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Jerome Valeska Imagine - You’re Scared Of Him

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WARNING!!! Mentioning alcohol problems and self harming!!!

Your P.O.V.

The ginger boy in front of me was absolutely terrifying but at the same time, I felt happy. I adored him but I had never been so nervous and scared before. Yet here I was, with the clown prince of crime himself without being tied down and threatened with my life.

Jerome Valeska had been my best friend through out my childhood and to my teens. We were both 18 now, him being a few months older than me. Just a year ago I admitted that I liked him more than just friends and his feelings were mutual. We started to kiss each other and it developed into heated makeout sessions and then sex. We were together and I supported him. His mother was absolutely horrible but I didn’t expect Jerome to murder her.

The past few months had been the wildest and most emotional in my entire life. Jerome went to Arkham Asylum. It broke my heart and I was devastated. Once he joined the maniax, I was getting really scared. I thought I had lost his good side forever. The worst part was when I thought I had lost him forever. He died. My boyfriend, my bestfriend and soulmate had died. 

I was all alone. The sadness and misery were too much for me so I drowned my feelings with a bottle. One bottle became two and it kept going. As I was in the middle of a cloud of misery, he came back. It was mindblowing. But at the same time I was happy. Jerome tried to make the entire city go mad. He lost his face and fought with Bruce Wayne. He was supposed to go back to Arkham, but Indian Hill took him. Jerome, being the badass he was, broke out and now he was here, with me.

He had scars around his face and his lips were curved into a smile. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans. He came with clothes filled with holes, but I had some of his old clothes here. So, he wore them. 

‘‘You still look stunning’‘ He broke the silence that had been bothering us. I was shocked and more or less speechless. ‘‘How are you not dead?’‘ I dared to ask him. All my muscles were tense and I felt how my hands were trembling. I didn’t want to be so scared because I still loved him. Damn, I would do anything for him but I was afraid that he would kill me.

‘‘Death doesn’t seem to like me too much’‘ He laughed and then took a sip of the fresh coffee I had made before he barged through my window. Jerome came to my apartment without any warnings and I nearly stabbed him. I smiled a bit at his comment but I didn’t know how to relax. 

‘‘Did ya miss me too much kitten?’‘ He asked me, standing up and then taking a seat right next to me on my black couch. I gulped and grabbed my cup, hoping that the coffee would help my nerves. I could literally hear my heartbeat. It kept beating, beating, beating, b e a t i n g….

‘‘Y/N’‘ Jerome snapped me out of my thoughts. I flinched and spilled some coffee on my lap. I winced in pain and quickly put the cup away. Jerome wiped the coffee off my thigh with his hand, making my breath hitch in my throat. His touch made goosebumps rise on my soft skin. His eyes looked straight into mine and that’s when I felt like losing myself. I tried to hold back my tears so he wouldn’t get angry, but it felt nearly impossible.

‘‘Why are you crying? Did someone hurt you?’‘ He growled as he saw the tears in the corners of my E/C eyes. I shook my head no but it didn’t convince him. Jerome clenched his jaw and seemed mad. It scared me so I his my face in my hands and tried to calm down. Although Jerome had killed people, even his own mother, it seemed like he still cared.

He pulled me into his strong arms and hugged me tightly. I could feel that he had gotten stronger. First, I held my breath, too scared to breathe as he held me. Then he rubbed my back gently, up and down which made me relax. ‘’Breathe kitten. It’s just me, Jerome. Everything’s alright’’ He tried to assure me. I inhaled a shaky breath and felt warm tears soaking his shirt. It was still him, the same person I had known since forever. But it felt different.

‘‘I missed you s-so much’‘ I sobbed and then clenched onto him. Finally, I allowed my other emotions to conquer my fear. ‘‘Yeah, it sucked that I couldn’t visit you in so long’‘ He admitted while rubbing my back. I bit my bottom lip and tasted the irony taste of blood. ‘‘But things will change. We can be together now’‘ He added a bit more happily. I met his pretty eyes and saw that he didn’t look bloodthirsty at all. He seemed genuinely glad to see me.

‘‘ won’t..’‘ I tried to speak but the words got stuck in my throat. ‘‘I won’t what? You gotta finish what you started doll face’‘ He tried to make me speak. I nodded and looked away. He hummed something and grabbed my jaw, making me face him again. ‘‘Tell me’‘ He whispered and looked serious. I just hoped he wouldn’t get mad at me. ‘‘You won’t k-kill me, right?’‘ I asked him with a voice, barely louder than a whisper. Something twisted in his eyes and he let go of my jaw.

