too bad im not artistic


poor pitiful children, poor jeremy

i wanted to do a doodle of this with the other songs but one picture didn’t really serve it justice so i just did a lil comic thing instead

beep bop boop

Tbh, the AH fandom needs a Sky Factory AU.
They could all be young gods that are trying for the first time to build their own world, and so they all have to work together to build it.
Geoff can be the one who watches over the animals of the world, keeping all of them in harmony with one another with fail safes in place to reduce over population.
Jack can look over plants, to make sure that there is variety of them to not ruin the soil & provide a working ecosystem.
Gavin can handle substances & elements, providing materials for further growth of the planet once they are done with it.
Michael resides over the “monsters”, creatures that don’t fit under Geoff’s domain & could potentially move beyond hunting & gathering.
Ryan & Jeremy? Well, those two provide a path of innovation for the species that could potentially change the world; species who could manipulate the world to their wants.

you know those “bad art” blogs, that go around hating on art they deem “trash”?

well i really, really do not like them. so i started this blog

you can submit art (whether it be yours or someone else’s) and i’ll try and offer ways to improve or just general positivity!  the world is fucked up, why cant i throw some joy in here.

check out the about page for more! 

i look forward to seeing your masterpieces! 

I’m sorry you’re feeling so down, and I hope you feel a bit better soon! In the meantime, I drew you a [very crappy, im so sorry] Olly, so I hope you like it and take the time you need to collect yourself and feel good. You’re an amazing person and I love everything you do! I know things are tough right now, but they’ll get better, I’m sure of it! <3 @weirdodoodles

like im not an artist, i didnt draw over shit and couldnt if i wanted to. i literally just copypasted the tail from the second pikachu onto the first pikachu in the official art. “u should have used it as a reference and redrawn the whole thing” well too bad im not a fucking artist and cant draw!!!

Drawing makes me so anxious actually bc i feel like… there’s an expectation for me to be good at it considering I have a bachelor’s emphasising in it. And I am good, but I shy away from it, bc I’m afraid of making mistakes, of it looking bad, even looking back at what I’ve done before because I’m supposed to be so good at it always and if I’m not then I’m some kind of failure


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Happy 20th birthday Jackson!

Honestly, when GOT7 first debuted, Jackson was my least favorite member. I simply couldn’t understand why everyone was fawning over him. But then I really started getting to know GOT7 and realized just how amazing he is. He’s shown talent in rapping, singing, dancing, martial arts, and fencing. Not to mention how sexy handsome yet cute and hilarious he is. So of course he grew on me to the point where he’s pretty much in a five-way tie for my bias. I simply cannot imagine GOT7 without him and JYPE is so lucky to have someone as talented in so many areas as him. I hope everyone will take the time today to appreciate him and help him have a great first birthday as a part of GOT7!