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Don’t Worry, Kiddo

Fandom: Riverdale

Pairing: Big Brother!Joaquin x reader (siblings)

Warning: swearing I guess

Writer: @galaxyofimagines

Request: requested by anon; Bc I’m a sucker for big brother!Joaquin, could you pls write something where the Reader (who’s a year younger) remembers being woken up at like 3 o'clock AM July 11th by the sound of Joaquin tiptoing into the house covered in blood & she confronts him about it. He tells her that something bad is happening in Riverdale. Bonus pts if Sheriff Keller drags her in for questioning later & Joaquin yells in Spanish for her not to say anything. Thanks! I’m sorry if it’s too much detail. 😅😅


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Dancing Siblings;Little Brother Jisung pt.2

featuring boyfriend taeyong

Request: Omg hi! Can I request a little brother jisung while you are another idol? And both of u are good dancers! Oh maybe you could add a little dating taeyong in it, but ultimately it’s little brother jisung who’s always cheeky and playful but overprotective of his noona hehe I LOV hiM THANK YOU!!

  • i actually made something like this here already
  • so i’ll focus more on the dating taeyong part & being an idol here!!
  • so i’ll call this a part two??
  • in the previous one jeno was dating you and protective little brother jisung™ came about too so HAHA
  • im sorry if this bad and that i’m writing it in this format, it’s just easier for me
  • let’s go

  • unlike the previous one, you’re older than him by 5 years now

  • but that didn’t stop the both of you from being really close
  • y'all were almost inseparable
  • so after dancing together ever since y'all were little,
  • an audition for smtown came about in your area so you and jisung decided to give it a try
  • your parents were really supportive too
  • and luckily for you both, you passed all the rounds
  • and soon enough, you both were training under sm
  • “take care of jisung and make sure he eats well, he’s still growing”
  • “yes mom, don’t worry, i will”
  • “jisung, listen to your sister, and don’t practice too hard”
  • “yes mom, i’ll listen to noona’s words”
  • so after training for 3 long years you finally debuted,
  • alongside with irene, wendy, yeri, joy & seulgi
  • yes you were part of red velvet, and couldn’t ask for more
  • you were blessed
  • but you felt bad because jisung still had to train longer, because he was too young to debut, and sm wanted to wait for more trainees before debuting nct
  • soon after nct finally debuted, and you were more than happy to be able to see your younger brother on stage performing chewing gum
  • he’s grown so much, he’s already a head taller than you
  • both nct and red velet fans all love you both,
  • and call you the “cute park siblings”
  • even on shows or interviewsx, the hosts often asks
  • “i heard you have a younger brother under the same company as you, under nct dream, how do you feel about that?”
  • “i’m proud and happy, it’s wonderful to have such a talented brother, please show him and nct love!!”
  • “jisung ah, your noona’s always looking out for you and all her members love nct dream’s songs, are you happy?”
  • “ahh.. noona is really supportive and encouraging.. the red velvet sunbaenims also show us a lot of love and i’m thankful for that”
  • both of you are well known as the “dancing siblings” as well
  • y'all are both main dancers in your respective groups
  • and always gets asked to showcase your dancing
  • fans find it cute that you have total opposite personalities
  • he’s awkward and dorky while you’re more outspoken, usually the moodmaker of the group
  • but when the both of you go on screen together it’s the only time jisung really feels comfortable and goes all out
  • one time red velvet and nct dream had a v app together, joy was fangirling over chenle and how cute they were at the side
  • while you and jisung were just shaking your heads and giggling at each other
  • and most of the fans’ comments were related to the both of you
  • “y/n and jisung!! share some childhood stories”
  • “cutest siblings ever”
  • “y/n unnie, would you approve if jisung was my boyfriend??”
  • “no dating, he’s too young for this”
  • and jisung gives you a small glare and that™ look
  • because he knows your secret about dating
  • so you and taeyong knew each other ever since you joined the company
  • you were so attacked by his looks at first, you didn’t believe he was real
  • and you thought he was really cold
  • but he was a total sweetheart and took care of both you and jisung
  • and because he often helps you out with dancing, y'all got to spend more time together
  • which made y'all much much closer
  • eventually your feelings for him started growing day by day
  • and he seemed to return the same feelings too,
  • because his eyes would only be glued to you whenever there was practice
  • and he never failed to cheer you on, give you encouragement, and make you happy whenever you needed to
  • despite him being 2 years older, he had the ability to pull at your heartstrings and you found yourself madly in love
  • taeyong shared the same exact feelings, and all he wanted to do was make you happy
  • he wanted to protect you, and make you his
  • which was why he asked you out officially after 4 long months of this relationship
  • and you two decided to keep it a secret from the others,
  • until later
  • surprisingly though, the company allowed the relationship and only warned y'all to be careful, and not let it spread around the members first
  • so you didn’t tell a single soul, not even jisung
  • until one day jisung walked in on you and taeyong cuddling and pecking each other in nct’s dorm’s living room,
  • because taeyong had asked hansol to bring them out but jisung had came back early with chenle because they were tired
  • the shocked expression he had on his face was priceless
  • in comparison to chenle who was screaming and just giggling, “TAEYONG HYUNG AND Y/N NOONA ARE TOGETHER?? OH MY GOD”
  • and you run forward to try to explain to jisung
  • but he’s too shocked to say anything
  • “uh.. jisung ah, we’ve actually been dating for quite some time now- i hope you don’t mind”
  • “noona.. it’s okay”
  • “i’m sorry i couldn’t tell you, the company had told us-”
  • “i’m just really shocked.. i didn’t expect this at all”
  • “chenle ah come to the room with me”
  • “aye taeyong hyung”
  • so you decide to leave first because jisung’s still stunned
  • after an hour or so, taeyong texts you
  • “babe”
  • “yeah? is everything fine there? how’s jisung :-(?”
  • “he came into my room just 10 minutes ago”
  • “and he gave me the most serious look ever- i had never ever seen this look on him before”
  • “what did he say?”
  • “he asked me if i genuinely love you, and that if i can make you happy for the rest of my life”
  • “but he also says he’s happy that you chose me because he trusts me a lot”
  • “he also says as long as you’re happy, he’d support any decisions you make”
  • “that kid is so cute seriously”
  • “babe he loves you so much, you’re blessed to have him as your brother”
  • “yes i know, hold up i got to go call him now”
  • and jisung tells you how happy he is for you and taeyong
  • and also tells you something that made you tear up
  • “taeyong hyung is my role model”
  • “and so are you noona, ever since the first day i saw you dance when i was small”
  • “to see both my role models together, there’s no words to describe how happy i am”

