too black for bet


  • LMAO cas sniffing the waitress 
  • THE EDITING AND DIRECTING OF THIS EP IS SUPERB like i know it’s an ep directed by rich so i’m just the tiniest bit biased but the way it’s done makes me think of the old school gabe eps 
  • all this archangel imagery…..i want mary to meet them……MICHAEL IS STILL IN THE DAMN CAGE…. 
  • oh no. oh. dean and cas D: 
  • finally some juicy myth arc stuff hoooo buddy oh yessss 
  • THE LANCE!!! OF!!!! MICHAEL!!!! 
  • new demonic royalty oh shiiiiiiit!!!!! he’s just like. chill 
  • [shrill, high-pitched whining noises] 
  • omg i bet misha hated having that black crap in his mouth 
  • dean looking cas deep in the eyes and saying “let’s go home” because WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE TOLD ALL OF THEM THEY WERE ALL LOVED 


I headcanon Sugo being the Pun Master of Division 1

I can totally see him delivering horribly painful puns with a deadpan face and voice and the Division going a collective UGH which is then followed by Ginoza’s muffled snickering because he just can’t help it, he both loathes and loves Sugo’s ridiculous puns
Sugo just drinks from his canned coffee with a smirk, satisfied

(and there are times when there isn’t any loud reaction but Kunizuka slaps him with one of her magazines ouch (which can be carried out easily since Sugo is sitting behind her oops))

Okay, so I’m sharing this headcanon for us black gals before I get too chickenshit:

I bet T’Challa is the best kind of guy for you to lay your head in his lap and just rest.

Like, even before he was king, as a prince he had to have had a huge workload. And so it wasn’t uncommon for him to always be at a desk, at a [multiple] computer console, on a chair or futon just…working, working, working day and night. As a result, you don’t always get to see him, though he doesn’t at all mean to neglect you.

So you don’t remember when it began, but you start coming to wherever T’Challa is working and just…lay your head down in his lap. A lot of times, you have to move whatever of his work he has there to his other thigh so you can have that one, but you lay down nonetheless. The first few times you do it, he’s startled right out of his flow (and he doesn’t get startled easily, but when he works, he works). But he always smiles down at you, gets right back to work, and absentmindedly strokes over your afro/braids/cornrows, etc. with his free hand.

You soon do it so often that he doesn’t startle at all-not even when you keep naturally pushing his work to his other thigh so you can have that one. He’s a strong, fit, and muscular man, but you’re never surprised that it’s warm and safe and soft right there in his lap. T’Challa is even more comfortable than the finest pillows in Wakanda.

And he smells so motherfuckin’ good. You don’t even remember the name of the cologne and soap he uses-you just know it’s the best and exclusive to Wakanda. Goddamn, you could just breathe him in all night and so you do. 

And he still absentmindedly strokes over your hair.

He never, ever asks you to get off him. On the contrary, though he rarely says it, having you there on his lap helps him concentrate, helps ground him.

And sometimes the best mornings aren’t where you wake up to find that he carried you to your shared bed. Rather, the best mornings are when you wake up to find that he fell asleep right there too, with his hand still on your hair.

Just…falling asleep in T’Challa’s lap. Yeah.

Oooh I bet when T'challa was a child he used to be really good at hide and seek. He just seems like he would be good at being sneaky and such. Him and Shuri would play for hours because T'challa could stay in one area for hours. Shuri gave up after two hours of looking for him the first time they played. And when she went to the kitchen to get a snack he picked his head from over the top of the fridge, like “why aren’t you looking for me Shuri?” And she’s just like “I’m tired Challa (they have nicknames for each other)” so yeah they don’t play that often after that lol

My agenda today is to transfer as much of the text into the final colored volume of Vento Aureo as I can. Most of it is done in black and white, but it still needs redraws.

The colored version is my main domain. I’m still wary of stepping on toes by working on the black and white version too much. As it stands though, I bet that the colored version is 99% done by the end of today, and we spend the next week redrawing the black and white version.

