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Florence + The Machine

Florence + the Machine  |  Mother  |  How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

How I long for the autumn
The sun keeps burning deep
Every stone in this city keeps reminding me
Can you protect me from what I want?
The love I let in, it left me so lost 

Forgive me, Mother, for I have sinned – I have sped up and illegally uploaded this most beautiful of all songs ever written.


What’s up everybody? I decided to give y'all a some more Weeknd/Polaroid-style album covers. These have been very successful for my blog and I gotta thank everyone who has been liking, reblogging, commenting, everything. It is greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

I'm about to go through all my clothes.

Any plus size trans girls/women would be interested in some gently used (some never worn) clothes? I got too chubby for some of my stuff and I would wanna prioritize plus sized trans women because I know it must be hard to actually find/buy things given the intersections of your identities. I’m thinking I’m going to find clothes between women’s sizes 14-18. Once I’m done, I’ll update this post with what I find. I just wanna gauge interest first.

since I was talking about languages headcanons, let me share an actual fav of mine: Yuuri actually started studying Russian when he first fell in love with Viktor (’s skating).

A starry eyed little Yuuri, glued to the small bulky television in the living room of the onsen, watching the recording of a young Viktor’s Junior World Championship in Bulgaria, his ponytail whipping around as he twirls and cuts the air in a perfectly executed jump; there’s nothing more Yuuri wants than to be like him, to know what this person made of starlight looks like inside. How can this beautiful angelic boy do what he does, how is it even possible to glide so effortlessly on the unforgiving ice when all Yuuri can do is fall and cry and bruise?

So he starts info dumping, collecting scraps of rare skating magazines, reading article upon article about him and interviews; but then again, there’s only a certain number of them that’s in Japanese, a little more in English, of which Yuuri’s knowledge is still wonky at best. Most of them are in Russian, because you know, Viktor is Russia’s prodigy, so of course. It’s not easy to find them.

Their dial up connection cable whirrs ominously and sucks money and energy, but he doesn’t desist, finds some approximation of a skating fan site with grainy images and pages and pages of minuscule writing, so much it makes his head hurt. Even then, he doesn’t give up. Yuuri is twelve, and stubborn, so he goes to the library and brings home a dictionary, sits down in front of their outdated computer and squints at the screen, flips through the yellowed pages and reads, painstakingly, his vision going fuzzy in between kanji and cyrillic. It’s not the best, but it’s all worth it when one day he realizes he actually can recognize some of the words without even cracking open the ratty dictionary.

When Yuuri is eighteen, he places his heart and dreams in Detroit. He slices himself open and drips red on the pavement of the rink, strips his feet raw and never stops thinking about the force that drives him, locks a wish too big to be contained into the small space between lungs and ribcage. He signs up for a Russian Language course.

When asked, he tells Viktor he had to choose an extra class to take in college. He doesn’t tell him about the little kid hunched over a shitty dictionary at two am begging to know more about his idol (he’ll tell him, a whispered confession in the middle of the night, but now it’s too much, too early). He doesn’t tell him that he knows exactly what he’s doing when he brings a tub of ice cream home and Viktor beams delightedly, exclaims “that’s my favourite!” Yuuri smiles, replies he had a hunch it would be. The old article is clear in his mind, a stolen piece of memory of a Katsuki Yuuri that wanted nothing more than to know exactly what Viktor Nikiforov’s favourite ice cream flavor would be, not knowing there’d be a time where it would become as simple as asking. Viktor laughs, makes grabby hands at it. “I love you,” he sighs wistfully, wrapping his lips around the spoon, and Yuuri flushes, takes a spoonful too, feeling incredulous and warm.

The wish that was trapped inside crawls up his throat and takes off in a huff, no more than a whisper. It has no use now, for it’s fulfilled, at last.

The ice cream tastes better than anything he’s ever had.

(It’s strawberry.)


Legends of Tomorrow | 2.05 | Atomwave

Reagan wasn’t even one of my top three favourite presidents.


You absolutely hated driving when Harry was in the car with you. You loved Harry, you just didn’t like backseat driver Harry. Or, in this case, front seat driver Harry. (He refused to sit in the back because he liked sitting up front with you. Also, he could hold your hand whenever you were at a stoplight.) 

So far, Harry hadn’t said anything because he was far too preoccupied with scrolling through his Twitter feed. This was why you were thankful for social media - Harry barely spoke when he was lost in the world of likes and retweets. You didn’t mind, of course, because you were just as obsessed with social media as he was! Your day was going great until you initiated conversation. That was your first mistake. 

