too bad they censored it

Here’s one reason I don’t spend much time on tumblr at the moment. I’m going to be blunt, and quite honestly hateful towards at least some of my followers (who can go ahead and unfollow if they feel uncomfortable or w/e). 

The term problematic is a shitty measuring stick. It shouldn’t ever be used as though the term is self-evident and conclusive. 

What do you even mean by problematic? And are you talking for a group (or an entire culture) to which you don’t fucking belong? Do you really think that “problematic” is where it ends, no discussion? 

Listen, 1 + 1 doesn’t equal 2 here. When you’re talking about society, people, basically structures that rely on subjectivity, you sound naive and lost when you say something like, “Liking [___] promotes/excuses/normalizes [___].” How the fuck. Have you ever learned about audience reception? Cause textual analysis doesn’t fucking cut it.

You can pretend that you like or do not like things based on the morality/problematics you perceive in them, but every single person I’ve known who did this would twist themselves in knots to write off their own hypocrisy. 

Hey, I don’t care, I’m gonna say it: in fiction, I like noncon, dubcon, some level of guro/abuse, manipulation, abusive relationships, incest, and some other things that probably would earn me one of those ridiculous callout posts. Someone once told me they felt weird seeing me have opinions about fic plots because they knew I like noncon. Apparently liking noncon bans you from having opinions, ever, or at least expecting anyone to treat you as anything more than a Bad Person who has to be Silenced.

It’s not like I don’t know they’re problematic; I fucking like them because they are. That doesn’t mean I’m not critically engaging at all. I honestly think that I probably engage more critically than the majority of the high-horse, pure-as-crystal people who like to throw shit without reflecting. There’s so little [room for] thought with that mentality. 

Hey, let’s talk about how ending it at “this is problematic and bad, and so are you,” is intellectually pathetic. I’m personally interested in thinking about why something is problematic, why it appeals to people, and how they interact with it. And of course, enjoying it in spaces that don’t involve perpetrators of those things. Liking it doesn’t mean excusing it in real life.

Cause, y’know, 1 + 1 can’t equal 2 when the equation is being applied carelessly and to something it doesn’t fit.

Abusing entire groups of people for a ship, show, whatever they like that’s problematic, especially when they keep to themselves and are not denying the problematic aspects as what they are, is so much more vicious and unforgivable to me. When I try to figure out why they bother, it always comes down to the harasser wanting to fucking harass people and dressing that desire in terms that do not justify their actions in the least. 

The act of liking and enjoying the ~wrong~ fictional thing doesn’t justify that vitriol. But some people hate fun, I guess. They’d rather delude themselves. Go ahead, but leave others the hell out of it.

Edit: There was something I saw on tumblr once that stuck with me in a good way. It ended with the sentence, “You gotta be kind.” That’s what I think of when I want to approach lots of these issues. It’s not all-or-nothing, and that’s a positive thing.

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Howdy dodly boo just here to say you art is AWESOME and every drawing I see coming from you smooths my dash board because it's so amazingly good !! Okay see ya have a great day, and keep the amazing work !


nice person alert ;w;

too bad tumblr censors you- so I can’t exactly stalk you 


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Snndjdken I wish I would've lied about my age signing up for Tumblr because this new update has me fUCKed

aSLFKJDLKJSADFLSJKFD I’ve been busy lately and don’t really know what’s up w the update?? Something about censored content?? Hahaha that’s too bad anon,,,, maybe you can ‘age yourself up’ in the settings ;)

So, for amusements’ sake and to confirm it really is that broken, I turned safe mode on. 

Main blog - not too bad, LGBT posts not being censored (did they fix it already). I keep my dash well curated, so there is seldom porn on it (I have very high standards about porn and toss anyone who posts bad porn, which is 99.9999999% of porn, ya know).


A post containing pictures of salt labyrinths

Some kind of weird Spongebob Squarepants meme about running out of phone battery.

Chromolithographs about not going into debt from 1895.

A post discussing rape being used as punishment (Which I would agree is sensitive).

A post showing flower-covered underwear on a female model (Far less racy than a Victoria’s Secret catalogue).

So out of five hits, four of them false positives.

On my heathen/religious blog, which follows a ton of weird stuff I haven’t ever bothered curating out.

Again not too bad, but…


A post selling Fashion 3D hoodies.

A comic about…uh, demons being people too? Not sure, but I don’t think it’s sensitive.

The stop clickbait meme.

A cute mini-comic about two boys being friends, one of them with a raven head, referring to some fandom I’m not in.

A post about the structure of spoken Gallifreyan.

Five hits, five false positives.

My conclusion:

The system is using an algorithm that was NOT properly tested before being put live by staff. It’s stupid. Literally.

Given how safe mode works for over 18s, I’m going to leave it on on my main blog and do my best to help by untagging as many false positives as I can. But really - this thing is just SO untested…

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Do you often get confused for Clive Barker?I like Clive Barker. I like you too, I just think I have more of a chance with Clive Barker. You are pretty swell though so don't feel too bad about it. As a young adult author do you find yourself censoring your blog content? Do you have a duty to your readers to make sure it is suitable for them to read?Clive Barker is writing a best selling young adult series but his official Tumblr is dicks, dicks and more dicks. Can you post what you like on blogs?

I used to be confused with Clive back in about 1984, when the world and we were young, because we both had dark hair and big noses.

I don’t find myself censoring the content here, no, although I’ll try and tag things NSFW or put in trigger warnings if I’m putting up anything contentious.

Clive tumblrs his interests, I tumblr mine. (And he’s much more than only a YA author.)

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Is it just me, or is 'Monkey-Feathers' clearly a loosely disguised Very Bad Curse Word?

Aang is too precious to swear. He censors himself. Also, Lin swears all the time. She can hardly go a sentence without swearing so hard she’d make your ears ring.