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I just overheard our store is in trouble because one of the cashiers is double scanning coinstar vouchers. I always make sure to scratch out the barcodes so even if a customer somehow steals it they can't scan it but I guess it doesn't help when it's an employee. Too bad they were side eyeing me all day, like dude I'm always broke and the whole scratching out my barcodes to avoid that from happening don't look at the only poc working here and assume they're the one stealing.

Customers stealing is bad enough. When it’s fellow employees that’s a whole new level of “I hope you fall into a crater full of honey and ants eat you alive”. -Abby

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hi! i wrote to you a few days ago & i wanted to thank you for replying to my message 😂. i'm the anon that dragged taehyung for not helping the others in bon voyage. since another anon brought up taehyung's family, i wanted to say that i find it so weird that he doesn't mention his siblings + his mother that much, even though he loves his whole family... i know that children tend to be closer to one of the parents but i have the feeling that he has a distant relationship with his mother.  (1/2)

he rarely mentions her in interviews or his thanks to, and it’s always like an afterthought 👀. not to say that he doesn’t love her but it just makes me wonder a little. i wanted to see what you think about this! (i’ll just call myself pancake anon so i won’t have to introduce myself in every ask from now on 😄. ) also i want to thank you for working so hard on this blog and for being so detailed and so sweet with every anon ❤.  (2/2)

Heey, pancake anon! Such a cute name. lol No need to thank me, I like talking about Taehyung! But thank you so much, that’s just so sweet of you it got me smiling and my friend made fun of me for smiling at my phone but who cares BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T HAVE A PANCAKE ANON. So that’s bad for her. Hell yeah. We’re winning here, right? Not that I’m competitive or anything..

Anyway, I’ve noticed that too but… Bangtan never really talks about their family, which I think is quite a smart move, so I believe it’s mostly because of that? That he doens’t talk about her that much. We know very little of their families and it’s mostly what they want us to see (like Hoseok interacting with his sister for the public to see because of her clothing store, etc). I try not to read much into it because to actually understand someone’s relationship with their family you have to know their birth time…

I’ll talk a lot now, if you’re ok with that. lol

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The best thing about closing on Sunday evening (…the only good thing about getting roped into working Sunday…) is that I can get absolutely everything done for Monday morning, so when I get here at 4:40 am tomorrow I can just chill. :)

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Marco Ace and Sabo zombie apocalypse except all the zombies work for PETA (friend suggested prompt DON'T BLAME ME LOL he also suggested Samuel L Jackson eating a burger too LOLOLOL)

…wtf m3h.

(bad language warning)


“Geeze, they just keep coming, don’t they–duck!”

“Shit shit shit shit shit, oh hell. Guys! I’m running out of bullets over here!”

“Then make them count, Sabo–”

“Oh, screw you, you think headshotting zombies is easy?! You wanna come over here and do this?!”

Children. Please, can we just focus on–shit.”

