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I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform

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Hey there! What would dating either 40s! Bucky OR Wanda Maximoff include? (because im indecisive and can't choose between my baes) You can choose either one you like Whatever you feel like writing is totes fine It's up to you! Thank you beautiful! :)

Dating 40s! Bucky Headcanons 

  • He would have no shortage of nicknames for you
  • These include (but are not limited to) doll, dollface, kid, angel, angelface, sugar, sweetheart, baby, baby doll, “my number one girl”, darling
  • He’s not much for sit down restaurants–he’d rather grab a hot dog on the pier and go for an evening walk
  • And when you spill mustard on your shirt, he purposefully smears some on himself so you feel better
  • You’ve learned to keep him far away from carnival games because every time he gets near one he goes broke trying to win you some sort of giant thing–and if Steve is there, he usually ends up broke, too, because Bucky “borrows” his cash to keep trying for the dumb toy
  • He’s not super big on holding hands–he’d rather have you on his arm, or have his hand resting on your lower back 
  • Goes out of his way to hold doors and pull out chairs for you 
  • When he speaks to you, he likes to get really close so he can murmur in your ear because he likes the way you blush when he does
  • He will do anything he can to make you blush 
  • You are constantly scolding him to clean up his damn apartment
  • He’ll sigh and agree and start to clean but somehow cleaning turns into sex mostly because he sometimes has sex with you when trying to avoid something
  • Bucky isn’t really a fan of quickies–if he’s gonna do someone something, he’s gonna do it right
  • He’s a very sensual person; he is constantly using his mouth and hands to take in every inch of your body
  • He can’t explain it, but for some reason he just really likes fucking you up against walls
  • And he always has this smug little half smirk on his face 
  • Except for when you’re done–then the smirk turns into a smile of content as he pulls you against his chest and kisses the top of your head
  • He has a few joints that he likes to take you dancing at, and he always slips the band a buck to play your favorite song 
  • You don’t often go to the movies, because when you do, he makes annoying commentary 
  • Bucky is always talking about the big plans he has for the two of you…travelling the world, getting married, moving to that beautiful house with the picket fence 
  • And he intends to give them to you, as soon as he comes back from winning the war

  • Dating post Winter Soldier!Bucky can be found here
  • Dating Wanda can be found here
Going to an event with EXO

None of these dresses/pictures are mine. Just pay attention to the dresses not the models. :)


What you wear:

His reaction: *can’t stop staring* “Jagiya y-you are gorgeous. You look stunning! You’re absolutely beautiful!” *gives you compliments throughout the night*


What you wear: 

His reaction: *once he sees you he starts clapping* “That’s my jagiya! Sexy and beautiful as always!”  


What you wear:

His reaction: *Licks his lips and tries to keep his cool* “You look nice jagiya. I like that dress on you.”


What you wear:

His reaction: *tries to act sexy for you but fails* 


What you wear:

His reaction: *processing you in the dress and has a lost of breath* “You look a-amazing…” 


What you wear:

His reaction: *can’t take his eyes off of you* cause he is so proud* *thinks to himself* I’m the luckiest guy in the world. 


What you wear:

His reaction: *sticks his tongue when he sees you* “You look really sexy jagiya!”


What you wear:

His reaction: “Yup I can’t. I just can’t. You officially broke me jagiya. You too beautiful I can’t keep up with it. God you’re you beautiful.”


What you wear:

His reaction: *he’s in shock that he doesn’t say anything”

You: “Well? Do you I look ok?”

D.O.: “Huh? Oh! You look breath-taking!”


What you wear:

His reaction: *takes a deep breath* “W-wow…”


What you wear:

His reaction: “I can’t believe you’re all mine…”


What you wear:

His reaction: *brags about you* “My jagiya is the best!”

Okay. Here’s my theory. Frank and Gerard did date. Even if it was just for a month. But they did it behind everyone’s back and no one knew but them. So when they kissed on stage for the first time, it was real. But then things got too hard to keep a secret so they broke up. But they had to keep kissing and shit on stage because well, it would be odd if they did it a few times then just stopped. So they could have been together. I mean just look at how gentle Gee kisses his head. And look at how passionately they kissed on stage. After you’ve seen every frerard kiss then come to me and tell me they didn’t have a thing.

Sequential Moments – Hawkeye, and the First Most-Terrible Idea I’ve Had.

Sequential Moments is whatever the fuck the thing you’re about to read is. In which I talk about specific moments in/issues of comics that affected me. So, spoilers. A lot of ‘em. Specifically for issue #3 of HAWKEYE by Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth, and Chris Eliopoulos. You = warned.

Writing films had kicked me in the dick. Spend two years writing one story just for it to end up on a shelf. Fuck that. Fuuuuuuuuck that. So I was a bit lost. And in my aimless wandering, I stumbled upon Fraction and Aja’s HAWKEYE. Heard it was real good. So I read it. 

That was the ninth most-terrible idea I’ve had in the last two years.

I dug the first two issues. So much. The characters. The dialogue. The insane-ass structure. The art. There was something special here.

But issue three.

But issue fuckin’ three.

