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Pairing: Sam x Daughter!Reader, Dean x Niece!Reader

Summary: Since you came into a new foster family, things are becoming worse and worse. You reach a point where you can’t take it anymore.

Word Count: about 2700

Warnings: A little breakdown, abusive foster parents, apart from that just fluff I guess (please tell me if I missed something)

A/N: This is my (way too late, I’m so sorry!) entry for @winchesters-favorite-girl One Year Celebration (the prompt is bolded). Katie, you’re the best big sister we could ask for and an inspiration to us all. I hope for many more great years with you <3

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You’ve been sitting in your room for hours, opting between doodling on some notebook paper and checking your phone every few minutes. You jumped up from your chair once the two words finally lit up on the screen.

I’m here.

It didn’t even take you seconds to open the window and quietly climb through it. Relief flooded through you as you saw your dad standing there, leaning onto the black Impala, and he made some steps toward you. As soon as his arms were around you, engulfing you in a tight hug, the tears you’d been trying to hold back all day spilled over. Helplessly, he tried to shush you, rubbing his hand over the small of your back and kissing your hair.

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Request: can I get a sad imagine please?

Hope you like it!Xx


She’s in denial.

She cant wrap the fact that her parents are gone around her head. When she got the news, she dropped everything. Every single feeling she should have been feeling, she wasn’t feeling.

She felt numb.

Her uncle flew from New York to L.A to be with her and take care of her. She was the only child after all.

He was worried about her though.

It’s been a month and all she’s done is take showers and brush her teeth, then crawl back into bed and stare at her wall. She would decline the food and drink  her uncle would offer by pushing the tray away or throwing away the food.

Her friend came by during that month.

“How is she?” She heard her friend ask her uncle. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see anyone or anyone to see her.

All she wanted was her parents.

“Hey,” she heard her friend say softly, like if he spoke any louder, she’ll break. “C'mon babe, you have to eat. "When he didn’t get a response, he sighed. "At least drink some water for me. ”


“We’re all worried about you,” he hesitated before saying, “Harry’s been asking me about you. ”


Harry and Y/N go way back since sixth grade. Been friends for a year before they decided to try the relationship thing in seventh grade. They were doing great, held hands and hugged in middle school, kissed in high school. They lasted for six years before they broke things off during their senior year all because Carly, captain of the cheerleading team decided to kiss him in front of her and Harry not doing anything about it.

They also broke up because they were arguing more than they were talking and being all lovey Dovey like they used to before their relationship went downhill.

He still didn’t get a response or a head movement, nothing.

Before he could say anything else, the main entrance door slammed open against the wall and rapid footsteps were running up the stairs before a breathless Harry appeared on the door.

He looked at her uncle and started talking to him. “How is she?”

“She won’t eat, Harry. She’s unhealthy and unresponsive. She’s getting skinnier and paler and I’m worried sick. She hasn’t even shed a tear. "Her uncle exclaimed in a whisper.

Harry looked at the girl he loves and his heart broke into little little pieces. He was there when her cousin died three years ago and it wasn’t as bad as it is now. Yeah she cried a lot when her cousin died and didn’t speak to anyone for three days, but this was different. Her parents died.

"Can I..,” he cleared his throat and blinked the tears away. “Can I have a few minutes alone with her?” He asked her friend and uncle.

They both nodded and pressed a kiss to her temple and cheek before leaving the room, closing the door behind them.

Harry took off his shoes before crawling in behind her and wrapping his arms around her. He pressed a few kisses to the back of her neck before resting his cheek on her shoulder. She grabbed his hand that was wrapped around her chest and squeezed it before the first sob came out.

And then tears and gasps and more sobs.

He pulled her closer to him if that was possible and pressed more kisses to her neck and shoulder.

“I’m right here, baby. ’M right here. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay here with you for as long as you need me to. ”

He cried with her and held her.

When her crying stopped and her breathing was back to normal, she turned around in his grasp and buried her face into his neck. He laid on his back and brought her on top of him so they could be more comfortable before she started speaking.

“The last thing I told them was that I hated them. "She whispered, a whimper escaping her lips. She buried her head in the crook of his neck and he pressed a hand to the back of her head, pressing a kiss to her temple. "They wouldn’t let me go to the college I wanted to go to so I told them I hated them. ”

“Oh, love,” he sighed, pressing another kiss to her temple. “I’m sure they know you didn’t mean it. They know that you love ‘em. ”

She shuffled and looked up at him with wide eyes and a pout. “Please stay with me. "She whispered.

He smiled and looked down at her and pressed a kiss to her nose. "Always stay with you no matter what, yeah? I love you,” he whispered.

She pushed herself up with her hands that rested on either side of Harry’s head and smiled down at him- a genuine smile. “I love you too. ’M sorry about Carly and how much of a h-”

“Sh,"he chuckled, "lets talk about that another time. Right now though,” he groaned when he rolled them over. He got of the bed and helped her off the bed. “We’re gonna go on a walk and then we’re gonna go eat some really juicy delicious hamburgers, yeah?”

Her smile faded and the blank look came back. She let go of Harry’s hands and sat on the edge of the bed.

“I do.. I don’t want to go anywhere, Harry. I’m not that hungry anyway. "She muttered, starting to crawl under the covers.

But he wouldn’t have that. He pulled the covers off of the bed and chucked them on the other side of the room.


“I’m not going to let you starve yourself. ”

“’M no-”

“Yes you are! You’re skinny as a twig!”

“Does it make you love me less?”

“Wha…love, I’m just worried about you.”

She scoffed. “Great, the one person who I thought wouldn’t pity me, pities me. ”

“I never said anything about pitying you! My god…”

“Well, come back to me when your parents die and see if you want me to pity you!”

“Love, please just… can you at least come downstairs so you can eat?”

“I can’t harry. I just can’t. "She whispered, tears clouding her vision.

He sighed and sat next to her and grabbed her hand. "Why not?”

She looked at him. “Anywhere I go in this house, it’ll remind me of my parents. I don’t want to see them in pictures. I want them back, Harry. It’s been a month and I thought I’d get better, but I’m not. I.. I miss them. It’s like,” she clutched her chest and gasped for air. “It’s like part of me left. I didn’t think that the last time I saw them would be the last time cause you never think the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. ”

He brought her temple to his lips and pressed a hard kiss, letting a few tears slip down his cheeks.

“I don’t want to feel this way anymore, Harry. Please take the pain away, just make it stop. Please. "She sobbed, clutching her chest.

He let out a sob and closed his eyes tightly. "I would in a millisecond, Y/N. ” he whispered against her temple. “But I can’t and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I can’t take away your pain. ”

Suddenly, she stood up and walked out of her room and down the stairs where her friend and uncle were. She walked past them and to the small hallway where there are family pictures before taking one of the wall and letting out a small sob before smashing it to the floor.

And she continued to do that until she reached the photos that were by the stairs. She lifted one up, but an arm stopped her and pried it out of her hands.

“Stop, don’t do that. "He whispered.

"The family in those pictures don’t exist anymore, Harry. It’s gone. They’re gone. I lost everything that mattered to me! I lost my cousin, I lost you and now my parents! They’re gone!”

He’s never seen her so..damaged and fragile and he wishes he could do something, but he can’t. All he can do is hold her until she’s calmed down and fell asleep in his arms.

He carried her to her room and laid her down before crawling in with her. He pressed a kiss to her shoulder and wrapped his arms around her.

“I’m right here. Not going anywhere. Didn’t lose me. ”

“Please don’t leave,” he heard her mumble tiredly. He grabbed her hand and brought it up his lips and pressed a kiss to her knuckles.

“Never. ”

Amends (part four) finale

Carter Baizen x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, angst, mentions of past alcohol and drug abuse, swearing, abduction.

A/N: last part! It gets a bit real and kinda sappy. Hope you enjoy it! x

This is what you get for coming back to the upper east side. This is the shit you get in to for coming back to this cesspool of goddamn degenerates.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m so sorry..”

“Carter.. please don’t”

“Shit.. fuck, no, I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me”

“Stop it, Carter..”

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three || ashton irwin

Ashton remembers how it was in the beginning.

