too bad this movie was balls

Why the 1997 Disney Rodgers & Hammerstein’s “Cinderella” is the greatest movie ever made
  • Brandy is Cinderella
  • Remember Brandy? No? She was a big deal in the 90s because SHE’S WONDERFUL
  • She’s so sweet and wide-eyed and beautiful and strong and curious and exactly what Cinderella should be
  • She’s the QUEEN of back-handed insults 
  • She also takes NO SHIT from bros
  • This movie is so fucking COLORFUL (and I don’t even mean the casting -we’ll get to that) - like, they just use every fucking color that is visible to the human eye and splatter them over the sets and costumes and it’s GREAT 

  • Rodgers and Hammerstein’s music is re-orchestrated to have this weird 90s pop/R&B twinge (so many synths) and it’s so bizarre but also really wonderful?
  • Just in general, the orchestrations are amazing - they clearly spent half their budget on the orchestra
  • They clearly didn’t spend much money on the set - I’m pretty sure they filmed the whole movie on a disused part of Disneyland but it’s perfect. 
  • The King & Queen are Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber and they have an ASIAN SON

  • Like, THESE TWO PEOPLE PRODUCED THIS GODLIKE KEN DOLL OF A PERSON (it makes zero genetic sense and is my favorite thing about this movie)

  • Seriously, who is this guy and where do I get one?
  • This actor, Paolo Montalban, was basically never in anything else which is a fucking CRIME because he is BEAUTIFUL and a WONDERFUL SINGER
  • Speaking of wonderful singers, Bernadette Peters is the step-mother. That’s right, Broadway superstar, Sondheim’s muse herself, Bernadette Peters. 
  • And for no other reason than being Bernadette Peters, she sings “Falling in Love with Love” which isn’t even from this fucking musical (though it is R&H’s) and dramatically swoons onto couches
  • She also has one white daughter and one black daughter and they are both terrible and perfect
  • What even is the wallpaper in this movie? Seriously, pay attention to the wallpaper. 
  • And the costumes in the movie. Especially during the ball when the dresses all go swoosh! 

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  • Inexplicably, George Costanza is the prince’s servant and has a completely random and bizarre accent. 
  • “I wish there was something between us: a continent” is the greatest rejection line ever
  • This movie is genuinely funny at times. All the actors are too good to get bogged down by cheesy dialogue 
  • Ugh, that scene in the garden. I s2g, this was the most romantic thing to me when I was 8 

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  • Seriously, this prince is the dreamiest prince you’ve ever seen 
  • Oh man, the special effects are so bad
  • Whitney Houston singing and floating away into the aether is maybe my favorite film ending of all time



There’s a small list of everything we have written so far? Hope you guys find it easier.



  3. 15 with jungkook “I like to think we’re more than friends”
  • J Hope
  • RM
  • Jin
  • Taehyung (V)


  • Jimin
  1. ONE // P.J. Chapter one
  2. ONE// P.J. Chapter two

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BTS Reaction to S/O jumping and screaming during a scary movie

In honor of my personal favorite holiday coming up, AKA Halloween, we have decided to make our first works a series that are all Halloween themed. Everything we post up until October 31st will be something dealing with Halloween.

Hope you enjoy! - Nasa


Yoongi would have noticed you shaking slightly as the obvious jumpscare crept closer and closer. He turned his head towards you and watched your reaction to the movie.

Your whole body lifted from the couch and a screech left your mouth. Yoongi caught the sight of your wide eyes and face full of fear, and couldn’t help but bust out in laughter.

“It’s not funny, Yoongi!” You said angrily, your body still shivering in fear. Yoongi continued to laugh, his eyes shut tight and his gummy smile on full display.

“If only you could have seen your face!” He said, holding his stomach as his body shook. You crossed your arms and turned away from him, mimicking a child when they get upset. His laughter died down and he pulled you into a hug.

“You’re fine, babe. No need to get scared over a movie.”

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Namjoon would most likely jump with you, your high pitched screech and quick movements scaring him more than the film in front of him. He’d take a moment to calm himself down, then look over at your frightened form. He’d wrap his arm around your shoulders and pull you into his lap, cuddling you into his chest.

“It’s okay, Y/N. I’m here to protect you.” He’d say soothingly, placing a kiss on your head and humming one of your favorite songs to calm you down.

“Maybe a less scary movie next time?”

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Jin would have been walking back from getting more popcorn when he heard you scream. He’d jump himself, spilling some of the popcorn and rushing over to you to make sure you were alright.

When he’d see your shaking form curled up in a ball and the decapitated head on the screen, he’d sigh and walk over to you. He’d put the popcorn down and sit next to you, pausing the movie.

“You gave me a heart attack, Y/N. You hit higher notes than I can.”

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Taehyung would have been almost falling asleep, the movie boring him while you were completely immersed in it. He watched you grip the throw pillow for dear life, watching the girl on the screen shake with fear, your heart pounding in time with her echoing footsteps.

He heard the music getting louder and louder and he knew the jumpscare was approaching, and that’s when he got an idea. He lifted his arms and slowly leaned forward, careful not to alert you of his actions.

“Boo!” He shouted, gripping your shoulders as the jumpscare appeared on the screen. You jumped away from him, screeching in fear and smacking his chest to defend yourself. Taehyung started laughing loudly, holding his stomach.

“Oh my god, Taehyung! I hate you so much!” You shouted, jumping from the couch and storming off to your room. His laughter slowly died down when he heard your tone. He scared you really bad.

“I’m sorry, Y/N! It was just too good to pass up!”

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Jungkook wouldn’t really care about the movie in front of him, paying more attention to his phone rather than his obviously frightened girlfriend. He was scrolling through Twitter when he heard a shrill scream next to him.

His phone flew into the air and landed onto the ground with a thud. He looked over to the source of the noise and saw you curled into a shaking ball next to him. He put a hand on your shoulder and you looked up at him.

“Come here, Y/N. I’ll protect you from the big bad monsters.” He said teasingly. You rolled your eyes but willingly went into his arms. He rubbed your arms soothingly and started to hum quietly, calming your nerves.

“Now, how about we finish the movie? I’ll pay attention this time.”

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Jimin would be sitting on the edge of his seat, watching the movie along with you. His eyes would be trained on the screen in front of him, just as yours were, and even though he saw the scare coming he still jumped with you.

Your scream matched the one in the movie and Jimin jumped, his legs swinging and making him fall off of the couch with a thud. You looked up from behind a pillow and started giggling once you realized what happened.

“Are you okay, Jiminie?” You said in between small giggles. He quickly got up and sent a smile your way.

“Of course. How about we watch something else?”

