sense, trust me. ut my favourite thing about the OS has always been the time-travel episodes, like???? What a gift to Humanity. So here’s me playing with that space time continuum.

Also. It’s Eurovision time!!!! Sorry not sorry for nearly winning last year btw. Anyway, you know what that means? Time to listen to my Eurovision husband’s entire discography. Like it’s such a cute Chekov-y song, bless.

Also key word: Chekov tries to save her

Title: Strela Amura (Cupid’s Arrow)
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Tags: Fluff, kinda-kirk’s-sister-but-kinda-not, pre-romanov decline russia, TIME TRAVEL MOTHERFRICKERS, ridiculous bustle skirts are my aesthetic
Words: 1500+
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Original Request: (x) - Could you do a thing where reader is Kirk’s younger sister (or other relative), that isn’t part of Starfleet, and gets taken by the big bad, and Chekov saves her? Then fluff?

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Стрела Амура

Most senior students at the Starfleet Academy dreaded the ‘Little Sibling’ program; in which a senior, slowly struggling and watching their very soul leave their bodies were forced to pair up with some innocent, optimistic first year who had yet to see their life force choked from them due to obscene assignment due dates.

You were rather surprised to have found yourself partnered with a one James Tiberius Kirk, as he had introduced himself, a coffee in hand and dark circles under his eyes. You were a little intimidated, admittedly, but he was as supportive as you could have hoped for and Jim was genuinely wonderful. He would always remember your exam dates and check up on your actual dates and was always there to hold your hair back and cover for you if a party got too wild. Or there to ruffle your hair in pride as you passed that one maths class you always seemed to flunk exams for. He even kept in contact as he graduated, sending you updates as he traversed the expansive galaxy, promising that if you did well, you would score a place on the prestigious Enterprise crew.

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