The constant hands on and being all over each other.

Neither of you had your heart set on getting married, neither of you had great examples of couples that worked except for your grandparents and you’d both agreed it was a different time.

So after 4 years together the two of you decided you were ready to have a baby. Ashton was definitely ready to be a dad. You’d seen him with Michael’s little girls and you guys had both been there when Luke had his boy. Not to mention, uncle Ash was Cal’s kids favorite. Ash thrived around the kids, it was a no brainer for the two of you.

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Walking on Glass A little SJ fandom rant

Wow…. How about that new episode of Samurai Jack? Pretty trippy right? I mean, that part where he eats something and his head turns into a fish. Like how dose that work exactly? Pretty funny, huh? Heh…heh…heh… Where do I begin? So happen was, last night was the premiere of the new Samurai Jack season 5 episode 8, in which Jack and Ashi are making their way across the desert. Hmm… Why dose this sound familiar? Anyway, during their ride on a giant camel monster used as a bus, Jack and Ashi find themselves in a pretty close to each other and it is that this point where they’re relationship takes quite a turn. During their journey, they come across a large spaceship to escape a dust storm. Only to find out that the ship is still infested by a leach monster. After they finally defeat it, at the heat of the moment Jack and Ashi then make out and that when the “fans” starting setting fire to their insides. 

 I said I was gonna get back to the messy subject and the hail storm of raging “fans” that apparently this episode has brought upon. After reading through a number of these hissy-fit heated debates, I couldn’t help but laugh at a few, roll my eyes at most and have the rest cause me to put my hands in my face. Seriously, all it took was a kiss and some awkward but sweet bonding moments for people to get up in arms saying crap like “They ruined the show!” “How could you Genndy?” “The show’s gone downhill.” And those are just some of the less visceral comments I’ve seen…. It really makes me sad. It really makes me sad to see a show I loved as a kid, get second chance at finishing it’s story and the one tiny moment that wasn’t even remotely negative in any way, would then cause such a shit storm, that I have to sit back and wonder why did I have to be born as a human being… Oh am I sounding bit harsh here? *eh-hem* I suppose some would prefer it if I went back to my dark little corner of the internet and remain silent like I usually do. Heck No! I feel I should be aloud to express my own opinion, while setting somethings straight. (Pun not intended.) Now, I will not be completely demonizing people who are against this ship, because some do have a few valid points as to why they don’t like it or this episode and thats understandable. I’m not saying you have to like it. Again it’s all matter of choice and opinion. (get use to hearing that.) But! What I am irritated by is how people are practicality screaming out things like “Pedophile” “Forced” “Rushed” “Poorly Written” “Not gay equals bad” “Boy-cot” and other things that are just… Really really stupid… So I may has well give you guys my own two cents here. I don’t expect to change any minds here; just take what I say with a grain of salt. You have plenty of it, anyway…

Jack and Ashi should have been platonic. Like father and daughter.”

The moment I was first introduced to Ashi in episode 1, I knew she was going to play some important roll in the new season. I knew she was going to be some kind of ally to Jack. She wasn’t a mindless drown like her sisters. She was curious about the world. Now keep in mind, from the beginning, I wasn’t automatically shipping these two. I knew a bond was gonna form between them eventually, but I really didn’t know what type of relationship it was gonna be, nor did I care. Yes, it didn’t really matter to me, father/daughter, teacher/student, boyfriend/girlfriend, whatever! All I cared about was seeing these two lost souls find happiness in one another. They make a great team already, so no matter which way it was gonna go, I was going to be satisfied either way. Being the gray smudge that I am, I kept an open mind about this. I’m not a big crack shipper anyway. Then again I don’t get into ships that much because I know how scary they can be. So thats why I stick with pairings that are canon and that I like. But I’m sure that this might be one of the reasons why people were a upset by this. They were really hoping for that platonic relationship. Sorry, don’t know what tell you there. Not everything in a show is gonna go your way. This is what Genndy wanted, but just because you didn’t agree with it, doesn’t mean you should be flat out calling it bad writing and hate the rest of the series for it!  I’ll get into the pacing issues later, right now it’s time to adress the elephant in the room…

Jack’s too old for Ashi and Ashi’s a little girl!”

Yes, time is a BIG issue in this series and I can understand the problem some “fans” are having with the whole age gap thing. Like he should be really old by this point, but heres the thing. Jack doesn’t age. He’s still stuck in his 20’s psychically AND mentally. Yes, I said mentally as well. His mind is worn out but not old. Like Jack said, time has lost it’s a effect on him. As for Ashi, I’m almost more than certain that she’s in her 20’s as well. The real problem shouldn’t be the fact that he’s older than her. The REAL problem should be the fact that he can’t age but she still can. Really, I’m surprised nobody’s getting more mad with Aku about this, since, you know? He’s the one responsible for this whole issue in the first place. Whats more annoying though, is the fact that this has become the main and almost only reason “fans” have for not liking this pairing! I mean come on! I can go on for why Edward and Bella are a bad couple, not just because he’s a hundred years old, but also because despite being a hundred he still goes to high school for some reason, acts like a creep around Bella, calls her his personal brand of heroine (and how much he wants to eat her.) breaks into her room to watch her sleep at night and throws her against the wall. Yet she does absolutely nothing about it and still acts so dependent on him like she can’t stand on her own two feet! * hem* Getting a off topic, I should also point out that this is not the first time we’ve seen a fictional couple where one person is way older than the other. It’s been done many times in media. Aragon and Arwen, Rose and Greg, Aang and Katara, Inuyasha and Kagome and nobody bats an eye there. But I know you’re probably going make excuses as to why I’m wrong for comparing some these couples to Jack and Ashi. “Uh, but Rose isn’t even human! She’s a gem and they don’t age!” Still doesn’t change the fact that she’s still thousands of years older than him. What does being a rock- I’m sorry, a Mineral not a rock, have to do with her age? And that can go the same for Arwen and Inuyasha as well. “But-but Aang was frozen in a sphere of ice.” Yeah, keeping him persevered for over a hundred something years thus delaying his ability to age until he was set free and why he’s still twelve. Even though technically speaking he was born way before Katara was born. Hell, I could dare say that Jack is in his own sphere of ice. Just not literally. Time and age have stopped round him. Thing is, even with out the fifty year time-skip Jack would still be considered thousands of years old since he comes from feudal era Japan. So no matter what girl he ended up with in this future, he would still be way older than her regardless. The more I hear this excuse brought up, the less water it holds and the more desperate it sounds. Especially when you have no other strong argument to bring, as to why these two shouldn’t be together. Oh, and don’t even think about calling it pedophilia! Just because we saw Ashi growing up as a child doesn’t mean she is one now. I’m pretty certain she’s past the teen stage. In fact we even saw what she looked like during that stage. So treating her like she’s still a child is kind of insulting, honestly. You’re consent miss use of the word, makes me want to strangle myself. Okay I’ve been ranting about this for too long… Let’s- let’s get to our next topic.

Why does media keep pushing for heterosexual couples? What a bunch of Homophobes!”

*Sssssssiiigggghhh….* I know not everyone who disagrees with this pairing thinks this way, but my God Tumblr… What’s with the extremism? I’ve always tried to be more opened minded about a lot of things. Accept others for who they are and have always said love is a very strange thing. So don’t you DARE blindly accuse me as a “homophobe” for what a I’m about to say here… Not everything has to be gay, in order to tell a good love story! There I said it! A good love story is when you can feel the connection between two characters no matter what their sexual preference is. I don’t like Ruby and Sapphire just because they’re mineral space lesbians, I like them because of how much they care for each other and how they can have fights and make-ups like any other couple and so on and so forth. Thats what makes a good pairing. Also saying it’s out of character for Jack to have an attraction to a female because your head-canon tells you he’s either ace or homo, is also not true as well. Not saying you still can’t have your ace/gay Jack crack ships. You don’t have to have canon dictate to you what you can or can’t ship. I’m simply saying that Jack has always been attracted to woman in the show. Remember when he got kissed by that girl in the field when he was a kid. He still has fond memories of it. And is it just me or did everyone forgot, Ikra, Josephine, or that creepy flower lady from ‘Seasons of Death’ happened? Given how nervous he gets around woman he finds attractive and how flustered he gets when seeing Ashi naked, it’s clear to me now, that he is definitely not her biological father as well. Now that he’s out of his depression, it was only a matter of time before he started falling for Ashi. Why is this anti-hetero/homophobia thing even an argument at all?! Why is it even brought up?

