too bad i made the joke anyways


Sorry I haven’t come by in a while. Things have been… well, things have been, pretty busy. Oh, Dad’s here, too! He’s, uh, you know… Dad. He’s still teaching at Signal. But he told me that he’s going to be on some mission soon. I think he misses adventuring with you. I miss you too. Haven’t gotten kicked out of Beacon yet! So that’s cool. I think being on a team with Yang helps. Keep her in line… That was a joke. She’s actually a really great fighter! You can tell she’s learned a lot from Dad! Oh, so are Weiss and Blake. Oh! They’re my teammates! Together, we form Team RWBY! And yes, before you ask, that does cause a lot of confusion. Anyways, I made a bunch of new friends, and then I met some… let’s just say, uh, odd teachers. Oh! We’ve also stopped some bad guys, too! I guess it’s like they say: “like mother, like daughter”! I still wonder why Ozpin let me into the school early. But uh, I guess he’ll tell me one day. You know how he is. It’s funny, the more I get to know him, the more he’s starting to sound like Uncle Qrow.

Oh! Looks like Dad’s back! I gotta go! He’s dropping me off at Beacon for the tournament match before he goes on his next mission. Wish me luck!

It was good to talk.

Lets talk about Keemstar’s shit of a video against Jacksepticeye.

Let me break down every point this in that video and explain to you why Keemstar is so terribly wrong. 

1. Jack starting the video to defend himself instead of Felix? Bruh. Jack was only defending himself at first because the over dramatic people called him a Nazi sympathizer when taking sides with Felix. He’s plainly explaining that he isn’t a Nazi, and he doesn’t agree with the “jokes” Felix had said in his videos. Hes very entitled to come out and defend himself for false claims cause people are too narrow minded to think as to why Felix’s friends would support him. 

2. Jack says Felix’s Nazi jokes are bad, but Keemstar wants to pull up ONE tweet Jack said about Nazi’s. Ok, look here Keemshit, it was 1 tweet, and it was no where near the severity of Felix’s jokes. I mean, IMO, Felix’s first tweet was stupid and not funny anyways, but it made sense how Jack replied to it. Is it a Nazi joke? Kinda, but it wasn’t anti-Semitic in any way and it didn’t offend anyone. Plus Jack never makes anti-Semitic jokes(or any jokes against a group of people), and for this to be the BIGGEST evidence to make your claim, then you truly lost that point. NEXT. 

3. Keemstar repeating how much Felix paved the way to Jack’s Youtube success. Yes Felix gave Jack a shout out, yes it helped his channel grow, but in no means should Jack worship and kiss the feet of Felix if and when Felix does something wrong. Jack’s channel is mainly successful because of the work and effort Jack put into it. His personality attracted people and his involvement and love with his fans made them stay. Just because a few people gave his channel some light does not mean if those people fucked up in any way that Jack has to have their back 100%. Jack has his own opinions and his own views, he has a right to disagree with a friend of his for fucks sake. 

4. Keemstar losing his shit because Jack sided with Maker and Disney. …Did you not listen to what Jack said in the video? Any company has a RIGHT to drop whoever they want. They are legal to do that. Felix made some very very bad jokes and they didn’t want to support that type of humor. I mean, fuck dude, Pewdiepie is no where Disney/Maker friendly in the first place. Whoop de doo. Now Felix can sign with another company or create his own. Jack was only stating that Maker/Disney are not technically wrong for dropping Felix. What they should of done was talk it out, and the point Jack was making is that yes they are not wrong for dropping Felix, but they are wrong in HOW they dropped him. Big difference. The only reason why Felix was dropped from Maker was because WSJ went to them first and instilled fear of bad image onto them. If you actually thought about what Jack was saying, you’d know he doesn’t agree with how Maker dropped Felix. Do you even think critically Keemstar?

5. Keemstar calling Jack selfish for being upset that Scare Pewdiepie was canceled. oooooooh man you’re just piling on more shit dude. How in the world is that being selfish? He and Felix put in so much work into that season, and it is NOT selfish that hes upset about all of it being wasted time on his end. I mean, fuckin hell dude, don’t you know on Jack’s end of it? He had to record multiple videos in advance and travel over to the site of the recording, and make sure videos went up on time. I don’t see how him expressing his disappointment is selfish when he was a big part in that season. He took a lot a time and effort on it, and for it to do to waste must suck. (I mean, who knows what other opportunities he could of done in that time frame?)

6. Jack a backstabber? Now, here’s how I view the video Jack made. To me, it was well thought out and made. What he said made sense and still showed support to Felix even though he doesn’t agree on Felix’s comedy. I have no idea why Jack would feel how hes naive and or how he sees it differently because people said some things. I just really don’t understand why it is so important to people why Jack has to kiss Felix’s ass and give him a band-aid every time theres a controversy. Just like Jack explained in his video, it is still okay to disagree with a friend and still support them so long as they know their faults. I honestly don’t see where Jack went wrong in his video. People who can’t critically think about the situation just want to jump on and defend whomever without knowing whats truly going on. 

There are consequences in your actions, and what Felix did got him what he deserved. Should it have been handled differently? Yes. But he still doesn’t need to be praised and rewarded when he does something wrong. This is Felix’s punishment, and he  learned from it. Its a real eye opener for him. Jack doesn’t need to do anything but be a friend, and a true friend tells you when you are wrong. From how I see it, the way Jack thinks is that he sees the problem from all sides, and explaining Maker was thinking from a business point. Jack is a critical thinker who points out things that needed to be understood in the situation.  Does he think Maker is right for dropping them? Ethically, no, business wise, yes. It doesn’t mean hes out there taking the side of the money giver to keep him in the safe zone. 

People really need to think, and i mean really think about all sides of this situation. To point fingers and blatantly take sides doesn’t make you a better fan. 

7. Final thoughts from Keemstar (finally I’m done watching this shit of a video) Clearly dude, nothing you said in this video had any meaning to it. You’re making false claims without any critical thought behind them. You watched the video and made no effort to think how it is on Jack’s end. Making this video was disrespectful and selfish. You say its not for attention or views, but it truly is. If you really wanted to “shine light on the issue media has over Youtube” you’d make a video about WSJ, not Jacksepticeye. You are creating more drama and misconceptions so young naive Pewdiepie fans can go out and attack Jack. You did no good making this video. You have no part between Jack and Felix. This isn’t news, this is your biased opinion to kiss Felix’s ass in hopes for him to buddy you. (which is hilarious cause theres no way you’d make friends with any of them) Seriously, you should be the one deleting this video, not Jack. 

I honestly can’t stand how people can just mindlessly go after Jack over this. His video made perfect sense. He doesn’t need to go into full detail when the main view everyone has on this situation has been made in multiple videos already. The only reason why he made that video is because some dumbasses started labeling him as a Nazi sympathizer, and he had to clear that up. 