  • “jisung ah, noona loves you”

  • “i love you too”
  • so because of you this, you and taeyong becomes his parents and takes care of him a lot
  • but because of chenle now the whole of nct knows
  • which was why you and taeyong had to go through two full days of interrogation, full of questions
  • one by the nct members
  • the other from the red velvet members
  • but they all fully support your relationship,
  • especially jisung

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That's Harold but older and he has magic

Woaaahh, what?!! Seriously!?! what kinda magic does he have?!! how’s he older than me?!! I’M older!! he’s four years younger than me, and i’m EIGHT YEARS OLD so he’s FOUR so does he get magic when he’s 7 too?!! why does he have weird hair an eyes?!! he looks like a bad guy!! what do I look like when im a grown up!? do i get black hair and red eyes too?!!

Love Doesn’t Have an Age - V X Reader

anonymous asked:
Hi there~! I’m new to this tumblr Ask stuff so bear with me please! Q~Q – I would like to ask for a Scenario of V TaeTae dating/liking an older girl. Idk maybe 3-5 years older than V?(nothing too uncomfortable.) Said girl has a thing for older guys and feels like a pedo-noona with a liking a guy even a month younger? Maybe some Angst along with a happy ending? ^-^ Maybe in the girl’s perspective? idk~ T.T Thank you anyway! ^o^

A/N: I know a lot of you guys have been waiting… it’s so bad omg i’m so sorry
It took me over a week to write this because I procrastinate a lot

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1628

“Noona!” Jungkook exclaimed as you walked into their studio. He ran up to you, “What are you doing here? We don’t have a performance, do we?” he asked, eyes wide. You laughed and patted him on the head, “No, I’m just here to visit before I go on my mini vacation” you smile.
You were older than Jungkook by four years. He always told you that you were like a mother figure to him, besides, Jin of course. You liked that he thought of you in that way, but you also didn’t. it made you sound too old.
“Vacation?” Jin asks, walking through the corridor. You nod, “Must be nice. We haven’t had one for a while… And I wouldn’t really consider our breaks as vacations. Because we’re still technically working during our break for the next comeback.” You walk up to him, “That’s true, but you have to be there for the ARMY’s. What would they do without you?” you giggled. He laughed along and chatted with you until the rest of the members came back home from, whatever hey were doing.