But the pacing felt so rushed! How dare they force the love-interest trope down our throats. This came out of nowhere!”

Okay, I’m going to briefly play devil’s advocate here. I can get where the rushed pacing argument comes from. But forced? No, put a pin on that last one. We’re gonna get back to that later. First I can agree that the pacing felt a bit rushed. (Though this isn’t the first time I’ve enjoyed something with a rushed pace. *cough*9*cough*) Still, keep in mind that the creator was only given ten episodes to work with. So certain things had to be cut out, I’m sure. If they were going make thirteen I’m pretty certain that would have given them more time to further expand on Jack and Ashi’s relationship, rather then cramming all the more romanic stuff in it into this episode. However, that doesn’t mean that the romance came out of no where. There were some hints dropped here and there since the beginning of episode 3 infact. We got only two more episodes left, so 8 had to be the one to fully confirm how Jack and Ashi are starting to feel for each other. I do feel like there could have been some other things they could have changed in the previous episodes to help further accentuate the relationship a little better in this episode. As far as this season goes, it may not be one of their strongest episodes, but it’s not their worst either. I still enjoyed it, romance and all. Honestly I think the real weak point was the conflict of being lost in the ship with the leach creatures. Like where was everyone else, what was the backstory to this space prison. This episode was always going to be about Jack and Ashi falling love no matter what. It’s just everything else was going to just feel like a little bit of an after thought. Another complaint I’ve heard was that this episode felt like “filler” and did nothing to progress the plot of the story. Well, I like to think of this as the calm before the storm. (Irony) You know, a few light-hearted laughs to put us at ease before the shit it’s the fan. (At least thats what it was suppose to be…) Though something tells me they’re just doing this to break our hearts later… And what lack of plot progression. The plot progression was with Jack and Ashi. With that said, going back to the “forced” bit. As I said before it was hinted at early on, the moment Jack and Ashi started interacting with each other. But I think the problem is because they were hinted at so subtlety, I guess it’s kinda easy for most people to miss them. Thing is we don’t really know how long it took Jack and Ashi to go from that mounted to that market area or how long it took for them to find that bird. You can use your mind fill in the gaps there. But I feel that to really cover this topic and why I don’t find their relationship “forced” I’m going to have to dive in deeper.

Shoot me…

Okay, now I’m going to get into what I think of these two and why I think they work as a pair. Starting off with Jack, he’s pretty much been through hell at this point. Losing his home, separated from his family, spends the rest of his childhood training to earn his father’s sword, only meets his parents again briefly before he goes off to fight Aku. Only to have the rug pulled out from under him when Aku throws him into the future. For fifty years this man has had to deal with so much pain and suffering. Getting trolled with by Aku, always having something try to kill him, being alone, seeing all the Hell that Aku has raised, suffering from hallucinations and no matter how hard he tries, he can never seem to reach his goal. Ultimately what leads to his depression. The more time passes him by while he remains young, the further and further his goal gets. He has lost all hope. Somewhere during those fifty years, a cult of Aku obsessed women have a ceremony for their High Priestess who’s given birth to seven daughters for the soul purpose to kill Samurai Jack. However one of these girls is not like the others. Ashi, does not have the same mind set as her sisters. She’s curious about the world outside, wants to see the beauty of nature, but is trapped with in the confides of her abusive mother. Never aloud to play or have fun. Never shown any love or bonding with her family. Forced into training at such a young age and all while being told nothing but lies about the Samurai and what an evil person he is, ruining Aku’s “perfect” world. Having never met this man, it only filled Ashi’s heart with anger and hate. Now fully grown, training complete, she and her sisters set off to kill Jack. Not knowing what they were getting themselves into. Not realizing that there mother essentially sent them out to die. And thus the journey begins for these two lost souls. Jack struggling to keep moving forward while being haunted by his own negative emotions as well as being hunted down by a shogun of death. Ashi, blinded by hatred towards a man who’s done her no wrong, she does not realizes she’s fighting for the wrong side. During the search for the Samurai, Ashi and her sisters come across a doe in the forest. That’s when the buck shows up. Thinking it’s related to Aku, they thing it’s come to “devour the weaker one.” What they didn’t expect to see was the two deer nuzzling each others noses. This was the first time any of them have seen affection before. Which leaves them so confused, as they were never taught to love but to hate. One of them even says she doesn’t like it. I also consider this part foreshadowing. It’s is only after he defeats them, does the ball really get rolling. Jack assumes he’s killed Ashi like the rest, but the guilt of what he’s done continues to eat a way at him. Ashi then wakes up, still hell bent on trying to kill him. She ends up getting restrained by her own chain and it is here, where Jack finally has a chance to see the woman behind the mask. A very troubled woman, who has clearly lost her way like him. Seeing that she is not evil and feeling bad for killing the others, Jack not only lets her live, but goes out of his way to protect her. The real turning point comes when Jack and Ashi escape the goliath monster. Ceasing the opportunity, Ashi slowly starts to creep up on him, while he isn’t looking, but just as she’s a bout to try and kill him that’s when the ladybug appears. This triggers a memory of when she was a child. During her training, she sees a ladybug and lets it land on her hand. Her mother scolds her for this, taking the bug away and killing it in front of her. Going back to reality, that bug flies over to Jack. He rises his hand to it as Ashi watches, wondering what he’s about to do. To her surprise, he lets the ladybug go, showing an act of kindness. Causing Ashi to drop her weapon; he’s not the monster her mother made him out to be. Through Jack, she learns more about the world, Ashi begins to see the truth as he shows her the beauty of nature and horror that Aku has caused. Ashi does begin to believe him, but the moment that seals the deal is after they save bunch of children from enslavement, Jack freaks out when we thinks they’re all dead. He heads off with the Omen (the shogun of death from earlier) to commit suicide and she goes to find him. Thats when she meets some of the people Jack has helped over the years, thats when she fully sees the man he really is. Thinking of her past and all the good Jack has done, this is what inspires her to change her appearance. And it’s because of her that Jack was able to regain his hope. She gave him the strength he needed to fight off his own demons. She protected him while he was in deep meditation to find his sword. From an army and her own mother no less. She does not hold any ill will towards him for killing her sisters, as it was out of self defense. It was her mother who sent them out there in the first place. Now that his hope has been restored and is back to being his old self. Now that he gotten to know her and sees how much she has changed for the better, it should come has no surprise that they would start noticing each other in more ways. I mean this is probably the longest anyone has ever traveled with him. So how does any of that sound forced? There was build up. Sorry if you couldn’t see it.

Final Thoughts…

Ya know, I find it pathetic that this is the reason people are getting so upset that they want to quit the show when theres only two episodes left to go. And you call yourselves fans… Can’t we just wait to see how the out come and then make our criticize afterwards. I’m even more disappointed with the fan-base than I am with the episode because of how everyone is acting like this pairing is such a crime. When this season started I thought this was gonna be fun. But now I’m just left sour over yet another fandom like I was with the “9” fandom. I’ve seen people literally saying that it made them feel uncomfortable and ruined the WHOLE series for them. Say, you wanna know what makes me feel uncomfortable? Is the more I think about it, the more it disturbs me that anybody will get pissed over a healthy relationship like this one, yet you’ll see abusive couples like Harley Quinn and Joker, Fifty Shades of Gray and the of mentioned Twilight get glorified. Am I the only one who sees something wrong there? And after all the shit that Jack and Ashi have been through, wouldn’t you want to see them to be happy? Isn’t that what many of us wanted? My only concern is now that it’s established that Jack and Ashi have deeper feelings for one another, how is the final going to effect them. Are the rumors I keep hearing going to be true? I’ve always been wanting to know how this series is going to end since I was eight years old and nothing is going to stop me for watching the ending. I don’t even care how it’s going to end. I don’t care if it breaks my heart. At least I will now know and I will accept what ever Genndy has in store. Like I said from the beginning, you’re not wrong for disliking or disagreeing with this pairing, I’m not wrong for liking it and thats fine. But don’t act like this is such a travesty that it makes you dislike the entire series, don’t quite while we’re so close to the end. This whole mess has just become childish at this point. But hey, hate me all you want for expressing my opinion. There is nothing you can say to me that hasn’t already been said before. Hate never fixes anything. Hate is what got Ashi’s sisters killed in the long run. I’ve been rambling on about this for too long. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna make some Jashi fan art while I still can. In the mean time enjoy this little quote.