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Hoseok would be just as scared as you, holding a pillow to his chest just as you were. You both felt the jumpscare approaching, and your hearts pounded in your chests. Soon the music blasted, scaring the both of you and Hoseok jumped from the couch, running to your shared room screaming.

You put the pillow down, forgetting the movie entirely and wondering how your, “fearless boyfriend” was more scared than you were. You paused the movie and heard his footsteps as he walked back to the couch, his head hung in shame.

“You alright there, Hobi?” You said stifling a laugh. He was obviously still scared and you covered your mouth to conceal your smile. He looked up at you and frowned.

“Next time, I’m picking the movie.”

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BTS reacting to you being on your period


 Jin would understand that you didn’t really feel well and just wanted to curl up in a ball. He would wrap you in nice warm blankets, make you some hot coco, and watch movies with you. “I hope your cramps go away, sweetie… I hate seeing you in pain." 

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Yoongi would feel pretty bad when you got it. He would make sure you had all the pads/tampons you needed, he would buy chocolate and bananas for you as well so your cramps wouldn’t be as bad. "These are supposed to help right? And naps help, too? So let’s just nap together." 

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 He would try his best to make you feel better. Hobi hated when you didn’t have a smile on your face. He would rub your lower stomach area gently and hum to you nicely. He would be kinda scared of making you mad, as well. He would try to get you little gifts to make you smile. "I got you another stuffed animal for your collection!" 

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 He would make sure you rested all you possibly could. Namjoon would read you stories and try to help you keep your mind off of the cramps. He would even google how to make your cramps go away and how to make you feel better. "I’m looking at ways to help you feel better, don’t worry, baby girl.”

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 Jimin would treat you like a princess while you were on your period. He would get every little thing you asked for, cuddle you, play with your hair, and buy you extra pads/tampons if you needed them. He would even take off practice to be with you. "I know you feel really bad, so I took of practice. I need to be there for my princess." 

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 Tae would feel really really terrible if your period made you feel awful. He would make you some nice tea, and he would always offer to do things for you. He would run you a warm bath to relax in and light some calming candles. "Just relax, jagi. Let everything else melt away~.”

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 He would be kinda embarrassed to bring up the subject, but after the first time, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal. Jungkook would try to make you smile and let you know that he’s there for you. He would rub your back gently and he would kiss you softly. “Does it hurt? Can I help make it better, baby?”

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Volron Music School AUDITIONS

-Lance is that ukulele/acoustic guitar player we all know and love.
     -You can often see him playing in the grass to little freshmen. 
     -No matter the time of day or night if he’s bored you can see him in the grass.
     -Just swaying.
     -Or writing his own music.
     -And sometimes if you’re lucky you can hear him hum along. 
     -But only his roommate, Hunk, will hear him actually sing.
     -It helps that they’re childhood friends.
     -He always plays for his huge family when he visits them.
     -And sometimes you can see him playing in the cafeteria. 
     -And people will just start dancing.
     -Drum majors play along to the beat.
     -Sometimes if you’re in the right place you can find Lance in a tree during sunset.
     -And when the light hits him just right.
           -”Keith stop staring.”
           -”I am NOT staring, Shiro!”
     -All in all Lance is just perfect for it.
     -He has a fan club.

-Keith is piano. No questions asked.
     -He doesn’t tell people this, but his mom used to play.
     -She taught him a few things before she passed away.
     -He plays as a tribute for her.
     -But he doesn’t play that one song she taught him.
           -Unless he is alone.
           -He starts to cry, and he doesn’t like that.
           -When Lance sings it to him for their three month anniversary…
           -That was a lot of cuddles.
     -Now on a lighter note…
     -He’ll play happy birthday on that piano thing on laptops.
            -You know that thing.
            -He never leaves anywhere without that in his messenger bag. 
            -(Lance thinks it’s cute.)
     -He loves plugging in headphones and just write music in the library.
     -You can see girls (and a few boys) hiding behind the shelves.
             -They start crying when Lance walks over and kisses him from behind.
     -Sometimes Keith will accidently play the ‘G Note’.
             -All you will hear is the ‘KLANG’ of a head landing on a piano.

-Hunk is the best cello player on campus. 
     -Although you wouldn’t guess it, him and Lance jam out together.
             -It sounds very, very good.
             -They like doing Disney covers.
             -No one knows this but Hunk and Lance’s families. 
             -They love it.
     -Now Hunk loves doing drum parts on cellos.
     -He’s pretty public about playing so it’s pretty often you’ll pass by him.
     -He loves going to the little coffee shops near campus and playing.
     -His favorite thing to do is play Pink Floyd covers.
     -Even if his favorite song to play isn’t by Pink Floyd.
             -(It’s Bohemian Rhaspody.)
     -He loves playing for little kids and at old peoples homes.
     -It just brings him a sense of peace.
     -He teaches a few chords to little children.
     -Lance gave him a dull yellow-ish cello for his birthday.
             -(He knew it wasn’t good for cello’s to be painted.)
             -(But he kept it anyways.)
     -He plays it for special occasions.

-Pidge is the DJ at all the parties.
     -She’s that DJ that tricks the crowd. 
     -She does the beat drop allll the time.
     -She has green cat ear headphones.
           -You will never see her without them.
           -They glow.
           -And turn on and off according to the beat.
      -She’s often just making beats on her laptop.
      -Seriously anywhere.
          -You can find her in a tree.
      -She goes to all the parties.
      -And riff offs.
      -She plays her beats in the cafeteria.
      -The freshmen are always so confused.
      -But Pidge knows what to do always.
      -Perfect playlist for everything.
           -Bad day? Got one for that.
           -Gonna ask someone out? Boom.
           -Want to party? What time?
      -Long story short
      -Foot ball games are amazing.
      -She uses her friends music clips most of the time.

-Now Shiro… he’s a bass guitar kinda person.
      -He just loves to do that Seven Nation Army bass thing.
      -He usually plays in the park with Lance if he has the time.
      -Likes doing classical movie covers.
           -He figured out how to do Star Wars.
           -It got him a girlfriend named Allura.
           -Pidge likes it too.
           -Allura and Pidge Dance to it like no one is watching.
      -Shiro and Hunk do projects together.
      -But during the parent orientation nights he plays with Keith.
            -Parents and little kids love listening to them.
      -Shiro is also a teacher assistant for Professor Coran.
            -Who happens to be Allura’s uncle.
            -That was a surprise.
                   -”He’s your WHAT?!”
                   -*giggle* I thought you knew that already…
      -He makes his own music that just…
      -Captures you.
      -It’s very capturing. 