“Are we going to that little diner or the sandwich shop?” You asked, slowing down when you caught sight of the yellow light on the stop light. 

“The, uh, the diner. I went t’ the sandwich shop yesterday.” Harry hummed, locking his phone and setting it down on his leg. “Why’d you take this way?” 

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your brows, keeping your eyes on the stoplight.

“If yeh turned left a couple blocks back, we wouldn’t be in this traffic.” 

“There’s no traffic, Harry. We’re at a bloody stoplight.” 

“No, I can see the traffic right ahead. If we’re going to be late for lunch, it’s on you.” Harry shrugged, pointing ahead before glancing over at you. 

“I’m sure they can make a little space for the Harry Styles.” You snorted, earning a little pinch on your arm for your snarky remark. He didn’t want to admit it, but he also knew that the busiest of restaurants would magically find a table for him no matter what. “And I’m the driver, so I get to choose the route. Plus, if I take that street to the right, we can avoid the traffic.”

“The light’s green.” 

“Yes, Harry. I can see that. I’m not blind.” You huffed, stepping lightly on the gas pedal right after someone honked at you from behind. 

“You wouldn’t have gotten beeped if you were looking at the light instead of me.” 

“You were talking to me, and I didn’t think- No, I’m not fighting over this. People honk at each other all the time in L.A.” You pointed out, sitting up a little to check if you were supposed to turn on this street. A part of you wanted to ask Harry considering the fact you were relatively new to driving in L.A, but then you’d get his whole speech about how he should have driven instead and-

“Turn at the next street.” Harry nudged your arm, smiling lightly at your little huff of aggravation. He knew he was being irritating, but he also knew you loved him no matter what, so… “And don’ forget about the blinkers.” 

“I’m- I know! I know what to do!” You cried out, flipping the blinkers on angrily and turning to the right before the car began surging ahead. 

By the time you got to the parking lot, Harry’s backseat driving got worse. You didn’t even know it was possible that it could get even worse. 

“Don’t take that spot. Your parallel parking is terrible.” Harry sat up straighter to crane his neck a little as he looked around for a nice spot. 

“My parallel parking is fine. I’m not the one who rear-ended a car.” You pointed out, Harry turning to give you a pointed look before looking back out the window. 

“Tha’ was one time. Take that spot! It’s in the shade, and it’s close to the café, and- Oh, too slow. Now it’s gone. You were too slow.” Harry clicked his tongue, leaning back against the seat. “Too slow.” 

“I couldn’t see which spot you were talking about because your big head was in the way!” You exclaimed, spotting another free space and quickly driving towards it. 

“Our car’s too big for this spot.” Harry muttered under his breath, shutting up immediately when you stared at him with nothing but pure death in your eyes. “Don’ blame me if yeh scratch the car.” (Truth be told, it was a bit of a squeeze but it was nothing you couldn’t handle!) 

After parking the car with minimal difficulty, you hopped out and began walking off without Harry. (You purposely parked so that it would be harder to get out on his side, but you could blame it on the size of the parking space.) 

“Good job on parking, love. Very smooth!” You turned when you felt Harry grab your hand suddenly before walking alongside you. Huh. This was the first positive comment on your driving - Needless to say, you were pleasantly surprised! 

“Thank you! I was surprised I could even get in there because it was a little small.” 

“So you admit it! You thought the space was a little small. If you weren’t so slow, we could’ve snagged that bigger spot.” Ah, there it was. “Wha- Why’d yeh let go of my hand??” 

“You can drive yourself home, you dolt.”


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Things my school really did

context: we have this huge game every year where we compete with our rival school for this big bell and the week before the game we get really hyped and get to dress out of uniform and have this big pep rally but this year we got so buck wild we

  • Burned an effigy of the rival schools mascot (a spider)
  • wore black the next day to mourn the spider
  • brought a coffin out and had a funeral for the spider
  • our mascot burst out the coffin but we don’t actually have a mascot so it was literally just a kid in a green morphsuit
  • hired a knight from the renaissance festival to ride a horse onto the field before the game with a fake spider which was thrown on the ground and trampled by our team
  • won the game and the bell again for the 3rd year in a row :)
Had to report a manager

This week I had to report one of my managers for bullying a younger employee. (tl;dr at end)

I’ve had issues with this manager before, he was hired on as a manager from a different place and he was really bad at the start. He’d walk away from front line while I was on drive through to take personal phone calls or to take a smoke break without telling me. He would chew tobacco in the back while on his break and had his spit cup where we’d prepare food. But I complained to another manager, a co-worker also complained. After that everything was going fine up until a co-worker made a mistake.