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“Believe what you may, but if you open your eyes and let go of the hate. You will see the truth.”


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Hi! You wanted newsies ships and prompts so Javid and number 12 and 14 from your prompt list please :)

Here you go! I wrote it for prompt 14. You just walked out of the shower, still dripping wet, in only a towel and oh no now I’ve dropped what I was holding and you noticed me staring blatantly at you Since someone else requested 12 for another ship. Anyway, this is unedited so excuse my mistakes. Hope you enjoy!!

In hindsight, David should have seen this coming. I mean, what did he expect after moving in with Jack? The bathroom was all the way down the hall from both of their bedrooms. David really, really should’ve seen this coming.

But still, seeing Jack Kelly’s dripping half-naked body would be enough to short circuit anyone’s mind. David was most definitely staring. He couldn’t help it.

It was David’s first full day living in the apartment. Jack had been looking for a new roommate since Crutchie moved to a smaller place closer to his job where he could live on his own. Jack couldn’t afford the two-bedroom apartment on his own and David offhandedly told him he was looking for a place to live. Everything went downhill from there.

Jack and David had been friends for a few months and maybe not all of David’s feelings were strictly platonic, but he wasn’t blind. Jack was crazy attractive. David mentally kicks himself for agreeing to move in. It was just a small crush. He would be fine.

So, he averted his eyes from Jack’s dripping, muscular back retreating back to his room, and tried to focus on the book he was reading. Everything would be fine; He would get over this soon enough.

David was wrong.

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How about a really intimidating/rude teenage MC? Y'know, a teen that's built on angst? That swears a lot? (But they're not all bad, they're just like that when they first people people? Thanks

Everything is platonic, no romance here. Also, there is A LOT of swearing so just be aware

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- Taeyong is really shy in expressing his emotions

- like he rarely says “I love you” but when he does, it’s only in private and it’s enough to drive you crazy

- he expresses his love for you through hugs and kisses



- He’s also possessive

- like when he sees some guy talking to you or trying to flirt with you he gets really clingy until it leads into a fight with you and the guy

- you guys argue about this in some cases

- he’s just afraid to lose you

- but you still don’t get it why he has to be possessive

- “Dude, you have to trust her.” - Taeil

- “Trust is one of the key factors of a relationship.” - Johnny

- “Trusting is loving. Loving is trusting.” - Jaehyun

- “Hyung, she’s a keeper. Don’t lose her just because of your trust issues.” - Mark

- “Omg hyung, stop. She’s your girl. Case closed.” - Haechan

- he could be a beast when he gets mad… and also in bed. :>>>>

- one time, your ex bf came back and he’s asking you to get back together with him

- Taeyong found out about this in the most unconvinient time –> the time when his scamming and fat-shaming scandal got out and he’s being attacked by hate from the public

- his confidence went even more downhill

- and he got mad ofc because you didn’t tell him about the fact that your ex-bf wants you back

- “I didn’t wanna tell you because you’re gonna be like this!”

- “So it’s my fault now huh?”


- oppa don’t be like that

- it’s so scary

- you can’t read what he’s thinking of doing next

- he’s just staring at you with those intense eyes




- you don’t know whether you’ll melt in warmth or quiver in fear because of his INTENSE STARING

- like dude, staring too much is rude; just say what you wanna say ffs

- “Stop talking to him!“

- “I already did but he just wouldn’t leave me alone!”

- “Liar. You still love him, don’t you?”

- with that, you felt offended

- not because you still love your ex but because Taeyong thinks of it like that - you realized that you and your love for him was never enough

- “Seriously? After all we’ve been through together, you’re gonna tell me that?”

- “After all the sacrifices I’ve made just to be with you… oh god Taeyong… am I not enough?!”

- “Jagiya, that’s not what I meant.”

- You broke down in tears as you look away from him

- you just can’t take seeing him right in front of you

- “Jagiya, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it that way.”


- you finally look at him

- you tell him: “Let’s just end this Lee Taeyong.”

- and Taeyong’s left eye would just twitch in shock and annoyance

- have you seen his facial expression when he’s annoyed?

- he looks like one of those annoyed anime characters

- well he actually looks like a living anime like wth dude what are your genes made out of? Seriously?

- “What? You’re breaking up with me?”

- then he would laugh sarcastically

- “Fine. I don’t want to see your face ever again. Get the hell out of my face and my life!”

- he would be pointing to the door of their dorm and you get out while crying just as the other members go back into their dorm

- “You guys had a fight again?” - Ten

- “Well what’s new? They are always like that.” - Johnny

- “What happened?” - Jaehyun

- “I was actually expecting them to be making out on the couch as soon as we get here.” - Yuta

- Taeyong would just grumble: “We broke up.”

- “Seriously? Why do all my hyungs get into this kind of situation?” - Mark

- “This is why I don’t want to have a commitment just yet.” - Haechan

- “Yeah shut up Haechan. You’re not helping.” - Mark

- they were a little bit shocked but since they already know that you guys are having a tough time in your relationship, they kind of have expected that something like this would happen.

- 3 months passed but you’re still not over Taeyong

- you still cry about him and your break-up

- you thought that Taeyong had moved on because you can see him smiling and laughing on tv

- but nope

- it’s actually the opposite when he’s off-cam

- he rarely talks to his members except when it’s really important like rehearsals and dates for their performances/fansigns/photoshoots etc.

- when he’s back at the dorms w/ his members he just stays in his room

- when he’s out practicing with them, he would stay behind after their rehearsal

- he dances and dances until his body gives up just like you guys have both given up on your relationship

- even though he doesn’t admit it completely to himself, he knew that the break-up had taken its toll on him

- imagine, you guys had kept your relationship a secret for almost 3 years and then this happens

- yeah ikr it sucks

- you felt guilty for breaking up with him lol even I would feel guilty for breaking the heart of the poor leader of NCT

- Taeyong is life

- Taeyong is ❤

- Taeyong is everything!

- how can you give up on him??????????

- you wanted to talk to him but you’re afraid that he might reject you

- but little did you know that Taeyong wants to do the same too

- he also feels guilty for agreeing with the break-up

- he realized that he could’ve fought for your relationship better


- you guys are so dumb BUT CUTE

- you wanted him back so bad that you just cried

- Taeyong wanted you back as well that he wasn’t able to cook for the past 3 months because he remembers those times when he’d cook for you if you’re hungyry, sad, happy or just simply bored

- Eating different kinds of dishes was yours and Taeyong’s thing

- the other members didn’t have to worry about the food though because Jaehyun’s there to cook for them

- but they were worried for Taeyong because he rarely eats

- then one time, the thing that they have always been afraid off actually happened

- Taeyong collapsed in the middle of their performance

- like his fall was so bad

- he fell right off the stage and lost his consciousness

- they have to stop their performance and rush him to the hospital

- it was due to stress, mainly from his work and lack of proper nutrition like someone feed this child oh god

- and yeah, he broke his leg so the company decided to postpone their promotions

- Ten told you about this

- blinded by your tears, you immediately went to visit him

- but as soon as you got there, he’s sleeping - you kissed his forehead and mumbled, “I love you” to him

- it’s so cute that it broke the other member’s hearts

- they think that their leader deserves to have a healthy and strong relationship with his special someone

- Taeyong opens his beautiful eyes and was like “Oh, you’re here”

- The other guys left, allowing you to have some privacy

- Ten and Yuta were about to eavesdrop but Taeil caught them and pulled them away by their ears

- “You sneaky lil kids! Don’t eavesdrop on them!”

