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A thing that I have noticed is that a lot of webcomic dont use the art as tool for storytelling, there's so much one can do playing with panel size, form, coloring and perspective to stablish a character or narrator mental state, the mood of the scene and the foreshadowing! I dont usually read manga, but recently I read one that hides tarot card numbers in panels and uses a lot of visual cues to enrich the story, like a particular gesture to indicate that a character is lying or nervous, (1/2)

(2/2) a checkered pattern floor to show that the protagonist is being manipulated or just a well-placed flower (flower language), I never though of this things but now it has made more conscious on how I draw comics and at the hour to read a webcomic it has made me pay attention to panels details and not just the dialogue, to really treat comics as a visual medium. Sorry for the long text and mistakes (learning english!), I just wanted to share thoughts and thank you for all your advices!

Back in ye olde days of late 90s early 2000s, basically no one in webcomics could draw. 

Questionable Content, 2003

Narbonic, 2000. Narbonic got very good very fast, though. 

And any comic with even a competent artist would get a lot of attention just for that. 

Nowadays, actual artists realized that doing a webcomic could build a portfolio and even a brand, and the market with flooded with quality art

Ava’s Demon


And it became the Conventional Wisdom among us Webcomic Reviewers that art “didn’t really matter”. There were tons of beautiful comics with terrible storytelling, after all, and they were a chore

Dresden Codak. Note that the thing we’re supposed to be looking at in panel 2 is the metal ring showing that Kimiko’s arm is a prosthetic, but the camera is pointed at her boobs. 

Whereas webcomics with bad art but good writing were good comics.

Dinosaur Comics sets the floor for artistic quality, but is still really liked

Some of this was a bit of jealousy, too. Most people who write reviews of comics are bad at art, and prefer to think of writing, which is the thing they do, as the Primary Driver Of Quality. Then other reason is 

Understanding Comics

But the actual fact of a comic is that art is writing, and writing is art. They’re too intermixed to think of as separate skills

Dresden Codak has bad art. 

Technically, it’s fine. Hell, technically it’s amazing. If I quit my job and spent 40 hours a week practicing drawing, It would take me years to get to this level. But it’s not functioning. The panels are in a confusing order, and the shot of Kimiko with her back arched way back as if she wanted to make her boobs more prominent in the shot both makes no sense for the scene (compare to the last panel, where she’s leaning forward in a way that makes more sense), and is the wrong type of shot.

The point of that panel is to draw our attention to the symbol on the back of Kimiko’s black crop top thing, but because it’s a medium shot for some reason (so Diaz can draw boobs), there are TWO symbols on her back. The one of the back of her top is center-panel, but there’s a gear symbol peaking out from beneath the top that more literally fits the description of “the one on your back”, especially since we have no reason to think that the silver symbol isn’t part of her shirt. It should’ve been a close up of the symbol! So that we knew which one it was! 

Compare this page in Gunnerkrigg Court. This is technically bad art. I could possibly draw something like this in a day with my current skills. But the deterioration of the drawing quality is good art, because it gives the sense that Annie’s falling apart, which is appropriate to the scene. 

Tom Siddel can draw like a motherfucker when he wants to (also this layout is excellent), but for this scene of Annie taking her makeup off, he doesn’t want to, and that’s an artistic choice. A pretty good one, actually. 

Order of the Stick is one of the simplest comics out there in terms of visual style. This panel isn’t that hard to draw (compared to Unsounded, for instance). But it works.Even if you don’t know anything about OotS, this shot tells you a ton. You understand that these characters have been going through doors at random, and you know that there’s a shitload of doors. Despite it’s simple art style, this panel effectively conveys the scale of the challenge. 

None of this requires gimmickry (and sometimes gimmickry is good). You don’t need to be great at drawing to make a panel like that OotS one. 

And that’s just basic shot composition! There’s also stuff like the tarot card gimmick you mentioned, color palettes, and visual metaphor. 


While it’s important to remember films != comics, they can be a good resource for this kind of visual thinking. If I’m filming a scene two people talking, I can “draw” nearly as well as any director, since I have a camera on my phone. The difference between me and a great director (besides budget) is where I point the camera, and what decisions I make.

Anyway, here’s a nice set of panels from Octopus Pie, which are great at getting us into Marigold’s frame of mind in a way a good drawing wouldn’t.

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"You're a terrible cook" Chat, to Marinette?

“Here, this should hopefully help you feel better,” Marinette said thrusting the bowl of steaming soup towards the pathetic figure huddled in a pile of blankets on her chaise. 

“Thank you. You’re kindness is only rivaled by you…ACHOOOO!” 

“Serves you right, you hopeless flirt,” Marinette laughed. Chat glowered at her, but reached his hands out from his nest for the bowl. 

“Jeez, what is this lava?” 

“It’s soup! It’s supposed to be served hot.” 

“Hot, not fiery inferno.” 

“Just shut up and eat your soup,” Marinette said fixing her grinning intruder with her best impression of her mother’s serious face. 

“As you wish princess,” Chat grinned not looking the least bit penitent. 

Marinette watched as he took a loud slurping sip of his soup. He said nothing his brow furrowing slightly. 

“What?” Marinette asked, her shoulders hunching self consciously as Chat stared at her. He said nothing, his eyes narrowing further as he took another spoonful of the soup. 

Marinette held her breath as he looked at her again, his head tilted to one side thoughtfully. 

“You’re a terrible cook,” he said in an awed voice. 

“I am not,” Marinette argued her face flushing. 

“Did you try this soup?” 

“Well no…” He held it out to her. “I’m not going to try it now,” Marinette sulked, you’re sick.” 

“Probably for the best, I think you put the whole dead sea in this.”


“It’s really salty,” Chat said with a soft smile, taking another spoonful of the soup anyways. 