This is employee is 16 and only works a few times a week so she’s not as trained as she could be because she still has school. We work fast food and one of our fries doesn’t have a timer for an item but the one next to it does. Normally it’s not a big deal, we just check which one is beeping when it goes off before we pull the food up. But because she’s never really worked the fryer she didn’t know about that timer and she accidentally pulled up under cooked fries and dropped them in with cooked fries.

My manager caught it and we had to dump those. Not too much of a big deal, just drive through was busy and would be behind while we made new fries. We all made a little joke about her mistake. But she felt bad. My manager kept making jokes though. About how drive through times would be messed up now, that she messed up everything. She was feeling terrible. 

I had stepped out of the building to bring food to a car we had pull up. When I came back in the manager was still going on about it. it had been at least 3 or 4 minutes by now, and he was still harking on it. I didn’t plan on saying anything about it until I was walking back into drive through to take another order while he was handing out a bag of food when I heard him say to the customer “Sorry for the wait, we had a rookie make a mistake." 

Now as I had walked by the 16 year old I noticed she had tears in her eyes so when he said that I told him in these words "It’s time to lay off.” He got mad at me for ‘getting in his face’ told me to get my job done. So I did. We got drive through cleared out and I went into the back and started texting my other (previously mentioned) manager what happened.

The manager I was working with came into the back and started yelling at me for getting in his face (which I wasn’t. there was at least 3 feet between us when i told him to stop.), he starts bringing up my attitude problem (which was with him being shitty when he started working, which i had thought we worked through). I told him that he’s making fun of our coworker was making her cry, that she’s just a 16 year old girl (the rest of just were 23 and older). He ends up telling me that he’s the manager and he’ll handle things and not to speak to him in such a way. I just kind of stare at him because he was super missing the point.

It ends up taking him about 10 minutes after to explain the mistake to the coworker and 20 to apologize to her. After she left at the end of her shift he comes back to me again and agree that he maybe took things too far and that she was a kid. But he still he was really rude about it. 

I went home and decided to tell our GM about what happened. Honestly just to protect my own ass because I could have been written up for it if my manager really wanted to. At the end of explaining it the GM his reply is that “Everyone makes mistakes and it helps us grow to be better people/leaders 😊” The emote was in the text he sent.

tl;dr: my manager made fun of a 16 year old girl to the point she was about to cry and when I reported it, my GM’s reply was passive aggressive af

The Party

The Party

Word count: 3.2k

Genre: Smut, angst, (jealous Hobi) with a side of fluff.

You and your boyfriend, Hoseok, were getting ready for a party tonight. You had a bit of a fight earlier because he was ignoring you the night before. You knew dance practice was a big deal for him but he hadn’t answered his phone all day and you two had plans that night.

Once he finally came home, not giving you any excuse but his busy schedule, you two went out with some friends. He wasn’t acting very ‘couple like’ with you while you were out. It’s not that you both take part in extreme PDA but he barely touched you which wasn’t normal for him. You knew it was important for him to have guy time too but Jimin and his girlfriend were practically all over each other. The other boys seemed to be having a great time trying also to include Hoseok. Instead Hoseok wandered off and you didn’t see him for most of the night. Although, Namjoon was especially having a good night because he was very drunk and giving you all the attention Hoseok wasn’t. Once you got home that night Hoseok went straight to bed without a word.

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Dark Side of Your Room | Episode 1

Originally posted by dailycwriverdale

This is a sequel to At the Drive-In. However, having read the prequel is not necessarily a requirement. I leave that up to your discretion.

At The Drive-In: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 + Epilogue

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Pairing: Jughead x Reader, Jughead x Betty
Word Count: 1,465
Warnings: I probably put some swear words in at some point. This story will traverse into uncharted waters in later chapters. This is due to Riverdale being off the air until October.
Summary: Jughead and Reader reconnect at Southside High where he notices that she’s wearing a very familiar leather jacket. 
A/N: There was some weird formatting and I tried to fix it. Apologies if anything is off. This sequel was inspired by @tasteofswallowedwords and @forsythe-pendleton-jones-iv who each had like eight questions about the epilogue for At the Drive-In. Their questions inspired additional content that I had in my head, but never put into words. Feel free to let me know if you had any questions :) they could inspire me!