- But also eavesdrops along with them

- Really Taeil?

- Taeyong sits up and you just burst into tears and he’s just like wtf????? stop crying!!!!!!! the members might think i did something to you!!!!!!!! oml!!!!!!!!!!

- you apologize but Taeyong won’t let it go and even put you on a guilt-trip

-you felt even more bad


- but then he just laughs it off and pulls you in for a slow and passionate kiss

- it’s been only 3 months since you guys called it off

- but for both of you, it felt like 3 decades

- and when your lips are clashed against each other, everything just felt right

- “can we try again?”

- “which one? The kiss or our relationship?”

- he smiles cheekily

- “Both.”



Carl Gallagher Imagine

Request: Can you do a Carl imagine where the reader and carl were dating before he went to juvie and when he comes back she’s like really depressed and dealing w/ a shitty family situation and school probs and he takes care of it (even if he is all gangsta)

TRIGGER WARNING: Mentions of self harm and abusive home life.

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Hello Detective Chapter 57 (Sherlock imagine)

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You had finally returned to your flat after a few more fast paced cases with Bass. Most of them in Russia and Europe. You felt like you hadn’t taken a breath since you started. You and Bass had been working together for nearly a year now, and you made surprisingly great partners. You had barely unpacked your bag when you heard your doorbell ring and Bass’ voice over the intercom.

“Y/N, it’s me. Gonna let me up?” He asked.

You sauntered over to the intercom and pressed your finger to the button to reply.

“Should I?” You asked.

“Me ringing the bell is really just a formality. You and I both know I could pick this lock in 5 seconds.” He jokes.

“Yes, well you’ve always been slow. The inconvenience is tempting though.” You joked, finally pressing the buzzer to let him in.

Before he made it up the stairs you took your letters to Sherlock out of your duffel bag you were unpacking and stuffed them into a drawer on your TV stand. You were better. Nearly a year and a half had passed and you were able to say his name now without breaking down. You thought that was progress. Your life just felt empty now, even though you were barely alone.

When you were in London between assignments you had tea with Mrs. Hudson at least once a week. She hadn’t let 221B out, and you couldn’t bear to possibly enter it. You’d met John once for lunch since, and he was clearly still not okay. Compared to him you were doing well. Of course he had no idea what you were doing now, though he did know you had quit your job at Scotland Yard. You tried to keep an eye on him, but you were so busy. You had found out that he was seeing someone now and it was pretty serious. You were happy for him. As for you, not much had changed. You worked. It was the one thing you could do to keep your mind off of him.

Bass walked through the door, and after a snide remark about the state of your flat, he made his way over to the couch.

“You know what we need to do tonight?” He asked, putting his feet up.

“Remove your feet from my coffee table?” You asked, and he huffed and moved them back onto the ground.

“We need to go out tonight. Maybe a pub or something?” He said and you rolled your eyes.

“You’ve got nothing better to do than take a recovering alcoholic to a pub?” You asked.

“Well you don’t have to drink, but I need to.” He whined.

“Fine, but we should go now, I’ve got things to do and I’m not staying out all night with you.” You argued.

“I know just the place.” He stood, grabbed his coat, and lead you outside. You both hopped in a cab and headed to the pub. You were okay being around alcohol, and you would probably be okay drinking it. It just brings you back to a bad time in your life, one that you don’t want to remember or repeat.

“No, no, no a blonde drug smuggler who was exposed by an abbot with unusual powers of observation and deduction.” You heard as you entered through the door of the pub, Bass behind you.

“A blonde woman hiding amongst bald monks, that wouldn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes.” You heard another voice return and quickly whipped around.

“Y/N?” Anderson asked, and your eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Anderson? Greg?” You asked, surprised to see them both here.

“God, how’ve you been?” Greg asked, hugging you.

“Busy.” You smiled, Charles now standing next to you.

“Who’s this?” Anderson asked politely. He had really let himself go: overgrown hair, beard, frumpy sweater. He must have gone downhill after he was fired from the Yard.

“Charles Bass. Friend of Y/N.” He smiled, shaking their hands.

“Colleague.” You corrected him.

“It’s been nearly a year, I think we can be considered friends now.” He joked, and you smiled to him.

“Charles this is my old boss Greg Lestrade, and an old colleague Phillip Anderson.” You formally introduced them.

“So you’re doing well. New job and all. What exactly do you do?” Greg asked.

“We kill people for money.” Charles said casually, and you laughed, panicking inside.

“He’s joking, of course. We work at the Natural History Museum. I run tours and we work on restorations and curations.” You smiled and lied.

“That sounds interesting, I didn’t know you were interested in that kinda stuff.” Greg smiled politely.

“Lifelong passion of mine.” You smiled, looking down to the table and the map Anderson had been showing Lestrade.

“What’s this?” You asked more seriously now. You heard the conversation as you were entering, you knew exactly what this was about. They both stared at you, almost afraid to talk.

“Phillip, he’s dead. Trust me, I wish he wasn’t. Don’t you think of all people I’d know if he wasn’t.” You said, looking to Anderson who seemed unconvinced.

“Well then how do you explain this?” He flipped the map. “Signing number 2, The Incident in New Delhi.”

“You haven’t been titling these, have you?” You asked, slightly concerned for Anderson’s mental health.

He then continued to explain how their police inspector had solved a case by measuring the depth of which a chocolate flake had fallen through an ice cream cone. Which in all honesty sounded ridiculous and made up.

“Clever man, Inspector Rajesh.” Greg said, and Anderson scoffed.

“What police inspector could have made that deduction.” He argued, and you and Charles had pulled up a chair.

“Well thank you.” Greg said sarcastically.

“You know how Sherlock never took the credit when he solved all of your cases.” Anderson began.

“He didn’t solve all of my cases,” Greg said defensively.

“He’s out there, he’s hiding, but he can’t stop himself from getting involved. It’s so obviously him, if you know how to spot the signs.” Anderson rambled, and you shook your head in disbelief. If Sherlock was out there, solving inconsequential cases out in the world, he would have told you, but none of that mattered. You don’t jump off a building and live.

“Klein Brothers, the Tower House thing.” Lestrade began listing cases he had solved on his own, or with moderately little help from you.

“The Kensington Ripper.” You helped, adding another.

“You got Tower House wrong.” Anderson stated and Lestrade argued while he flipped the map again.

“Sighting 3 The Mysterious Juror.” Anderson said, and Greg banged his head on the table.

“I’m gonna need a drink.” Charles said, standing to head to the bar.

“Make that two.” You rolled your eyes. What had happened to Anderson? He used to hate Sherlock, now he’s obsessed with him.

You tuned out of this story but according to Anderson, Sherlock swayed some murder trial in Copenhagen. Because obviously in his free time, when he’s not being dead, he’s on jury duty.

“It had to be him! There’s no one else it can be, don’t you see?” Anderson asked as Charles handed you a beer.

“Phillip, I see that you lost a good job fantasizing about a dead man and him coming back to life, and I know why you want that to happen. I want it to happen, but it’s just not gonna.” You said honestly, but something told you he wasn’t going to stop.

Anderson and Greg eventually left and you and Charles now sat at the table by yourselves.

“Has he always been like that?” Charles asked.

“Oh God no. He was an ass and he hated Sherlock. He helped take Sherlock down, planting the doubt in everyone’s mind that he was some sort of killer. Now he’s obsessed. He came and visited me in the hospital and I could tell he felt guilty, but I didn’t know it was this bad.” You answered, you noticed Charles was looking down at his watch.

“Sorry, am I boring you answering your question?” You asked rudely.

“No, I’m seeing if we have time to grab dinner. Hungry?” He asked. You smiled and rolled your eyes. You seemed to be doing that a lot lately when you were around Bass.

“I suppose, but nowhere too nice I’m not dressed for it.” You told him, and he smirked, clearly knowing a place.

The two of you walked down the street, apparently the restaurant was close by or at least walking distance. The two of you chatted before you were interrupted by someone calling your name.

“Sergeant Gregson?” You heard behind you and turned to see Kitty Riley, the reporter from the SUN. You stopped and she ran up to you.

“Sergeant Gregson, I’ve been trying to find you for a while now.” She began and you cut her off.

