too bad this won't ever happen

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megatron only killed tarn. kaon's alive, he just is out there doing his own thing. probably got picked up by the scavengers or some shit. the other four are with deathsaurus. megs comes back from the functionalist universe with glitch, skids, and pipes.

No Tarn is alive too and all five of the DJD are together and are fine and having a happy vacation together where there’s no drama between them at all and nothing bad happens to them ever again.

Let me have this, anon.

I said the same thing last year, but I really am noticing a trend that pops up every single time a new year’s appearing.

“2012 was really bad! I hope 2013′ll be better!”
“2013 was awful! 2014′ll be better!”
“2014 was the worst! I’m sure 2015 will be better!”
“2015 sucked! I’m sure 2016 will be great!”

It’s a trend that happens every year like clockwork, and while I don’t like to be too cynical when it comes to people trying to have hope…I don’t think there ever will be an amazingly awesome year with how things have, will and always seem to end up for everyone.