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  • hansung: whoa
  • hansung: i just found out that a hospital is unable to have a vending machine that really work
  • hansung: guess i'm going to starve
  • hansung: how's ur night?
  • <p> <b>What she says:</b> We're in really different places and everything is changing for you and eveything is going to feel really heightened and shiny... and you should experience that for youself and not just to be with me and I shouldn't get involved with something is just fresh in the boat... those relationships never really work out. *sighs* I'm here for you... but as friend. Are we cool? Alex don't go.<p/><b>What she means:</b> I just broke up with me ex and I thought she was the one but then she said that I was a hard-headed/insensitive/obsessed with work oh and also borderline, sociopath so I don't really think i´m good for you or anyone right now... and also now that you realize you're into girls what if you just have a "first girl crush" with me and that's all or maybe i'm the only lesbian girl that you know and that's why you want me so bad now but you don't really like ME but you like the idea of my being a accessible lesbian for you? mmh no thanks I don't want to get hurt by a baby gay how thought I was The One just because I was the only one at the moment. So I think you should explore other options and make sure that you like ME and not everyone else who is a lesbian oh and I mention I don't want to get hurt? I'll mention it again I'll not involved myself with someone fresh in the boat because the truth is that those relationships never work out and to be honest I really like you Danvers and if we were ever a real thing in the future I would like to make us work and being even more honest i'm really really scared of you because I know you can break my heart... *sighs* But I don't want to lose you either because that would break my heart too. buuuut I can only be your friend right now and that will not break you heart right? because you don't have real feeling for me right? it's just crush right?, can you please be my friend? can you please be cool with this and stay? anyway I'm here. Don't leave me. Stay.<p/></p>
Marina & The Diamonds sentence starters
  • "The good are never easy, the easy never good."
  • "Love... it never happens like you think it really should."
  • "Deception and perfection are wonderful traits."
  • "I don't belong to anyone."
  • "They call me homewrecker."
  • "We're all very lovely 'til we get to know each other."
  • "We're all very lovely 'til we get to know each other, as we stop becoming friends and we start becoming lovers."
  • "I'm only happy when I'm on the run."
  • "I break a million hearts just for fun."
  • "I guess you could say that my life's a mess."
  • I guess you could say that my life's a mess, but I'm still looking pretty in this dress."
  • "I'm the image of deception."
  • "Instead of love and trust and laughter what you get is happy never after."
  • "Deep down, all you want is love."
  • "We cannot escape the past, so you and I will never last."
  • "Don't get on my bad side, I can work a gun."
  • "Hop into the backseat, baby, I'll show you some fun."
  • "These people are weird in here."
  • "Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game."
  • "I'm in the wrong place."
  • "I'm a fucking wild card."
  • "All I know is I cannot pretend."
  • "I wanna be immortal."
  • "I wanna live forever in your heart."
  • "We'll always be together, from the end to the start."
  • "When you love somebody, they'll always leave too soon."
  • "I wanna mean something to somebody else."
  • "The only thing that doesn't die is love."
  • "They say you used to be so kind."
  • "I never knew you had such a dirty mind."
  • "You're just a little bit too much like me."
  • "I wanna tell you a secret."
  • "You can take your double standard, love, and keep it."
  • "Won't you quit your crying? I can't sleep."
  • "I want to wipe out all the sad ideas that come to me when I am holding you."
  • "People are staring, time to go quick."
  • "Can't let your cold heart be free."
  • "I wanna erase every nasty thought that bugs me every day of every week."
  • "You never told me what it was that made you strong and what it was that made you weak."
  • "I know that I can’t have it all."
  • "I know I’m playing with your heart."
  • "I could treat you better but I’m not that smart."
  • "It isn’t fair and it isn’t right to lead you on like it’s all alright."
  • "You still mean everything to me, but I wanna be free."
  • "I'll ruin you."
  • "I’ve been doing things I shouldn’t do."
  • "It’s difficult to move on."
  • "You still can’t look me in the eye."
  • "I’ve had my share of beautiful men."
  • "I’m still young and I wanna love again."
  • "Babe, I’m gonna ruin you if you let me stay."
  • "It doesn’t feel fair then I’m planning to move on and you’re still standing there."
  • "Easy to be sleazy when you've got a filthy mind."
  • "Girls are not meant to fight dirty."
  • "Is there any possibility you'll quit gossiping about me?"
  • "I’m sick and tired of all your preaching."
  • "I know you only want to own me."
  • "You tell me one thing and do another."
  • "I live my life in bitterness and fill my heart with emptiness."
  • "There is no crime in being kind."
  • "Not everyone is out to screw you over."
  • "You don't have to live your life in fear."
  • "I wanna feel like I am floating."
  • "I'm done with tryin' to have it all and endin' up with not much at all."
  • "All I ever wanted was the world."
  • "I can't help that I need it all."
  • "You say that I'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault."
  • "Got you wrapped around my finger, babe."
  • "You can count on me to misbehave."
  • "Would you do anything for me?"