“Cherry.” We get a glimpse of how deep the pile of shit is that Clint and Kate have gotten themselves into. Bullets. Arrows. Cars. Most of which are exploding. Chaos. Absurdly fun chaos.

But just the glimpse. Cut to Kate and Clint organizing his old, gimmicky arrows. Net arrow. Acid arrow. Boomerang arrow. “It comes back to you in the end.” I wanna marry this fucking dialogue.

Best issue of a comic I’d ever read. THE BEST. Like… FUCK. I had no idea comics could be… this. It was smart. It was fun. It was exciting. It was… FUCK.

I stopped writing films. (Bad idea eight.) I started writing comics.

And after a shit-ton of work – learning the format, finding the right project, connecting with artists, so on and so on and so onnnnnn – I finished my first comic. NEON NOIR. An ‘80s-obsessed, ten-page short. Gorgeous art by Michael Kennedy.

We put it up online for free. A sigh of relief. It was a lot of hard work to get here. More than I thought. And I was in way over my head. But hey. All downhill from here.

As you can see, I am fucking stupid.

Clint buys a beautiful car from a beautiful woman. Then sleeps with the latter. Takes around five minutes from there for heavily armed, ambiguously European thugs to kidnap the woman and nearly murder his ass.

Reckless. Terrible at decisions. Naked. In way over his head. I’m starting to see why I relate to the guy so much.

It’s a few weeks after Neon Noir dropped. People seem to like it a lot. Which feels fucking amazing. And I’ve got a few more projects lined up. But Image isn’t beating my door down. No cold calls from Marvel. And it’s starting to get to me a bit.

And I’m thinking, Eight months of work. Ten pages to show for it. That is not success. Pretty sure that is fuckin’ failure.

It’s a few weeks after Neon Noir dropped. I’m standing in a line at Laughing Ogre Comics in Columbus, Ohio. Favorite comic ever, issue #3 of Hawkeye, in hand. Waiting to get it signed by Matt Fraction.

I get to the front of the line. Hand him the issue. Tell him I’ve been writing comics for eight months. Blame him for that terrible idea. He apologizes.

Then I give him a copy of Neon Noir. And he sorta loses his shit. “You said you’ve only been making comics for eight months? And you made this?

I guess I got so hung up on the “eight fucking months/ten fucking pages” thing to realize something. That I’d gotten further than most people that attempt making comics. I’d actually gotten something done. And printed. And looking beautiful, thanks to Michael.

Matt asked me to sign his copy of Neon Noir. ‘Cause he’s a cool dude like that. I felt pretty damn good. And decided to stick with this comic-making nonsense for a bit longer. I’m starting to lose track of the bad ideas. I wanna say seven?

100% totally candid photo of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky reading Neon Noir. (Sex Criminals is what got me back into reading comics, so really they’re both to blame for this making-comics bullshit.)

A comical pause in the action.

Clint’s frustration speaks to me. A lot.

A comical pause in the action.

One of the projects I’d set up off the back of Neon Noir falls apart. I stop hearing from the artist. Then another one falls apart. I keep working. I keep writing.

This is hard. With no budget. To motivate the artists to keep working. To motivate myself to keep working. I’m too broke anymore to save up comic-making funds. Another project falls apart. This is hard.

Really hard. Why is this so hard. It’s fucking comic books. It’s more ten-page shorts. It’s 22-page issues. It’s pitches and one-offs and nothing massive or overly ambitious. Why is this so fucking hard?

The cold calls from the publishers start to trickle in a bit. I try to juggle personal projects and pitching. 95% of the pitches get shot down. 95% of the projects fall apart. If one of the pitches does go anywhere, the book won’t see a comic shop shelf until late 2016/early 2017. Two years. It’s fucking films all over again.

Just stick with it. Keep your head down. Take the punches. Keep trying. Bad ideas six through three.

Shit ain’t goin’ great. The beautiful car is totaled. Clint’s bruised. Bloody. Knocked unconscious. Wakes up with a gun to his head…

I’m beat to shit. Eight months becomes a year and eight months.

And still. Ten pages.

There’re still projects in the pipeline. Still pitches “under consideration.” But ten pages. Ten pages. Writing everyday. Working everyday. One year, eight months. Ten. Pages. 

Bruised. Bloody. Knocked unconscious. I don’t know why I did it, but it comes back to me. Like a fuckin’ boomerang. Issue #3 of Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. I read it again for the first time in months. Bad idea number two.

Kate fires the arrow. The boomerang arrow. “It comes back to you in the end.” Foreshadowing saves the day in the best goddamn way possible. 

And at the end of said saved day, Clint’s beat to shit. His new car’s beat to shit. His life’s beat to shit. In way over his head. But he’s still standing. Barely, sure, but he’s still standing. And as long as he’s still standing…

Then I remember why I love this comic. Because it’s chaotic. Because it’s complex. And because it’s really fucking fun

And with that, I remember why I make comics. For the same reasons, too.

So, long as I’m still standing, I’m gonna keep making the goddamn things. And there it is. First most-terrible idea I’ve had in the last two years.

Oh, and also – best goddamn idea I’ve ever had. Easy.

Expect to see another ten pages soon.