Even though I don’t like being a active part of the fandom, I really wanted to write this up because I care and it royally pisses me off how people dealt with this. It pisses me off even more that the waste of time Keemshit had to make that video that helped NOTHING at all. I couldn’t stand seeing it, because Jack is a good hearted person and a good friend. The public view from his video twisted his words and made him seem like the bad guy. 

I mean, at the end of the day, Jack and Felix’s friendship is none of our business and we don’t need to be in the middle of it. Felix knows where Jack stands in all of this and Jack doesn’t need to prove his friendship to anyone except Felix. And like I said, the only reason why the video was made was to  clear the false accusations that Jack’s a Nazi sympathizer and put his thought on the issue because it effected him too. 



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I'm sorry I just saw the tags on the one post about youtubers and I'm super happy cause you like chugga too????? Anyway I'm just happy cause I don't know any one else who likes watching his videos

h e l l y e a h i love chugga! i have a huge nostalgia for old nintendo games. also i don’t actually own any consoles right now so lets plays are my main source of entertainment.

he’s a youtuber who deserves the amount of revenue he makes because he spends so much on gifts for friends and making other people happy ;_; he’s made like 1 or 2 jokes in bad taste in the past but he put in so much effort to change for the better and entertain a young, impressionable audience. his humor is charming and corny and it’s incredible how thoroughly he researches for each game

honestly, he’s an amazing person

i got you (please don’t let go of me)

it’s 4am again and im having feeling about jason scott again

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There was something wrong.

Jason couldn’t put his finger on what, but there was something not right. He felt uneasy. Like his body was trying to tell him something. He was lying in his bed – his window always opened ever since the night at the mine in because his friends had taken the habit of coming to his room whenever they wanted, usually when they needed company or comfort.

He remembered the day Pearl was born - he looked at her with wonder in his eyes, holding her tightly in his arms. He heard her laugh, and saw stars in her eyes, and vowed to himself to be the best brother in the world. Just like in the movies. He had wanted to be a superhero for her, before actually becoming one. And now he had added four persons to protect in that oath. He was, in some ways, a big brother to his team – “more like the mom friend”, had said Zack laughing one day.

He usually felt them coming, before seeing them. In was an unshakable feeling in his body, in his bone, and when they were feeling bad, it was like something was out of place. Like something in the universe had shifted, was out of balance, and he couldn’t rest until he fixed it. Like those night after an argument with his father where Pearl came to his room crying because he didn’t want them to fight, and he couldn’t sleep before reassuring her. Going to sleep knowing his baby sister was unwell was impossible. Just like if one of his teammates was having a hard time.

This night was one of those night.

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ok how abt jeremy taking french classes and like jean helping him with some homework as to how to pronounce stuff and jeremy is like just,, heart-eyes or something like that

oh boi i just ,, 

  • jeremy is taking french and it is 100% because of his course and 0% because of jean always muttering/outright talking in french and jeremy having no IDEA what he says but he looks so intense and its hot,,,
  • so jeremy is taking french. he can say oui non and bonjour by the third class which is TOTALLY good progress
  • when jean notices the notebook with present tense verbs he’s like O.O but he doesnt say anything (kinda freaking out bc what if jeremy understood those times he said something about his biceps and face and abs and ;;;;;;)
  • its all fun at first but ofc university = exams and requirements so jeremy cant really afford to fail the class. he’s the only one on the team taking it, so ofc he HAS to go to jean for help
  • jean is Indifferent but helps him bc he can snap at jeremy whenever he’s wrong and call him stupid so of course he’s up for that
  • they’re doing house-related vocabulary and jeremy just cant say the word placard which apparently is written the same way in french but when jean says it it sounds like a cOMPLETELY DIFFERENT WORD WHAT THE F
  • its been half an hour and they are both getting Frustrated. Jean keeps saying ‘just say the R like you mEAN IT, Jeremy Knox, stop with your stupid english rolling on the letters like they’re just waves youre surfing over!!!’ and using weird metaphors,, idk man the french
  • by that time jeremy is totally not listening anymore. he’s just staring at jean being all flustered and annoyed and his hands moving everywhere the way french people speak with their hands. 
  • jean notices jeremy’s just staring at him without listening
  • he explodes in french ESPECE DE PD TU POURRAIS AU MOINS ECOUTER!!!??!,?!
  • which is so hot. you need to understand 
  • but back to the point jean is mad. so he says “from now on i’ll only ever speak to you in french too bad if you dont understand”
  • and jeremy is torn between YES and NO because jean talking french is life but also he wants to understand everything jean has to say ever.
  • so he’s :’( ‘okay sorry can we try again’
  • jean nods but he’s mad
  • jeremy tries again and it gets better for the rest of the house-related words so they come back to the word placard which he still cant say. “what does it even mean anyway,” he pouts
  • “it means closet”
  • jean is smirking he’s actually proud of his joke the bastard even before he’s made it
  • jeremy : “shut up”
  • jean : “i didn’t say anything”
  • so jeremy just repeats the word again and again until he manages to put his tongue just right and say the full R and get the right vowel sound and he??? omg he actually said it???? he can totally speak french now???
  • he looks at jean with a proud grin, says with a good enough accent : “je sors du placard” (=i’m coming out of the closet)
  • !!! plot twist !!!
  • jeremy has had months to get used to jean speaking french, to keep the fluttering from his stomach to his toes in check, to be discreet about his obvious boner for jean speaking french
  • but jean hasn’t!!!! he didnt prepare for this!!!! he never even thought of jeremy speaking french!!!! abort!!!
  • and theres all the emotional significance of jeremy speaking his mothertongue, this language that has always been a shelter and home and jeremy who is aso starting to feel like home to jean and the two together he’s just having fEELS,,
  • BUT there is also the fact that its hot???? because jeremy’s accent isnt exactly right but. believe mE, to a french speaker, ppl speaking french with an english accent is fucKING HOT LIKE WE DIE EVERY TIMME
  • jean wants to die he’s gripping the fucking desk
  • jeremy is smirking
  • fils de pute
  • jean kisses him.

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Bumbleby! 55: “You’re a nerd.”

Pale lavender eyes scanned the pages in front of them, disinterest clear as full lips pursed together. “You realize how boring this is, right Blake?”

The faunus shrugged, expression neutral. “It’s a speech on the history of Vale, Yang. It’s not supposed to be exciting.” 

“Granted, but it’s like… super boring. I could fall asleep from reading it.” Yang could see her words strike a nerve, if the sudden twitch of Blake’s bow was anything to go by. “I’m just saying, you could add like… some pizzazz.” She shook her hands and flashed Blake a grin. “Give them the ol’ razzle dazzle.”

