too bad she's a goddamn enemy

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Okay so I was thinking about the langst rescue thing and I just can't stop thinking about the lengths the others (besides Hunk and Coran) would go through to convince Lance everything was real and that they did care about him

Kieth would lose his shit, honestly. Kieth is probably low key the most protective of them all, in a really low key way. And he just can’t handle the fact that he and the other made Lance feel unloved to an extent where the Galra where too nice. Kieth never really felt like his Galra side was bad, until that exact moment. he was worse that the enemy. He made Lance feel like a seventh wheel. The bounds he would go too to make up for it would be huge. Like I’m talking, staying with Lance and snuggling with him at night, making sure Lance eats, trying to show how much he cares without showing how gay he is how much he cares. 

Pidge tries her best too show how goddamn sorry she is for every snide comment, for every mean word, for a lot of things, and she doesn’t cry. She doesn’t she swears. But she sees Lance as a brother, she really didn’t mean too make him feel that way. And she really really really despises herself because of it. Needless too say, but her and Lance have this biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig convo about how to avoid it, and how she needs too stop blaming herself for what she did in the past, versus how she can be in the future. 

Shiro flat out blames himself, and can’t even look at Lance without being reminded of how bad a leader he was. Like, strategically he was the best, and when it comes to leading on the battle field there is no one better, but fuck, if he didn’t mess up his team emotionally. He’s the only one that Lance doesn’t forgive right away after an apology or three.