  • "I know I've got a big ego, I really don't know why it's such a big deal, though."
  • "I wanna be adored."
  • "Take a picture, I'm with the boys."
  • "Get what I want 'cause I ask for it. Not because I'm really that deserving of it."
  • "In the lime light I want to stay."
  • "Anything for the crown."
  • "I’m not yours to keep."
  • "You don’t know me that well."
  • "All my life I’ve been so lonely."
  • "We come alone and alone we die."
  • "Don’t care if you think I’m dumb, I don’t care at all."
  • "I’m the girl you’d die for."
  • "I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out 'cause that’s what young love is all about."
  • "I met a boy. He made my dull heart light up with joy."
  • "We fell apart."
  • "I think you're gonna be my biggest fan."
  • "Nothing is provocative anymore."
  • "Question what the TV tells you, question what a pop star sells you."
  • "Question mom and question dad, question good and question bad."
  • "You're never gonna love me, so what's the use?"
  • "What's the point in playing a game you're gonna lose?"
  • "You're too proud to say that you've made a mistake."
  • "You're a coward 'til the end."
  • I don't wanna admit that we're not gonna fit."
  • "I'm not the type that you like."
  • "I can't let you go."
  • "I just want it to be perfect... to believe it's all been worth the fight."
  • "You only ever touch me in the dark."
  • "Only if we're drinking can you see my spark."
  • "I wanna stay inside all day."
  • "I want the world to go away."
  • "I wanna drink until I ache."
  • "I wanna make a big mistake."
  • "I wish I wasn’t such a narcissist."
  • "Oh, God! I’m gonna die alone."
  • "Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?"
  • "Give a little, get a lot. That’s just how you are with love."
  • "You may be good looking, but you’re not a piece of art."
  • "I'm gonna make you fall."
  • "Women and men we are the same, but love will always be a game."
  • "A human vulnerability doesn't mean that I am weak."
  • "I would sell my sorry soul, if I could have it all."
  • "All I really want is to be wonderful."
  • "People in this town, they can be so cruel."
  • "If only you knew, my dear, how I live my life in fear."
  • "Did I really deserve it?"
  • "I haven't lived life, I haven't lived love."
  • "Got bubble wrap around my heart, waiting for my life to start."
  • "I do not give a damn if you don't believe."
  • "It's my problem that I never am happy."
  • "Are you satisfied with an average life?"
  • "Baby, nothing comes for free."
  • "It's my problem if I wanna pack up and run away."
  • "It's my business if I feel the need to smoke and drink and sway."
  • "It's my problem if I have no friends and feel I want to die."
  • "This better be worth my while."
  • "I feel numb most of the time."
  • "I can't open up and cry 'cause I've been silent all my life."
  • "I need a friend."
  • "I'm no good to anyone."
  • "All I care about is being number one."
  • "I lie in bed, I hate my guts."
  • "It only takes two lonely people to fuck love up and make it evil."
  • "It only takes a drop of evil to fuck up two beautiful people."
  • "Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker."
  • "Every kiss you give me makes me sicker."
  • "You're the best I've ever seen."
  • "Hollywood infected your brain."
  • "You wanted kissing in the rain."
  • "Your mind is just like mine."
  • "Baby, I'm gonna leave you drowning until you reach for my hand."
  • "I'm the one who left you, you're not the one who left me."
  • "I want you to die for my love."
  • "I take one look at you and I grow cold."
  • "Love is all that I fear."
  • "Ready to be let down."
  • "You were embarrassed of me 'cause I used my tongue freely."
  • "She's got all the personality of a lemon that has been truly sucked dry."
  • "You don't know fuck about my family."
  • "Never felt like a princess."
  • "You're hard to hug, tough to talk to."
  • "The only time you open up is when we get undressed."
  • "You don't love me, big fucking deal."
  • "Sometimes I ignore you, so I feel in control."
  • "I adore you, and I can't leave you alone."
  • "Come on, baby, let's just get drunk, forget we don't get on."
  • "Before the start began, I always saw the end."
  • "I wait for you to open up, to give yourself to me, but nothing's ever gonna give."
  • "Just don't get attached to somebody you could lose."
  • "Boys they like a little danger."
  • "I love you... At least I think I do."
  • "Sleep is not my friend."
  • "I go to bed feeling bad, that I'm the reason that you're sad."
  • "Do you want to be with somebody like me?"
  • "I feel like if I'm too kind, then you will only change your mind."
  • "Take advantage of my heart, and I'll go back into the dark."
  • "Love will never be forever, feelings are just like the weather."
  • "You've been acting awful tough lately... but inside, you're just a little baby."
  • "You don't always have to be on top."
  • "Better to be hated than loved for what you're not."
  • "You are not a robot."
  • "You're lovable, so lovable, but you're just troubled."
  • "Guess what? I'm not a robot."
  • "You've been hanging with the unloved kids, who you never really liked and you never trusted."
  • "You are so magnetic."
  • "Don't be so pathetic, just open up."
  • "We’ve broken up and now I regret it."
  • "I said goodbye when I shouldn’t have said it."
  • "No, I don’t love you."
  • "I just want to be held when I’m scared."
  • "Don't do love, don't do friends, I'm only after success."
  • "I just want to make a change."
  • "I know exactly what I want and who I want to be."
  • "If I fail, I'll fall apart."
  • "I feel like I'm the worst, so I always act like I'm the best."
  • "If you are not very careful, your possessions will possess you."
  • "TV taught me how to feel now real life has no appeal."