“Noona?” Taehyung and Jimin say in unison as they walk through the front door, “Hi boys!” you say, walking over to them to give them individual hugs. Your hug with Taehyung lingered a bit longer than the other boys, but you didn’t really seem to care. You just thought he was the more, affectionate type.  
“She’s going on vacation” Jin says, walking up to the three of you. Taehyung’s face saddened but he tried to form a decent smile, “Don’t worry, I’m only gone for a week” You say, grabbing Taehyung’s hand. He stared up at you, could someone hands really be this soft? You checked your phone, “Ah, my ride is here, I guess I’ll see you guys soon! Don’t miss me too much” you tease, sticking out your tongue as you headed out the door.
“Bye!” Everyone waved.
Jimin placed a hand on Taehyung’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Tae, you can confess when she comes back, but you better be prepared”
Taehyung sighed, ‘I’ll miss you a lot’ he thought as he closed the door.


“What?!” Yoongi and Jungkook yelled, “Tae likes Noona?!” Jungkook asked. Taehyung shyly nodded, “But she told me that she feels like she’ll be a pedo if she dates someone that’s even a few months younger, and here I am… a few years younger” Taehyung said
Namjoon laughed, “Why did you tell us though?”
“He wants your help to ask her out”
“WOOAAHHHHH” Everyone yelled and hollered around the room, “He’s for real” Hoseok said, “You’re for real?” he said again, facing Taehyung this time. Taehyung nodded shyly.
“This is the first time I’ve seen him look so embarrassed” Yoongi chuckled.
“Okay, we’ll help”


You had just arrived in Honolulu, Hawaii. You took in the fresh scent, and were happy about what you wore because of the humidity.
You checked into your hotel and unpacked. It was around 7-ish, the perfect time to view the sunset. Your room had a beautiful ocean view exactly where the sun was setting. You stepped onto your balcony and stared out, “It’s really beautiful…”
You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, “oh yeah, I forgot to text the boys that I was here” You pulled out your phone and saw Taehyung’s name. You smiled. Even though you knew you were older than him, there was just something about him that really grabbed your attention. Maybe it was the way he danced or licked his lips. But something about him really made your heart pound whenever you saw him. You knew the relationship you have with him has to be strictly professional, thus ending up in you just having a secret crush on him.
Even though you thought and maybe dreamt about being with him, you knew it probably wouldn’t happen. There were so many people that loved him and he could honestly pick any of them, so why you?

You gave your phone a questionable look. He never asked you to call. None the less, you dialed his number and listened to the rings as small crack was heard before someone spoke
“I told you not to call me that Tae.. I’m only a few years older than you, saying that makes me feel old” you pouted, knowing he couldn’t see it
“What did you want to call me for?” you ask
“Well… I just think.. that it would be good if we could chat from time to time… and I wanted to hear your voice” he mumbled the last part
“What did you say?”
“That it would be nice to call you from time to time?”
“No no, the other part”
“I… wanted to hear your voice”
“Oh! I uh.. I have to go, the boys are calling me over. I’ll text you!”
“Oh um.. okay, bye”

He hung up the phone and you were even more confused than it was before. Could it be that..? No.. there’s no way.. he’s just being nice you thought. You shrugged it off and went out to grab something to eat.
The whole way there, you just thought about what taehyung had said. He wanted to hear your voice? How come? Did he miss you? Was he forced to say it by the other boys?
All these thoughts came into your mind but you just shook them off before you went too far. You got some pasta to go since you would like to eat in the comfort of your own hotel room.


“You chickened out” Jimin laughed
“Shut up!” Taehyung said, angrily walking away. He went into his room and sat down on the bed, sighing as he laid back. ‘Why is it so hard to talk to the person you like?’ he asked himself
He turned his phone back on. He was debating on whether he should call again. Maybe it was too soon, maybe he should wait a bit longer. Like an hour or so.