‘‘Why would you even think that?’‘ He growled a bit angrily, startling me. Luckily, his temperament didn’t rise too much. ‘‘I would never lay a finger on you in a bad way. You’re the only one I care about Y/N. You’re my only friend and also my girlfriend. I love you’‘ He let me know ever so seriously. These words coming from his mouth were surprising. Jerome had always been a bit shy with me. I guess he had gained confidence to tell me that. 

‘‘Are you scared to love me?’‘ He asked me after a while. It’s like he read me like an open book. ‘‘A bit’‘ I answered honestly. Jerome seemed a bit sad about that. It was so strange. I had been watching the news tapes of him over and over again. He had been smiling widely as he shot people. It’s like all his sympathy and love was gone, vanished into thin air. But now it looked like some had stayed. Knowing that he cared about me, and me only, warmed my heart.

‘‘You don’t need to be afraid. You know me Y/N. We have done so many things together and you haven’t been scared then. Yes, I’ve changed but I’ll always be Jerome for you’‘ He promised me sweetly. For a moment, I felt like I could forget his crimes. All the scary laughs and even the fact he killed his mom. Suddenly, Jerome leaned closer to me so the tips of our noses brushed against each other. His hand held onto my waist and his other hand was on my cheek. 

now my heart fluttered for a different reason. ‘’I missed you baby. Please don’t fear me’’ He breathed out. Only a second later he pressed his soft red lips against mine. I shut my eyes and felt overwhelmed. His kiss was so warm and intense. He got so close and the beautiful moment washed my brain, making me focus on only this. Nothing else mattered.

‘‘I’ll make you feel safe again, okay?’‘ He purred and pushed me on my back. Then he nibbled my ear, making me moan a bit. ‘‘Yes Jerome’‘ I replied as calmly as I could. ‘‘You’re my girl, I’ll never let anyone harm you. If anyone even thinks about it, I’ll kill them’‘ He promised me. A minute ago that would have scared me, but now it felt like the most romantic thing ever. 

‘‘Just please stay and don’t die again. I can’t live without you’‘ I told him as he kissed my neck. A shiver ran down my spine because his kisses felt so amazing. He knew all my sweet spots so well. ‘‘Don’t worry about that. One day we will be the kind and queen of this damn city’‘ He purred and then started to drag off my shirt. As he spoke, his voice got even deeper and raspier.

Now that my shirt was on the floor, I put my arms on my stomach. I was still a bit nervous although I had been in this situation with him before. ‘’Don’t hide yourself’’ He told me and grabbed my wrists, pinning them above my head. Suddenly I remembered something not so good.

Jerome noticed it too. He froze on the spot and just stared at my skin. I tried to yank my arm free, but he was stronger than me. ‘’What have you done?’’ He asked me with a bit scary voice. That’s when he moved his eyes away from my scars and looked deep into my eyes. His had turned darker and my fear came back into my body. 

‘‘I..I don’t know’‘ I mumbled and pulled my arm away. Jerome let go and then sat again. I felt really anxious now. So I stood up and walked to my bedroom. Tears stung my eyes and I was sure he’d leave now. Instead of leaving, Jerome followed me, right into the devil’s cave. My room was full of empty bottles of whisky, rum and other strong drinks. I dragged my hair and bit my lips together, hoping that I could cry silently.

‘‘Y/N you’re not okay..’‘ Jerome noticed and then walked up to me. ‘‘How do you know what’s okay and not okay?’‘ I spat rudely without thinking. I regretted it immediately. ‘‘S-sorry..I’m sorry’‘ I breathed out and stepped a few steps back. Jerome wasn’t angry. He seemed..disappointed.  ‘‘I’m so sorry’‘ I sobbed and hit the wall. ‘’Is it because of me?’’ He wanted to know while looking around. My room was a mess. There was a stain of wine on the carpet and a pile of bottles on my nightstand.

‘‘I really..missed you..Jerome’‘ I managed to croak without stuttering. ‘‘I thought ..I lost you for good’‘ I continued and then sobbed. He came back to me and grabbed my hands. ‘‘So I took it out on m-myself. I started drinking and..cutting’‘ I admitted shamefully. I couldn’t even look at him. ‘‘Listen baby’‘ He whispered and took a deep breath. 

‘‘I need you to stop doing that’‘ He started and I sighed. ‘‘It’s not easy’‘ I let him know. Suddenly he cupped my face and looked deep into my eyes. ‘‘I won’t let you do that, okay? I won’t leave anymore. Don’ Just fuck- please trust me, okay?’‘ Jerome got a bit frustrated. It’s like my actions hurt him. It’s a bit ironic because murdering a whole bunch of people didn’t make him sad, but me being sad was too much.

