too bad that didn't kill me

Doodled my OC Layth with Rowlet! Definitely looking forward to choosing my own Rowlet; I’ve been choosing Grass starters since Red and Blue, so I’m very happy that the grass starter met my expectations! I hope it’s evolutionary chain does it justice!

Why white people wanna be oppressed so bad why they always so quick to be like “you guys are being RACIST against the WHITES” like honey please let me oppress me you let me show you what racism is. Y'all got 300 years to spare so i can erase your entire ethnic identity, kill you, enslave you, rape your women, force you to have my kids, name them after me and enslave them too? You got another 100 years to spare where is legal for me to say you’re less than me because you are white and not black and make sure you will never accumulate wealth, while ya know, beating and killing you? Y'all got time for me to put crack in your communities that I already ruined with redlining and start a fake war on drugs so I can criminalize and mass incarcerate y'all? Y'all got time to make sure the standard of beauty is African so all of your children grow up feeling ugly because they don’t have beautiful afros and poppin melanin and elegant wide noses? Y'all got time to be beaten and shot by the police, the people who promised to protect and serve you? You got time to be scared for your life because you know that people are afraid of you and will criminalize and dehumanize you if you are killed by the people whose job it is to protect you, knowing that nothing bad will happen to them? You got time to look at your nine year old son and tell him that he can’t be a kid because his skin color makes people think he’s a “man” who is ok to kill? Because it seems like the only racism white people wanna have time for is to bitch on a poc’s tumblr post that says white people suck. But y'all don’t wanna go thru none of that other shit do you?

A Sight to Behold

A short 700 word drabble based on @jiyeong‘s art of KanaDia Pirate!AU. I hope this wasn’t too bad and that you enjoy it even a little!

Kanan had seen many things. She had been traveling for as long as she remembered. She lost count of the number of times her ship landed in a foreign town, and how many seas she sailed. As a result of her numerous adventures, Kanan had also seen all sorts of people.

There were others like her, pirates who roamed the sea, most of whom were greedy savages. Then there were some like her trusted crewmates, although Yoshiko was always an odd one, always in her own seemingly delusional world, yet ever so reliable when it came to battles. Equally as strange was Hanamaru. The slightly younger teen had a knack for navigating their ship, but Kanan would be lying if she said she didn’t worry about Maru often.

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tatsupyon  asked:

The Fushimi fact list you made was really nice! Could you make a Misaki fact list too? ^^

Sure :D Misaki fact list time~

- Born July 20 the best day for people who love Fushimi

- Mi-sa-ki

- height: 167cm, rounded up

- actual height 166.9cm

- he doesn’t actually know his height

- Fushimi does take that as you will

- that’s what happens when you don’t drink your milk

- he can drink it now though, Misaki:1, Saru: 0

- his mom is the best, too good to not have a name

- has two adorable siblings, Minoru and Megumi

- family in general too normal and not terrible enough to belong to a character in K

- tiny angry fireball

- pure precious cinnamon roll that can also kill you

- remember that one time he almost beat a guy to death while Saru enabled him, good times

- what the fuck did you say about Mikoto-san I’ll kick your ass

- tough thug but cries sometimes

- he makes a beanie look good

- well not really but he tries so hard

- probably has a closet full of hats and sweatshirts that he never wears, only ties around his waist

- skateboarding uses up like half the animation budget, worth it

- scared of ghosts and women

- was once defeated by a picture of a half naked woman

- virgin according to Fushimi, who should know

- occasional panty delivery boy

- biggest weaknesses: Fushimi, boobs, Fushimi with boobs

- cutest big brother

- has multiple part time jobs, somehow Fushimi shows up at half of them

- likes to cook with fruit and meat

- looks good in an apron

- only thing standing between Homra Fushimi and malnutrition probably

- not the sharpest knife in the harness

- will have the worst outfits in any given piece of official art

- seriously he looked like a garbage man the jumpsuit whut

- metal pole can transcend time and space to appear in flashbacks before he actually got it

- also where the fuck does he keep that thing when he’s on his skateboard

- no seriously is it clenched between his butt cheeks or what

- thinks he’s a hardcore thug

- actually cute ray of sunshine

- who will set you on fire if you piss him off