“Well if you don’t want it you can give it back,” Marinette glowered, “I don’t see why you decided to come hang out at my place anyways.” 

“No one is home,” Chat replied quietly.

“Oh,” Marinette replied not sure how to deal with the sudden change of tone, “well I guess bad soup is better than no soup.” 

“Oh I could get soup,” Chat replied blithely his teasing smile coming back with a vengence, “top quality stuff too. That’s not the issue.” 

“What is it then?” Marinette asked glaring at the smiling, if sniffling cat in annoyance, as he continued to down her sub par offering. “Since clearly you could be back home enjoying 5 star cuisine instead of suffering through my terrible attempt at cooking.” 

“Well there are 3 reasons why I am here. One- I don’t like being alone when I am sick, I get moody. Two- While you are apparently a terrible cook, I know for a fact that you’re baking is excellent and I am hoping if I look pathetic enough that you will shower me with pastries,” he smirked. 

“You’re ridiculous,” Marinette said rolling her eyes but unable to help the small grin that came to her lips. “So what’s the third reason?” 

“Five star cuisine doesn’t compare to getting homemade soup from the prettiest girl in paris, I don’t care how salty it is,” Chat said, taking another deliberate spoonful. 

Marinette flushed and turned away before he could see the brilliant smile that she couldn’t have held back if she tried. 

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The Snicket Siblings.

It was the day after a tedious and dangerous mission. Like the troublesome lad he is, Lemony did something that blurs the line between bravery and stupidity, prompting Jacques to save him; leaving Kit to finish the job (but thanks to Lemony, the mission was a success). She was nimble enough to only receive a bruise.

A/N: This is pre-ATWQ, Lemony is 9 and the duo’s either 11 or 12. I hoard papers filled with my sketches and art, and I like to project that hoarding through the Siblings but to them it’s of information. I apologize for the terrible color and quality though, I only have two shades of grey and either one is too dark or too light to be seen.

There’s a lot allusions here, if you can find them. I try to fit in as much as I can (many are from ATWQ).

(Bad news volunteers, majority of the allusions didn’t cut it because my mobile camera’s pixels aren’t enough to show it clearly. Will post maybe another one that has better quality.)

There are a lot of different types of freedom. We talk about freedom the same way we talk about art, like it is a statement of quality rather than a description. ‘Art’ doesn’t mean good, or bad. 'Art’ just means art. It can be terrible and still be art. Freedom can be good, or bad, too. There can be terrible freedom. You freed me and I didn’t ask you to; I didn’t want you to. I am more free now than I have ever been and I am spiraling.
—  Alice Isn’t Dead Ep. 2, Joseph Fink

((more traditional and sorry for terrible quality and the random vent. ill try to draw more for you guys if i can and sorry))
((later, ill try and fix the quality of the last one if you guys want))


I’m not really sure I like this set here. This dress is cute, but maybe a little too homecoming dance-ish? Idk, maybe being taken to a dance wouldn’t be such a bad thing!

 The cardigan look definitely doesn’t work with it! I love the shoes though :p 

Maybe its the fact that the pics just turned out soooo terribly. I need to be able to take higher quality pics! These phone pics are just driving me insane because I know I can do better lol

How to Say I Love You

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A/N: AHEM. SO, I’ve been working on this idea for a bit of time now, and its a series of one-shots for every character revolving around a central theme: 100 different ways to say I love you.

now, some of you might recognize the title, or variation of, because it’s very closely related to the ‘Don’t Say I Love You’ series I published months ago, but eventually stopped working on from lack of inspiration. THIS SERIES HAS NO RELATION TO THAT SERIES. they are two completely separate things, and I hope there’s no confusion. if there is, just shoot me an ask!

Now, without further ado, here is the first one, a Credence Barebone time span one-shot!

title: How To Say I Love You [Part One]

warnings: nothing too severe or detailed

How to say I love you.

     “Excuse me,” Credence mumbles. It’s quiet, so very hushed, but he says it anyways, because maybe, just maybe, they’ll hear him this time. When no one does, he tries again. “Excuse me?”

     There’s an elbow in his ribs, and he grimaces, stepping out of the crowd and into an alleyway that provides a temporary relief. The rush of New York continues, bustling on unceasingly, ever flowing, ever moving. Never stopping.

     A moment later, while he’s still catching his breath, something in the crowd breaks off and stumbles into his alley. You’re an out of breath mess, gasping for air. You wince with displeasure when the only thing that meets your tongue is the polluted, dirty wind.

     “Sorry,” Credence hears you mumble, waving a vague hand to him, “I hope this alley isn’t taken?”

     He stares. Thankfully, you don’t take offense to that, or maybe you’re just too preoccupied with controlling your breathing that you simply don’t hear his answer, or lack of. Even after you straighten properly, you fall short of his height and blink up, disoriented.

     “(Y/N),” you introduce, smiling widely. “I saw you stumble in here and thought I’d follow to make sure you were fine. You’re not hurt?”

     He stares again, but this time, his eyes dart around frantically, unsure of where to look at exactly. He could look at your disheveled hair, your flushed cheeks, or your outstretched hand. But he doesn’t do that. Instead, he steps forward, clearing his throat, and says,

     “Are you alright?”

     (I love you.)

How to say I love you.

     You throw the rock.

     It bounces off the brick, thankfully, and makes a dull thunk! against the material before falling to the ground anticlimactically. No matter, though. You’ve got his attention either way.

     Three seconds later, his window slips open, and you wait eagerly for his head to follow. It does, but he looks tired, exhausted, even. You bite back the worry and focus on the relief of seeing him instead. “Credence,” you whisper, gesturing hurriedly.

     He looks torn. “I can’t,” he says, and looks away, almost ashamed. “Ma might hear.”

     “She won’t,” you say grimly, firmly shoving away all thoughts of the International Statute of Secrecy out of mind. “Come on, I’ve got something for you.”