During the whole week you were gone, most of the hours went to texting or calling Taehyung. It made you fall for him even more, and the same goes for him.
He made the decision to pick you up from the airport since you were coming home tomorrow. And that was the perfect time for him to confess his feelings to you. He didn’t care if you were older. It wasn’t even by that much. And either way, he would confess, even if you turned him down. He was just really hoping that you liked him back.
You insisted that you could take a cab since your flight didn’t arrive until past midnight, but he really fought and said it was okay because he would be ‘awake anyway’

After a long flight of sleeping and reading and being on your phone, you finally arrive. You had headphones on and looked like someone that nobody would want to mess with, but you just blamed being tired.
You walked to the terminal and tried to spot Taehyung. Maybe he forgot? Then again, you just texted him before you got on your flight. Just then, you heard your name being called. You looked up to see someone running towards you.
“Y/N!” he ran right up to you and engulfed you in a tight hug, “I missed you so much!”
you smiled, “I missed you too”
He let you go after what seemed like forever and stared up at you.
‘How could you have gotten more beautiful in just a week?’ he thought. You blushed and he realized that he accidentally said that comment out loud.
“S-Sorry! S-Should we go?”
“Uh.. yeah, sure”

The car drive was pretty awkward after what he said. It was like that almost the entire way back to your apartment. Besides, “how was the flight”
“How was the vacation”
and “did you have fun”
He stopped the engine when he parked on your driveway. He got out of the car and grabbed your stuff, walking you to your door.
“Thanks for the ride, you really don’t have to come to the 5th floor with me tae” you giggled
“No, I have to. It’s a man’s job” he smiled. You laughed and nodded as you both walked into the elevator.
Things were better then. You had more conversation on that one elevator trip than you did for the whole 30-minute car drive.
You soon saw your hallway approaching and you felt sad, not wanting the moment with Taehyung to be over. You stopped at your door, opening it up and looking at him.
“Well… I guess this is my stop” you say. He nodded but didn’t say anything. You took that as a signal to start closing the door. Right before you closed it, a hand stopped you.
“W-wait y/n” you opened it up again to see Taehyung flustered and looking at the ground. You hardly ever saw him like this. He was always bubbly and excited.
“I-I… I really…”
You heart started beating faster. Was he going to say what you thought he was going to say?
“I really like you” he mumbled. The pounding in your ear drums didn’t allow you to hear properly, “Sorry? What was that?”
“I really… like you.. y’n..”
Were you hearing right? Did he just confess to you? No way.. An idol was confessing to you? Was this even possible
“I-It’s okay if you don’t like me back! I understand… I-I’ll get going-“
You pulled him in for a kiss. You had no idea that was coming but it just felt so right. He pulled away, face flushed and cheeks rosy.
“I like you too” you say, pulling him back in

~Admin Luna

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Hello! May I ask for some headcanons about Yuri P having a younger sister? She's not too young, maybe younger than him 3 years. Thanks for answering, keep up the good work and I hope you have a good day :)

-Insult his sister, deal with him

-Just try to say something bad about her routine

-Although he’ll never admit it

-Little sis doesn’t even know what he’s doing for her

-Is pretty tsuntsun, even when talking to her

-But cares a lot about her, even though he might not admit it

-Probably gets her a cat for her birthday

-Poor sis

Working Legs (Pt. 4) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: You should do a part 4 for working legs the last part was hilarious.

a/n: im so sorry guys…. so much angst and fluff at once

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you just can’t have? When Barry was younger, he always wanted a puppy. Joe never got him one though; he said it was a big responsibility, too big for a ten year old. Now, he still wants a puppy, but not as much as he wants to be able to walk again.

This weekend is his second date with you and to say he is freaking out is an understatement. He knows he should technically be doing his job, yet, there isn’t many cases in need of forensics. So, he decides to, at least, do something productive. In one swift motion, after turning the chair off, he tugs himself up by grabbing the wood wall.

Okay, okay, he’s got this. He grips the small light gray handle of the crutch, feeling the plastic circle cling to his forearm, just below his brunched up green sweater, and leans away from the wall. A broad smile spreads across the lower half of his face, eyes squinted with happiness. He’s standing! Holding back a manly squeal, he focuses on his unmoving legs.

Biting his lower lip, he tries to send signals from his brain to his legs. Nothing happens, sadly, which, of course, frustrates him. “Come on, come on, please.” he begs to his limbs. Maybe if he moves the crutch first, then his legs will follow? Yeah, yeah, that sounds like it will work.