-Allura plays her voice.
     -And her voice is magnificent.
     -She just captures people.
     -She can hit all of the notes.
     -When her and Lance get together it’s amazing.
     -She can sing the softest songs.
            -From Wonderwall by Oasis.
To Monster by Nikki.
     -You can see the hearts in Shiro’s eyes when she sways her hips. 
     -Oh yeah, she sways her hips when she sings.
     -It is mesmerizing.
     -She sings Disney covers with Hunk and Lance after walking in on them.
     -How Far I’ll Go is her jam.
     -And she likes to sing with Lance and Shiro in the park.
     -Don’t even get me started when she records things with Pidge.
            -Just GIRL POWER.
     -When Shiro has a nightmare she’ll sing a lullaby.
     -And her accent makes her voice kind of glow.
     -She sings the National Anthem during sport games.

-Finally, Coran.
     -Everyone’s favorite Music professor.
     -He’s dramatic, but everyone loves him.
     -Tries so hard to make class fun, and just…
     -He tunes people with this Trombone that is kept in pristine condition.
             -It’ s actually his first instrument ever.
     -He is that one meme.
             -And Lance is the guy at the stove.
             -You know the one I’m talking about.
             -They took a picture to put on the school website.
     -Coran makes videos too.
     -Makes a slideshow of all his students preforming.
     -Makes him cry every year.
     -Coran just loves gifts.
     -Lance gives him a new stand one year.
     -It’s the same shade as his mustache.
     -He always has shirts with awful music puns.
     -Lance laughs at them while every one else groans.
     -He just loves his students to death.

upbeat and bittersweet // a playlist for the blue paladin

i. fred astaire san cisco // i’ve been thinking lately that you don’t need me any more // you’d be better with fred astaire, he could take you anywhere if you asked him to // and i can take you out for breakfast but he could take you around the world

ii. we don’t believe what’s on t.v. twenty one pilots // i need to know that when i fail you’ll still be here // what if my dream does not happen? would i just change what i’ve told my friends? // i don’t care what’s in your hair, i just wanna know what’s on your mind

iii. colours grouplove // i am a man man man man up up in the air and i run around round round round this town town and act like i don’t care // just know i’m just like you // it’s the colors you have, no need to be sad, it really ain’t that bad // we do it for love

iv. re-do modern baseball // i wanna start from the top // your unrequited love for life will surely - halt that, i’m thinking way too much // but i love loving, watching movies, sitting back and also breathing // oh the future freaks me out but i guess i could just curl up in a ball and think

v. i wanna get better bleachers // i hear the voice of a preacher from the back room calling my name // the love the love the love the love the love that i gave, wasted on a nice face // i chase that feeling of an eighteen year old who didn’t know what loss was, now i’m a stranger // i wanna get better

vi. shake me down cage the elephant // shake me down, not a lot of people left around // i have seen people walk into sea just to find memories // i don’t want to know the future, i’m like rolling thunder // even on a cloudy day i’ll keep my eyes fixed on the sun

vii. twin sized mattress the front bottoms // this is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends’ bodies // i will help you swim, i’m gonna help you swim // there are lessons to be learned, consequences for all the stupid things i say // i wanna contribute to the chaos, i don’t want to watch and then complain … that is a decision that i have made

bonus happy track: take to the sky by owl city

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Liam doesn’t particularly like Reyes, but he likes what the man gives to Ryder. Their Pathfinder a title that comes with more responsibility any one person should have to deal with.

No matter where they go, Ryder is always known as The Pathfinder. He’s expected to fix all these problems people bring him. They all try to help in their own ways. He considers movie night somewhat a success. The only thing is, even among just them, Ryder is still the Pathfinder. Even while just watching a movie, he is still their leader, still held responsible for them. He needs a place to de-stress. A place he can be Scott Ryder, some kid from the Citadel that just wants to explore the stars.

That’s where Reyes comes in. Once they touch down on Kadara, once they walk among the exiles, he’s no longer the Pathfinder. He’s the Charlatan’s. No title. No name. They don’t revere him as their only hope. And while Ryder can take care of himself, people here aren’t wary of him because of what he’s capable of. Rather what the Charlatan is capable of. The body of the last guy that tried to give Ryder a hard time still hasn’t been found.

He probably should be more worried about that than he is…but there’s a new soccer ball and drive full of bad movies in the drop box…so he can’t bring himself to worry too much.

The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

Steve Rogers x  reader

Part 1

So I had an idea and started writing a fic and in about an hour is was 1700 words so I am going to split it in to 2. 


   You were in love with Steve Rogers, and he didn’t care about you at all. At first you were depressed, then kind of numb but after what had happened in Germany while you waited for him to get his shield back from Sharon Carter you were just done with it all. For years you had been a teammate and you thought a friend to him and now he was standing 10 feet away from you kissing the “love of his life”’s niece just weeks after Peggy’s death. All you could think while Bucky and Sam smirked at him was “What the hell is going on here?”. The same man who had specifically told you a month before Peggy’s death that he just didn’t have time for romance was now kissing Sharon Carter.

   “You can’t just leave, (Y/N), Wanda said from behind you as you continued stuffing clothes and other essentials into a duffle bag.

     You knew you were all safe in Wakanda for now and that the rest of “Team Cap” were planning to stay for a while to help Bucky. You normally would have been there for him as you had been for the others but at the moment your nerves were stretched thin and a certain Captain was at the center of all the jumbled thoughts running through your head.

    “Wanda I love you but I have to go. You don’t understand.” You said not even glancing in her direction knowing you would immediately break down in tears.

     “If I don’t understand then tell me what is going on. Why did you start packing today?” Wanda was pacing your room now, her accent becoming thicker the more upset she got.

    You just stood there for a moment and took a deep breath. Then you made a decision, she deserved an answer but you couldn’t explain so you said the only thing you could think of, “Wanda, I know you can read my mind so do that because I can’t tell you what I’m doing.”

    Wanda stood there looking shocked as you bowed your head and continued to breath deeply trying hard not to block her out. After a few seconds she gasped and began to walk toward you with a look of such sympathy that the tears you had been trying to hide began slipping down your cheeks and you hands began to shake.

     You tried to control your power but when you got upset they became unpredictable and you disappeared from Wanda’s sight and she mumbled “Oh, sweetie”, using her red glow to shower a few sparks over you so she could hug you.

      You knew what she had seen. The years of being alone and ignored until SHIELD had found you in a foster home. No family, no friends, and not an ounce of self esteem. You had been trained for combat, taught to shoot, and you had made friends. You had eventually even begun to date and had a couple of not so successful relationships but they never got you down because you had parted as friends.  