We always say that we’ll keep in touch
Nobody does but it don’t matter much

She’s heading towards the cafeteria with three of her friends from English when she thinks she sees a prince straight out of a Disney movie standing by the payphones. Her laughter freezes on her tongue when their eyes meet and she feels like there is too much blood pumping through her body at once. Seeing him in the halls of Southside High steals all of the air from her lungs and blocks out all ambient noise.

She is cursed to love Jughead Jones the Third for the rest of her young life.

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Superstore Season 2 Deleted Scenes
Watch all of the deleted scenes from season 2 of Superstore!

I’ve been snooping around and saw that a lot of y’all couldn’t watch the deleted scenes that the Superstore YouTube channel kept uploading, so I figured I’d compile them all and post them here. I couldn’t upload it directly since the file was too big, and the embed video from Google Drive isn’t the most convenient, so I just posted the link!

Let me know if everything works and is okay! I’m pretty sure this should be all of the scenes since they’ve just uploaded one from the last episode of the season, but if they do upload anymore I’ll be sure to post them for y’all!


MCR album aesthetics

bullets; dying your hair black in your friends bathroom, jeans that are too big for you, bruised knuckles, midnight drives to the convenience store, sweating a lot, playing guitar really angrily in your basement, shoplifting beer and chugging it in the parking lot of the store, skipping school 

revenge; cutting up your skinny jeans, listening to music really loud, making out with our friends as a dare, wearing all black even in the summer, chipped nail polish, doing photoshoots in graveyards on shitty cameras, speeding on the highway, getting into fights at school

black parade; sobbing over your ex, fantasizing about death, going to raves, stealing your mom’s eyeliner, getting wasted, going out on halloween even though you’re too old, falling in love with your best friend, having a strange obsession with vampires, forming a shitty band, breaking the law, sewing patches onto your jackets, trying to bleach your hair

danger days; getting high, eating lots of junk food and feeling terrible, reading sci-fi novels, skateboarding, sneaking into concerts, leather jackets, racing your friends through stores, shooting targets, going on road trips, doodling lots, staying up until 3 am, drinking lots of energy drinks

Good to be bad (part 4)

Disclaimer: I do not own descendants just this story.

Pairing: Harry Hook x reader

Warnings: This is the last part

A/N: I have loved writing this mini series. Thank you for your support loves.

Huh, let’s get this party started
I swear I’m cold-hearted
There’s no negotiation
I’m not here for debatin’
You need some motivation?
Just look at Ben’s face
Then ask yourself how long you think I’ll remain patient
I’ll throw him overboard and let him swim with killer sharks
You either hand over the wand or he’ll be ripped apart

Now, let’s all just be smart
Although for you that must be hard
You’ll get your wand
No one has to come to any harm
Don’t try to intimidate
Your bark is much worse than your bite
Who’s the baddest of them all?
I guess we’re finding out tonight

Uma’s Crew:
Let’s go, bring it on
Better give us what we want
It’s the wand for the crown
If you don’t, it’s going down

Mal’s Crew:
Let’s go, make your move
Peace or war, it’s up to you
Give him up and do it now
If you don’t, it’s going down

Uma’s Crew:
We want the wand
Or else the king is gone
Your time is running out
You should really watch your mouth

Mal’s Crew:
Let’s go, pound for pound
We’re prepared to stand our ground
Put your swords up, put ‘em up
It’s going down

Uma’s Crew:
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, make the trade
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, or walk the plank
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, make the trade
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, or walk the plank

Ok, look, this is not a conversation
It’s a do-or-die situation
If you don’t give me back the king
I’ll have no hesitation
I’ll serve you right here
And I don’t need a reservation
That way your whole pirate crew can have a demonstration
Release him now, and we can go our separate ways
Unless you wanna deal with me
And the VK’s

So that’s your big speech, huh?
An empty ultimatum?