“No. And you fall asleep during history class anyway, so I feel your criticism holds no grounds.”

“Okay, but have you considered… yes?”

“Not when you thought jazz hands could convince me.”

Snickering, Yang just waved her hands in front of Blake’s face. “Oh come on, you know you love it.” The eyeroll that garnered had her grin widening even more.

“You’re a nerd, Xiao Long. Do you know who does jazz hands anymore? No one, that’s who,” Blake retorted. With a quick movement, the papers were yanked out of Yang’s hands so Blake could look them over again.

“Hey, I resent that. Everyone needs jazz hands in their life, Blake. Everyone. Also… You’re dating this nerd, so…”

“For the life of me, I can’t fathom why.” 

The harshness of the words were contrasted by the softness of Blake’s lips as she pecked Yang on the lips, making the blonde’s grin morph into a gentle smile. “Awww, I love you too Blakey.”

“… Whatever.” Blake’s blush spoke volumes. “Anyway, do you really think it’s that bad?” There was a slight droop to her bow and slim eyebrows furrowed in concern, making Yang regret her choice in words.

“Naw, I was just joking around. It’s really good, Blake. A little dry, but I think that’s a given considering the boring topic.” Nudging Blake lightly to make her look up, Yang poked at the crease on her forehead until the skin was smooth. “Don’t frown, your face will stick like that. And that would be super awkward if you always made that face, especially when we’re in bed together and I’m-”


As it was, Blake’s speech went terribly. But that was only because halfway through it, Blake actually decided to say the words “jazz hands” with such an unimpressed look that it resulted in Yang cracking up for a solid five minutes.

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hiya! could i request a jun (svt); hyungwon (mx); jb (got7) and hoseok (bts) reaction to their s/o having a really dark sense of humour? sorry the people were so weirdly specific but thank you =~=

Jun: Anytime you share one of your dark humored jokes he turns the other direction as if he never heard it. When you ask him about it he said, “You can’t imagine how much I love your jokes but say it a little less often? Maybe I’ll laugh more.”😏

Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

Hyungwon: While watching Titanic during the scene where they’re floating on the sea you decide it’d be the perfect time for your joke you’. ve had in stalk since the movie started. “Titanic be like, “I nominate all passengers for the ice bucket challenge.””

He puts the soda he was drinking down and looks at you like you’ve done something bad. “Omg Y/N… People died from that freezing water!”

“Oh… I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it that way, it was supposed to be a joke…”

He pats you on the head, “Don’t worry I know what you meant. I guess I just have to get used to your… unique type of humor.”

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

JB: While watching a sad movie together, the main character suddenly dies. Time for one of your dark jokes! “When I die will you go to my funeral dressed like the grim reaper? Don’t say anything just stand there.” Sitting there he just looks like you just said something stupid. But for your sake, a fake smile crawls up his face no saying a word.

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J-Hope: On your date, you decide to crack a joke, “I saw a sign at a picture framing shop that said, “Shoot the family, hang the kids, frame the wife.”” When you start cracking up at your own joke, J-Hope just stares at you blankly. 

When you stop laughing he’s still staring with his hand holding his chin then he says with a surprised face, “Oh I got it! Shoot, hang, and framing is all things you do with photos!! Nice pun Y/N!”

Originally posted by jiminb

**OMG THESE GIFS ARE EXACTLY LIKE HOW THEY’D REACT weird….. Anyways I hoped you liked your reaction! This is my first time doing one so I hope it wasn’t too bad! I’m assuming that you requested your biases so I hope I made it especially good.**

~Admin KT

Shiver Shiver

Prompt: high school AU that takes place in the 70s and Han is this super cool biker guy with his friend Chewie and they pretty much rule the school. Han dated Leia their freshman year but they decided to just stay friends (even though they fight all the time) and one night Leia drags Luke to a big party where he meets Han (they had met before but they never really talked) and they really hit it off. Maybe Leia could be a little mad about it because her brother is a flower or she’s jealous.

Rating: G (maybe T)

Word count: 1,647

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take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause someone really cares about you.

mild undertale spoilers!!

a little comic to commemorate the first part in undertale that legit made me cry like a baby. i was talking about this scene with a friend and how different the scene is depending on whether you killed toriel or not. when you spared her, this is a cute and fun tale about two Bad Joke Buddies in the woods but when you kill her? it’s so much more melancholy. to me, at least.

LIKE SO ok i accidentally killed toriel during my first playthrough and i didn’t even think to reload and spare her until it was too late and i’d already saved. i felt bad about it but what could i do, right? just gotta keep movin on.

anyway, i’d all but forgotten my sin until this part in the game, where you n sans go and chill in the restaurant. hearing him talk about toriel made me feel so bad. all she wanted was for me to be safe, and i killed her. not only that, she was sans’ joke buddy. his friend. and then he added that he hadn’t heard from her in a while, like he knew what i’d done. 

anyway i just straight-up started crying \m/ undertale is a great game that will make you feel things, 10/10

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Polyfrogs (dex/chowder/nursey) for the ask meme thing ?

Domesticity Memes

  • big spoon/little spoon:

chowder is the best big spoon ever and nursey loves being little spoon so dex is usually in the middle

  • favorite non-sexual activity:

having a picnic next to the lake on a relaxing, sunny friday afternoon

  • who uses all the hot water:

nursey loves long showers ok. and when he takes to long one of the others usually comes to get him out. and well. all the hot water is gone by the time they are done

  • most trivial thing they fight over:

nursey and dex argue about everything. but for all three of them it would be music

  • who does most of the cleaning:

dex. nursey cleans up the big messes but dex does the general stuff like dusting and shit

  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue:

its chowder’s account but nursey generally chooses

  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working:

chowder. he is so lovely that the super gets the heat back way quicker than they should be able to…

  • who steals the blankets:

in the morning dex rolls himself into a blanket burrito but during the night nursey wraps his legs around the blankets and pulls them off chowder and dex. chowder is respectful and doesnt steal blankets like a heathen. and he has a spare on his side of the bed bc sometimes it gets chilly

  • who leaves their stuff around: 

no one anymore. bc nursey is the clumsiest and the less things he can trip on and knock over, the better

  • who remembers to buy the milk

chowder. he does the groceries bc he forgets the least. and he also impulse buys cool stuff

  • who remembers anniversaries:

dex, my love, is hopeless. he remembers the big things in advance but if it wasnt for chowder and nursey he would forget on the day of

  • Who cooks normally?

nursey is a disaster in the kitchen but dex and chowder are both pretty good

  • How often do they fight?

nursey and dex bicker all the time but they only properly fight occasionally. generally due to misunderstandings and shitty self-esteem :// once chowder got really tired with their arguing and got actually mad and that was not fun for anyone