“Then you’re not a very good investigative journalist. And I don’t work for Scotland Yard anymore so you don’t have to call me Sergeant.” You told her.

“I wanted to apologize. After everything with Sherlock Holmes I tried to find you, but you sort of went off the grid. You quit your job, weren’t in your flat, or the country it seemed-” She said and you cut her off again.

“Is there a point here Kitty?” You sped her along.

“If there’s anything I can ever do for you, I’ll do it.” She said, clearly repentant.

“Clear his name.” You said.

“What?” She asked, shocked.

“Recant your story. Clear his name. Paint Moriarty as the manipulative villain who even got to you and forced Sherlock to his death after smearing his name. He was an innocent detective who saved lives and solved crimes that even the police force couldn’t. I think we owe him at least that.” You said, and Kitty nodded somberly.

You began to walk away and you felt Charles grab your hand. What you didn’t know was that Kitty took a photograph. You also didn’t know that it was going to be published in the SUN tomorrow with the headline ‘Hello Detective: Gregson Returns and Who’s Her New Arm Candy?”.

“Can you believe this? That bitch!” You yelled, throwing the paper down on the coffee table, Charles trying to calm you. He had slept on your couch last night after having a little too much to drink.

“Well think of it this way. Normally women are objectified in these kind of papers, and I’m the arm candy and you’re the smart, powerful lead. I’d take that as a win for the feminist movement.” He said, and you didn’t know whether to slap him or not.

“Like I give a damn about that! I’m an international assassin, I can’t have my face plastered on Page 6 everytime I leave my flat!” You ranted.

She needed to be taken care of. No, you weren’t going to kill her. There were worse things you could do. You had to see Mycroft, he would have this taken care of. You didn’t care if he paid her off or got her fired, but Kitty Riley needed to learn her place. As an undercover government asset, this threatened the safety of not only yourself but of the nation.

You threw on a dress and stepped outside your flat to call a cab to take you to the Diogenes Club when you saw a black car pull up. You rolled your eyes, did he always have to be two steps ahead of you?

“Hello Giles, it’s been an age.” You said, sliding into the car.

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I’m Not Really the Best - (Poly!DemoReps x Reader) Part 6

WARNING: Domestic Abuse, Injuries, Signs Child Abuse, Yelling, Belittling, Beating.

A/N: Finally found the time to post this!! YESSS! I hope you guys don’t mind waiting and also Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and I hope the rest of you are having a good day! <33333333333 Don’t read if the warnings above triggers you please? For your own safety. :)))) If you wanna get tagged on future chapters feel free to tell me!

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“(Y/N) come. Let’s go home.” (M/N) said as she grabbed the hand of a six-year-old (Y/N). She looked up at her mother’s kind face, her eyes shining with childlike innocence. “Uhun.” She nodded, she waved back at no one in particular, she only waved at the park for being kind for letting them stay for a while.

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Part 2, Chapter 6: Badwater

This episode alternates between Jasika Nicole and Roberta Colindrez. Since Roberta’s character has no name, I have dubbed her “Watcher” for now.

Keisha: have to pee and there are no towns on the map, not for a long time. But there are also no cars.

Watcher: The absolute silence of miles and miles. Here there are no lights, no watchers to watch me watching.

Keisha: It is dusk and the dark clouds are lingering, and the road isn’t visible to the horizon in either direction. I pull my car onto the muddy shoulder and hop out.

Watcher: Pull a little off the road, cut your lights – and you’re invisible. I could take her now, of course. There would be no one to see it happen.

Keisha: It is truly strange, standing by this highway and looking for miles into the distance and seeing no one. I’m alone as can be here. I squat and enjoy the silence. The absolute silence of distance.

Watcher: And how humiliating to die peeing in the dirt. But I’m patient, and now is not the time. I don’t wanna cut anything short. I lay back on the hood of my car enjoying its warmth and look up at the sky – grey and blank as sleet.

Keisha: A sky about to break into violence.

Both in unison: I close my eyes and I wait.

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hey guys, let's rewrite Phantom Planet

so we all agree PP was a huge load, most of the phandom pretend it never happened, those who do kinda gloss over the bad parts in favour of the (few) good bits because that’s all we can really do

unless we make a new Phantom Planet, one the phandom can use in place of the old one, using the same elements but actually putting them together with the love and care the phandom has for our fav show

we can either get rid of the all the stupid parts (Tucker becoming mayor what the fu-), OR give them a decent explanation (Sam was being a huge bitch this whole ep because Vlad got Spectra to get all up in her head in secret in order to isolate Danny from his friends)

Masters Blasters can stay I guess?? Vlad hired them to make Danny feel worthless, but maybe it backfires and Danny’s like, ‘yeah this is cool, the town is super protected now’, he keeps an eye out in case they get in over their heads but otherwise Danny gets a real good chance to catch up on his school work and reconnect with his family and friends

obviously Vlad miscalculated, thinking Danny cared more for ghost hunting than he actually does, so he tries again, with the aforementioned plan involving Spectra and Sam, with Danny taking a back seat in heroics Sam is slightly disappointed in his lack of exciting ghostly endeavours but she puts her own selfish desires for adventure aside because she is a decent human being and gets that he needs this break

Spectra fucks all that up by whispering to Sam in her sleep, Danny is being selfish, Danny is being lazy, Danny is being NORMAL and she plays into all Sam’s selfish teenage desires and amps them up to 11

Tucker doesn’t become the fuCKIng mayor but Vlad does send out an opportunity for him to intern at his tech company, he doesn’t tempt Tucker with this but Tucker’s parents, leading them into pressuring their son into taking it, it puts a lot of shit on Tucker’s shoulders and Danny feels awful for being partially responsible for putting Tucker into this position

but Danny still has his parents and his sister, Jazz is doing her best to support Danny but with all her college applications taking up all her time (because seriously? this show pays no attention to it’s own timeline, Jazz should DEFINITELY be looking into college by now) and she’s going off on campus tours with Jack and Maddie for weekends at a time

Hey hey hey, so how about this


his family is super busy, his friends are tied up with their own shit and/or being huge assholes, he has no one he can really lean on right now so CUE VALERIE

she probably finds him sitting alone at lunch some day fucking bummed as shit because Sam’s not talking to him and Tucker’s taking time off school because his parents are making him take an interview at Dalv co and Danny just looks so miserable and Val’s like, damn boy needs a friend right now

they become real close friends again, now keep in mind Val is ALSO off ghost hunting at the moment since Masters Blasters are handling everything so efficiently, so she doesn’t have to worry about her double life putting him into danger

old flames rekindled?

(by the end of the ep obviously the Sam debacle will be sorted out and explained but there cooouuuld still be sore feelings so like WHAT IF we leave it open ended? Danny and Val are close again and Danny and Sam have some stuff to sort out, it really could go either way, we can leave it up to individual interpretation)

anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, so Vlad’s Isolate Danny plan is going downhill again, and he has to be super careful around Valerie because she now knows that halfas exist and she doesn’t trust him any more, he’s worried they could spill the beans to each other and team up against him, which is DEFINITELY A WORRY because that girl is FIERCE AND DETERMINED and even Vlad has to admit he would be a little worried if she set her vengeful sights on him

and also he’s got other things on his plate such as that meteor coming at the planet but he’s still waiting on new data for that and so can’t do much about it in the meantime, the beginnings of some kind of 'take over the world’ scheme form in his mind before he decides, nah that’s way too fucking stupid, like a million things could go wrong and he’d be forever fucked

so he doesn’t fucking do it

because he is an INTELLIGENT PERSON

knock knock, who’s at the door? it’s DANIELLE, she’s back and at Valerie’s doorstep injured and battered because Masters Blasters have a priority stamp on her and started gunning for her ass the moment she hit town, she knows Danny will freak out if she goes to him and doesn’t want to risk being under the same roof as Jack and Maddie while she’s so injured (not knowing they’re actually out of town) and so she asks Valerie for help because hey, she actually seems to be on her side now and she doesn’t know where else to go