     Credence hesitates for a brief, tenuous moment. He disappears from view, and you sigh, leaning against the wall to wait. It’s only a minute or two before you hear the familiar creak of the church door open, and he slips out, quiet and graceful.

    “Hey,” you say, and your voice is a whisper, even though there is no need for secrets anymore. “I missed you.”

     He shifts from one foot to the other. You’ve grown to not expect much back, but he offers a quick, fleeting smile instead, and you grin, overrun with joy.

     “Here, let me see your hands,” you murmur, running a palm along his shoulder. “Let me help you, Credence.”

     (I love you.)

How to say I love you.

     There’s no longer any time for rushed goodbyes, for soft farewells, or whispered confessions. There’s only a blur, a cacophony of panic and screaming and dust. There’s Credence, and suddenly, he’s not, just like he’s been tugged apart and ripped from limb to limb. A pained howl emerges from the swirling mass of vicious blackness, and somewhere within, you can glimpse a shadow of Credence’s face, strained and tortured.

     “Credence!” you shout, voice lost in the whirling wind. “Credence, it’s me, (Y/N)!”

     For one, so very brief second, he falters, and you almost think he’s done it; he’s managed to regain control of the dangerous magic he possesses. Dark, panicked magic spirals into the faint figure of a boy, a boy who reaches towards you. “Credence!”

      It’s as if everything has been frozen. For one terrifyingly lucid moment, you can see him. He’s scared, absolutely terrified, and every inch of his face is clear, more solid than anything. He turns to you, eyes burning with the weight of a lifetime of suppressed magic, and says something. Whispers something. You can’t tell.

     And it’s over. You can hear the force of so many lethal spells rip into his form, aimed directly at the body of a boy inside, and it’s barely enough time for your mouth to form a horrified ‘no’ before it all explodes.

     There’s sunlight. Bright, clean sunlight that finds its way onto whatever remains of Credence’s form. You taste something, a mixture of crushed dust and whatever is left of a broken boy. There’s a hollowness, too. Something that the sun can’t fill up.

     “Credence,” you whisper, but there isn’t anything to hold, to kiss, to love. Not anymore. “Credence, stay with me, please.”

     (I love you.)

I’m also too tired to bother tagging anyone properly so if i accidentally missed anyone, i’m so sorry. please let me know if there’s anything you want me to write, or if there’s anything you want to tell me in general.

and yes, there will be another part, concerning Percival Graves, and it’ll hopefully be out in a couple days. If this is terrible, i know, but what can i say? i’m really sorry for bad quality and content. :(

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20 Comics Canceled for SHOCKING Reasons
From corporate subversion to financial failure of popular titles, comics can be cut short by the most unexpected things.

Some interesting bits of history of teen characters:

One of Jack Kirby’s least recognized creations, Kamandi existed in a post-apocalyptic world where a “great disaster” had all but eliminated humanity and evolved other species to the point of sentience, leaving various animal factions vying for supremacy. Kamandi debuted in 1972 under his own title, but his series ended in the aptly-named “DC Implosion,” which saw DC cancel several of their comics in 1978. Unlike most of its fellow canceled lines, Kamandi had been a consistent seller.

The reason for its cancelation was explained in Infinite Crisis. During the storied comic series, it is revealed that Kamandi’s world is one of the alternate versions of the DC Universe and is actually one of several dreamed up by the Atomic Knight Garnder Grayle, because comics. Though this folded Kamandi into the DC Universe proper, he didn’t regain his own title until 2017.

Anyone remembers why the implosion happened? I think I’ve read once about it but cannot remember.

The late ’90s Teen Titans series was a strange take on the iconic team. Instead of group of sidekicks to more famous heroes striking out on their own, this version of the team consisted of the children of an invading alien force who bred with humans. They were led by a de-aged Atom and Arsenal. Though it introduced comic readers to the likes of Risk and Argent, the title was canceled after only two years.

A major factor in its cancellation concerned a poll that writer Dan Jurgens had released which asked readers who they’d like to see join the team. Tim Drake’s Robin won the vote by an overwhelming margin, but Jurgens was stonewalled by Batman editors and had to use Captain Marvel Jr. as a last-minute replacement. Fans felt betrayed and when sales refused to rise, DC pulled the trigger on this series.

Thanks, Bat-editorial -.-

After inexplicably returning from their deaths at the hands of the Beyonders, Starbrand and Nightmask go on fantastic space adventures until the latter realizes they are both slowly losing their connection to humanity. In response, both of them return to Earth to attend college while maintaining their superhero identities. Though the characters were created by Jonathan Hickman for The Avengers, they were given their own series during the 2015 Marvel relaunch written by Greg Weisman.

And therein lies the problem. Greg Weisman, for the uninitiated, is the creative mind behind beloved but short-lived projects like Young Justice and Spectacular Spider-Man. He seems to suffer from an industry curse where none of his work lasts more than two years. Unfortunately, Starbrand and Nightmask got caught up in the curse and was canceled in 2016 after just six issues.

It cannot be stressed enough just how unfortunate the curse of Weisman is. The Young Justice television show was stellar and critically acclaimed and the Young Justice tie-in comics took what should have been a generic exercise in corporate management and turned it into a universe-growing outlet of expansive creativity. When the show was canceled, the comics didn’t last past another issue, meaning both were shot down due to the same reason.

So why were these great projects ended? Money, of course. The show was a risk for Cartoon Network and was primarily funded through a toy deal with Mattel. But the show was so good that it attracted an older, more diverse audience and toy sales failed, costing the cartoon and the comics their budgets.

Hey, you know what else cannot be stressed enough? That Greg Weisman asked people to not go talking around that he is cursed because it will actively make it harder for him to get new projects greenlighted! What the hell, CBR?!

