too bored to function(

things learned about justin schultz today:
  • thinks phil kessel is the funniest penguin
  • hates being injured, but mostly because the training drills for injured players are hard
  • likes country music :/
  • favourite video games are golfing video games ://
  • too boring to function (see above)
  • thinks hornqvist has the best shot of surviving on a deserted island, because, ominously, he’ll “get it done” (???)
  • has a new goldendoodle called penny
  • likes to attack me, personally, by not sharing pics of his new goldendoodle puppy penny
  • is unsure whether he’d prefer to fight 100 duck sized geno’s or 1 geno sized duck
  • enjoys going to the zoo

Iris just had just found out the identity of the Flash and after confronting him and her father about it in the same day she just storms into the STAR Labs (aka the Flash HQ) and just let them know that she was going to be involved into everything from now on like a boss. 

And, oh you don’t know where to find this evil guy right now ? I got you covered. Just like that.Just like that! 

I love ONE woman in this show. 

The Look In Your Eyes - Cameron Dallas Imagine

A/N: This is my second published imagine ever! Please bare with me with any mistakes since it’s 3 am and i have nothing to do :p Also english isn’t my first language so mind the mispellings! Let me know if you like it. I’m thinking of doing a part 2!

Warning: Super long

“Hey, what are you doing? Miss you xx” I sent out the text to Cam.

I rolled around on my bed waiting for him to reply for around 40 minutes. I checked all of my social media until there’s nothing left to see. My eyes stumbled upon the Vine app, i decided to open it, i see a bunch of updates on my home, I saw that Cam just posted a Vine 10 minutes ago.

“He can upload a Vine but not reply my text?” I mumbled to myself.

I watched the 6 second video, it was Cameron and Matt throwing Nash into the pool. I can clearly tell it’s Matt’s house. I just sighed.

From: Cameron
I’m busy.

That hurts, the fact that he didn’t reply for 45 minutes but uploaded a Vine, and when he do he just said that two words. I’m trying to be positive and maybe he really is busy, maybe that Vine was recorded a while ago.


It’s 5 pm and i’m too bored to function alone at my apartment, so i decided to surprise Cam since looks like he’s staying at Matt’s and bring some pizza for the boys. I put on Cam’s oversized sweater and some shorts before heading out the door.

“That’ll be $74.50” The girl at Dominos drive through said.

“Keep the change” I smiled before giving her $80 and finally head off to Matt’s house.

Once i arrived i knocked on the door and Shawn answered it.

“Y/N! Didn’t expect to see you here, where have you been? We missed you here” He said giving me a hug.

“Oh nowhere” I smiled, “I brought pizza!”

“Awesome! We were just talking about how hungry we were after we went swimming” He said.

“You guys weren’t doing anything today?” I asked.

“No, we’re just chilling in here” He said.

“Oh” I said my face dropped.

So Cameron lied.

“Come on in!” He said, “Guys Y/N’s here! She brought pizzas!”

I came in and put 5 boxes of the pizza at the kitchen counter before greeting everyone.

“Y/N!” Mahogany said hugging me tightly followed shortly by Jacob.

“Hey” Cameron said walking into the house from the pool.

“Hi” I smiled.

I was about to give him a kiss, but he purposely threw his face away pretending to talk to Hayes. I sighed and joined Matt, Shawn, Nash and Taylor eating some pizza.

Cam and I used to be so close and lovey dovey, but lately he’s been so distant… As if he’s ignoring me. I can feel that the sparks no longer there. But i’m still holding on because i love him with all my heart.

“Hey, you’re okay?” Mahogany asked concerned.

“Great” I said trying to fake a smile.

“No you’re not, i know you too well to fall for that smile” She replied, “You wanna have a girl talk?”

“I’d like that” I smiled.

Mahogany whispered something to Nash before guiding me to the pool side and sit on the chair.

“So, spill” She said.

“I just- I feel like Cam doesn’t love me anymore” I said looking down.

“What makes you think that?” She asked.

“Lately he’s been so distant.. He never text or call me first, when i text him it takes him a long time to answer, sometimes he doesn’t even reply, even if he does it’s just to tell me that “I’m busy” or “I’ll text you back later, i have something going on” but he never text me back” I begun, “When he kissed me it’s meaningless and empty”

I can feel a tear slipped from my eye.

“Y/N..” She scoot closer and hug me.

“I don’t know what i did wrong” I said begin to sob, “He treats me like garbage but i’m still holding on to this relationship hoping that it’ll get better, but i know it wont”

“Sshh” She said rubbing my back soothingly, “Do you ever talk to him about this?”

“No, i’m afraid that he’ll break up with me or hate me” I replied, “I don’t know what to do”

“Hey girls, we’re about to watch-“ Suddenly Nash came, “What happen? Why are you crying?”

Mahogany tapped the empty space next to her and Nash approached us.

“He’s just not the Cameron Dallas that i fell in love with” I said.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Nash said rubbing my arm.

“Y/N and Cam are…”

“We’re basically at the end of the cliff” I interrupt, “He’s just.. Different, Nash. He’s been treating me like shit, like i meant nothing to him, he never even look at me in the eyes anymore. I don’t know how long i can take it”

“Is there anything i can do? Do you want me to talk to him?” He asked.