Val’s like UHHH?? and ushers the girl inside and dresses her wounds and let’s her crash on the lounge while thinking about what to do next

knock knock, who else is here? it’s DANNY with that assignment they were gonna work on together, and hoo boy isn’t this an interesting group of secrets in one room, Danny seems to recognise Danielle and Danielle recognises Danny and Valerie recognises Danny and Danielle look basically exactly the same and Val is like holy fuuuuuuck something is going on here

Valerie clicks


cue rage explosion Val followed by extremely apologetic Danny and mouth clamped firmly shut Danielle not knowing whether speaking will make things worse or better and it’s just a loud mess, the neighbours come over to ask if anyone got shot

Val (carefully hiding her ectogun behind her back) says it’s all cool and sends them away but by that point the interruption has cooled everything off a little and actual explanations begin to happen

cue The Best Team Up in DP History

Vlad is fucked

but he doesn’t know it yet because even though he’s got eyes and fingers everywhere, all three of our new team have dealt with Vlad enough that they can keep this shit firmly clamped down because if Vlad finds out they’re all collectively gunning for his ass he may do something drastic

like, try and take over the world or something

or not because that’s fucking stupid and way too transparent for Vlad Always Pulling the Strings in the Background Masters

by this point the news about the meteor has probably leaked and Team Take Down Vlad is on hiatus because NEW PRIORITIES THE WORLD IS FREAKING OUT

Knock knock, who is it now? It’s VLAD

at Danny’s door

because the world is gonna end and he thinks he might have a plan to stop it, but he needs help…

roll credits

because of course, this should always have been at LEAST a two part ep, so stay tuned while I try to figure out episode two, I’ll be tagging this 'Phantom Planet Remix’ for anyone who wants in on this fun stuff

“Do Me Bad” (Pt7)

Part 1, Part 2 ,Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: College!au: Angst and fluff

A/N: Well here we are. let me know your thoughts on this part!

No. You didn’t know what you were doing or what was happening. You’ve just kissed someone you barely knew in front of your boyfriend that was cheating on you. This was probably the most drama you’ve ever had in your life. Everything started going downhill when you started dating Sehun. But you fell in love in the danger zone. Nothing was certain when you dated Sehun, you had a connection that you couldn’t explain nor ignore. Those nights he laid in bed with you at 4AM, falling asleep by your side. “I love you” were the words that left his mouth at those times, His hand caressing your thigh, his touch never leaving your body. That was all you could think of right now. You needed his touch, his lips back on yours and not his troubles.

“Y/N” there was a knock on your door. Quickly you rushed to open the door, leaving your thoughts too. “Hi….” A beautiful Jongin stood in front of you.

“Hi……” your head dropped low, staring at your shoes.

“Long time no see…..” Jongin let out a low chuckle and a smirk snuck on his face.

“Look Jongin….. I owe you an explanation I’m so sorry I acted this way I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I’m sorry I didn’t know you were-“

“Stop. I’ve heard everything from Sehun already. That’s not what I’m here for” Jongin’s stare changed into a serious one. Your head tilted in confusion while a hand pushed the door open, letting him in.

“First of all, you’re an idiot. Second of all, Sehun didn’t cheat on you, he would never. And trust me I know. Third, that ramen looks really good I hope you weren’t hoping to eat that because I’m really hungry from listening to all of Sehun’s whining about you” He grabbed a couple of chopsticks from your drawer and stole some ramen from your plate.

“Wait wait go back” your hands swung in the air, confusion written all over your face.

“What?” His mouth was full of ramen and his puppy expression was on full display.

“Sehun didn’t cheat on me? I saw it with my own eyes tha-“

“Did you see him actually kiss the girl?” He stuffed his mouth with more ramen.

“Well I mean no….but the girl kissed his cheek and she was all over him!”

“You’re an idiot.” Jongin shook his head with laughter.

“Hey come on now you know Sehun” you snatched the chopsticks away from his grasp, leaving him with a pout.

“Exactly. You should be smart enough to know that Sehun is the biggest fuckboy of this school if not the district. Which means any girl in his parameter is bound to throw herself all over him. Does it bother me? Probably. That’s probably why I was so upset at first when I found out about you two until Sehun actually told me he was in love. Never thought I’d hear those words out of him in a million years so who am I to ruin that for him” he chuckled one more time, a smile sneaking on his face.  

“I…I might have done something stupid-“

“Like kiss someone you don’t even know in front of Sehun?” Jongin reached for your refrigerator, getting out a soda.


“Good now would you please fix it or wait for him to come over here so I wouldn’t have to sit there and breathe his cigarette air while listening to his shit talk about this ‘fairy looking ass guy’ please you have no idea how well I’m holding it up.” His face turned into a whining one.

“Ok ok stop it I get it” you laughed at his face. “So…are you really ok with this?”

“As long as you’re happy? I couldn’t care less. Just don’t fuck on my bed, I take my bed covers very seriously.”

“Shut up you fall asleep on the floor half of the time anyways” you both started laughing.

“Look I just texted Sehun to come over but I’m sure that he’s still asleep from his nap between complaints, so would you come with me to the campus coffee shop? I’m gonna need some caffeine if I’m gonna stay all night listening to Sehun, God I’m such a good friend you both are so blessed.” Jongin shook his head.

“OH PLEASE” you hit his arm with a laugh. “And I will in one condition. Buy me that chocolate muffin I like.”

“Deal” he offered you his hand, raising his eyebrow.

“Ok which one do you want?” Jongin pointed at the shelf filled with cupcakes. It was already late into the night so not much was left.

“I’ll take the chocolate one” a voice came from behind you.

Both of you turned around to welcome the sight of a smirking Xiumin opening his wallet.

“What are you doing here?” your heart began pumping faster.

“Nice to see you too” he giggled. “I thought I’d get a bite to eat”

“At midnight?” you raised your eyebrow.

“Aren’t you doing the same thing?” He said as he checked Jongin out from top to bottom.

“Hey speaking of midnight… I should really go and finish studying for this test I have tomorrow…….” Jongin nudged your arm, “I’m assuming this is the fairy, Sort it out.” He whispered in your ear before rushing out the door with his coffee.

Xiumin tilted his head towards the armchairs on the right, telling you to sit down. You grabbed your cupcake and made it to the seat across Xiumin.

“So…….” He took a sip of his coffee.

“Look…..I was wrong. My boyfriend, Sehun? Wasn’t actually cheating on me and I probably screwed it up by-“

“Kissing me?” he interrupted you with a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Yeah that….can we just forget that ever happened? I’d like to get back with my boyfriend.” You peeled the wrapping off your cupcake.

“Thought he was your ex boyfriend” he raised an eyebrow, taking another sip of his coffee.

“Well he is my ex, no wait he is my boyfriend we didn’t break up we just fought. No he’s definitely my boyfriend.” You took a bite from your cupcake.

“Having trouble deciding?” he laughed.

“No no, he’s actually coming over to my dorm right now. we are together.” You looked at him innocently.

“Right ok, Tell you what? Tell me all about your ex boyfriend, ah sorry, boyfriend of yours while I walk you back home.” He hummed.

“It’s a long walk Xiumin-“

“I got time” he smiled at you.

“Alright……then let me just finish my cupcake.” You gave him a sarcastic look.

The walk back to your dorm was awkward. Way more than awkward. Xiumin kept asking weird questions about you and Sehun but seemed to chuckle every time you said something bad. It’s like he knew Sehun or something that he chuckled as if he has known him for years. You had a long talk and he told you about himself too. You were surprised he wasn’t as innocent as he seemed to be. When you’ve finally reached your door it was already 1am and still no sign of Sehun.

“You’re a beautiful girl Y/N. don’t let just any guy treat you like that. You deserve a guy that will make you feel good not only in the bedroom but anytime. And I don’t know if that’s what Sehun is doing from your stories….” Xiumin stopped at your door, leaning his elbow on the door as his fingers caressed his lips.

“He’s a good person I know he doesn’t seem like it from the outside but I promise you he’s a good guy” you assured him with a smile.

“Good guy aside, does he make YOU feel good?” he took a step closer to you.

“I mean…yeah he doe-“

“Let me help you decide” he smiled mischievously at you before attaching his lips on yours.

