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Yaaaay! My mind is finally working again :D Sooooo #5 pleeeaaaase "Wow, you don't see that every day!" of course for drarry <3 THANK YOU!! :)

(Hope you like it, hun! 6 lines, my bad, so hard to write so little, but I am LOVING the challenge!)

“Wow, you don’t see that every day!”

“If you don’t like it, just say so! You don’t have to mock me!” Harry snapped defensively. Draco had been staring for entirely too long, and he was starting to feel rather foolish.

Draco walked slowly around him, looking him over, and the scrutiny made Harry itch. So much for his brilliant surprise. He should never have listened to Luna.

“No, no,” Draco said, reaching out and dragging his finger through one of the elaborate designs drawn all over Harry’s body. He lifted his finger to his mouth, and licked the skin clean. “I do love sweets.”

Harry flushed, amazed that the syrups and icings hadn’t melted off his body, he felt so hot with embarrassment. “Just wanted to try and do something new and exciting,” he muttered. “I don’t want to bore you.”

Draco stepped closer, tilted Harry’s head with careful hands, and collected on his tongue the mint chocolate syrup forming the shape of a snake coiled on the side of Harry’s neck. Harry shivered and released a soft sigh.

“Oh, Harry,” Draco murmured, “you haven’t disappointed me yet.”

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Was it difficult for you to start drawing again? And makind drawing every day a habit? How did you keep yourself going and not skip some days? You're absolutely wonderful, you actually motivated me to start drawing more and i've had such a progress in these few months! Sorry if I've asked too many questions, it's okay if you don't want to answer. Anyway, you're awesome. I hope you're having a nice day.

Thank you :D Good for you! Keep going! It feels good to see one’s own progress does it not? 

It was kinda hard because when i started to draw again I was so disappointed in what I produced. I had just moved back in with my parents after I left my bf. Being with him was really bad for me. I lost sight of what I wanted and who I was because I put him first. When I was with him I didn’t draw at all and I had actually decided to quit art. 

So when I left him and moved back home, I needed to find myself again, and I started to draw a little. I did some fan art of the Hobbit and shared it on my personal blog before I made my art blog. The fandom was bigger at that time and I got some lovely feedback, which made me very happy. Then I remembered how precious making and sharing art was to me, and I begun to do more. 

It didn’t take long for me to fully realise what I had always known; that I wanted to draw and I wanted to work with my art. I had tried to fight it because I was afraid I wasn’t good enough, which actually kept me from becoming good enough! 

I knew of this school I was interested in, and in order to become good enough to apply to it, I started to draw every day. I had a goal and a deadline. I was afraid that if I skipped a day, I wouldn’t make it in time. It kept me going.

Having my art blog really motivated me as well. Sharing art gives you that extra push to make your art better, cause you know others will see it. And hearing good things about your work really makes it worth the hard work.

Also, drawing what you love, be it from a fandom or original makes it fun and you have to have fun when you draw this intensely. I kept a small notebook with me to scribble down ideas I would get during the day. It’s a great tool to nurture your creativity with, and it makes you excited to start. And when you are out of ideas, go back to your notebook and pick one that you had completely forgotten about. It’s a great help. 

But it is very important to keep an eye on your mental health as well. If you really don’t feel like drawing, and pushing through it doesn’t help, then take a break. Take a day off and read a book or watch a movie or whatever you want. Don’t tire yourself out. Drawing is mentally exhausting and you need to rest just as much as if you were training your body. Taking a break when you need it is not bad, it’s necessary. You will get back to it the next day and feel much better :3 

Also! If you experience an “artblock”, remember this: art blocks feels very real, but it is your mind playing a trick on you! It is an illusion! Once you realise this “artblocks” will disappear entirely. I haven’t had one ever since I figured it out. If a drawing turns out badly, maybe you just need to focus more. Sometimes when you get comfortable in your improvement, you forget to actually concentrate when you start a drawing. And if you start a drawing lazily, then the final result will be bad. It is as simple as that. Start out focused, concentrate, and then your drawing will be fine :P

(Wow… this got long… I hope you don’t mind…)

Proud Dog Owner Trash Post.

The other day I got some stack photos of Canon and realized his coat has changed, again.

He started as a dark lil pupper then got lighter and now is getting darker again, which I LOVE. Any who, I found all my stack photos (some bad, some terrible, some okish) and gathered them for this post! It also displays what a nightmare it was to get weight on him.. :x

(sorry the last photo is so blurry! It was insanely large and I shrunk it too much and don’t feel like resizing again x.x)

So yes yes sorry for the blur ^^ but just thought I’d share! :D