All it takes is one swing and I’ll humiliate him
Matter of fact, make one wrong move and I’ll debilitate him
And if he even starts to slip, I’ll eliminate him
All it takes is one long look and I’ll—

Harry! We get it. Chill

Uma’s Crew:
Let’s go, bring it on
Better give us what we want
It’s the wand for the crown
If you don’t, it’s going down

Mal’s Crew:
Let’s go, make your move
Peace or war, it’s up to you
Give him up and do it now
If you don’t, it’s going down

Uma’s Crew:
We want the wand
Or else the king is gone
Your time is running out
You should really watch your mouth

Mal’s Crew:
Let’s go, pound for pound
We’re prepared to stand our ground
Put your swords up, put 'em up
It’s going down

Hey, we don’t have to choose
We don’t have to light the fuse
Mal, whatever you do, it’s gonna be a lose-lose
There’s gotta be a better way
Uma, I promise I’ll give you your chance
You’ll have your say

Silly king! You? Give me?
You’re gonna give me a chance?
Well, not a chance

Uma’s Crew:
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, make the trade
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, or walk the plank
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, make the trade
Yo-ho, ho-oh, oh-oh, or walk the plank

3rd pov

Mal attempted to hand Uma the wand.

“Huh, too easy. Why don’t you take it for a test drive, but nothing too big or beastie boy is fish bait,” Uma teased. Uma may not have been able to tell but Mal was taken aback, panic in her eyes.They darted across the pier looking for something, anything. Dude. She smirked.

“Although this may be absurd, turn your bark into word,” Mal waved the wand Dude began to talk.

“Does this vest make me look fat? Does anyone have bacon? Cookies?”

“Give me the wand.”

“Give me Ben!”

“Harry,” Uma called.

“I never get to have any fun,” He grumbles. They made the trade and Uma waved the wand but nothing happened.

“You don’t get to win everytime Mal! GET HER!” Uma screams

(y/n)’s pov

Suddenly smoke bombs exploded everywhere. My mind spinning. What the hell? Why would they do this? All this over Auradon? All this over Ben? It’s stupid. I snapped out of my thoughts to the sound of sword on sword. I scan the mass of teens fighting each other looking for Harry when I spot him fighting Jay. I grab a sword and make my way towards them, weaving through the fighting duos.

“Harry!” I yell. As he dives over the edge after his hook. I stand ready to attack, Jay turning around to face me.

“(y/n)! This isn’t you. Come back, come back with me to Auradon,” he begs. I lunge attempting to strike, but I miss.

“You cheated on me! And You want me to come back! I have real friends here!!.” I lunge again. “NONE OF YOU ALL WERE EVER MY FRIENDS!” lunge. “LIARS!” lunge. “CHEATER!!” lunge. He continued to dodge my attacks.

“I won’t fight you!” Jay returns, “Audrey means nothing to me. I love YOU.” He drops his sword. I move towards him ready to strike but he easily overwhelms me pinning me to the wall my sword clattering on the deck. “Come back please. Come back to Auradon. Come back to me.”


“I hate you,” I choke out. My eyes begin to water. No (y/n) this isn’t the time, you can’t show weakness not now.

My momentary weakness came to an abrupt end as a smoke bomb exploded in my face, color clouding my vision.

“Run Jay!” Evie yells. When the smoke clears the VKs are gone and I crumple to the floor unable to hold back my tears any longer.

Harry’s pov

Mal and the others got away winning again. Infuriated Uma storms back to the ship and I begin to follow her when the sound of sobbing stops me in my tracks. Looking around to find the stupid excuse of a pirate I scan the dock. (y/n)? All plans abandoned I make my way over to her; sitting down I wrap my arms around her smaller frame and she nuzzles her head into my shoulder.

We sit there on the floor of the dock and I just hold her.

“Love, what happened?” I finally speak up. She lifts her head slightly.

“I-i used to l-live in A-auradon. I-i though t-they were m-my friends. T-their not. S-so I r-ran a-way.” She chokes out.

“Love…” I begin to coo but she stops me.

“I-I though I l-loved Jay b-but he broke m-my heart.” I wipe away the fresh tear that had fallen. “He c-cheated with Audrey.”


We sit there for who knows how long as I hold her. The sun begins to set as I feel her breath steadying.

“Love?” I look down noticing she’s fallen asleep and chuckle. Swooping her up in my arms I carry her bridal style back to our room and place her down on the bed. Letting her be I head back up the the main deck and wait.


I stare at the tv watching as Uma enters the royal cotillion, her plan is working.

“Harry?” a groggy voice asks. Turning around I allow myself to smile as (y/n) walks towards me.

“Yes love?”

“Why is Uma on the tv?”

“She’s going to win over Auradon and set us free.”

“Oh. Why would you want to go there?”

“It may be boring but we’d be free.”