As part of DC’s New 52, Static Shock was among the mass title relaunch. One of the major draws of the production was writer John Rozum, a key writer of Milestone Comics who responded enthusiastically when DC asked him to write for the series. However, editor Harvey Richards and co-writer Scott McDaniel actively shut Rozum out of the creative process and the series visibly suffered as a result. Poor critical and audience reception was largely blamed on Rozum and he resigned from the company in fury after four issues.

With him gone, Static Shock lasted only four more issues before being canceled, essentially killed because of a writer’s squabble. Apparently the basis of the creative differences lay in Rozum’s desire to make Static, the hero of the series, look like a powerful hero deserving of his own series. Go figure.

I haven’t read Static’s New 52 series, so I need to ask what exactly they wanted him to be if not a hero. But considering it was New 52, total chaos on every front and creators leaving all the time due to editorial fuckery, I dread the answer.

Caught up in the recent explosion of Marvel cancelations, Black Panther and the Crew is one of the more shocking picks for the chopping block. Focusing on heroes of color trying to keep the peace in a restless Harlem following the death of a civil rights activist, the title was arguably more important than most comic fare because it concerned itself with the realistic depiction of issues which typically would take a backseat to colorful and symbolic villains.

The comic was canceled in six issues due to bad sales, which is indicative of numerous problems, none of which have to do with the title’s quality. Marvel didn’t give this series a chance to tell its full story and connect with audiences. And even if they did, canceling one of the most socially important comics to come out in quite some time over a low profit margin was terrible PR for the company.

And this one both so nobody says the article only shits on DC’s fuckery and to maybe show that Marvel is expressing behavior not too-different from that of DC back when they canceled those books.

- Admin

DEH thoughts

Act one:

Best decision I’ve ever made
Chills on the last note of WTAW
The monologues are killing me
Evan in the scene with the Murphy parents AHHH
I feel real bad for Cynthia
He fiddles w his shirt it so precious
Fiddling w his shoelace too omfff
Also Jared is quality ™
Laura Dreyfus yesss
awwww noooo heidi
She was Buddhist last year
Evans blurting out in the scene w Zoe I love it
I’m noticing all his tics and stuff be prepared for fic accuracy improvement
Jared is hilarious
Alana is… kinda a terrible person… but like… I know why she is and it makes me feel bad for her…
The way Connor’s ghost (?) and Evan interact gives me a fic idea
I’m so ready for you will be found I don’t think that what anyone has said will even compare
is he… crying?
Cynthia and Evans hug ajhhhh
this staging is beautiful
did they…. bang after act one… that was some considerable make out
expect a lot of fic this week
and chapter five of accidental

Act two:

what is this it’s crack omgg
awwww Jared just wants to be his friend
This is sad! Heidi! Don’t yell at the boy! farEvan! Tell the truth! Just! Be happy!
he went off his meds that’s not good oh no evannn nooooo
thisglove IS reallycool wOW
Aw evan
We should throw a kegger! In three hours!
Zoe doesn’t have a lot of stage time wow
Zoe’s “well…”
Evan’s blinking and again, general anxious tics are so great
Evan flinched away from Larry touching him aw
evan bby just tell the truth
damn this is my fave song and fave staging so far
did you fall… or did you let go?
Alana is so mean to evan it makes me sad
the ywbf reprise is so upsetting
I wrote it
evan in so big/ so small is killing me
they’re crying so much I’m so sad

How to distract your boyfriend

Namjoon x Reader

“You’re super short and I’m sorry but it’s really cute whenever you try to reach a book on the top shelf, here, lemme help you-oh no, don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now I am going to die” (Credit: @dailyau)

“I will die of boredom”


You groaned for the fifth time in the day. The minutes passed slowly, as if time had confabulated against you, trying to lengthen your boredom to finally murder you.


Your boyfriend had already spent the last half hour absolutely concentrated in front of his computer. Paying attention to you, right now, wasn’t one of his priorities.

“Monnie …”

Nothing. Not even a sigh, or a slight blink that showed some hint of distraction.

You sighed in surrender. There was nothing in your power to help you distract Namjoon. You knew he didn’t have much free time, except now that he had had, according to him, an unexpected round of inspiration.

You also knew that keeping him company in his studio was not worthy of the title of ‘date’, but if that meant being able to be with him, you wouldn’t think it twice.

“I’m sorry, ____”

“You better be sorry, Kim Namjoon”

A small laugh escaped his lips, finally he gave you a few seconds of attention. And he was aware of your silent but effective tantrum.

“I asked you to come because I like your company”

“If you’re going to say cute things like that, at least look at me”

The corners of Namjoon’s lips curved slowly, suppressing a smile.

Perhaps he had finally stalled; he had started the conversation and had been even more than 3 words.

You decided to try your luck and keep trying to get your boyfriend’s full attention.

“If you want to have me in the palm of your hand, you should pay me a little more attention, right?” however, Namjoon had again ignored you “Oh, come on, you should be in an eternal contest fighting for my love”

Finally, he decided to turn his chair to dedicate one of his so proclaimed looks of weariness.

You could even hear him in your head saying “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“____, we’ve been dating for two and a half years”

“So what? that doesn’t give you the right to ignore me,” you claimed in the most childish voice you could force “I should have infinite access to your kisses, your hugs, a daily dose of 'I love you’ and maybe a certain amount of junk food from time to time, you know, no one can feel bad eating pizza”

Namjoon rolled his eyes and decided to continue in his work.

“You know you have infinite access to kisses, hugs, and anything else you want. About pizza, I don’t know. The last time you spent almost $300 at Domino’s, I’d bet my life that they have a picture with your number framed in the store with a sign that says 'frequent customer’” once again he looked at you, this time, to dedicate one of his 'I’m in love with you’ looks “And I love you. With my whole life. As much and more as you love pizza”

You frowned and took his gaze away from yours, sinking a little deeper into the sofa that lay right behind the whole equipment.