        Then Fury drafted you in to the Avengers. When they flew you to the carrier you were excited to see Natasha but she had been talking to Captain America. Having never met him before you had gone invisible due to nervousness and walked past Nat, poking her in the back with your elbow, causing her to stutter momentarily before continuing her conversation.

         You had not fought in New York as much as the others, using your power of invisibility and force field to shield civilians and moving them from the streets and into the subway tunnels. After everything was said and done you had become a valued part of the team you thought. There had been parties, training, movie nights, and family dinners. There had been mission after mission culminating in helping Steve search for Bucky. Unfortunately that had led to a break in your little family but none of that hurt as much as being in love with someone who basically acted like you were invisible all the time lately.

         Natasha walked in on Wanda with her arm wrapped around you, tears running down the younger girl’s cheeks and you still partially transparent due to your emotions and immediately said “So ladies, who am I going to have to kill tonight?”

         You and Wanda broke apart and you took a couple of deep breaths and began to head toward the bathroom for your toiletries, asking Wanda to explain things to Nat.

Time skip to dinner

      T’challa, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Nat and Scott  sat around the formal dining table, the men talking about random things and the women just shooting each other looks then glaring daggers at Steve. After the first course Sam happened to look down the table next to Nat and ask “Where is (Y/N)?”

       “She requested dinner in her room.” T’challa answered, turning back to his conversation with Scott.

        Frowning, Steve turned to Natasha and Wanda and asked “Is (Y/N) sick or something?”

        Neither Nat nor Wanda answered, instead they gave each other a look, not glancing back at Steve and picked up their utensils and placed them on their plates and proceeded to take their dinners and wine glasses and leave the room with a not overly polite “Excuse us!” thrown to the room in general. As they exited dramatically Bucky turned to Steve and muttered “What did you do, punk?” to which Steve just shook his head in bewilderment.

     The knock on your bedroom door took you by surprise because you knew that everyone should be at dinner. When you opened it there stood Nat and Wanda with their dinners and smirks on their faces.

     “If this is your last night with us we are going to have a sleepover.” Nat said pushing past you and taking her dinner to the small table in your room, Wanda trailing behind her.

      “You guys are the best” you said with a small smile as you joined them and laughed along with them as you each recounted funny stories from various missions including when Tony had stepped out of his suit and left it in guard dog mode, tripped and fell in a huge mud puddle.

      After a couple hours, a couple bottles of wine, and a mountain of junk food sent up from the kitchen everyone was getting sleepy so you decided to take a shower so you would be ready to leave in the morning. As soon as they heard the water switch on in the bathroom Nat and Wanda looked at each other sadly and decided to come up with a plan to get you to stay.

       “Nat, we have to do something. She is so unhappy. I looked inside her head and it is chaos and I don’t know how she is living with that burning ache in her chest. I was only in her mind for seconds and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.” Wanda said, her eyes tearing up again as everything she saw replayed in her head.

    “What exactly did you see? I knew she liked Steve, hell the first week after he joined the Avengers she would go invisible whenever he entered a room, but I didn’t know she was still crushing on him so hard.”

      “It’s not a crush Natasha. She loves him. She loves him more than she loves herself. I saw all these moments over the last few years. They would go for coffee or go out to lunch, he would hold her hand or give her a kiss on the cheek and she would melt inside. He would snuggle up to her on movie nights or rest his head on her shoulder while she was cooking. Then a couple months ago she got up the courage to ask him on an actual date and he said he didn’t have time to get romantically involved and then in Germany he kissed Sharon Carter right in front of her while she was shielding Steve, Sharon, Bucky, and Sam with her forcefield and hiding their cars.”

      Natasha’s mouth dropped open and she muttered something like “Oh no he didn’t”. She jumped to her feet and raced out of the room leaving Wanda speechless.

  “STEVE ROGERS!!!! Where are you hiding you All-American asshole?” Nat yelled as she banged on Steve’s door. When the door swung open to show Steve looking at her with a half smile Nat almost punched him but due to her inebriated state and the fact that Bucky read her intentions and grabbed her arm she settle for rattling off a tirade in Russian (Steve only recognizing when she said Sharon’s name) and aiming a kick toward his groin that he easily side stepped.

   “What the hell is wrong with you Nat?” Steve asked and was shocked when she spit at him, pushed Bucky off her arm and walked away.

    “You messed up bad kid,” Bucky said shaking his head at Steve. “The Russian she was speaking was basically how she would like to carve you into little pieces and throw you to the wolves, balls first.”

     “But what did I do Buck?”

     “You broke her best friend’s heart.” Bucky said sadly then turned to head to his own room, not even finishing the movie he and Steve had been watching.

      Steve stood frozen in place. He didn’t know what to do. Should he go talk to Natasha? No, she was too angry right now. He should talk to (Y/N). He didn’t understand how he had broken her heart.

      Making up his mind he went toward the room T’challa had assigned (Y/N) and knocked on the door. When it swung open revealing Wanda and a still angry Nat he sighed and asked “What is going on?” to which he got a jumble of Russian curse words and Sokovian tossed at him and the door slammed in his face. He hadn’t even seen (Y/N) in the room. Was she hiding from him by going invisible?

   He decided to go back to his room and sort it out in the morning. Little did he know the restless night of sleep waiting for him… 

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som good stozier w prompt 47 (im p sure its “go on, i dare you”)

soooo i kinda didn’t use all of the prompt (i only said “i dare you”) but that’s okay bc stozier!! also thanks so much for this request and just fyi requests are still open everyone! (: hope you like this

Pairing: Stozier

Word Count: 790

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Bad Day

The lack of Kaldur’ahm is killing me XD He’s awesome goddamn it XD

Warning; A bit of a bullying.

“Talk about bad day ever.” You grumbled to yourself, walking back to your house with a frown on your face. Your uniform was wet, how? Your bullies, they were at it again.

You were eating calmly and peacefully on your table, munching on your sandwich your beloved mother made for you. She also brought you a chocolate milk just in case you were having a bad day. She was such a sweetheart really.

But then your bullies come, the daughter of the school principal, the most beautiful girl in school, the smartest and the most popular. You were also popular, hell, you even have a fan club. Your fan club sometimes gets into a fight with hers. You told them just to ignore the declaration to fight, but no, they did it anyway and you couldn’t do anything about it.

The brunette walked to your table with her little gang following, you being you, you ignored her and continue your eating but she wasn’t going to have that so she tried to pick a little fight with you.

“Aww, poor little girl. Nobody wants to sit with you?” Lulu sneered at you, her arms crossed over her uniform as she posed in a certain way to show her elegance.

You mentally rolled your eyes and took the last bite of your BLT, clearing the table from your lunch box before taking out your textbook to study a little bit more since there was a test. You ignored her yet again, she then slammed her palms onto your table showing her glamorously painted nails.