“Hah! That’s a lie.”

“Come with me.”


“Come with me, to Auradon,” I start looking directly at her eyes, “Rule Auradon with me.”

She scoffs, “Sure thing Hook, you ever get invited to Auradon I’ll go with you.”

~~~~~~~~~~Present time~~~~~~~~~

(y/n)’s pov

“(Y/n)!” Harry shouts, startling me.

“I’m right here,” I say rolling my eyes at him.

“Sure your being is present at the picnic but your mind was elsewhere. What were you thinking about anyway?” He asks.

“Just to how we got here,” I reply gesturing to our surroundings.

“We walked remember. Mal and Be-”

“Not to the enchanted lake.”

“Oh.” Silence followed. “I can’t believe I fell in love with someone so good.”

“You love me?” I ask. “I love you too.” He pulled me close our lips touching. We move in rhythm. Him become more dominant pushes me down so my back is against the blanket. Eventually we break apart needing breath. “I can’t believe I fell in love with someone so bad.”

“I got you didn’t I?”

“I never should have doubted, its always good to be bad.”


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The Note

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon:  you and joker get into a nasty fight and he doesn’t come home for a few days. You start to pack your things and get ready to leave bc you know deep down that it over. You leave you engagement ring on the table and the necklace you always worn that’s he gave you when you first got together as well. You leave a note saying “ I’ll always be your gal ” and you leave. You go to a hideout and try to start a new life. The joker heart breaks and he comes to find you. Fluff please

Your name: submit What is this? 

Author’s/Reader’s P.O.V

The Joker slammed the door behind him, and got into his Lamborghini, driving off to who-knows-where. 

You and your fiancé had yet another fight. And it always ended with either one of you, driving away, cooling off, and then coming back home pretending that nothing had ever happened. The same routine had been going on for months now. You thought that when J proposed, things would start getting better, but they didn’t.

It was pretty late already, a look at your phone told you it was way past midnight, and Mr. J had yet to return. Usually he would’ve been home by now. Deciding that you were actually kind of glad not to have him around for the night, you turned off the lights and went to sleep.

The following two days, The Joker had still not come home, giving you more time to rethink your relationship with him. Did you really want to wait around for him, just to fall back into the same old routine, pretending everything was fine, until it wasn’t…again? If you were truly honest with yourself, this wasn’t the life you had dreamed of living. The love that was once between you and J, was no longer there, at least not enough for you to stay.

You grabbed your suitcase, and packed it with most of your clothes, and other essentials you would need to start a new chapter of a life on your own. When everything was packed, you went into Mr.  J’s office, sat at his desk, and began writing a note with, explaining why, you would no longer be there, when he returned. You folded the little paper, and signed it with your name, adding ‘I’ll always be your gal’ on top.
You placed it in the middle of his desk, and laid your engagement ring on top of it. Looking down, you saw the necklace that he gave you, a long time ago. You didn’t even notice it anymore, since you had never taken it off, after J gave it to you at the beginning of your relationship. It had become a part of you, but now it felt no longer right to wear it. Sighing, you reached behind your neck, and unclasped it, laying it down next to the ring. A single tear rolled down your cheek, “Goodbye J”, you whispered, and left.

 The next day

The Joker parked his car, and made his way into his penthouse. “Y/N, I’m back.”, he called out, but no answer came. “She can’t still be mad, and ignore me.”, he muttered to himself, and went looking for you. When he found the apartment empty, he went into his study, to call Frost, to tell him to figure out why the hell you weren’t home. 

Mr. J sat down at his desk, and noticed your jewelry. He picked it up, and stared at it, confused by what this meant. Just then, his eyes caught the little note, that lay beneath it. “ ‘I’ll always be your gal, Y/N’…What the hell is that supposed to mean ?!”, he growled, and opened the folded paper. His eyes scanned every sentence, and when he was done reading, he crushed the note and threw it away.
Quickly he walked into your shared bedroom, to find most of your belongings gone. Quietly he sat down on the edge of the bed. For some reason, he wasn’t angry that you were gone. Instead, he felt something different and new to him. The Joker, for the first time in his life, was heartbroken. The woman he loved had left him.

Days passed, and the Joker kept isolating himself more and more from the rest of the world. If he had been angry, the whole of Gotham would be set on fire by now but he wasn’t. Sadness, hurt and a broken heart, all that was left of the most dangerous man the city had ever seen. The only thing he wanted, was to get you back. 

