too bad it's like 1am lmao

So my birthday is coming soon (Dont take this too seriously haha....)

My birthday is in a week and so(27th of July),  if you want to give me something i would’t mind. (dont do it if you dont want to of course)

I only like blond boys and flowers, or both (Yurio, Mikaela Hyakuya, Pearl (SU), Dave Strider, Tsukki Kei, Kenma Kozume, Bakugou shinee Katsuki,Totty, Aizawa Shouta they aren’t blond but w/e )

I love Davekat, Kuroken, Reigisa, Bubbline, Mikayuu, Otayuri, Rosepearl too, anything related with the characters i mentioned before is fine