  • What do they do when they’re away from each other? 

nursey is a sap and writes poems and chowder just talks about them to everyone and dex sees things that remind him of them everywhere and they text all the time

  • Nicknames for each other?

nursey: dman-d(a)mn, pretty boy, baby
dex: billy, dexter, u fckin meme, sweetheart
chowder: sunshine, CC, C, babe

  • Who is more likely to pay for dinner?

chowder loves paying for his boys

  • Who steals the covers at night?

nursey. sometimes dex tries to steal them back and it ends up with wrestling and everyone awake at 2am

  • What would they get each other for gifts?

they are all giant dorks tbh. chowder gets anything remotely related to sharks. dex has too many fckin lobsters (he love them anyway). nursey has everything mermaid (bc why not keep to the ocean theme and he would make the best mermaid tbh)

  • Who kissed who first?

dex and nursey probs hooked up at a kegster? but didnt get together bc they both liked chowder too?? and then chowder sat down with them bc the tension was super bad and everyone was sad. and there was tearful confessions and chris was just grinning bc he loves them so much too?? anyway he kisses the tears off nursey’s cheeks and softly pecks dex’s eyelids 

  • Who made the first move?

chowder in the end

  • Who remembers things?

not dex. 

  • Who started the relationship?

i mean chowder was the first one to suggest it

  • Who cusses more?

dex. but he has nothing on chowder on the ice

  • What would they do if the other was hurt?

overall i just think there would be a lot of panicking and somehow help would be gotten and if it was really bad they would all be super shaken up and nursey would be making jokes on his hospital bed and chowder would be smiling softly and dex would be feeling sad bc he made his boys so sad

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Hi! I've never made a drabble request before but I loved your last Klaroline so much! I hope this prompt isn't too long: Klaus reluctantly asks Caroline to play distraction to Marcel and when he hands her a revealing dress to wear, they both joke about how Marcel's tastes are a lot less conservative than Klaus'. Klaus takes the dress off of her later.

Klaroweek Day 6: Smut, all the smut

I feel really bad because this prompt is from forever ago. I’m sorry I didn’t get to it sooner! My askbox is a mess, I really need to clean it out. Anyway, smut seemed inevitable for this drabble and I was almost finished when Klaroweek started, so I thought, what the heck, you can never have too many smut posts ;) I hope the extra smut I included makes up for the lateness, at least a little bit.


She had only been in New Orleans two days when Klaus found her. Frankly, she was surprised it took him so long. Caroline had decided to spend her spring break in NOLA because it was a typical college trip destination and she desperately wanted to be a typical college student, and she wasn’t about to let the presence of a certain hybrid deter her. She knew seeing him would be inevitable, but decided not to worry; Caroline was an expert in dealing with irritable hybrids after all.

So when she suddenly felt him behind her while she sat at the bar on her second night in the city, she merely schooled her features into a calm indifference before turning to face him. Caroline was prepared to make him work for her attention, to continue the game of cat and mouse they constantly seemed to be playing, but the genuine grin on his face made her falter in her plans.

She let him lead her out of the bar, walking her through side streets and back alleys until they reached his home. She humored him in his paranoia, worried someone would see them together. She couldn’t imagine why it mattered, wasn’t he always going on about being the most powerful creature on Earth? But she sat, enjoying her glass of bourbon as Klaus told her all about the past few months. She spent a fair amount of the story rolling her eyes, thinking that he had brought most of the issues on himself. And she told him as much too, secretly enjoying his scowl, especially when he didn’t deny her words.

But when Caroline heard about Marcel she was intrigued. He knew the hybrid from a long time ago, had spent decades with him. He knew more about Klaus than anyone else outside his siblings. She wondered if there was some way to pick his brain without enraging Klaus or getting herself killed. So she came up with a plan.

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what's "daesh tumblr"

ISIS is on tumblr, there was even a british ISIS member who posted a very long whiny, absurdly british rant about how rude the syrians are, and how they keep stealing his phone charger and joke too much and fail to carry themselves with proper dignity and are bad at queueing

I have made up/exaggerated absolutely none of this

Random thoughts on Zaulie...

Per the video of Vic, Paulie, Zak in the HOH room and really from watching the feed myself, I got a totally different vibe than I was expecting. I realized early on that it’s really best to watch feeds or at least clips for yourself because most people on ‘stan twitter’ don’t convey shit the exact way it plays out. Many of them like the drama and only recap what they know will piss folks off or only give half truths instead of telling the whole story. This is why I am pretty much super vague in my posts when live watching because something always gets misconstrued (especially quotes with no other dialog surrounding it) no matter how it’s said. 

Anyway, before I watched that clip for myself, I assumed that Paulie was acting with Zak in the way he was before he started ranting and raving from the night before. I thought maybe he was trying to be sweet and play her or whatever, because that’s essentially what some were saying, that it looked like he was playing her again by pulling her in with Vic there, after saying he wanted her on the block, etc. Basically, I thought it would look like he was doing it for strategy to keep her close and I was expecting to be pissed. But that’s not what I got at all. 

Instead, the minute Vic laid down on the bed and looked like he was getting a bit too comfortable, Paulie got hella possessive with Z and literally pulled her to him. As if Vic was going to try it first or something and he had to let Vic know she was his. Same shit he pulled when they were all in the kitchen the other night, and he was just all over her. His body language when it comes to her tells a story all on its own, especially when he feels like there’s some kind of male threat looming. 

Anyway, in the clip from tonight, you could see that shit all over his face how much he literally hates Victor because of his feelings for this woman more than for the game itself. He may not mean to show it, but I’ve realized that he cannot hide his feelings very well as much as he tries. Everything’s just plainly written, which is probably why he talks so damn much, to distract people from his expressions. 

Mr. I Don’t Get Jealous and I Don’t Like Clingy Women is exactly the person he claims to hate, at least in this case with Zak. I live for that shit in my soap couples, not gonna lie, but at least soap couples get dialog and talk shit out, so LOL. Anyway, so many people are pissed that he keeps saying he’d put her on the block and that he’s bad mouthing her, and I totally get that. I’d be pissed too if I didn’t see through his bullshit. I personally don’t think he’s doing this because he’s using her or because he even means what he’s saying, or because he was pissed about a stupid joke, really. It comes across terribly because it’s on film but IMO, it’s so much more than that and he’s made it clear in his actions more than his words. Not to mention, we all say shit and do shit to and about people we care about when we get caught up like he is. He’s just a little bit more extreme when it comes to her given this environment and the fact that he’s not just into her, he’s REALLY into her which has, in turn, fucked him up in this game royally and he knows it, and that pisses him off. 