“Wow,” you finally spoke up, arching a brow as you stared at her hands. You glanced up, meeting her smug look but it soon dropped into a pissed one upon hearing your next words. “Guys! I think there’s a ghost in this school! My table just shook by its own!” You exclaimed, gaining all of the students’ attention in the cafeteria.

That was how you get your chocolate milk poured over your head and you had to skip the biology test, your teacher just won’t understand. You could hear her snicker from the back seat in the class. That girl was too far.

Stomping your way up to your room, hands balled into fists you kicked the door open eliciting a loud bang. You were glad your parents weren’t home or they would interrogate you for your current bad mood.

All you wanted now was to see your boyfriend, ranting your heart out, going on a date or just sat on a couch watching movies while munching some snacks.

But first, you needed to find him.

As soon as you were done changing you went to the nearest Zeta-Tube, still frowning. You had tuned out the robotic voice that announced your arrival, you could care less about it.

To your disappointment you couldn’t find him, Red Tornado told you he was on a mission and will be back for at least a few more hours thus made your day worse. You walked to the kitchen, treating yourself with baking some cookies then watch some movies, by yourself.

Yet again, life gave you lemon. You were spacing out and your cookies were all burnt into ash. That was the last straw for your patience. A tear rolled down your cheek as you made your way to the couch (since the longue was in the same room as the kitchen) and cry yourself off to sleep.

“I think she had been here for hours.” You heard Beast Boy’s voice guessing from somewhere beside you. Slowly you opened your eyes before sitting up and rub your eyes sleepily.

The couch sank signaling someone had sat down beside you, “are you okay love?” The all too gentle and familiar voice broke your sleepy state, you whipped your head towards him.

Your eyes were greeted with soft pale green ones, you didn’t say anything instead, you scooted closer. Arms wrapping themselves around his torso as you buried your face into his warm chest.

Kaldur didn’t back away, he soothes you by rubbing circles on your back and gave you a warm embrace. Kaldur knew it always worked, he felt you took a deep breath before finally lifting your tear stained face up so he could look at you and you could see his gentle smile.

“I’m okay now, I had a very… Very bad day.” You finally responded to his question, arms kept on wrapped around his torso.

“Would you mind telling me?” Kaldur offered.

“Can we watch something as I rant about my day?”

Kaldur answered with a small chuckle and pressed his lips to your forehead softly. “Yes, we can.”

Did I do good?


Lance Headcanons
  • loves Cupcake Wars. he has seen every episode. anyone watching Cupcake Wars with him should be prepared to lose their hearing.
  • knows every word of My House by Flo Rida and belts it at the top of his lungs whenever possible
  • cites Wannabe by the Spice Girls as one of the best songs in human history
  • eats food while food is in the microwave/oven
    • Lance: *walks into the kitchen* Hunk: hey babe, dinner will be ready in like ten minutes. Lance: *opening the cupboard and grabbing the peanut butter jar* awesome, what are we having? Hunk: lasagna! Lance: *eating peanut butter straight from the jar* can’t wait! Hunk: ….what are you doing. Lance: eating a snack? Hunk: ……………
  • definitely drinks pickle juice straight from the jar
    • Lance: what? Pidge: you disgust me
  • hates shoes. finds them limiting. goes without them whenever possible
    • has some serious callouses because of it
    • has definitely stepped in gum barefoot
    • if he has to wear shoes he wears flipflips bc its the least shoe like shoe that exists
  • has clinical depression. he tries to hide it under jokes and fake smiles, but it’s there. he tries to talk about how he feels as little as humanly possible.
  • has two moms!!
    • hunk also has two moms, and that commonality is a large part of the reason their moms became friends. and because their moms were friends, they’ve been friends since birth.
  • is very passionate about his love of goldfish
  • will wear tank tops at every opportunity
  • very vocal when he sees someone being bullied in public. it’s the big brother in him. if he sees someone being picked on, he’s going to stand up for them, whether he knows them or not.
  • fun graphic tees are his jam. his only regret about leaving the garrison for space when he did is that he was wearing the most boring shirt in his closet. now who knows when he’ll see his star wars t shirt collection again??
  • Loud And Proud Bisexual
  • is really good at predicting the endings to movies??? no one likes sitting next to him in the theater bc he’ll whisper his prediction for all the plot twists and he’s always freaking right.
  • overuses the 💯 emoji
  • is anemic and needs to take iron pills to keep Big And Strong
  • sleeps nakey
  • also ends up kicking all stuffed animals/blankets/pillows onto the floor during the course of the night. even he doesn’t know how he does it.
  • lucid dreamer
  • is always the one who’s slightly blurry or has his eyes closed in group photos
  • snapchat story is always a liiiiittle bit too long
  • really bad at magic tricks
  • *throws balled up paper at trash can* “kobe!” *misses*
  • would lay down his life for nike products
  • at every social outing involving money ever: *nudges Hunk* “hey dude can you spot me”
  • hates crocs. with a burning passion. they are disgusting. why would any human being want them on their body. why.
  • loves fanny packs. practical. colorful. a bold fashion statement. he owns five.
  • in any and every social situation: *dabs*
  • really bad at accepting honest compliments. all of his confidence is exaggerated for humor. he’s low key really insecure, and so when people earnestly compliment him, he really doesn’t know how to take it.
  • great at braiding hair.
  • has about 20 snapchat streaks at a time
  • a lil bit of a helicopter friend. he doesn’t necessarily always know what to do what to make his friends feel better, but he wants to help, so he has a bit of a habit of hovering when he doesn’t know what else to do.
  • enjoys tofu a lot
  • his hair gets wavy when it grows out more
  • has never had a sunburn in his life. his tan lines though??? horrible 

something i really don’t understand is people who are sooo confident that tlj is gonna be the best thing ever and that rian did an amazing job. like literally based on what. we got one teaser that didn’t show anything and it wasn’t even good like guess what. it flopped. it got less than half the views the tfa trailers did in the same time, it did worse than the rogue one trailers, worse than the thor ragnarok trailers, worse than the black panther trailer, etc etc etc. like i didn’t like it and clearly neither did a lot of people. this should have been the most anticipated movie EVER– usually sequels to giant movies have higher trailer views than the first movie– but it obviously dropped the ball BADLY. then there’s the fact that it’s been 5 months since the one crappy short teaser, 4 months before the movie comes out, and NOTHING. no new teaser or trailer in sight, people are saying OCTOBER. that’s extremely late and unusual. people act like lf is soo confident in this movie and that it must have gone perfectly but that’s not the impression i’m getting. their big first marketing item failed because it was BAD and reflected a movie that is probably bad, and now they don’t know what to do because it’s too late to change anything.