Testing his theory, he picks up the left crutch, placing it in front of him, followed by the other one and…his legs still don’t fucking move. Instead, because he has most, if not all, of his weight on the two metal poles, he tumbles forward, face hitting the dark stone floor. Out of frustration, and the fact that, ow, that hurt, tears spill from his eyes, replicating the rain outside.

Footsteps echo through the empty hallways at a fast pace and Joe runs through the huge doorway. “Barry!” he cries out, black suit jacket flying around his torso. If he didn’t hold so much over him, manly being his foster father, Barry would scream for him to get out. That he wants to wallow in self-pity alone. “What were you thinkin’, boy?” he questions in his famous ‘dad’ voice; tie wrinkling as he picks up his son. It’s like fifth grade all over again…

Tears still stream down Barry’s flushed cheeks. God, he’s so mad! An angry huff escapes him when he’s back in his cramped wheelchair. “I was thinking I want to walk, Joe!” he sobs in frustration. Joe’s face softens and there’s something glimmering in his eyes; Barry swears it’s pity for a moment.

“Is this about your date-”

Yes, Joe! It is!” Barry fumes, fighting with the sleeve of his sweater. Just fucking roll up my elbow already… Joe sighs, rubbing his temple; he hates seeing his son so…infuriated. “Is it so much to ask to be able to walk, Joe?! Is it?!” he asks, practically hitting himself in the face while trying to dry his cheeks.

The detective rubs a hand over his face, shaking his head. “Barr, I know - well, I don’t. I don’t know what you’re going through. I’m not going to even pretend like I know what you’re going through, okay? Just… you gotta let me in, son. I can’t read your mind.” he admits, waving one of his hand for emphasis; the other rests on his hip, above his gold CCPD badge.

Barry sighs, starting to calm himself down. It really helps that Joe has this smooth, silky, calming voice; only a few fathers have that quality. “I’m, um, taking Y/N to the park, because they, you know, have those lights that you can walk through? And, I…I don’t know, Joe, I just…” he trails off, letting his hands fall limp on his lap.

Then, it all makes sense. “You wanted to be able to walk with her?” Barry nods, “To hold her?” Joe arches an eyebrow; Barry nods again. “To be able to lean down at the right moment and kiss her -”

“Okay, Joe, now you’re really starting to bum me out.”

Maybe that was too far. “Sorry.” the detective mutters, clapping his son’s shoulder, shaking him slightly. Barry suddenly feels like a bobblehead. “You’ll figure it out, Barr, I know you will. Besides, she likes you for you. Just calm down, okay? Don’t stress yourself out.” Yeah, that’s easier said than done.


He peers around the park for you, undoing the top button of his gray petticoat. Don’t check the watch, don’t check the watch and…he checks the watch. At least he’s not late. There’s five more minutes - did he just hear his name? No, no, he’s probably imagining things because he’s so nervous.

Unexpectedly, a pair of arms wrap around his chest, hugging him from behind. He cranes his neck, smiling when he notices your face in his shoulder. “Hey there.” he giggles, suddenly feeling you let go.

You fix your gray hat on your hair, black flower print dress flowing around your warm leggings; Barry almost dies. “I missed you…” you admit in a quiet voice, clasping your white gloves together nervously. He blushes all the way to his chest, stumbling over his words. “This is very romantic; the lights, I mean. I love all the different colors and how they all come together to create something much bigger…” you trail off, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

Barry, with his mouth ajar, nods. That was beautiful. “Yeah, me too…” he mutters in a daze, eyes focused on you - not your pale pink lips that look - no. “You, um, are you ready?” he asks awkwardly, pointing to the entrance; you nod, starting to walk while he drives beside you. Good thing he remembered to charge his wheelchair.

When you pass by the first light design and stop, he grows anxious. Did he fuck this date up already? “Can you - don’t answer if you don’t want to - can you feel your legs?” you wonder, gazing at him with big Y/C/E eyes; he shakes his head slowly, uncertain about where this conversation is heading. Grinning, you climb on his lap, dress fanning on the foam armrest. “Is - is this okay?” you question timidly, wrapping your arm around his neck.

Don’t get a boner right now, dude. Keeping his composer, he nods, smiling at you. He pushes the joystick forward, watching you admire the majestic light display. A giggle leaves his lips while you point at a Grinch light, eyes blown wide in amazement. He doesn’t pay much attention to the lights. Instead, he focuses on you; how the multicolored lights cast shadows on your face, how he has one hand on your waist, holding you to him.