Gryffindor Loss || Open

It was the first Gryffindor game of the season, and it went like it was the first time any of them had ever even played. Bobby wasn’t sure why he had expected it to go better, but the truth of the matter was that it went absolutely horrible. Losing a game in 3 minutes because of the seeker was fair. Losing the game in an hour by 290 points? That was just… Well, it was embarrassing and it made the younger Gryffindor feel sick.  The Hufflepuffs were either on a rampage after losing the first game, or the Gryffindor team sucked that much. He had a feeling it was that latter.

There were parties throughout the school and Bobby found himself at none of them. Truth be told, he felt like he was ready to burst into tears at any moment and he wasn’t sure if a party would make him feel better or worse. Instead, the chaser wandered about, looking down at the tile floor or kicking the dirt with his hands in his pockets. This was his first official game he had played. Based off how poorly he did after months of practicing, he wasn’t very inspired to attend tomorrow’s practice let alone keep playing. His body ached from getting beaten by bludgers and his heart was crushed at how poorly his team did. He only remembered getting thrown the quaffle once or twice.


//Chen x you 💙

Word count: 2,012

Yeah. As not to spoil anything, I will rant a little under the story. There are mentions of sex, but nothing really happens, so I’m not going to tag it as rated.

You have never seen Jongdae’s naked ass. But it’s not like it bothers you, it’s not a thing you need to see. In bed it would be quite counterproductive, so you basically never even thought about that. You see it pretty often, but clothed. You like it and because of that you tend to leave red marks all over his butt, but that’s a token of your appreciation and you don’t really give it a second thought. Jongdae’s ass is nice, tight, sculpted, and perfect for you to sink your nails in.

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I bet if you were to read John’s journal front to back, page by page, looking at every little detail, you’d notice something a little different. Tiny spirals and swords and scribble tornadoes. Stick figures and hearts and classic bed sheet ghosts on the page about poltergeists.

Doodles, everywhere, that you might think were John’s if they weren’t so childish. Eventually you’d realize they’re Sam and Dean’s. Instead of being annoyed, John huffs a laugh and puts tape over them so they never rub away or get torn off.

Switch it Up

A/N: Put Carmilla’s attitude and wisdom into a nineteen year old girl and Laura’s adorable awkwardness into a three hundred plus year old vampire, and you get a very different story than the web series we know and love. AU of a switching of the characters.

Rating: T for mild violence, mild romance, and one major curse (Carmilla would definitely have a foul mouth if she was a teenager)

Words: 8400+

Laura liked being a vampire, for the most part. She would swear that she did. Endless opportunity to learn about the world around her, to travel, to meet new people, it was a good deal. It was just – three hundred years of not being in control of your own life got old (pun not intended). Her ‘mother’ had allowed her to see the world once upon a time, if only she fulfilled her obligation every twenty years.

But what an obligation. Dozens of girls, all disappeared into the clutches of her mother over the decades and centuries. Laura assumed they were dead. She had tried, at first, to deny her mother, having learned quickly that whatever her mother desired would never be healthful for anyone else. But swift and severe punishment had pushed Laura into obedience. Nine times, Laura dutifully delivered the required girls to her mother. One hundred and eighty years of blindly doing what she was told, never looking for answers despite her better judgment.

Her job was ridiculously easy. Laura was tiny. Threatening, she would never be. It was simple to lure girls in with her natural exuberance and semi-awkward charm. The best compliment she could hope for most of the time was that she was cute. It made her a favorite of her mother’s for the whole bait and lure girls into the death trap … thing. But nine successful snares in, Laura made a mistake.

She fell in love.

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Idris Elba “too street” to play James Bond.

People have accused the author Anthony Horowitz of racism after he said that Idris Elba is not ‘suave’ enough to play James Bond – and, in fact, that he is 'too street’.

However Horowitz, whose first Bond novel, Trigger Mortis, is published this month, insisted that “it is not a colour issue”. He told the Daily Mail: “For me, Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part. It’s not a colour issue. I think he is probably a bit too "street” for Bond. Is it a question of being suave? Yeah.”


The only time I’ve ever associated Idris Elba with “street” was when I desperately trying to Google Maps this street location to find Mr. Elba and profess my undying love and neverending thirst.

“Not a colour issue.”  Who he trynna fool?

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