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I love reading your theories and I'm totally on board with Titus somehow already working against ALIE (or something lol). That line about their GOAL caught my attention too. But... if Titus is indeed buying tech wouldn't he be willing to work with the Sky People (instead of killing the Wanheda) because basically the only thing they can offer is exactly technology and people who can work with technology? That doesn't seem to make sense to me.

Here is the transcript:

Lexa: You still think the summit is a bad idea. 
Titus: You mean well, Heda, but now is not the time for good intentions. Your enemies are circling. Queen Nia moves against you. Our focus should be there. Instead, you antagonize her further by offering the Skaikru a seat at your table.
Lexa:  I will not let the fear of war dictate our agenda. 
Titus: Why are you doing this? Sky People are here to negotiate a treaty, not join the coalition. They didn’t ask for this. Not one of the 12 Clans will accept it. 
Lexa: They will accept it when they see Wanheda bow before me.

Titus was saying that Lexa should only be focused on negotiating a TREATY and not having the Skaikru join the Coalition. Titus is saying that Lexa’s focus should be on trying to calm the uprising against her, and not make decisions without the consent of the other Clans. He is worried about Lexa’s safety becuase she is EXTREMELY valuable. She has been able to do what other Commanders before have failed to do. But, Lexa wants to protect the Skaikru. She wants to unite with them, even if there is a fear of war. Why

One of my theories was that they want the Skaikru for their technology, this still might be the case; however, I think that the reason why Lexa is so adamant on protecting them is to test their blood. Think back to why Mount Weather was willing to trade the Grounders for the Skaikru? The Sky People have superior blood. There is something in their blood that the Mountain Men wanted and is of value. Maybe ‘their agenda’ is to test the Sky People and see if their blood can also stave off ALIE’s control – just like the Nightbloods can. 

THIS might be why Titus is ‘beating up’ Murphy. Titus is testing Murphy’s body and willingness to stay in the ‘real reality’ when his body is being beaten. It is testing his mental focus not to ‘cave’ into temptation (eating the forbidden fruit that ALIE is tempting him with that offers him ‘no pain’ which is ultimately A LIE.) Remember how Murphy threw the apple (forbidden fruit) at ALIE in the first episode? He will be again tested. Murphy most likely had the chip with him when he was brought to Titus, so that might be part of it. I have theorized before that Murphy might be a ‘Trojan Horse’ to defeat ALIE…I’m sticking with that. I’m not sure how it would all fit together, but I think his character will have a HUGE importance this season.  

Now, as for Titus saying “We are so close to our goal” he might be saying that Lexa herself is very close to defeating ALIE. Titus is worried that the Coalition will shatter and Lexa will be killed and everything that they have worked so hard towards (defeating ALIE), will be gone – they will be right back to square one. Titus knows that Lexa is special and has been able to complete what other Commanders have failed to do. He is not willing to risk Lexa’s life for the ‘possibility’ that the Skaikru’s blood might be able to stave off ALIE too. 

This makes me think back to Jaha’s line about ALIE’s added power: “We converted a nuclear warhead into a power source. With the added power, A.L.I.E. Was able to complete the work she began with her creator a hundred years ago.” Since ALIE got a power boost, Titus wants Lexa to get a ‘power boost’ as well. This power boost would come from killing Clarke. “Kill her. Take her power.” However, Lexa knows that if she kills Clarke that will weaken her, not make her stronger. It will weaken her because she would be killing the woman she loves. “She’s special”, there is also something inside of Clarke that Lexa can see that is like her. “You were born for this, Same as me.” Clarke is like her….maybe in more ways then we originally thought. Clarke doesn’t have black blood, but she is ‘special’ and has the superior blood of the Skaikru. 

Babe, it's been a long time coming

Part Four

SummaryHarry’s famously bad at sports. And naturally, he never misses the track team’s events, because of the captain, Niall Horan.

W/C: 4,600+

A/N: Bare with me, guys. One more part after this.

Part three is here.


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I saw your post about how tracing and redrawing are bad in some ways. I hope I'm not asking a stupid question here lol but what if you're starting out drawing a person with what I call "the sketch draft outline" and you trace it for the "final outline"? Does that count because a lot of great artists like you do that, and I do that too, I just wanted to make sure! And I absolutely love your work!! It inspires me A LOT!!

Oh no no thats perfectly ok xD tracing is only dangerous if you trace other people’s work. Tracing your own such as inking or going over a rough draft/sketch is conpleyely ok and helps you improve on inking, libe art, understanding your character and their form, and going over your own sketches gives you guidence for the final piece. :>