It isn’t a huge display; it takes roughly fifteen minutes to arrive at the end. You face him, grinning from ear to ear. That was a fun ride. His green orbs outline your plump pink lips in a daze and for a minute, he feels like any ordinary guy on a date. With that surge of confidence, he leans forward, upper lip connecting to your lower one.

The kiss doesn’t last for long, but Barry, as cliche as it sounds, felt fireworks. Or heard fireworks. One of the two. He pulls back, sure that your lipstick is now on his lips, and blinks, refocusing his eyes on your blush.

“Wow.” he breathes.

BTS REACTION: Their gf who is insecure about her age

REQUEST: Bts reaction to their gf who is insecure about her age ( like shes 3-4 years younger and shes afraid that they are gonna leave her) srry for bad english >.<

Your english is fine ;P hope this is what you wanted - Admin Kay

He seems like the type to always comfort his girlfriend about it. And, if it got too much, he’d probably ask her if she wants to break up. He’d also get really sad everytime she bought up the subject. BONUS: 


I think, if his girlfriend constantly worried about her age and kept asking if he was going to leave her, he’d get slightly mad and would probably snap at her and ask her if she wants to break off the relationship. Otherwise, if she was very rarely voiced her concerns and kind of just thought to her self about it, he’d comfort her and remind her that age is something he couldn’t care less about.

He would get really worried and would probably end up giving her examples of relationships that worked out fine but have even larger age gaps than them. He’d probably try harder to show her that he really loves her, like doing even more grand romantic gestures or getting her more gifts etc.

He would sit down with his girlfriend and talk to her about her concerns and reassure that her age is not a reason for them to break up. Chances are, he found out about her age much later into their relationship, and he’d always tell her that whenever she felt insecure. And he’d remind her that her personality and interests are the reasons why he loves her.

He would think that he wasn’t doing enough for her if she thinks that he’s going to break up with her. He’d end up thinking that he was neglecting their relationship and wouldn’t realize that she was most worried about age and would probably end up taking a lot of the blame onto himself. In turn, his girlfriend would have to reassure him that the reason why she was worried was because of the age gap.

He would constantly ask why you feel like he’s gonna break up with you, until you get tired of it. That would be his way of saying that he’d never leave you, even if you wanted to leave him. He’s also someone who could care less about age, so he’d probably just tell you to drop the subject every time you brought it up.

Since he’s the youngest, he’d probably feel like she’s hinting at her to break up with him. And he probably would break up with her until he talks to his hyung’s and realizes that, that was the one thing she didn’t want. So he’d get her back and apologize but he’d also probably tell her to not worry about it because he doesn’t worry about it.

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Moffat doesn't get Classic DW, though that's what he grew up watching? (Born in 1961, so 3 years younger than old fanboy Capaldi.) He's probably been a DW fan longer than most of the new generation of fandom has been alive. He did once hate McCoy's Doctor, but seems to have outgrown that. Too bad DW fandom can't outgrow its need to screech with indignant rage before it ever watches something and sees how it's handled, but that's fandom.

I think this is hate? Also, I don’t think Moff man was watching at age two but…you know just because you watch something doesn’t mean you understand it??? I’ve watched Grey Anatomy cause of other people in my home watching it and fuck if I know why Meredith can’t hold down a Doctor man.

And it’s not just screeching–my voice is actually super low so I dont think I can screech…maybe if I really try my alto 2 can reach a solid alto 1– at the writer, also at the people who condone it and don’t see a problem with it

But see a problem when others complain???

Loving the Same Girl (Reaction)

Please can you do a reaction where all of 17 members love the same girl who is a 98 liner :) thank you :)

This was really fun to write


S. Coups (Seungcheol): She’s 3 years younger than him and the other boys love her too but he doesn’t care because he loves her and will do anything to make her his

Jeonghan: He would be very sweet to her. He would open the door for her and compliment her. He’s in the same boat as S. Coups, she’s 3 years younger but that won’t stop him. He’d know the other guys loved her so he’d put his arm around her and hug her a lot. 

Joshua (Jisoo): He would whip out the guitar and play for her all the time. He’d sing her love songs and she would close her eyes and lay next to him. When the boys would fight over he would yell “She loves my singing” and that would start an even bigger riot.

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