‘‘I’ll try’‘ I promised and blinked away my tears. ‘‘Geez, I thought that you’d hate me for what I did’‘ He admitted, obviously surprised that I still had feelings towards him. I just hugged him and hid my face in the crook of his neck. ‘‘How could I not love you?’‘ I whispered, not sure if he heard me. Now, I just wanted to sink into the moment. Hopefully, this wasn’t another dream of him coming back to me. 

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accordintoi all known laws oif aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. its wings are too small t o g et itts fa t little body off th e gr ound. the bee, of course, flies anyway b ecause beoes dont care what humans think is impossible. yelloow, bllack. yellow, bbblack. yellow, black. yellow, black. ooh, black and yel low!!! let;;;s shake it up a little. barrrry!!!! breakfast is ready!!!!! oeoming!!!! hang on a second. hello?? - barry???? - adam???? - oain ubelieve this is happeni

Did you just crytype the Bee Movie script at me

i will forever draw jim in beastie boys merch now 

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Who has a bigger ego: Aleister or Sebastian?

yeah, excuse me? yeah, i’m calling because my ego-meter just broke and i need it because i’m measuring egos. You think the fact that it broke make the person winner? no, i’m pretty sure the other one would have broken it too. I need a stronger ego-meter. A more powerful one. AN U N D E S T R U C T I B L E ONE. 

(probs sebastian, if only because he has more time collecting it). 

bored so here is this Garbage

types as my friend group irl:

•my best friend
•Sass Sass Sass™
•sleeps a lot
•wears black All The Time
•laughs at everything
•sends me conspiracy theories at 2am
•scared easily
•t a c o b e l l 2 4 / 7
•but she takes me with her every time so it’s cool

•very argue
•doesn’t do the Emotion™
•red lipstick
•feminism 200%
•can’t cook anything
•will beat you up

•probably stoned 90% of the time
•random noises
•he scream
•too good at mortal kombat
•probably getting fired bc he told his boss to shut up by accident

•dared himself to eat tree bark
•threw up afterwards
•l o u d
•will beat you up if bored
•googled how to boil an egg
•thinks he is strong

•my blood is actually iced coffee
•anxious smol child
•eats pizza rolls religiously
•hair is practically every color of the rainbow
•too naive & trusting
•seriously though a l i e n s
•cat videos 24/7

•emo af
•claims she isn’t
•but she is
•black cats
•can hear colors
•gets Angered Easily
•can sometimes be a rude wrinkled no fun raisin
•only if she’s in a bad mood though
•cooks fish really well but can’t cook anything else
•only fish

French Vocab. 🍽Eating Out🍽 Part 2


Cheers!- Santé!/ Chin-chin!
Bottoms up!- Cul sec!
I’m drunk.- Je me sens soûl/ Je me sens ivre
I had too many drinks. - J'ai trop bu
Ice please! - Avec des glaçons s'il vous plaît!
No ice please! - Sans glaçons s'il vous plaît!
Where’s the toilet? - Où sont les toilettes?

This is…/ this tastes…- C'est/ Ce goût…
Hot (temperature)- Chaud
Cold- Froid
Greasy- gras/grasse
Sweet- Sucré
Hot(spicy)- Épicé
Tasteless- Sans saveur/ sans goût
Sour- Aigre

Béer- Bière
Coffee- Café
Tea- Thé
Jasmine Tea- Thé au Jasmin
Green Tea- Thé vert
Black Tea- Thé noir
White Tea- Thé blanc
Water- Eau
Mineral water- Eau mnérale
Sparkling water- Eau (minérale) gazeuse
Milk- Lait
Juice- Jus
Orange juice- Jus d'orange
Apple juice- Jus de pomme
Grape juice- Jus de raisin

Alcoholic drinks- Boissons alcoolisées
Whisky- Whisky
Brandy- Brandy/ Cognac
Champagne- Champagne
Wine- Vin
Red wine- Vin rouge
White wine- Vin blanc
Rosé- Rosé
Gin- Gin
Cocktail- Cocktail

🍷Feel free to add and or correct this post🍷

I was tagged by @black-john-lennon and LOOK it only took me a few hours to do this meme.  (That might be a record.)