my friend made me make this don’t freakn’ get mad at me if this isn’t answered with a pic plz ;u; 

so this is what the kids like to do and what kind of things their into 

Mugkid, and Cuppy are both like a split me of when I was little, so Cuppy loves to play video games, and he loves CartoonNetwork (a little bit of the newer shows, ex: Steven Universe, but he’s mostly into the old school version like Flapjack or Dexter’s Laboratory) Mugkid Loves to play video games with his bro (mostly Mario Kart, and he hates it when Cuppy picks Rainbow Road just to pick on him XD) and he Loves to watch Nickelodeon. (but this time he loves just the old school shows like Fairly OddParents  or Aaahh!!! Real Monsters…Nanna Rouge doesn’t allow him to watch Ren & Stimpy though…so he SECRETLY watches it on his tablet at night…[my parents let me watch that, I just thought it’d be a cute thing to add to Mugkid~]) Cup also loves to watch Youtube, his favorite youtubers is Christian Delgrosso and Matthias 
Mickey, and Ozzy both love to play with their non-blood related brothers, Bendy, and Boris…I’ll talk about those two next, but YES Mick is friends with Bendy too and Ozzy is friends with Boris… Ozzy is just closer to Bendy, and Mick is closer to Boris. Mickey, and Ozzy are the movie geeks, they watch shows with Cups and Mugs too, but their mostly into movies. They both are so fascinated by movies and decided that when they grow up, they will make their own movie together; However: Ozzy HATES romantic movies…. so Mick tries to stay away from it, even tough it’s his favorite movie genre. They both love comedy, so they decided to create a comedy movie! Oh yeah, also Ozzy loves to play dolls with Bendy, and Mickey loves to talk about ships with Boris, that’s why he loves romantic movies….it’s all Boris’s fault XDD 

Bendy, and Boris just love doing anything with their friends. Bendy DOES know about Felix, and he DOES have a TON of respect for him, like Boris has for Mickey. Like I said before: Boris loves to ship things, and Bendy loves to play dolls-  OH YEAH Ozzy and Bendy DO have favorite dolls: Ozzy’s is @theniceprincess-tnp, and Bendy’s is @ihaileysenpai, Ozzy calls his doll his ‘little princess’, and Bendy calls his “SENPAI!!!” XD Bendy and Boris’s favorite game to play with Cup, is Shovel Knight. 
Dot loves to sneak from the upstairs girl play room to see Bendy….which Bendy is annoyed by…. it’s sort of like a Chowder and Panini thing. She loves to watch Romantic movies with Mickey upstairs where Ozzy can’t even hear it. Dot is also a very close friend of Shiba’s, and they love to pull pranks on the other kids…but Dot stops Shiba from pulling any on Bendy XD 
Shiba, like I said: loves pranks. She loves to watch Youtube with Cups…that’s…pretty much it XD 

And last but not least, the little fluff ball, Felix! Oh man, he loves to watch Adventure movies so much, especially Indiana Jones (so yes he knows bad words, and more than he’s heard from those movies) he HATES the old school Scooby Doo just for the fact that it’s always the same each episode- and I quote: “they go to someplace scary, look for clues, catch the monster guy, take off his mask and act as if their surprised about it -AND THEY ALWAYS SAY THE NAME TOO, the guy explains why he did it, then says “and I would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”! it’s just annoying!”. He always wanted to be like his hero: Indiana Jones! He wants to go out on adventures and find things no one has touched in years, or not at all! He sees Bendy as a little brother…which I just find so cute ;u; he also watches mystery movies but it’s just a second favorite of his. 

sorry for this being so long. but I hope you guys got somewhat of a kick out of it? or at least an “AWWWW!!!”  but enjoy! ily guys so much <3 

she’s gonna save me (call me baby)

A very happy belated birthday to the amazing @superirishbreakfasttea! Tbh,  I wanted to write like 10k of this but had to restrain myself….

“Really?” Raina asks with a perfectly arched eyebrow. “You’re going to pick that one?”

“You told me I could pick whoever I wanted,” Daisy replies stubbornly, staring at the glossy headshots spread across the table.  It’s her fake boyfriend, after all. If she’s going to spend the next few months being photographed getting coffee and posing on the red carpet with someone, she should at least get to choose who it is.

“Robbie Reyes?  Really?  You think that the tabloids are going to react well to America’s sweetheart dating the same guy who once punched James Hellfire in the face at an afterparty?” Raina counters.  

“Hellfire is an asshole,” Bobbi interjects. “And everyone who was at that party says that Reyes didn’t throw the first punch.”

Daisy gives her a grateful look.  She hired Bobbi as her manager the minute she turned eighteen and the other woman’s never steered her wrong.  Bobbi’s the one who landed her a supporting role in last year’s  Best Picture and the lead in last summer’s biggest comedy and Raina may be the reason she’s been appearing on more and more magazine covers lately, but Bobbi hired Raina as her publicist in the first place.

“You put him on the list,” Daisy tells Raina. “Therefore, I get to pick him if I want to.  And I do.”

And that’s it.  Robbie Reyes, action star and former street racer, is now her latest celebrity boyfriend.

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Before Bangtan || Hoseok || Mafia Soulmate AU

These are set in the story Kismet! [Part 1] [Part 2]

These are set before the gang of Bangtan began. You’d met your soulmate Hoseok back in middle school and had basically been in love ever since. These are memories of the bit of High School you got to spend together. 

  • back in middle school you used to get very upset during schools dances when people would ask to dance with hoseok. it was most definitely because he was an excellent dancer, but you took it way too personal. he never said yes to anyone other than bangtan and made sure to include you every time.
  • on a school trip to a big company you got caught hooking up in an empty room and instead of admitting you were on a school trip, you both pretended you worked there and due to the maturity in your voice and his lying skills, it worked. 
  • during school hours hoseok was almost always at your side. if you had classes even at the opposites ends of school, he’d leave his early and sprint so he would be there when you got out.
  • one time hoseok had to pull yoongi out of a fist fight about flat taxes
  • he made sure however that you had every science class together. you figured it was his charm that got you into the same classes through the dean, but in the end it was jimins smart mouth that had helped you. hoseok had begged him to use his talking skills to help him out and as a good friend, of course he did.
  • one time in 9th grade hoseok forced you to enter a pie eating contest with him and you did, of course to make him happy. in the end you brought a spoon to it and he threw up for the rest of the night
  • the hallway was empty during third period once so you decided it would be a smart idea to run down the hall towards the bathroom. you thought you’d gotten your period and didn’t want to ruin your new jeans, so you were off. what you didn’t realize was Taehyung and Hoseok in the hallway as well. Taehyung simply stuck out his leg to trip you and then you tumbled right on down. your soulmate laughed for a moment but then felt bad but it was too late. you didn’t talk to him for three days until he turned up at your bedroom window with flowers, candy, and movies to ease your thoughts.
  • on the third day of school in 10th grade the two of you ended up having sex in a broom closet since he’d slept over the night before and you’d given him blue balls in the morning. he had this angry looked on his face until you finally agreed to fuck quickly but you both got made fun of it for weeks
  • he always insisted on buying you emerald jewelry as the color reminded him so much of your eyes that he was so happy to have fouund.
  • hoseok used to really like to take you to the beach because no matter how much sun screen you put on, you’d end up burnt and he loved taking care of you. he misses those days.