You had already used all your weapons. There was no way to make him give in to your charms. And there wasn’t much you could do with a flushed face.

“There’s a book on the shelf, ‘Me after you’. Try to distract yourself with it”

You complained for the last time and got up to obey his order.

“Why? Are you suggesting that I may identify with Louisa and her failed attempts to change Will’s mind?”

You felt his shoulders tighten and you automatically regretted the terrible choice of words you had made.

“Okay, I crossed the line. Bad joke” you gently massaged his shoulders, waiting for him to relax “I also enjoy your company, pizza is not as important as you are and…” you kissed his cheek, feeling how he finally relaxed to your touch “I love you too, baby”

You left him in peace, so that he could finish the song he had been composing so long, maybe he would finish faster that way and you could have a little more quality time with him.

Standing in front of the bookcase, you searched for the title your boyfriend had recommended, but you found yourself grunting frustrated once again. The book was on the top shelf.

That was a big challenge for your brave 1,58 m tall, but that wasn’t going to stop you.

You stretched as far as you could, tiptoeing, lifting your arm as much as you could. But it was all in vain.

How different could the world be for tall people? Correction: disgustingly tall people. That was the label your lovely boyfriend deserved.

There were no chairs that could help you with your mission, the only one that existed in the studio was already occupied. Moving that giant sofa was not a good plan, you didn’t want to contribute to ruining the perfect silent atmosphere that Namjoon needed.

You still had an ace under the sleeve, maybe it was time to use the ever-present plan B. With the best of care possible, you started jumping. The greater the momentum, the better result, right?

A few seconds later, Namjoon’s laughter exploded in the room. Had he already lost his head?

Turning to see what had caused his early dementia, you met his chest. How long ago was he behind you?

You gave him a look full of confusion and a little offended.

“You’re super short and I’m sorry but it’s really cute whenever you try to reach a book on the top shelf, here, lemme help you-oh no, don’t be embarrassed, your face is all red and you’re even more adorable now I am going to die”

'You’re super short’ So, your lack of extra centimeters was reason enough to make him lose his temper. Funny and interesting.

“W-whatever you say, Tree Monster,” you grumbled.

But you’d only managed to make him laugh more. No matter how hard you tried to make him swallow his comments for your height, you only managed to make him laugh more and more.

His arms went around your waist, bringing your body closer to his. You could feel his heart beating as if he had gone to a race. But you weren’t any better. It wasn’t necessary to be near you to hear your heartbeat.

You smiled. Even so, after 2 and a half years, everything felt like the first time both of you had admitted your love.

“Why don’t you stop teasing me about my little height and kiss me?” You suggested passing your arms around his neck, sticking your toes once more.

“I was going to do it anyway,” he murmured, joining your lips together.

His soft lips moved in synchrony with yours, knew by heart how to make you tremble and sigh for hours. If there was anything that could completely deconcentrate you, it was Namjoon’s kisses. In general, anything that was related to him was more than enough.

Even so, you had done your job anyway.

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hey in your tags to that rose piece about her relationship to her mom, you said that all the alphas fucked up as guardians, and I can definitely see it for the other 3, but how did nanna fuck up? she died before she even got the chance to be john's guardian and I'm interested in how that illustrates what Jane's issues are because I have no idea how her being dead could be construed as a fuck up and the only conclusion I can draw is that it relates to John's dad being overprotective as the flaw

Nanna chose to run away after Condy laid everything out for her, left the crocker company to Jake/Grandpa to spite her, and then disappeared from beta earth forever. Even long after Condy’s permanent departure Nanna makes the decision not to pursue her heroic destiny and in fact still thinks of it as Condy’s fault that she and Jake/Grandpa never reunited despite the fact that it was 100% Nanna’s decision not to pursue it (despite knowing that she was potentially dooming the world by choosing her simple settled-down life instead.) Obviously she didn’t doom the world but yeah. And in her pesterlogs with Jane and so one I think there’s a sense of regret and what could have been if she’d embraced her destiny and original ambition to surpass and overthrow the batterwitch herself. 

It’s mirrored with Grandpa Crocker/Alpha John’s decision not to throw off the Crocker name or resist Condy’s evil (he just becomes a comedian, much like Nanna just settled down and embraced her love of pranks.) There’s some fan theories to the tune of Grandpa Crocker helping the resistance from the inside and using his comedian persona as a cover but tbh very little supports that and I don’t think I subscribe to it. John and Nanna as guardians both took the easiest route available to them and Nanna especially denies her own agency in doing so (still blaming Condy long after she’s gone for the decisions Nanna herself consciously made.) Nanna does a disservice to John the same way that Grandpa Crocker does a disservice to Jane in that choosing the easy way put their grandkids in vulnerable positions with zero knowledge or preparation

And there’s a lot to be said about you know causality and inevitability and how skaia/lord english ultimately decide the alpha timeline and does anyone really have any agency at all in the end but ehhh. same could be said of all the terrible qualities of the other guardians too and no one excuses them for it (rightfully imo.) 

I don’t think the kids were in equally bad situations or that the guardians all failed in equally bad ways and John was certainly the one in the “best” situation on the hierarchy but Nanna’s passivity and regret and what-iffing is definitely a Thing and one that Jane’s arc (if she had a full one) should have tackled in mirror. What we did get was on that path - realizing the crocker empire was evil and then choosing to inherit it anyway and scrub condy’s legacy off it etc. 


ignis who knows what seems like everything about plants. he knows which ones are poisonous, which ones have medicinal properties, what kind of potions you can create when performing spells.

he shows prompto how its done, eventually, once the man has a good grasp on the magic humming in his veins and how to properly utilize it. he shows him the proper way to crush herbs, how to follow recipes, how to imbue potions with your own magical essence to create something powerful and uniquely you .

a question pops up during a lesson. “can you make love potions then?” its not a serious inquiry. just from the top of his head, brought on by the countless shows and movies he’s watched in his childhood, the sitcoms where teenagers bought countless charms and recited spells in the hope of attracting the person who caught their eye. when prompto asks, he expects ignis to give one of his witty, ironic responses. one that usually follows whenever prompto asks about some pop culture reference that clearly doesn’t reflect what real life magic is like. however, ignis goes quiet. he’s considering it.