A - Age: 41 (for a couple more months)
B - Biggest fear: death
C - Current time: 9:57pm
D - Drink you last had: water
E - Every day starts with: revving engines and strong tea
F - Favorite song: Fuck, I don’t know.  Too hard.  Pass.
G - Ghosts: are they real? No.
I - In love with: My hubby, my kids, chocolate, revolution, and Klaine.
K - Killed someone: Not yet, but the night is still young.
L - Last time you cried: Last week.  It’s been an intense time lately.
M - Middle name:  [redacted]
N - Number of siblings: 1
O - One wish: Fundamental social change based on mutual respect and equal justice.  And more cow bell.
P - Person you last called/texted: my son
Q - Question you are always asked:  Do you work here?  (No, I just look really intense and like I know what I’m doing all the time apparently.)
R - Religion: nope
S - Song last sang: Happy Birthday
T - Time you woke up: 6:45am and I stay up late so 1/10 would not recommend
U - Underwear color: black
- Vacation destination: iceland
W - Worst habit: slouching
X - X-Rays you’ve had: sonograms only
Y - Your favorite food: avaocado
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo (”boss ass bitch no one’s above me”)

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Month of birth:
- January: I kicked
- February: I kissed
- March: I played with
- April: I grabbed
- May: I ate
- June: I hugged
- July: I stared at
- August: I ran towards
- September: I slept on
- October: I charged
- November: I rode
- December: I fell in love with

First letter of your name:
- A/B: Seungkwan’s voice
- C/D: Mingyu’s back
- E/F: Hoshi’s butt
- G/H: Dino’s noodles
- I/J: Jeunghan’s hair
- K/L: Jun’s face
- M/N: Joshua’s smile
- O/P: Wonwoo’s pizza
- Q/R: Dokyeom’s pork
- S/T: The8’s dancing
- U/V: S. Coups’ aegyo
- W/X: Woozi’s height
- Y/Z: Vernon’s awkwardness

Colour of your shirt:
- Red: for no reason.
- Blue: cause i couldn’t wait anymore.
- Green: for revenge.
- White: cause i was hyper.
- Black: cause he needed to chill.
- Grey: to get the party started.
- Others: cause he too hot.


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I saw this a while back on a Narnia blog (I think it was @aslansblessings, but I’m not sure) and wanted to do it too, but I forgot about it so I didn’t do it but yeah. Here it is: My account’s name in song titles.

S ay you won’t let go (James Arthur)
P opular Song (Mika ft. Ariana Grande)
A ngels (Robbie Williams)
R ise (Katy Perry)
K iss the Rain (Yiruma)
L ithium (Evanescence)
Y ou’re beautiful (James Blunt)
B ack in Black (AC/DC)
A ngel With a Shotgun (The Cab)
S amson (Regina Spektor)
E st-ce que tu m'aimes? (Maître Gims)
M y Interpretation (Mika)
E ye of the Tiger (Survivor)
N ancy Mulligan (Ed Sheeran)
T eenagers (My Chemical Romance)
R aise your glass (Pink)
E yes Wide Open (Sabrina Carpenter)
B illy Brown (Mika)
E arth Song (Michael Jackson)
L ittle Drummer Boy

yay, i managed to finish the lovely l u h a n whilst in egypt!
my second addition to my exo-m portrait series wooohooo
x i u m i n ||  l u h a n ||  c h e n  ||  t a o || l a y || k r i s || s u h o || c h a n y e o l || b a e k h y u n || s e h u n || k a i || D.O

happy nagito wishes for all your sadness to go *poof* and disappear into nothing.

happy nagito wants to crawl inside your thoughts and wants you to know everything is okay. he will pat your cranium and hush any woes trying to spill out. he will enclose your body in an embrace to prevent you from struggling. he will brainwash you with rainbows and sparkles.

but how can happy nagito be expected to do that when he’s barely tensile. the lines he’s made up of are equivalent to the scrawl of a toddler. his eyes are black pools of oil spill, pulling in anyone who stares and burying them under the darkness. his smile is a small C shape - not too eager and not too dull - feigning the appearance of a stable person.

happy nagito wants you to be happy but happy nagito just can’t get himself together.   justwait for his  b arely tangi bl e body tto f f al l a pa rt t, .

Collecting Beast Balls in Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you’re like me then you are a rareball connoisseur for whatever reason floats your boat. Aesthetics, specific team structure, or just for the hell of it; pokeballs play a big part in breeding mechanics and this gen’s rareball is in high demand.

The Beast Ball, available directly post game once you start the Looker UB missions (Akala Motel, Route 8), is seemingly scarce. Wicke gives you 10 at the Aether Foundation and tells you to “be timely with your throws,” while Looker mentions the insane cost to produce them if you ask.

However, with some extra time and patience, you can have a whole collection of Beast Balls for your personal use outside of the UB Missions.

And its all for free. Imagine that. I bet all you next-gen scammers are just itching with glee, aren’t you?

Well, listen up you freeloading pigs. It’s really simple and a little time consuming, but free is free nonetheless.

