too bad you guys can't see everything

You know what people need to start doing? Appreciate bad characters.

Now I’m not talking like badly written characters who’s only purpose is to let other characters grow. No I’m talking about the characters who are bad just to bad, their character development is just seeing how bad they can get. How fucked up can they go.

Being bad is just as interesting as a character trying to be good. If we didn’t have villains we wouldn’t have heroes, all our favorite heroes would be so boring if they didn’t have an interesting villain.

An example of a good bad guy: Joker
Yeah so many people hate him, so many people can’t stand him. But the thing is if you hate joker with all your might, you don’t want to see him in anything or every time you see him you wanna punch him in the face. Well that’s how you know he’s written well. Because he’s a bad guy you aren’t supposed to like him, he’s supposed to be abusive and do fucked up things. Joker isn’t anywhere near my favorite character list but he’s definitely my favorite villain. He’s just fucked up to be fucked up, maybe to try and get the bats attention but mostly just to be fucked up

So I think people need to start likening the bad characters just because their bad. That character with the addiction that makes them do shitty things, good character. That character who’s just cruel just because, good character. That egocentric character who only looks out for themselves, good character. Can’t we just start liking or even appreciate bad characters?

TextsFromLastNight (1/?)
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  • [Text] Dude, fate has brought her to your penis.
  • [Text] Playing pong against a girl who fucked my ex boyfriend so that's how my nights going.
  • [Text] I did not know male screamers existed until now. Good for him. Good for my ego.
  • [Text] You ran out of his house yelling "I got the goods!" Then you pulled toilet paper rolls out from under your shirt.
  • [Text] Did you just correct my grammar and then send me a photo of your dick?
  • [Text] I can now say I know getting hit in the face with a flying tortilla is not fun.
  • [Text] I was giving him a blowjob but we had to stop because he started crying when his cat walked in and started staring at us.
  • [Text] I'm six Popsicles away from an existential breakdown.
  • [Text] I'm sitting in the shotgun seat of my car on full recline trying to pretend everything is ok.
  • [Text] I have his gate key so know he has to see me again.
  • [Text] I never thought my selfie stick would come in handy for nudes.
  • [Text] i would stab him if he didn't just tell me he is a priest.
  • [Text] Have you ever gotten so angry that you stripped in public?
  • [Text] Too bad I can't un-pee in his body wash.
  • [Text] He fell asleep on top of me after sex. For 3 hours. Poor guy worked too hard.