He’s clearly an emotional player when it comes to her, and to me, if he really ever wanted her gone, it’d be because she’s messing up his game just by her being there and the fact that he knows he can’t not be around her, touch her, etc. It wouldn’t be for strategy if he really wanted her gone or cause he needed her gone for play, it’d be all emotion cause he cannot handle himself when he’s with her. Dude is just in too gotdamn deep and he can’t handle that shit. This is why I say Vic coming back made him lose what was left of his mind. You could tell from how he always looked at her, hugged her, initiated touching and even how he sleeps with her, that he was close to the edge. Vic opened that door and it just tipped him over. I mean before now, he was much more focused on the game while also liking Z, but now, he’s all over the damn place and at the forefront of his mind is Zakiyah more so than the game itself. It’s why he unthinkingly tosses her name out there; he gets pissed, he wants her up, but he doesn’t want her up, but he wants her pissed like he’s pissed. 

He’s stupid and only mad at her that she got him caught up, but it’s not her fault. He knows that but I think part of him still blames her for it, hence the intense anger. At the same time, I’m not sure how he’d actually act with her being gone and not around him 24/7 and actually out in the real world with other men while he was still stuck in that house. He wants to win the money, no doubt, but he’s got feelings now, and again, that’s fucked him up. So while he might THINK that it’d be better for his game with her gone at first if she ever left, the truth is that it would drive him even nuttier to be there without her, because he legit seems like the type who would actually sit around and talk about what she’s doing when she’s not there, nonstop, and then get randomly pissed over a thought he had of her probably being with someone else. Dude literally went from being the most sane and pulled together player in the house and game, had his shit all the way lined up and ready to win, to a straight up wild card in a matter of like, 72 hours all because he got caught up in his feelings over this woman and can’t control that shit or talk it out with her. So instead, we get him being a dick and folks in the fandom burning their Zaulie flags. LOL. I still like them together, personally and despite whatever happens on the show, I’m convinced they’ll hook up once it’s all over. I just need Z to be a little more clued in as to what’s going on and confront his ass. She needs to be the Blair Waldorf to his Chuck Bass, basically.

Hope that makes some sort of sense.

Hello, IT’S ME

Long time, no see! I know I haven’t been online in a while, so I’ve decided to explain my absence and update you guys on what’s been happening in my life.

I’ve been living in New York since I moved back this past August and it’s been a roller coaster experience. When I started this semester, absolutely nothing was going right. For starters, I lost a friend. That wasn’t something I saw ending the way it did and it was pretty hard to move on from. On top of that, all of my friends from the previous semester transferred out of my school, leaving me with a fresh start (”fresh start” is a positive way of stating things; it really meant that I had no friends and had to make new ones). The only remaining friends I had ended up disappointing me. It wasn’t malicious or anything, but I’ve learned that they weren’t really my friends. My roommate was a nightmare and I didn’t have a job. My education was just as confusing and scary. I was torn between what I wanted and what my parents wanted, stuck in the limbo of “undeclared” (which never sits well with anyone). I was lost and afraid and had no idea what to do. Not even a week in and I already had my big “college cry” of the semester. Actually, I’m pretty sure I cried every night that first week. I was convinced, literally 100% sure, that I would spend the rest of my college career floating around from friendgroup to friendgroup, never quite belonging, being alright, but not happy. 

But the theme of this post, my dear followers, is that everything happens for a reason. Absolutely everything. It’s so cliche but unbelievably true. I’m writing all of you, all 6,000 of you, to tell you that I got out of the slump. I’ve reached a place where I’m happy. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy or sure of things before. I was at the lowest of my lows but somehow I fought my way out. You reach that stage after defeat, or at least you think it’s defeat, and you’re miserable. You cry and you stay hidden and you keep to yourself. But then I reminded myself: everything happens for a reason. And I began thinking differently. I said to myself, “Okay then Ari, what’s the reason? You better go and find the fuck out.” 

So I literally forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I put myself out there. I met as many new people as possible. I tried rekindling old friendships. Some of them worked, some of them didn’t. One night, my friend had a party and he shot me a last second invite. I wasn’t going to go. It was a pity invite and it was way too late and I wasn’t in the party mood. I was also wary of sitting in a room with my pretend friends, not getting their inside jokes, but laughing at them anyways. It would also be my first party of the semester with a bunch of people I didn’t know and that made me nervous. But I realized the only way I could make a change for me, is if I made myself uncomfortable. Not the bad kind of uncomfortable, but the kind that makes you grow.

I ended up meeting one of my best friends at that party. Ever since, we’ve been acting as if we’ve been friends since our freshman semester, rather than roughly two months. It was one of those magical moments where you meet someone and you just get each other. Through Emma, I’ve met so many good people and new friends. I’ve started working a job that I enjoy with hours that work with my school schedule. I’ve also finally decided on a major and I hope to get into the program this Fall. I’m having a ton of fun and I go out a lot more. I’m finding myself and what I stand for in the greatest city in the world. 

If any of you have ever been in a slump, I hope you find pieces of yourself in this post. If you’re currently in a slump, I hope you can one day tell yourself, “No, no this isn’t right. I need to fight my way out of this. I need to change something because I’m terribly unhappy and I need to do it for me. Or else this will never end.”

I know I’m not going to be happy forever and that there will be more difficult times to come. Life is extremely fickle and fragile. But if I did it once, I can do it again. In a strange way, I think that’s what makes the good times so good anyways. 

So this was unnecessarily long, and I applaud you if you read this entire thing. Thanks to everyone checking up on me with your kind messages and I’m sorry I haven’t been answering you. With everything going on in my life and all the changes, I’m just too busy. But trust me, once Tayvin return from war I’ll be here to freak out with you all. To P @newromanticss, we’ve been taking on two separate journeys, somehow together. I highkey care about your life and I wish you nothing but happiness, always. And @taylorswift? You know you help me with your music all the time. You’ve told me your stories for years now. Some have been about coming of age. Some have been about coming undone. So I guess this is my (ongoing) story about coming into my own, and as a result, coming alive. I know what you meant now. Thank you.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

Xo, Ari

So the first time I ever watched anything to do with Veronica Mars was last summer. My family and I were flying back home to New York from Seattle, from a week long vacation. JetBLue was having some issue that day, I don’t remember if it was a delay or bad weather while flying or whatever, so they decided to make all the movies free for everyone on the plane. My choices for the first couple of hours were between Veronica Mars, Mr. Peabody, and that hotel movie with the guy that played Voldemort. Since I’ve had a girl crush (let’s face it, a real crush) on Kristen Bell since I saw Burlesque I decided on Veronica Mars.

