too bad this movie was balls

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What do you think of Dragon Ball Super aside from the adorable Krillin and 18 moments?

So far I like it. It has some moments/eps I’m more like meh *shrugs* but overall it is not too bad. I liked how they ‘retold’ the BOG and ROF movies, that way we got a little more details. I am excited for the upcoming arc though!!

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Let's be real, Wonder Woman is guaranteed good reviews cuz male critics are scared of giving it a bad review for fear of being labelled woman haters and female critics will sing its praises no matter how bad it is cuz its the first female hero movie. Y'all only have to look at Ghostbusters to know how this is gon' go. That got good reviews and it was straight up trash. No one has the balls to give this movie a bad review

Well if that’s the case then that’s just one of the perks of being the first to release a female-led superhero movie. I’m sure DC won’t be complaining about “guaranteed” good reviews. If Marvel hadn’t taken so long they could have had a piece of that pie, too bad for them. I honestly don’t care how or why ‘Wonder Woman’ gets good reviews and praise as long as it gets them!

Just Talk To Me (Jimin)

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Genre: Fluff// Angst// Some crying
Word Count; 2,001


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I wanna rant so bad about ghost in shell.

like, so SO SO SO SO SO bad.

ya’ll know why, right? 

like, I know Asians are generally “not as important” but the amount of white washing in Hollywood in POC movies HAS to be evident by now. ( i.e Dragon Ball FUCKING Z, The Last Air Bender *NO ONE DARE GIVE ME SHIT ABOUT HOW THEY AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE POC/ASIAN OK, I was only content with it bc Dev Patel was in it. LIKE SRSLY, NICOLA AS KATARA? give me a damn break. THIS SERIES CLEARLY DEPICTS ASIAN CULTURE AND A SERIES I WAS OBSESSED WITH GROWING UP. FUUUUUUUCK, AloHA Oh MAN don’t get me started on emma stone taking this role. like girl, i know that sometimes you gotta take some roles to get the cash, but that’s what trashy white movies are for— not for you to take up the role of a CHINESE / HAWAIIAN CHARACTER. damn where’s the common sense here, Prince of fUCKING PERSIA— MAY I REPEAT, PERSIA, and OMG PAN!! WHEN A WHITE GIRL FUCKING PLAYED TIGER LILY?! GEEZUS I NEARLY LOST IT )

and now, now they have the nerve to do the same with Ghost in Shell, a heavily beloved manga series / anime series from Japan. I, personally, have not followed GIS— but I do know about it. and for the sake of not having shit thrown back at my face for this rant, i did my research.

Scarlett’s role is straight up controversial. GIS was originated in Japan, who’s main character has a Japanese name. While GIS is arguably ‘international’, you’re stripping away its origin. GIS producer, Steven Paul said this : “Ghost in the Shell was a very international story, and it wasn’t just focused on Japanese; it was supposed to be an entire world,” he said, “That’s why I say the international approach is, I think, the right approach to it.” OKAY SIR, but going into what you think is the ‘right’ approach, clearly shows your excuse for choosing Scarlett. BUT NO—- white man british director Rupert Sanders has THIS TO SAY:

“To me, you know, I cast very much from the gut and I think I was very lucky to be able to get an amazing international cast of people that I’ve always really wanted to work with,” he said. “Scarlett was one of those people, and to me there’s very few actresses who’ve had 20 years of experience, who have the cyberpunk aesthetic already baked in. You know, she comes from such edgy films from Lost in Translation to Under the Skin — she’s got an incredible body of work and the attitude and toughness of her really is to me The Major.”

“But also what she’s done incredibly in this film is she’s playing an android, she’s a synthetic body with a human mind inside. She did an incredible job of nuancing the human evolving through the machine, and in a way I think why it’s very relative to a large audience, it’s kind of a coming of age story and it’s a realization of ‘I am what I am — whatever’s happened to me, good or bad, that is the sum of who I am now.’”

You know what I get from that? Excuses., mainly. I get why they chose her too– I mean, I do love Scarlett. I agree that she probably has all the criteria to fit the role. She deserves her own Black Widow movie— but this? No. It’s outrageous, truly. I know Scarlett can say that she’s honored to be in this movie, but it shows that she’s not aware of the white washing being done here. The Major is japanese, and there has even been talk to see if they could make Scarlett look more Asian with CG. I get that this is great exposure for Japan and whatever ( just because there’s an article about the publisher not caring about ber being white )— but this just doesn’t feel right. Especially as an Asian.

There are many Asian actresses ( EVEN IF THEY AREN’T JAPANESE, BUT THE LEAST, ASIAN ) to choose from. 


There are so many more articles on who should replace Scarlett. It truly annoys me that they chose her, clearly, because she’d bring in more money. Her having a ‘cyberpunk feel’ seems like a pretty damn good excuse, but with all the white washing going about and the more exposure it’s getting—- I feel like it’ll make the movie flop because of that ( i.e, Aloha )

Does this picture not seem wrong to you?

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i think it says a lot that my two favorite Scooby Doo movies are movies where the monsters aren’t evil

like in Ghoul School they’re just little kids who wanna finally beat the neighboring school in their yearly valley ball contest and win a trophy for once

and in Zombie Island, the zombies aren’t the bad guys. they’re just. trying to save Scooby and everyone from the same horrible fates

it’s like the one movie where i prefer the zombies over the cats, too

more of jongin’s chat messages:

Jongin thinks Dragon Ball is interesting…

With rahee he has to play toy planes And
t’s too tiring for him lol

Recently jongin watched Jurassic World

“I can cook ramen really well…. Recently I added an egg unto my ramen”

Jongin mentioned that he did a magazine shoot today!

He created instagram because the managers begged him to create it to use it for promotion

A Fruit that Kai likes is strawberry

“I’m strawberry” EXO-L are grapes

All puppies doing fine

Rahee’s hair is short

“I want to go to America again. Who will come with me to collect dragon ball?”

“Princess (EXO L) I will protect you.”

My ideal type is EXO L

“when I dance. I’m happy”

“During high school, I was placed number one for doing the most pusH ups”

“I have bad eye sight. I wear lenses”

“Don’t diet too much and harm your body”

scary movies are interesting u

“I don’t have anything that I’m scared of.”

“Ghosts, zombies and spirits are all my friends. Because I’m vegeta”

“my phone breaks frequently. Don’t worry
about it. The case too.”