I shook my head and gave him a weak smile, “No, i’ll talk to him.. Eventually”

They gave me a sympathetic smile.

“Just know that, whatever path you chose, me, Nash and the boys will support you, we’ll be here for you” Mahogany said.

“Thank you” I returned the smile.

“Yo guys, the movie was about to-“ Cam opened up the door and look at us, “What’s going on?” He slowly closed the door behind him.

“Oh shit” I wipe away my tears and walk over to the fence to hide my face.

Mahogany and Nash both stood up, “Talk to her, but this time, mean it” Nash said before leaving us alone understandingly.

“Y/N?” He said approaching me closer.

“Hey” I replied still leaning on fence, looking the night sky.

He walked over and put both of his hands on the fence, looking at the star. Both of us stayed silent for a good 10 minutes.

“Cam” I said breaking the tension.

“Yeah?” He replied unsure.

“Remember when we first met?” I asked.

“Mhm” He replied.

“You were so nervous to ask for my number, so you get Nash to get it for you” I let out a soft chuckle, “We were texting each other for days and nights, i remember keeping my eyes awake just to wait for your replies”

We’re both still looking at the sky, not making any eye contact. He stayed silent after what i said.

“Then you asked me to be your girlfriend on your younow, even though you were afraid and the boys had to forced you to be brave” I sighed, smiling to myself, remembering the good old times, “I remember you’d always stays at my place and we watch movies and cuddle every night”


“Cameron” I cut him off and look him in the eyes, “You’re a great guy and a wonderful person, but i can no longer see “us” in our future, your eyes has lost the sparks when you look at me. You’re never there for me anymore. We’ve been so distant”

He looked down at his feet, not being able to say anything.

I took off the key necklace he gave me for our 1st year anniversary 2 months ago, i opened his hand and put the necklace there, “I think we should go on our separate way”

“No Y/N-“

“I love you, i really do, go find someone you truly love, thank you for everything, you made me happy even on my darkest days” I smiled before kissing his cheek.

I tried holding back the tears but i failed miserably. I ran back into the house and everyone is looking at me.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Mahogany asked.

“I finally said it, the words i’ve been keeping for a while now” I sniffled, “I need to go now, i’ll see you guys around”

“Y/N!” Taylor said pulling my wrist.

“I’m sorry, but need to be alone” I shot him a weak smile.

He gave me a nod understandingly and let go of my hand. With that i got into my car and left the house. Thinking it was dangerous to cry while driving, since i can’t see shit, i decided to pull over at the park near here.

I locked and got out of my car and went to sit on the bench. This is the park that Cam use to take me to get ice cream or shoot videos. Looks like it will only be a memory, the guy i used to love, heck, i still do, is no longer in my arms.

I’ll miss the goodnight texts, the late night phone calls, the sexy raspy voice i wake up to on most mornings, and the body that always keep me warm and feel so secure.

I sighed and drive back to my apartment.

A/N: UPDATE: Here’s the part 2 baes!

@nardaviel replied to your ask post: what a strange ask…. but i just wanted to say that ships that dont work *immediately* can still be great ships!! kinatsuen is my OTP but i dont think it would work well in canon or even immediately postcanon. thats part of why its so interesting to me, the work and character development that they have to do

You’re absolutely right about that! Some ships need more time, and that’s what can make the ship so fun. I mean my OTP is ioryuu, and those two both got some stuff they need to work on too. It would be boring if all ships started out already perfect and functional.

What I said in my answer was more of a reasoning as to why I prefer other ships like enatsu or enkin over kinatsu. 

Drabble #12: Yoongi/Jungkook

request from @confidenceatitsfinest: “I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”; Sugakookie

Sugakookie | PG15/Fluff? | Words: 1137 | Also on AO3 

A/N: This is a huge mess LOL It just morphed into an enormous inner monologue from Yoongi’s POV. Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy~

“I’ll give you five bucks if you run me over for being so stupid.”

“In what world is that enough of a bribe to commission murder, hyung?”

Yoongi sighs; Taehyung is right. “Okay, but it’s not murder. It’s euthanasia,” the elder points out, frowning at his laptop screen. The light is bright in the dim studio, this late at night. “So how much is it going to take?”

Maybe he’s being melodramatic (he is), but considering his default personality sits firmly at either reserved or excited, Yoongi thinks maybe he can afford to be a little weird, all things considered. Because yeah, Yoongi did a dumb thing; or, he’s going to do a dumb thing. The dumb thing has been halfway done, whatever. The only piece of information that should be taken away from this entire shitstorm, regardless, is that Yoongi is a Grade A, certifiable dumbass.

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ENFPs have a gift of being able to read people, and a curse in totally being terrible at interpreting. Examples:

“Wow, that person looks uncomfortable. I must be making them uncomfortable.” = actually just constipated.

“This lady is really angry. Did I do something to tick her off?” = In a bad mood because of drama at work.

“Wow, my friend is so untalkative right now. I must be boring.” = Brain too tired to function after waaaaay too much homework.

“That person’s ignoring my texts. I guess we aren’t friends anymore.” = Person who is under stress and not making a priority of replying to smiley face texts.