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Gryffindor Loss || Open

It was the first Gryffindor game of the season, and it went like it was the first time any of them had ever even played. Bobby wasn’t sure why he had expected it to go better, but the truth of the matter was that it went absolutely horrible. Losing a game in 3 minutes because of the seeker was fair. Losing the game in an hour by 290 points? That was just… Well, it was embarrassing and it made the younger Gryffindor feel sick.  The Hufflepuffs were either on a rampage after losing the first game, or the Gryffindor team sucked that much. He had a feeling it was that latter.

There were parties throughout the school and Bobby found himself at none of them. Truth be told, he felt like he was ready to burst into tears at any moment and he wasn’t sure if a party would make him feel better or worse. Instead, the chaser wandered about, looking down at the tile floor or kicking the dirt with his hands in his pockets. This was his first official game he had played. Based off how poorly he did after months of practicing, he wasn’t very inspired to attend tomorrow’s practice let alone keep playing. His body ached from getting beaten by bludgers and his heart was crushed at how poorly his team did. He only remembered getting thrown the quaffle once or twice.

Imagine when a Vixx member has some angsty problem, no matter where they are or when it is, they all listen to their problem. They let it all out, letting them cry if they need to and the members comfort them, reassuring them it will be all right. These talks always end with cuddles.