Up to that point, I had only heard of the show but only because the movie had just came out. I don’t remember it ever being talked about when it was on. Anyways, I really enjoyed the movie. Veronica Mars was kick ass, witty and sexy. (Veronica Mars or Kristen Bell?) Veronica and Logan’s relationship was adorable but I did feel bad for Dell from Private Practice. And I thought Mac was really cool too. (It did help that I thought Tina Majorino was really cool after seeing her in Grey’s Anatomy and Bones but that’s besides the point.) So all and all I thought it was a successful movie. I mean I didn’t even know I was missing out on inside jokes and backstories, which obviously would have made it better, but when a movie can entertain me even without me having watched the show and not make me feet like I completely missed something then it deserves an A+ in my book.

After watching the movie I made a mental note to watch the show at somepoint but I never got around to it. Life sucks that way sometimes. The next time I remember ever hearing about it was when I watched Carmilla. Laura mentions how she has watched all of Veronica Mars, meaning she now has the ablity to solve the mystery, and Carmilla makes a referance to it when she calls Laura “Lauronica Mars.” I enjoyed the reference because I had watched the movie but to me it was just a funny allusion. A whatever.

Just recently though I was scrolling through Tumblr and I noticed gifs with those lines again and I was reminded of the mental note I made on the plane a year ago and I thought, “Eh, what the hell.” I mean I had just finished watching all 10 seasons of Bones and needed to fill the empty hole that left in my life so I took to Amazon Prime.

Now I’ve only watched the first 15 episodes of this show but I think I am love! How did I not hear about this when it was on?? I mean it was only 2004, I was 8, I could have easily been told about it. I wish I was told about it! I should have had this show in my life growing up! Veronica Mars is not only badass, she’s smart, beautiful, misunderstood, dorky, and feared. She understands when to follow the system and when to break the rules. She sticks up for herself and proves herself a hero in Every. Single. Episode. How was this show not known as the 2000s version of Buffy?

But seriously, this show is all about girl power. Not only is the main character a kickass woman, one of her (future) best friends is a fantastic female hacker, who’s also very attractive and not in the cliche, male fantasy sort of way. Also, a lot of the side characters are female which if you know anything about what Geena Davis is doing, you know that having side characters being female is a big deal too. This show also deals with issues not talked about openly often in the 2000s. For example, sexual assault. Within the first episode we already know that Veronica was raped at a party, with all the rich kids, after her drink got roofied and then the cop she reported to just laughed her off, saying she had no case because she didn’t know who did t and told her to basically get over it. He didn’t even offer to do a rape kit. Also, in Neptune (the town name in the show) has a distinct line between the wealthy and the impoverished. In this town, a good chunk of the impoverished are POC and they make it clear that race also has a big thing to do with the separation between the two groups. They deal with prejudices too, like when Weevil gets accused of identity fraud because of his race and his past actions when he didn’t do it and Veronica has to prove his innocence because she knows her friend didn’t do it. I mean this show even hits on how the guys that people typically view as thugs are very respectful to Veronica and even stop jokingly flirting when she looks uncomfortable when the rich, white, entitled boys continue to treat her like dirt – I mean one of the rich kids was the one that raped her. ALSO let’s not forget Veronica helping a boy find his father who they discover had had a sex change and then she helps him accept the news when he can’t seem to handle it, telling him basically that no matter what gender his (ex-)father was, they still loved him and that was all that mattered.

This show dealt with so many issues that were needed to be talked about in 2004 and need to be talked about now. And let me remind you I’ve only watched 15 episodes, so who knows what issues they deal with in the next 49 episodes. The fact that this show got cancelled after only 3 seasons is a crime!

Veronica Mars is a needed show and is completely underrated. I highly recommend you go watch it now! And I the only other show I harrass people about watching is Orphan Black, and I mean….that right there speaks for itself. So what are you doing here still? GO WATCH VERONICA MARS!!!

when i'm gone // luke hemmings (0.3 // stellaluna)


marie was sitting on her phone, most of the time. ashton and calum were making me laugh by doing their ridiculous dance moves in front of me. i had a drink in my hand, crossing my legs, as i sat at the bar.

“luke won’t come.” marie huffed.

“he sounds like a complete dick. just let him be.” i scoffed, rolling my eyes.

so far, i hadn’t heard too nice things about luke. i heard that he was a dick, drank a lot, and fucked any girl he could get his hands on.

“i just wanted him to meet you. i think you could change him, stella.” she explained.

“me? change him? what’s so special about me that could change him?” i asked.

“because you’re like that. you change people.” marie shrugged.

“shut up.” i laughed, bumping her.

i looked back up to see that calum and ashton were no longer dancing. i glanced around the room to find them but i couldn’t see them.

“oh, they went to go find michael. you wanna come help me look for michael?” marie questioned.

“no, i’ll stay here so no one will take our spots.” i said.

“okay. i’ll be back!” she replied, getting up and walking off.

i sat there alone for five minutes. then ten minutes. then it was fifteen minutes. i was starting to wonder where they had all run off to. was it that hard to find someone in here? i mean, yeah, there were a lot of people in here but it couldn’t be that hard, right?

just as i was about to pull out my phone to call marie, i saw that someone had walked up to me. the boy was really tall and had amazing broad shoulders. he had blond hair that was styled up with ocean blue eyes and a black lip ring wrapped around his lip. i also noticed the ring that pierced this his eyebrow as well. i looked down to see that tattoos were all the way down both his arms, covering his hands as well. usually, this wasn’t my type but he was extremely cute.

“can i get you anything?” he asked.

i contemplated for a second. then i realized how much i had actually drank so far. this was not like me.

“no, that’s okay,” i burped. “sorry.”

“completely fine with me.” the boy smiled, showing his pretty white teeth.

i looked down at the ground, not sure how to reply. i tapped my shoe on the ground before he finally spoke up.

“are you drunk?” he questioned.

“yeah, i guess, yeah.” i giggled.

“you wanna get out of here?” the boy smirked.

“oh, i should tell my friends-” i started.

“-you could text them after we’re done at my place?” he cut me off.

“oh, uhm, okay. i guess i could do that.” i nodded.

the boy grabbed my hand and led me through the crowd of people. the hot air hit me like a ton of bricks when we walked out the door. the boy opened a door to a car and allowed me to get in.

i don’t know what came over me but the second he closed the door, i attacked him like an animal during mating season.

it had been forever since i had fooled around. it was my first night here, might as well have some fun, right?

as his tongue swiped against my bottom lip, i opened my mouth. he started to run his hands down my sides before rubbing my inner thigh.

before we could get any further, the car stop. the boy motioned for me to get out of the car. when i did, i looked up at the massive house he lived in, practically a mansion, just like ashton’s. the boy grabbed my hand and led me up the front steps.

our lips were smashed together as we stepped in the front door. i swear, it took us at least ten minutes to go to the bedroom considering how big the house was and we were a little preoccupied with each other as we did it.

my hands wrapped around the boys neck as he reached back to open the door. i backed him up toward the bed, causing him to fall back. as i straddled him, i grinded down on him.