All you need to do is have your Pokemon hold a Beast Ball so that your Bag inventory is empty, then talk to Looker and he will replenish you one by one.

If you are also like me, then you have too many spare (useless) breedjects lying around in your PC boxes. Now is the time to utilize them. Collect 6 B-Balls on your team, 1 spare in the bag, then dump them on your PC pokemon and repeat until you have a pretty decent stash, however many you wish.

30? 60? 120? 240? I won’t judge.

Now get out there and start your own underground black market trade of rare Alolan mons in Beast Balls to breed into perfect battle ready killers. Bet they’ll sell like crack in the community. Pokeball crack, that is.

‘Cos, you know. A E S T H E T I C .

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scene!wonwoo point form description because I like to cringe

scene wonwoo.

this is gonna be funny,,,

  • ok yo so deadass he would be like me during my scene phase
  • yes i went through a scene phase don’t @ me
  • wonwoo is just skinny enough that he looks like every typical scene guy u see if u just googled “scene boy” or smth
  • he also has that resting bitch face that’s perfect for this lets b real here
  • he’d always have his earphones in, blasting music
  • ok this has nothing to do with scene!wonwoo but imagine pop punk nerd!mingyu and him being best friends l i s t e n i went through a pop punk phase too iVE BEEN THROUGH A LOT
  • he also lives in hot topic like deadass u walk in and he’s literally always in here
  • half the time he aint even buyin nothing he just hanging out
  • ur like “yo, wyd” “they play the best music in here”
  • s o get this when hes at school or whatever i threw highschool!au in bc why not he’s this super emo looking kid wearing neon colors and band shirts
  • but outside of school he is TOTALLY the “lol rawr XD” guy 
  • he’s probably deadass on chatango messaging people like “wanna rp” I CANTHSGHFGDJF 
  • yes i was on chatango too i have b e e n t h r o u g h s t u f f
  • he’d also have rlly cringey band quotes on his school planners and stuff oh my god
  • ok i gotta stop i literally cannot stop laughing

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soo hey guys! i’m on chinese new year break and i thought, “rachel, you just hit a pretty cool goal, why not make a tumblr awards?” so here it is! 

rules/shiznit to abide to:
  • Must be following me
  • Reblog once. You can like for bookmarking. 
  • Ends February 25th. 
  • One winner and two runner up’s for each category
  • This has to reach 50-75 notes (cmon pls guys)
categories/things you can win in bc ur blog is the shiz:
  • The James Potter Award; Best url
  • The Lily Evans Award; Best theme
  • The Sirius Black Award; Best posts
  • The Remus Lupin Award; Best multifandom
  • The Patronus Award; Best Harry Potter
  • DUMBLEDORE AWARD; Best overall
winners get this shiz: 
  • Follow back for each winner

  • Unlimited promo’s for a month

  • A spot on my blog {for runner up’s too}
  • COOKieS?!FRIEND? {for everyone}
M A Y  T H E  O D D S  B E  E V E R  I N  Y O U R  F A V O U R

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What would an exo song featuring suga and rapmon be like? What sort of concept? What would the music video belike?

Here’s how I would do it. Okay so Exo is into the supernatural themes, superpowers, aliens, wolves, etc. While BTS does the whole bad-boy, cutting class kind of thing. So in this comeback they’d do a witchcraft theme, but while maintaining the “no school, no rulez” BTS mindset. Know what that means? Bad boys of Hogwarts. 

The scene opens up in the Hogwarts Great Hall, the sorting hat is there, Exo stands waiting to get sorted. BAM! Rapmon slams into through the wall riding a dragon (the dragon is Kris) and says something about “No labelz” and busts out some hard rhymes. Cut to the dancing scene. I know what you’re thinking. Sexy Hogwarts uniforms? No. Something more along the lines of sexy Voldemort, something black and form fitting with trendy matte claws. The dance is sensual, I recommend lots of Lay and lots of body rolls. If you think there’s too much Lay and too many body rolls, there’s not enough. Chen high notes and Kyungsoo soul music. Infrequent interludes of the guys performing magic with references to their MAMA powers. Very fancy looking. Scene of $uho rolling in Galleons like the suave wizard he is. More body rolls. Trendy haircuts.

Then it goes into the bridge. Sehun says “E-X-O” and Rapmon with his sunglasses on says “B-T-S” and the MV cuts to Suga. He’s wearing a Supreme hat because he’s the supreme witch. He’s sitting on a throne, staff in hand, giant snake behind him. He raps aggressively about how “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”is actually named Min Yoongi. Then back to the dance scene, more body rolls. And then magic body rolls because why not. I don’t know. Throw in some fireworks and you’ve got a hit. Alright pay me.