too big for your britches

things eric “bitty” bittle has said at some point
“and people in hell want ice water. quit complaining.”“poor girl cant tell her ass from a hole in the ground”“doohickey”“aint got the good sense god gave a rock”“they could start an argument in a empty house”“if brains were leather, he wouldnt have enough to saddle a june bug”
“youre barking up the wrong tree, sweetheart”
“looks like you got your feathers ruffled”
“shes too big for her own britches”
“ill be done in two shakes of a sheeps tail”

these are all taken from conversations between my aunt and mom. thanks ma

  • Soujiro: I always forget how big taiko drums are.
  • Hajime: But they're not as heavy as they look.
  • Soujiro: Bigger isn't always better, you know.
  • Hajime: Small things please small minds!
  • Soujiro: The best things come in small packages!
  • Hajime: So do small potatoes!
  • Soujiro: Great oaks from little acorns grow!
  • Hajime: I'm...large and in charge?
  • Soujiro: You're too big for your britches!
  • Hajime: A bird in the hand will keep the doctor away?
  • Soujiro: What?
  • Hajime: The squeaky wheel gets the worm!
  • Soujiro: Nope. Stop.

You’re gettin too big for your britches. Better sit down and shut up. #nyotalia

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You gettin too big for your britches
—  said to a growing child that may be overstepping their boundaries of respect or responsibility based on their age- said to one that is trying to mature too quickly