Frost’s number one task was to find out where you were. And at last, he finally had some information worth handing over to his boss: your location. Carefully Frost stepped into the room, the Joker had turned into cave of madness, with him in the middle. “Boss?” Almost instantly the Joker sat up straight, his gun facing his most loyal henchman, “Where is she?” 

Trying not to make his fear known, Frost sat down and calmly explained to his boss where you were. Mr. J listened intently, and nodded once he was finished. “Bring the car around, I’m going for a drive.”

Your new house seemed too big for just one person alone, it just didn’t feel like home. You had found it a long time ago, and added it to the list of possible hideouts for you and Mr. J. Seeing as you both never used it, it was perfect to take up residence there, at least for a while. In addition to that, it wasn’t located in Gotham itself, making it harder to find for the police, but also, as you’d hoped, for the Joker. 

You were about to head upstairs to go to bed, when you heard a knock on the door. It was already late, so there was no way, it would be anyone from around the neighborhood. You grabbed your gun, and as quiet as possible moved towards the door. Peeking through the hole, your heart skipped a beat. He was here, he found you.

“Y/N, doll, I know you’re in there. Please open the door.”
Even though you knew it was Mr. J, he didn’t sound like himself at all. You glanced through the peek-hole once more. He looked different, too. Skinnier, as if he hadn’t eaten in days. You put the gun down, and opened the door. In front of you stood a broken man.
“Hi baby”, he tried to smile, but it didn’t reach his eyes.

“J, what are you doing here?”, you asked sighing.
“I want you…”, he hesitated, “I Need you back, doll.” 

Part of you wanted to hug him, hold him tight, and tell him that everything was okay between you, too. That you were coming back home with him. But there had been a reason why you left. “You know, I can’t come back with you.”
“Why?”, his voice cracked. “You know why. All we do is fight, J. That’s not a healthy relationship.”
The Joker stepped forward, moving you both inside your house. “I can change, no more fighting. Just please come back home with me.”

“Please, doll… I love you.” Tears welled up in your eyes, “J…”
“I’m not leaving here without you!”, he said determinedly, trying to pull himself together. He was going to fight for you, whether you wanted him to or not. Without saying anything, you closed the gap between you two, and hugged him tightly, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Promise me, that things will change.”, you whispered in his ear. J’s hands moved around your waist, holding you close to him, “I promise. Just come home with me.”
“Okay.” You took a slight step back, and looked at him. He was smiling, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Leaning forward, he catches your lips in a passionate kiss, full of love. “I missed you like crazy, kitten.” You chuckled, and kissed him again. “Missed you, too.”

Gerard Way - Smut Request

*a/n thought a bit of student teacher could change it up a bit
- also I need comments of whether I should start laying my stuff out how everyone else does, with a word count and shit, it’s just kind difficult because these are written on my phone in my notes, just wanted to know if you guys want me to change*

“Miss y/l/n, what did I just ask you?” You teacher asked taking you completely out of your daydreaming.
“Um…” You paused, not having a clue. He sighed and ran his hands through his obviously dyed (but in a very attractive way) blonde hair.
“Please can I see you at the end of the day y/n”
“Yes Sir” you mumbled, feeling embarrassed. You weren’t a bad student. And you and Mr Way usually got on really well, (with him being quite a young teacher he got a long with your class as you were the oldest students at 18) but the last few weeks you had been distracted, not by anything in particular just that feeling your get when you can actually focus, you look at a book and the words don’t go in as much as you want them to they just won’t. And you find yourself staring at the page and nothing but you’re also blanked out from everything else, you just can’t do it. That was how you were feeling and now that afternoon you had to somehow explain it to him.

You spent the rest of the day going through classes thinking about what would happen after school.

You stood outside his classroom, he was sat as his desk on his laptop and you could hear him playing rock music. You knocked on the door almost hoping he wouldn’t be able to hear. But he did and looked up smiling and beckoned you in.
“Hi y/n, did you want to take a seat” he gestured to a space and moved opposite you.
“I’m so sorry for today, I mean I don’t know what was going on and-” the words stumbled out of your mouth.
“Hang on a second, you don’t have to apologise, I got you hear to ask you if you were alright and to see if I could help, you haven’t been yourself recently in class, is everything okay?” He asked in a concerned tone.
You looked at him not wanting to reply
“I don’t know, I don’t think so…” You stared at the floor.
You felt him take your hand in his.