“fuck, you’re feisty.” he chuckled into the kiss.

his hands went down my back, starting to unzipped my dress. i shrugged out of it as his eyes grew wide. i knew that going without a bra or panties was a good idea.

“you were really prepared, huh?” the boy snickered.

“shut up and fuck me, now.” i demanded.

damn, i was completely drunk off my ass. this was so not like me to be talking like this to someone.

“don’t have to ask me twice, princess.” he smirked, undoing his belt.


i groaned as i rolled over. the room was cold and my head was completely pounding. i looked at the unfamiliar alarm clock. it was about ten in the morning.

as i rolled back over, i saw the blond haired boy from last night. i threw my hand over my mouth and nearly screamed.

i looked under the covers to see that i was still completely naked. i pushed my hand against my head not for the pain but considering how stupid i was!

oh god. marie was going to kill me. i fucked a complete stranger last night. oh my god, this wasn’t me. i was the good girl. i was the girl who was going to college who got good grades and never got in trouble.

the boy next to me wasn’t even my type! sure, his face was hot but the tattoos that filled up all of his arms, down to his hands, and the others placed on his chest showed me that he was wrong for me.

i let out a small sigh and slowly moved out of the bed. the boy next to me let out a loud snore. i tried not to laugh but it was kind of funny.

i picked up my clothes off the floor and slowly got dressed. god, i was such an idiot. i couldn’t believe myself right now.

not to mention that i was in a tight black dress still. i should have grabbed some of the boys’ clothes. but i was never going to see him again so that would be stupid.

as i stepped outside, i picked up my phone. i pushed the palm of my hand over my forehead, trying to sooth my headache but it wasn’t happening. i was never drinking again.

“miss, can i help you?" a voice said.

i looked to the left of me to see that the driver from last night - who i somewhat remembered was talking to me.

"oh uhm, i’m just trying to get ahold of my friends.” i nodded.

“i could drive you anywhere, if you needed a ride.” he explained.

“that would be perfect,” i smiled, taking the phone away from my ear. “considering my friends aren’t answering.”

the driver opened the door for me and allowed me to get in. i looked down at my phone to see that i had a text from marie.

“where did you go!? CALL ME.”

the message was from early this morning. she was most likely still sleeping now.

“alright, where can i take you?” the driver asked.

i gave him the address of ashton and marie’s house.

“ah, mr. irwin’s residents.” he chuckled, driving off.

what? how did he know ashton? maybe he knew ashton, he didn’t look too old. oh well, it wasn’t any of my business anyways.

the drive was literally just a few minutes. when we pulled up to the house, i saw that ashton was sitting outside. his curly hair was fairly messy which made me laugh a little.

“well, well, well. look who decided to come home.” ashton chuckled as i sat next to him.

“how drunk was i?” i scoffed.

“when marie and i ran off? it was pretty bad. surprised the princess didn’t loose her glass slipper,” he joked. “calum is inside.”

“i should shower and get ready before he sees me. i look like a mess.” i laughed, slowly standing up.

“oh, and there’s tylenol in the cupboard above the sink in the guest bathroom.” ashton said.

“thanks ashton.” i nodded.

i slowly opened the door as i walked inside. i saw that calum was asleep on the couch with a small white blanket over him. he was curled up into a little ball, his jet black hair a mess. i stared at him for a second as he let out small snores.

“he’s cute huh?” a voice said.

i quickly turned around to see that marie was standing there. i threw my hand over my heart.

“jesus, marie. you scared me.” i gasped.

“sorry,” she giggled. “long night?”

marie motioned to the makeup that was smeared across my face and my messy hair. i looked in the mirror in the hallway to see the bags under my eyes.

“yeah, it was a mistake though.” i huffed.

“we all make mistakes. but calum, he’d forgive you. he really likes you already. i don’t know, maybe ashton’s right. maybe calum is right for you. but, whatever makes you happy,” marie half smiled. “and sometimes, mistakes, they lead you to the person that you’re supposed to be with.”

Meeting at the Club | 4/4 Preference

Requested by couldneverbefamous :-)

I hope this is okay, I think this is what you meant ^.^

Rating: PG-13 but I say shit quite a lot, sorry.

Type: 4/4 Preference

Please request things guys, I have a lot more time now :-) hope you enjoy this. (I accidentally wrote five pages, sorry!)


A S H T O N:

“Come on Y/N, loosen up a bit, it’s one party, it’s not going to drastically change the world,” your friend Haley lectured you, giggling slightly, as she made you aware of how intent she was on you joining her for the supposed ‘party of the year.’ It was accurate to say that you weren’t much of a party girl, but even now, it still seemed that maybe one party, low on the alcohol intake, couldn’t do you or your grades too much harm, right? Besides, maybe Haley was right – with the heavy stress of college weighing on your shoulders, one night could provide you with the freedom you needed.

Nodding weakly after her continuing pleas, she already had you sat on the dresser stool, curlers in one hand and an array of make-up in the other. I guess this wasn’t going to be too low key after all. By the time Haley had finished on your face, you’d talked about everything from guys and bitches to movie nights and ice cream, her girlish ways once again relieving you from everything else caught in your head, before the enthusiasm of your agreement tired you out again.

“There’s just a few more things, I swear Y/N,” she giggled, directing you to her closet, “Since we’re at mine, it’s only fair you borrow a dress of mine, and, seeing as you didn’t want to come, it’s only fair I get to choose, but trust me,” she paused, opening the doors dramatically before fishing out a standard but cute black dress, “You can rock this LBD way better than me.”

It was a wonder you managed to get there in time seeing as you two were already a mess of laughter, hair perfectly primed but giggles flying everywhere before you even had the chance to down some. Stumbling slightly in your heels, the club and loud beats of the party grew closer as you and Hayley made your way inside, the dim lighting not only clouding your eyesight, but your sanity too.

It was only a matter of minutes before Hayley was intoxicated, her dark hair falling devishly in front of her eyes as she drunkenly dragged you to the dance floor, two single best friends dancing together, but of course, nothing more. It was easy for you two to let loose, the lack of alcohol meaning you had the upper hand on sociability, meaning you could manage to converse here and there while still keeping a watchful eye over Hayley.

It was only when you turned back to the bar, giving up on your state on mind, you saw him, sitting carefully on a bar stool, his tousled hair caught in a bandana and his mouth caught in the most beautiful of smiles. But the best bit?

His striking green eyes were looking right at you.

Carefully making your way over to him, it wasn’t long before a blush had crept its way onto your cheeks, the strangers’ blunt hotness not pairing well with your curiosity.