“one could, theoretically,” is the answer. “of course, it’d be rather unsavory.”

prompto gets why. those who can perform magic can subtly influence those without. according to ignis it’s something about the pull of a magician’s mana, some kind of unseen force within that naturally attracts those that lack it. if one is actively trying, they could control another. if one is strong enough (or desperate enough) that kind of sway could reach even those of magical blood.

it’s a sticky subject that ignis avoids speaking about, except in instances to explain how manipulative it is, to mess with another person’s will, and how it’s a practice one should not support.

so prompto, suddenly sheepish about his question, laughs nervously. “ah, i should’ve figured as much.”

ignis studies him for a moment and turns back to the task at hand. unlike the cauldrons and wild fires prompto is used to in cartoons, here ignis works with a pestle and mortar, crushing a combination of herbs into the paste they’ll be working with. the sound of the stone grinding together is relatively loud in the quiet of ignis’ kitchen.

“well,” ignis says after a long moment. “to most they must seem like a great idea, at least in theory. though i think it’s much more rewarding to properly earn someone’s affection, don’t you agree?”

prompto nods, swallowing thickly. he doesn’t miss the subtle turn of ignis’ head towards him when he says it, or the little tilt to the man’s voice akin to the playful way he speaks when he compliments prompto, or when says his name in a breath after having a genuine laugh at a bad joke he told. it’s a little breathless, almost sing song quality that makes prompto’s heart do flips.

“y-yeah? not sure i have much experience there, heh.” of course not, not when you grew up as an outcast, someone who’s always bumbling and clumsy and terrible. he knows now that a lot of it was his budding powers that he hadn’t known about; the power humming about in his body that lashed out when he was upset and made people avoid him, that led him to fail chemistry because chemical reactions worked a little too well and he always caused accidents.

prompto starts to laugh it off. ignis hasn’t stopped grinding yet, eyes set firmly on the stone in front of him. he thinks maybe the man will take the awkward reply as is and disregard the subject, moving on to some explanation to how these plants will become some medical salve. instead ignis’ lips quirk into what is probably the most meek smile he’s ever seen on the man.

“trust me, prompto, when i say you’re well on your way earning that experience.”

by the time prompto has realized the implication of such a reply, sputtering in his usual way when words fail him, ignis had already finished his task, and turns to him to begin the rest of the lesson.

he supposes one doesn’t need a love potion after all.

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I went through an epic rap battles of history phase a while back. I knew it was bad, I knew it was stupid, but I couldn't help myself. I still don't know what was going through my head. I wasn't even a kid at the time, I was 17. Like I wasn't out there buying merch or anything, just... watching the videos. A lot. Idk I need cleansing. Please yell at me so I can be cleansed.

thats fine i watch things that are bad for me too. creepypasta is a big one. they’re all terrible and the narrators can’t discern between the few rare quality stories they have on and shitty ones written by teenagers considering that two different people i’ve subscribed to have both narrated the same shitty story i wrote when i was 15.

The Anti-Hero + Love Interest

Anonymous asked: Any ideas/tips on how to write an anti-hero assassin and her main love interest?

To answer your question: I probably have some tips cached somewhere on my blog, but nothing quite so specific comes to mind, so here we go: 

I’ve been thinking a lot about anti-heroes lately. Generally, I don’t know that I like them, or at least I don’t like what many new writers tend to think anti-heroes are. First off, anti-heroes are not just villains who tell the story. There’s more to it. 

I recently read a great article on anti-heroes that’s escaping me now - it argued that Scott Pilgrim is an anti-hero and I believe it. He’s a pretty likable protagonist who does some pretty horrible things on his way to win over love interest, Ramona Flowers. While he may be a jerk, he’s relatable! What do you know? That is what most of my favorite anti-heroes tend to have in common. You can understand their view point, and when they do the wrong thing, they know it’s the wrong thing. Some examples include: Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald), Holden Caulfield (The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger), Quentin Compson (The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner), Hamlet (Hamlet by Shakespeare), Stephen Daedalus (Ulysses by Joyce), and Satan (Paradise Lost by Milton). 

A good one will get the reader on their side - an not by being “evil” but by being relatable and having that indefinable likable quality despite the fact that they do some pretty horrible things to get what they want. Some characters we will just like. Part of this likability often comes from wanting to “do right” or having an overall positive greater goal. I mean even Satan in Paradise Lost doesn’t frame his mission as the diabolic thing it is - at times, in his mind at times, he’s battling a tyrant. He twists the situation to fit his needs, and seems like a noble hero. 

Hamlet might not have a good goal in mind, but he can’t stand by while his uncle takes the throne after murdering his father. He is trying to take out a greater evil, even if he does horrible things along the way. 

Another one is Tom Ripley in The Talented Mr. Ripley. Tom lies. It’s part of who  his character is. He doesn’t tell the truth, but he gets away with it and for the most part it doesn’t seem to hurt anyone and it helps him get ahead. He’s an anti-hero because while he might be a good guy, he lies a lot.  He doesn’t seem to want to hurt anyone despite his lying. Then, he kills Dickie. What makes Tom an anti-hero I think, is not so much killing his friend, but what happens after. Instead of turning himself over to the authorities, Tom does the understandable thing, returning to his vices - in his case, fudging the truth - and steals Dickie’s identity so he can continue to live lavishly. The rest of his major decisions go in favor of maintaining the lies he’s told. 