anonymous asked:

Prompt idea (it's prinxiety btw): How about one where Princey is out doing his thang and fighting and stuff and he was supposed to be back within 2 days but its taking longer and it's been like a week so when he finally comes back Anxiety is all happy and just fluff please. Thank you!

A/N: i took a Little Bit of liberty with this because i’ve been looking for an excuse to write contemporary fantasy, and you just gave me an in, so thank you. if this does not meet your needs, i am more than willing to fill a new prompt for you . x
Warning: slight depiction of injuries, but nothing extensive; slight depiction of panic attack, but brief
W/C: 2.7K (i’m so sorry jfc)
Pairing: Prinxiety

In which the sides are humans in a contemporary fantasy au; I’m sorry for what you’re about to read

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“I feel sorry for you. Still, maybe you deserve each other. I mean, the way you look right now, I’m beginning to feel sorry for him too. You must give him a pretty bad time if making babies is the only way he can prove he’s got a pair of balls.”

Revolutionary Road, 2008 (x)

Every Enjolras.  Ever.

What is the problem here?  Victor Hugo was extremely thorough in his physical description of Enjolras.  So why is it apparently so damned difficult to cast this part for movie adaptations, and why do other visual media find it impossible to draw him according to his description?  What the hell am I missing here?  Is there some widespread conspiracy to portray all revolutionaries as dark-haired and/or ugly dudes?

I needed a laugh the other day, so I started compiling a visual collection of every Enjolras I could find.

In chronological order:

^^^1912 French silent movie.  I’m sure he’s in there somewhere.  Just, please God, don’t let him be the one in plaid pants.  (Oh Jesus, I just looked up at the photo again after writing that sentence, and realized THEY ALL HAVE PLAID PANTS ON………=___=;;)

          EDIT:  I have subsequently seen this version, and in fact he is the guy in the plaid pants.  Sigh.  At least he’s the hot one in the plaid pants…

^^^1925 French silent movie.  Whoa there, Marlene Dietrich, ease off that makeup a little!  Enjolras went a little eye shadow crazy, and Lord knows he needs all that ghostly foundation to distract from the fact that he’s about twenty years too old for this role, but strangely enough, still not the worst Enjolras ever.  At least he gets a Le Cabuc scene…

^^^1934 French movie.  Wild hair Enjolras.  It looks respectable here, but it gets progressively crazier and crazier as the barricades go on.  Speaking of crazy, this Enjolras tends to have a bit of the wild eye too–but, you know, he also thinks blowing up his own barricade is actually a good battle strategy, so…  (Also, he smokes like a chimney–is that even canon?  I don’t think it is…)

^^^1937 Soviet movie, Gavrosh (Гаврош).  Not much I can say about this crazy Soviet propaganda film that hasn’t been said already.  This is one of the strangest roles for an Enjolras ever in a Les Mis adaptation, but that seems suitable for one of the strangest Les Mis adaptations ever.  His hobbies (besides barricading) involve graffiti art and hanging with escaped convicts, and his end comes when he is shot dead by Javert at the barricade.  Sadly, he doesn’t live long enough to see his barricade go on to succeed, and the revolution is won without him.  Oh well!  At least he gets to die in Gavroche’s loving arms, though.  ……Wait, what fanfic was I reading again…?

^^^1943 American comic book.  He doesn’t have much of a role to play here.  And I have to say, this is one of the few times I have had too many candidates for the title of Enjolras.  I’m pretty sure this is him, though there’s a guy with a skeezy goatee who also seems to think he’s Enjolras…I’ll just pretend I didn’t see him…

^^^1948 Italian movie, I Miserabili.  He exists, and he seems to be the leader at the barricade, but he’s also extremely hard to screencap, because the little jerk moves with the speed of lightning.  So this is what you get, a blurry Enjolras getting dragged out to die by blurry soldiers.  A GIF might be more appropriate here.  As far as his Enjolras abilities, I have only one thing to say: rolling barrels down the street is not a good barricade defense strategy, Enjolras.

^^^1952 American movie.  There isn’t an official Enjolras in this one, but this guy sure acts like him, so let’s call him Enjolras.  Because this Marius sure as shit doesn’t deserve to be the badass barricade leader here.

^^^1957 French movie.  Meh, he’s okay, but too old, too weird-looking, too not-blond.  Looks kinda like David Rossi from Criminal Minds, but not as cool.  And his personality didn’t leave too much of an impression either, to be honest.  But one has to laugh at the awkwardness of the Friends’ introductory scene in this version, which is about as literal (and ineffective) an interpretation of their character descriptions in the book as one could imagine…

^^^1964 Italian movie (miniseries?), I Miserabili.  This guy’s a beast, he’s a fucking god.  A straight-up amazing Enjolras, even though, like most Enjolrati on this list, he’s definitely too old for the part.  He does have an unfair advantage over most other Enjolrati, though–he got to do a Le Cabuc scene, and he rocked the hell out of the speech after it.  Talk about an Enjolras moment for the ages, where you can see the crazy and the idealism all expressed in the gleam in those staring, trance-like eyes as he hoarsely whispers his way to the end of that speech–he looks like a fucking crazy biblical prophet foreseeing the apocalypse.  Which, I guess, is kinda what Enjolras is after all. 

^^^1966 Soviet animated short, “Gavrosh” (Гаврош).  I’m actually really fascinated by the animation style in this thing: it’s grotesque and nightmarish and scary as all hell, and everyone looks strung out on meth, but there’s something strange and beautiful and Tim Burton-y to the universe they create.  This is Enjolras, though he doesn’t have a huge part to play here (I mean, the whole thing is just over 15 minutes long or something).  

^^^1971 Spanish (Castilian) telenovela, Los Miserables.  Enjolras is pretty cool in this, not gonna lie.  But I might also be a bit biased and prejudiced by that amazing, amazing, amazing coat he chooses to put on his body:  

!!!!!!  So that, I can say for this Enjolras: he has good fashion sense.  There are many who don’t.  I won’t name names.  Musical!Enjolras. 

