too bad for you bro

lax team headcanon...

Where there are actually like seven or eight Chads on the team so they all have to go by their last initial.

There’s actually two Chad Rs, so one of them is called Chad 2.

“Let me introduce you to some of the guys on the team. Here we’ve got Chad B, Chad S, Rick, Chad K, Steve, Reggie, Chad R, Chad W, Chad 2, Bobby, and Chad H.”


“Aw, dude. You JUST missed Chad C!”

“Too bad. He’s a good bro.”

“A king among Chads.”

when your  bf is too tiny to see anything

has this been done yet

bmolko and me, the unaproachable and dangerous art room punks from the riotous year of 2012, here for vengeance and to spit on anything in our way, take a step closer and you’re as good as dead.