too bad you didn't win

Serious question. I think I missed something when watching Star Wars. Why is everybody shipping Finn and Poe? They are the cutest cinammon rolls but I never thought of them as a ship. I feel like fandom always has to slash a pair of buddies no matter what. It’s like 2 men sharing screen, being good people and not being douches to each other = slash. And I’m looking at you too, Captain America fandom. Or SPN. And the thing is, I almost always only see this happening with male pairings. Two girls can be best friends and people do not automatically ship them. I thing that speaks volumes about how we, as a fandom, and as a society, see male relationships and man showing affection for other men. Or maybe I’m reading too much into everything. IDK.

Are these too going to be a canon pairing? I’m all for that if that’s the case, but I think I haven’t watched the same movie as other people or I’ve missed the memo xD I think my homoerotic subtext dectector is broken.