^^^1972 French miniseries.  Cold as fucking ice, this one.  Total sociopath and dead behind the eyes.  To understate the matter: definitely not a touchy-feely Enjolras.  Also, he looks a little too Corsican to be flinging poo at Corsica and Napoleon…

^^^1978 American TV movie.  Meh, didn’t leave a strong impression on me.  His funniest moment was probably how he died–thought he was being sneaky, he did.

^^^1979 Japanese animated series, “Jean Valjean Monogatari” (ジャン・バルジャン物語).  Doesn’t have much screen time, but what little he has is pretty well spent.  WTF is that chin, though…?  I think when they heard Hugo say “high forehead” they got confused as to which end of the face that was.

^^^1982 French movie.  Bad teeth.  Funny Saint-Just earring.  Likes to bust Courfeyrac’s balls (“you’re an hour late!”), even when Combeferre got to the meeting, like, just two minutes earlier.

^^^1985 Japanese manga.  I know next to nothing about this manga–pretty much just what you see here.  He has a certain retro shoujo look to him…a little Rose of Versailles-meets-Tezuka going on there.  At least he dies properly.  (Though I’m guessing there wasn’t much of a Grantaire in this version, since he gets to die alone…)  “Republique banzai!”

^^^1985-present, British stage musical.   A Tony-winning ass…oops, I mean role, a Tony-winning role.  Those tight pants couldn’t have hurt.  The musical saw Enjolras’ promotion from a secondary or tertiary character in the novel to one of the most memorable characters in the musical, despite never having his name sung in the libretto even once.  Like Eponine (also a Tony-winning role), he receives much more than his fair share of great music and striking moments, not least of which being the original turntable staging of his death scene on the barricade, a piece of stagecraft so creepily beautiful that it drew a round of applause when I saw the show in Japan.

^^^1992 French animated series.  Easily the worst Les Mis adaptation ever made, and I certainly don’t just mean the design of Enjolras.  Makes for amazing drinking games, though.

^^^1998 American movie.  It’s kinda hard to say there’s an actual Enjolras in this movie at all, except in name only.  His entire role in the plot has been assigned to Marius instead, to much confusion.  This guy is left with a totally thankless job.  He’s just there to be the wet-blanket whiny nursemaid to Marius’ oh-so-awesome-impulsive-revolutionary-awesomeness.  He also has the dubious honor of giving voice to one of the absolute stupidest lines to ever pass the lips of an Enjolras: [discussing Marius’ sex life:] “After tomorrow you can make love to her as a free man!”  Ick, I think I need a shower just from typing that…

^^^1998 Japanese fighting game “Arm Joe.”  Do I really even need to say anything here?  I think Arm Joe generally speaks for itself.  See the entry on musical!Enjolras above, since this is basically him.  (Except dropping barricades on people and stuff, like a fucking 1832 Wizard of Oz tornado.) 

^^^2000 European miniseries.  Marius’ BFF slumber party bro.  I have serious doubts about this Enjolras’ maturity and readiness to take on the task of being an Enjolras.  Watching the Friends rallying for the revolution is like watching a frat party spilling out into a street riot on a Saturday night: hyped-up grinning Enjolras on a table, going, “Yeahhhh, let’s go build a barricade, u guyz!!!  Yeahhhh!”  Also, I feel like I’m watching the musical with this “Marius&Enjolras best friends 4 eva” bullshit–I mean, Courfeyrac exists in this version.  Why?  He sure as shit doesn’t have anything to do.

^^^2007 Japanese animated series, Les Misérables: Shoujo Cosette (レ・ミゼラブル 少女コゼット).  This Enjolras made a pretense of being aloof and cool in his first appearance in this anime, but in the end he turned out to be pretty soft and smiley for an Enjolras, and easygoing, and totally understanding when you tell him you’d rather not go to his barricade and get yourself killed.  He’s willing to listen to other people’s opinions, he goes through moments of doubt at the barricade, and he doesn’t even get mad while fending off Combeferre’s awkward advances (yay for workplace sexual harassment…?).

^^^2009 Japanese manga.  This Enjolras is essentially an offshoot of musical!Enjolras, with all the same totally all-consuming problems.  Of course I mean Marius’ love life, not building a doomed barricade.

^^^2010 French bande dessinée.  Forget Corsica, son, what you need is some conditioner–some serious split ends there.  Don’t you just hate it when men with long hair don’t take care of it?  But seriously, this is the best argument I’ve ever seen against Enjolras having a ponytail–he’s so busy with other shit that this is seriously what his hair would look like if it were long.

^^^2012 American-British movie musical.  This musical!Enjolras was saddled with the usual musical!Enjolras distractions: having to supervise Marius’ antics; being undermined in his own meetings by drunks and dumbasses; having to wear ridiculously ridiculous gaudy clothes; having to admit, in the end, that in fact he was “on his own” and “has no friends.”  Beyond the junk that his stage predecessor had to deal with, he also suffered the indignity of having to fall backwards out of a window and try to make it look cool. 

^^^2014 American manga.  This Enjolras is pretty much what you have come to expect from a manga version by now.  Too much ponytail, of course, and him saying that quote in that speech bubble above makes me want to put my fist through my screen.

^^^2014-2015 Japanese manga.  The jury is still out on this one–he’s still a work in progress.  So far, doing an okay job at Enjolrasing (despite sporting a ponytail, ew), but the real test will be if, in the animal scheme of the manga, he is represented by an eagle at the barricades.  I mean, it’s almost too obvious, right?

^^^2015 British picture book.  I love that speech bubble: I care about Les Misérables, Enjolras!  But, um, he looks a bit like an unkempt Dumas, complete with big ol’ cup of wine sloshing around.  Is that a comparison Enjolras would have wanted to draw…?  I honestly doubt it–it’s like Robespierre being asked if he’d like to be drawn like Danton in a picture book version of his adventures.

Okay, so overall, I will give them this: Enjolras seems to be getting blonder as time goes by.  Also, the Japanese win the prize here, because they are absolutely adamant that he is blond.  (Then again, they think all French people are blond, so…Also, they need to cut his ponytail off, but for whatever “Rose of Versailles” influenced reason, it persists in Japanese versions.)

I think I got pretty much every Enjolras who’s ever existed and who is reasonably available for the getting.  If I’ve forgotten any, or if you know of some I can find somewhere else, do let me know, and I’ll add to the master list! 

Also, if you have any questions about any of these versions of Les Mis or about their Enjolrati, ask away, and I will do my best to answer them!