Often anti-heroes aren’t terrible, terrible people. They’re just people. They are imperfect. They have good qualities along with the bad. However when it comes to making the “right” choice and taking the moral high ground, they don’t - or at least don’t always.  When writing an anti-hero - that is, when you’re actively trying to write an anti-hero, remember to include both the good with the bad. Share how they came to view the world the way they do and why they are the way that they are - (don’t think too hard on this, you can use Tom Ripley as an example: He is the way that he is (oversimplifying it) because his spin on the truth for awhile helped him a lot and didn’t seem to hurt anyone in the process.) 

It also helps to clarify what their vice is. No one likes to think of themselves as completely evil. Characters are the same way. They might do one really bad thing a lot, like steal or lie, but would never consider committing murder. Or they might murder for a cause but feel that they’re above lying and stealing. Everyone’s got a limit. And if they don’t that’s probably worth some exploring. 

As for writing a love interest - there’s just a few things that I really recommend. As a reader, I’m not picky about stuff regarding the love interest. I know a lot of other writers could say a lot on this and might list out a ton of things not to do  but I won’t do that. When it comes to worrying about getting published or things like that, the only thing I say is tell the best story that you can. 

With that said, I do recommend giving the protagonist’s love interest a role that is central to the plot or at least heavily intertwined with the plot. The next piece of advice - make them a “real character”. Give them depth and dimension, wants and dreams, etc. Every character thinks he’s the protagonist, so don’t let the love interest think any different. 

The love interest also should in some part acknowledge the protagonist anti-hero’s faults. The anti-hero might try to hide their vices to seem more likable in the eyes of the love interest. Their dynamic will entirely depend on their relationship and also who they are to begin with. 

I don’t know how helpful any of this is. Anti-heroes and love interests are very big topics. I get a little vague. Reach out and ask me specifics if there’s anything I didn’t address that you wanted to know. 

I’ve decided that Mattel doesn’t have quality control. It would result in too many dolls being held back and not enough leaving the factories. It’s much more cost effective to hope that a bad doll will slip through with nobody noticing and be purchased anyway. Those that do complain can have a voucher that they can put towards another Barbie.

Meanwhile you have worldwide distribution of dolls with eye wonk, dolls with terrible hair and dolls with broken limbs. That speaks volumes about what you think of your customers. I’m not saying that every doll should be perfect. But cases shouldn’t be arriving in stores full of faulty dolls, in multiple countries…

You can tell it’s Mattel, it’s garbage.

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Fic where Yurio wakes up in the middle of the night with the need to pee, but is afraid of going to the bathroom alone, so he asks Yuri to go with him.

I loved this request, it’s so cute! I just couldn’t stop writing today, so here’s another Yurio omorashi story! I had him wet in this one too, seeing as the last one was a ‘just made it’. I had fun writing this. I hope you enjoy it.

With all the travelling that Yuri, Viktor and Yurio had to undertake as professional skaters, it was only natural for things to go wrong every now and then. Delays, bad weather or layovers sometimes meant that the trio had to find any old place to snatch a few hours sleep, generally in a grotty hotel or a particularly seedy B&B.

This was how Yurio found himself in trouble. There was a terrible storm blowing, far too dangerous to fly through. All planes had been grounded until the next morning, at the very least. The skaters had scrambled to find a cheap hotel close to the airport - and that’s where Yurio was now. The hotel was definitely a lower quality one, the carpets grubby, the beds lumpy, no luxuries in the rooms, but beggars can’t be choosers. Yurio was awake in his uncomfortable camp bed, listening to Viktor and Yuri’s even breathing and the howling of the wind outside.

Yurio had woken in the middle of the night needing to pee. Quite badly, actually, it had him fidgeting and wriggling in his narrow bed. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for the hotel - but the rooms weren’t en suite, the bathroom was way down the hall. 

Yurio crept out of bed and poked his head out of the door timidly, peering up and down the corridor - it was almost pitch black and eerily silent. Yurio shuddered at the idea of padding down that corridor alone, unable to see what was lurking in the gloom.

Yurio retired back to bed, curling into a ball and pressing his hands between his legs desperately. He tried to drift off back to sleep, but he couldn’t focus on anything except his growing need to pee. The urge was so powerful that the blond’s stomach ached, making him whimper a little.

Eventually Yurio was forced to clamber out of bed again, admitting defeat. He tiptoed up to Yuri and Viktor’s double bed, hovering by Yuri’s side - this would be horribly humiliating, but it’d be far worse if he ended up wetting the bed like a baby. Yurio shook Yuri awake gently, careful not to rouse Viktor - he’d surely tease. Yuri rubbed his eyes blearily, blinking at the dark shape of the teenager in the gloom.

“Y-Yurio..? Are you alright? What’s wrong? Yuri asked, yawning. Yurio was very glad Yuri couldn’t see him blush in the dark.

“Katsudon…I wouldn’t normally ask this…but I really have to piss. The toilet is all the way down the corridor…and it’s so dark…” He trailed off, but Yuri was already climbing out of bed, smiling kindly. He understood completely; Yuri had never been a fan of the dark either when he was young.

“Okay, come on.”

The darkness in the hotel corridor was so dense that even Yuri was a little unnerved. Yurio pressed close to the Japanese skater as they walked, hopping desperately from foot to foot. The added fear made his pressing urge to pee even stronger, and he was barely keeping control as he and Yuri crept across the hallway.


A loud crash suddenly echoed through the silent hotel. Perhaps something heavy had been dropped on the floor, perhaps a person on another floor had stumbled and fallen - who knows? But the sudden noise made the already jangled pair of skaters jump and scream - and the shock sent a hot spurt of urine into Yurio’s pants.