“Um, hi,” You blushed again at your awkwardness as you took the stool next to him, your eyes creeping up only to find him with an even bigger smile.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” He smiled again, providing no need for the clubs lights.

“I’m Y/N,” you giggled, looking down once again.

“That’s a pretty name, for an even prettier girl. I’m Ashton, and well, I’m sorry I was staring but…” His rushed awkwardness was almost too cute.

“It’s fine, I guess we were both guilty, right?”

“Right, but you see, the problem is, I wasn’t just staring,” he mused, quietly chuckling to himself, “I mean, I find myself in the position of wanting to kiss you.”

“Oh I wouldn’t be complaining.”

C A L U M:

“You sure this isn’t too much?” You asked your friend Cassidy, as you inspected your eye makeup harshly in the mirror, “I mean, maybe the winged effect is too much?” You asked again, turning to her as you both got ready for your friend’s party, situated at the club downtown.

“It’s fine Y/N, honestly, you’re walking perfection, why can’t you see that?”

You scoffed, shaking your head, “But thanks anyway Cass, you’re not too bad yourself.” You joked as the two of you collected what you needed before making your way out.

With the height of your heels paired with your shared clumsiness, it was a literal miracle that you two made it there alive, let alone still in pristine condition. Either way, neither of you were complaining as you joked about relentlessly, your Beyoncé mode in full swing as you finally entered the club, meeting up with some mutuals before you turned to the dance floor, ready to be unsociable shits as the heavy bass of popular songs found their way into your head.

It was only when Nicki Minaj started playing that you sauntered over the bar, collapsing onto one of the stools, a giggling mess, before the bartender finally came over. It was a regular scenario, you ordered your standard Apple Lush before he left once again, leaving you alone to eye the fit and out of your league guys that surrounded you.

But I guess you just weren’t expecting one to be right behind you.

“Hey,” he said as you turned around, sitting himself on the stool next to you, “I’m Calum, I’ll buy that for you,” he gestured to the drink, paying before you could utter even a word of protest,

“Well, um, thanks, I’m Y/N. What are you here for tonight then?” You couldn’t quite tell if his motive was to get into your pants or not, but either way, you certainly weren’t in the position to pass off hot strangers.

“It’s my mate Jacks party, we’re celebrating here I guess.” He laughed nervously.

“Oh cool! Jack Sunderland? I guess we’re celebrating together, after all!” You giggled, standing up.

“Well if we’re celebrating, I guess a dance is in order.”

“I guess it is,” you mused, your drink left discarded at the bar as Calum took you by the hand, leading you to the dance floor.

With his body pressed to yours, it was safe to say you were enjoying his presence, but there was just one more thing that needed to be taken care of.

“Hey Calum?”

“Mhmm?” He answered into your ear, shivers running down your spine.

“You’re nice and all, but I don’t think I can go another moment without kissing you… You’re killing me here.” You giggled.

“You’re funny, Y/N. I think I could just about manage that.” He laughed along with you as relief flushed through you.

“Better not keep me waiting then.” You muttered, bringing his lips to yours.  

L U K E:

“You know Y/N, the idea of bringing you to this party is that you have to be sociable for once.” Your mate Louise mused as you two made your way into the club.

“Maybe, or maybe I could find someone equally as unsociable and see where that leads?” She laughed, shaking her head at your attitude as you both made your way to the corner, sitting down at a table rather than your usual spot up at the bar.

“Either way, try to keep your hair nice for once, that took me an hour to perfect.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll see you in a bit, I really need to sort my face out,” you giggled, bidding goodbye before you made your way to the nearest loos.

You hadn’t quite made it inside before you came in contact with something, or rather someone, the height of your heels not providing you with any balance as you found yourself falling to the floor.

“Hi there.” A voice giggled from under you as you shrieked, rolling off of the guy before giggling.

“Hi, sorry about that,” you laughed uneasily, “I guess I’m slightly clumsy.”

“Just a tad,” he laughed with you, sitting up, “I’m Luke. Shall we start this over again?”

“I think we should. Hi Luke, I’m Y/N.” You smiled as Luke stood up, offering you his hand.

“I have to say, I’m pretty glad you bumped into me.” He smiled, pulling you up.

“And why’s that?” You smirked, trying to mask your endless giggling.

“Because, as an apology, you might just have to come and dance with me.”

“Very tempting, I must say.”

“You should probably join me then, strictly on apologetic motives.” You giggled.

“Well if it’s going to apologetic motives, you better kiss me first.”

He didn’t bother replying, instead busying himself by gently pressing his lips to your own, the cool metal of his lip ring harsh against your warm skin.

“After that, maybe it doesn’t have to be on apologetic motives after all. Would you like to dance with me Y/N?”

“I’d love to Luke.

M I C H A E L:

“So what tall, dark and handsome stranger do you have your eye on tonight?” Lilly giggled from next to you, swinging her legs over the side of the bar’s stool, “I can see a few that certainly have their eye on you but…”

“What? Where?” You cut her off, your eyes dragging over each of the hot guys you two had scouted earlier. You weren’t intending to sleep with anyone tonight, rather this was just a game that you two and two singles to play, but nevertheless, it gave you both some excitement and increased the growing fantasies that nested themselves in your head.

“Just entered, club door, three o’clock,” she mused as your eyes darted frantically to the over side of the club, “Try the blonde hair cutie in the plaid flannel.”

“Holy –“ She was right again, your eyes had already locked at first glance, a playful smirk resting on his lips as he ran a hand through his hair, joining his mates in the corner, but never breaking eye contact. Not once.

“Cheeky bastard…” you muttered, your eyes narrowing before you turned to face Lilly, mission mode activated.

“What’s going on behind me?” You asked her as you trained your eyes on your drink, the strangers teasing glint in his eye still rushing through your mind.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” She giggled as you turned around, puzzled at her change of attitude.

“Holy shit!” You yelled, to see him standing behind you, a melodical laugh escaping his mouth as Lilly managed to escape into the crowd, “How long have you been standing there for?”

“Long enough,” he laughed again, sitting in what was Lilly’s seat prior.

“Well, hello, I guess. This is awkward… Um, I’m Y/N?” you offered him your name as a blush arose on your cheeks, your shoes becoming oddly interesting for once.

“Hey Y/N, I’m Michael. What are you up to tonight then?”

“Talking to you, apparently, I guess I’m supposed to be at a party but I guess being unsociable doesn’t really help.”

“Well if you’re at a party, you should be celebrating, not talking to a weirdo like me.” His right eye dropped into a wink.

“I probably shouldn’t, but what would say if I said that the two weirdos should go and dance instead?”

“I’d say I like your thinking.”

“I guess we have a plan then.”