“I’m here if you ever need anything, okay?” He took his other hand and lifted your chin with his finger.
“Thank you” you said quietly and smiled.
You squeezed his hand and stood up, he followed. You moved yourself onto a table. And pulled him towards you.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
You wrapped your hands around his neck and kissed him.
He pulled away, “wait, are you sure?” he asked, you answered by kissing him again, this time deeper, he kissed back and bit on your lip, causing you to let out a slight moan. You pulled at his tie, desperately trying to unknot it.
“Not here, we’ll have to go somewhere else, if anyone see’s us I’m done for, right you leave like normal and I will meet you round the corner of the school with my car. Understood?”
You took the information in, still shocked that this was going to happen.
“Yes sir” you replied and winked at him.

You walked out of school, the car park was half full, so it would’ve been likely you got caught and walked down the road. A car pulled up beside you and the window rolled down.
“Get in then” he smiled.
You walked around a sat in the passenger seat.
“So where are we going to go?” You asked as you buckled up.
“To mine? Unless you’re having second thoughts, I can take you home?” He asked.
“No, that’s fine, just thought your girlfriend would be there or something”
“I’m flattered y/n but I don’t have a girlfriend” he continued to drive.
“So you won’t get in trouble if I did this to you?” You said as you grabbed his crotch.
He let out a whine and tensed up
“No, please keep going” he moaned out.
You palmed him from outside his trousers, his dick was growing had and was getting too big for them.
Luckily you had just pulled up I his drive.
He got out his car carefully and opened your door. Letting you out, he took your hand and pulled you inside to house taking you straight to his room.
“You are amazing” he said as you pushed you onto his bed and kissed down your body.
He raised your top and kissed your torso, one hand slid down your jeans making you squirm.
“Fuck” you gasped and he moved his fingers around your clit over your underwear, you grind against his hand.
You undid his tie and began unbuttoning his shirt, he stopped you before you could take it off him.
“Wait, I’m in charge now” he said and used his tie to tie your hands to his bed.
He ripped his shirt off and his trousers. He climbed over you with just underwear on and pulled your jeans off. He then attacked your neck with his lips, one hand went under your underwear and he started pumping his fingers in and out of you.
“Gerard” you screamed his name in absolute pleasure.
He stopped, “you’re being brave, that isn’t how you’d address me in the classroom, then again, I wouldn’t be able to do this to you in the classroom” he moved his lips down your body and removed your underwear with his teeth.
He opened your legs and kissed your inner thigh, then flicked his tongue against your clit. You were desperately trying to push his head down but couldn’t get your hands free.
“Hey don’t squirm now” he looked up at your and you stopped, he went back to licking you but you needed more, you tried using your legs to wrap around him and push his head down.
“I said don’t squirm” he sat up “if you don’t obey you get punished” he pulled down his boxers to reveal his hard cock, he untied you and you went to touch him, desperately needing his body against yours.
“Stop” he said preventing you from reaching out to him “turn around, all fours” you did as you were told and he leaned over you.
He pulled your legs slightly open and slammed himself into you from behind and stopped allowing you to adjust.
“My god, please sir, I need you” you moaned out.
He pulled back out and pushed in again starting a rhythm, his room was filled with the sound of your bodies clashing and moaning.
He moved one hand to one of your breasts and he massaged it grazing over your nipple as he fucked you, making you moan even more.
“I’m so close, please don’t stop” you moaned.
He pulled out and turned you back over.
“I want to see that beautiful face when you come” he said and kissed you hard and he pushed himself into your and fucked your fast pushing himself deeper into you.
You screamed his name as you came over his dick whilst he continued fucking you as you rode out your orgasm and he went over the edge.
“Fuck” he moaned into your neck as his thrusts became sloppy and he slowed down kissing you gently.
He pulled out and laid beside you,
“did you want to stay? I can drop you off round the corner in the morning” he asked you as he played with your hair.
“Yes please, I just need to call someone”
“Okay beautiful, I’ll run you a bath”
You called your parents explaining that you were staying at a friends. Gerard walked back in “It’s ready” he carried you to the bathroom bridal style making you laugh. You laid in the bath and Gerard sat by you talking and laughing the entire time, he helped you dry yourself and gave you one of his shirts, he wore bottoms and you wore a top. The two of you stayed up downstairs watching films until 2am, when you were falling asleep on the sofa and you felt him kiss your forehead and carried you upstairs feeling a mix of tiredness and love.