The poor teenager gasped as he lost control completely, wetting himself all over the carpet. He pressed his hands to his mouth in horror.

“Oh fuck fuck fuck, oh god, this can’t be happening…” Yuri, who had grasped what was going on even in the dark, wrapped an arm around the mortified teenager, waiting for him to empty his bladder.

“It’s okay, Yurio. Accidents happen. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. I was scared too,” he murmured, guiding a poor, damp Yurio into the bathroom. Yurio didn’t answer, his face scarlet with shame.Yuri smiled reassuringly.

“You clean up a little, I’ll go get you something dry to wear.”

Yurio obeyed automatically, taking a spare pair of pyjamas from Yuri and washing himself in silence. Yuri waited for him in the spooky corridor, not wanting Yurio to have to walk back to the room alone. The teenager glanced at the dark-haired skater when he finally emerged from the bathroom, nodding gratefully. 

“Thanks. For not laughing at me,” he mumbled, as they made their way back. Yuri smiled.

“I wouldn’t laugh! It was an accident. We’re all only human, it happens.”

As a college student, I know how difficult it can be to eat healthy, and it’s very easy for me to get tempted into buying soda and other junk food. I do it way more often than I should. However, temptation isn’t the only issue college students face when they try to eat healthy food. Many students feel like they can’t afford to eat healthy foods. The point of this post isn’t to be preachy and claim if you can’t find the money to eat healthy you’re just not trying enough because that’s not true. Eating healthy on a budget can be difficult especially when you’re bombarded by fad diets with expensive food. I hope you can all use this post to afford to eat healthier.


1. Don’t buy into fad diets. I can’t stand the idea of “trendy food.” The first time I heard someone talk about food as a trend I wanted to punch them in the face. Food is not trendy; it shouldn’t be a fad. It is sustenance! Moreover, these fad diets like paleo or primal or gluten-free when you don’t actually need gluten-free food make the price of these foods skyrocket.

2. Don’t buy organic. Organic food is usually 3 times the cost of non-organic and has very few documented health benefits. If we only ate organic food, even more children would go starving than already do. You don’t need it, especially if you can’t afford it.

3. Don’t eat out very often. Eating out can be terrible for your budget because even if you eat out at the most inexpensive places, McDonald’s for example, those costs really add up. Personally, I’m terrible about how often I eat out because I have a really busy schedule. Typically I eat out at these places because I feel like I don’t have time to prepare my food. Lately, I try to eat out only once a week at an inexpensive place that I really enjoy, as opposed to McDonald’s which is very inexpensive but I don’t really enjoy.

4. Don’t eat on campus very often. Eating on campus is almost as expensive, if not more, than eating out. If you have special discounts or your campus has inexpensive food then don’t worry about it. But I know that my campus has really expensive food with really low quality yet some people eat there every single day.

5. Don’t buy too much. I also have a really big problem with this one. Sometimes I buy more food than I can reasonably eat. I end up throwing food away when it goes bad which makes me feel terrible about all the money and food I wasted.

6. Don’t buy very many drinks. I’m not just talking about alcohol either. People may argue that soda is way cheaper than organic, all-natural smoothies, but you know what’s better for you and free in most places? Tap water. Alcohol is really expensive and really bad for you. You should really restrict your alcohol intake and really try to restrict how many other drinks you buy. Even most juices and smoothies aren’t actually good for you. Odwalla drinks and an average glass of orange juice have about as much sugar as a can of Coke.


1. Buy as many fruits and vegetables as you can eat. Fruits and vegetables are relatively cheap, as long as you’re buying the cheaper, non-organic fruits and vegetables. Buy whatever is cheapest that week. If you love asparagus but it costs 5 dollars that day maybe you should skip it, but if the price goes down to 2 dollars get as much as you can eat.

2. Try to prep your meals in advance. I have saved so much time and money by prepping my meals a week in advance. I’ve learned that if you have some decent tupperware and a running fridge meals will last an entire week or more. By setting aside one day a week to make all of my meals, I have avoided eating out a lot, and my meals are always delicious because I give myself enough time to properly prepare them.

3. Figure out the right portion sizes for you. I don’t mean that you should try to restrict calories. I am a huge believer in the idea that you should eat what feels good for your body, in other words, portion size is not a one size fits all kind of thing. However, once you know just how much you can eat you won’t have to throw any food away.

4. Listen to whatever it is your body is telling you. I know it sounds silly, but I spent so long ignoring the signals my body was giving me. If every time you eat red meat your stomach gets a little upset maybe you should try not eating it. If you’re getting dizzy after not eating for a few hours, you probably need to eat. If you’re feeling dehydrated goddamnit drink some water (I’m still terrible about staying properly hydrated).

5. Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere. Again, I know this sounds silly, but if I don’t have a bottle of water with me I will just straight up forget to drink water. Carrying a water bottle makes it so hydration is literally always at your fingertips.

6. Try to buy food at the dollar store or the cheapest possible stores in your area. I know so many people, usually affluent people but I digress, that turn their nose up at the dollar store or other inexpensive stores. I think it’s just plain stupid to buy literally the exact same product at a higher price because you don’t like a particular store. It just seems silly to me.

7. Try some generic brands. I’m not going to lie there are certain things where the name brand just tastes better, but I aways try the generic brand. Most of the time you won’t be able to taste the difference. If you can taste the difference and don’t care for it, you can always switch back to the name brand product.


Acknowledge that health is not one size fits all. These tips have helped me eat healthier. They may not work for you because you have a different lifestyle or health needs than I do. Listen to your body to figure out what it is that YOU need, not me or anyone else. Look at your schedule or fridge space and figure out if it’s even possible for you to prep your meals in advance. Figure out if your campus’ food is cheap enough that you can eat there almost every day. Figure out how many fruits and vegetables and meat you need in your diet. Most importantly, figure out what works for you.

I hope this helps!