You instantly fell into his kiss as his arm made its way to your waist to deepen the kiss. The other hand made its way to cup your cheek while his tongue circled yours. His lips moved slow but steady against yours and before you could think about pulling away you were already gone. As said before, Xiumin was a great kisser. Everything about his lips was perfect, the way they felt, the way they moved, the way they tasted. This took you off guard but were you really surprised? He pulled away biting your lower lip before a smirk formed on his now swollen lips.

You opened your eyes and the first thing you saw was a dark figure standing behind Xiumin. Your body froze and your stare was set on him. Xiumin suddenly turned around to face what you were stuck on.

“I’m assuming you’re Sehun?” Xiumin smirked and let out a scoff.

Sehun gave you an empty look before walking over to Xiumin with a smile and a scoff to match. He looked up to meet with Xiumin’s eyes, the smile still on his face.

“You’ve assumed right” Sehun said, wiping his lip with his thumb. With not a second to pass, Sehun clenched his hand into a fist and swung it right in Xiumin’s face. Before Sehun could have another move, Xiumin took a swing of his own, hitting Sehun’s nose. You ran to separate them, screaming at them to stop.  Slowly Sehun got up from the floor, using your hand as an aid. Blood was flowing from Xiumin and Sehun’s lip, both fists were red and swollen. Xiumin looked ready to fight. His gaze was locked on Sehun and his stance was ready for whatever Sehun decided to do next. But instead Sehun just got up and looked at you once.

“If you wanted to be with him since the beginning then you’ve should have just said so.” Sehun nearly whispered, rubbing his swollen hand before turning around and walking away.

Kid Cudi Lyric Starters

“ if i fall, if i die, know i lived it to the fullest ”
“ i’m on the pursuit of happiness ”
“ everything that shine ain’t always gonna be gold ”
“ i’ll be fine once i get it ”
“ i’ll be good ”
“ tell me what you know about dreamin ”
“ you don’t really know about nothin ”
“ tell me what you know about night terrors ? nothing ”
“ you don’t really care about the trials of tomorrow ”
“ you’d rather lay awake in the bed full of sorrow ”
“ i keep stress in my mind ”
“ i look for peace, but see, i don’t attain ”
“ what i need, keeps this silly game we play ”
“ i try to run, but see, i’m not the fast ”
“ i think i’m first but surely finish last ”
“ he’s all alone, some things will never change ”
“ hold the phone ”
“ the pain is deep ”
“ the girl he wants don’t seem to want him too ”
“ it seems the feelings she had are through ”
“ he seems alive though he is feeling blue ”
“ get drunk, make bad decisions ”
“ are you recording this ? ”
“ this is gonna read great in print ”
“ i wanna dip you in chocolate ”
“ let me ask you a question; have you ever had sex with me ? ”
“ oh yeah, nice censor ”
“ she said i don’t spend time like i really should ”
“ she said she don’t know me anymore ”
“ i think she hates me deep down, i know she does ”
“ she wants to erase me ”
“ i keep on running and nothing works, i can’t get away from you ”
“ i keep on ducking you, nothing helps ”
“ i can’t stop missing you ”
“ it’s like i’m her new nightmare, she can’t escape me ”
“ it makes me feel a bit complete ”
“ i missed you so damn much ”
“ i wish we could start over ”
“ no matter where you go, you might see me ”
“ i know i’ve seen you before, but i don’t remember where i seen ya ”
“ oh, i remember now. you’re something that i dreamed of ”
“ sure enough, a week later i’m in extra love ”
“ but all things good gotta come to an end ”
“ the only thing missing at this point is bonified chilling time with you ”
“ i feel your side of the bed and it’s cold ”
“ i want you, girl ”
“ i need your body right here ”
“ won’t you teleport to me ? ”
“ you call out to me through the light ”
“ the moment when i realize it’s all in my mind, it’s the moment i hate the most ”
“ somebody help me ”
“ can i anyone hear me ? ”
“ is there anyone there ? ”
“  i can’t close my eyes without you by my side ”
“ you wanna be one of them ”
“ tell me where you’re going ”
“ tell us where you’re heading ”
“ tell me some of your stories ”
“ tell us of your travels ”
“ i’m on my way to Heaven ”
“ can we tag along ? ”
“ when will the fantasy end ? ”
“ when will the heaven begin ? ”
“ everytime the moon shines i become alive ”
“ i’m feeling strange ”
“ nothing’s right ”
“ i’m feeling stronger, more alert ”
“ i smell a scent, i know i’ll find it soon ”
“ she has the cure ”
“ i hope she saves me from the curse i have to beat ”
“ i am the lone wolf, i’ll go where i wanna ”
“ even when i stray away, the light never left me ”
“ i learned to follow my instinct ”
“ don’t lie to me ”
“ tell me where did you sleep last night ? ”
“ i will shiver the whole night through ”
“ where will you go ? ”
“ i’m going where the cold wind flows ”
“  but his body never was found ”
“ you wanna tell me something ? ”
“ then let it please be true ”
“ what you want from me ? ”
“ will i be satisfied ? ”
“ i found you, now will you be true ? ”
“ if you love soft, then you’ve already lost ”
“ you should let down your guard and follow your heart ”
“ will you build me up just to break me down ? ”
“ i need stability ”
“ i need some consistency ”
“ i can protect you if you protect me ”
“ i’m going blind downhill ”
“ there’s notthing that no one can say ”
“ i’m gonna find my will to live ”

Solaris Kitchen Nightmares: Chapter 1 [AO3]

Characters: Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Jean Havoc/Kain Fuery (background), Ling Yao, Riza Hawkeye, Lan Fan, Frank Archer

Rating: PG-13 ish (language)

Summary: Jean Havoc’s restaurant, Solaris Grill, is in trouble—once a five star affair, he’s now been forced to sell off most of the ownership and profits are nonexistent.

Enter Edward Elric, successful restaurateur and the main, foulmouthed attraction of “Elric’s Kitchen Nightmares,” a program that whips failing restaurants into shape in the bluntest way possible—if he can deal with the mess it’s become and an obnoxious, attractive host who won’t stop flirting with him.

Notes: A MASSIVE THANK-YOU to the FMA 18+ group chat (especially @uchiha-umeko, @gettibucket, @elothere, and @erlenwein, as well as @grandadmiral @moonbelowsea, @yourusernameisunavailable, and @verbosewordsmith; if I forgot anyone I am SO SORRY PLEASE TELL ME) for helping me make this happen and encouraging me and running with the idea to the point where this thing practically fell out of my fingers!  Check out the tumblr tag #Solaris Kitchen Nightmares for updates and art (LIKE THIS ONE)!

If you’re not familiar with the premise of Kitchen Nightmares, watch an episode it’s fantastic you can find a summary of it here, or just read on to find out!  As for Masterchef, it’s just a standard cooking competition, but I smooshed it together with Hell’s Kitchen and made the reward a restaurant, because I can.

“I’m beggin’ you, boss, Solaris needs your help!”

“When I gave you that restaurant, Havoc, I told you I wasn’t gonna hold your hand.”  Ed’s voice was tinged with irritation, but he tried to keep it at a minimum.  He had liked Havoc.  Sort of.  As much as he had ever liked anyone.

“I know, I know.  But it’s not just me—“

“Yeah, and what’s this I hear about you losing it?  You won a goddamn restaurant and then lost it?”

“I didn’t!  We were in a bad spot, and one of my people stepped in and offered to buy me out—“

“So he’s your boss now.”

“I’m a co-owner.”

“Uh huh.”

“Look, I can—I promise, we’ve got a crazy crew down here.  The folks on TV’ll eat it up.  Some people down here could really use a yellin’ at.”

Ed groaned, tipping his head back, staring up at the ceiling.  He had a reputation as a hardass to maintain, but… if this was as complicated as Jean promised, filming would go over schedule, and he really needed an excuse to get out of cooking for that godawful political candidate Ling had thought would make a great publicity stunt.  Yeah, he’d have the man destroyed before the soup course was over, but it would involve shaking his hand.

“Fuckin’ fine.  Consider yourself the next stop on Kitchen Nightmares.”

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Cece Drake is Big A Theory

A while back I was going through some theories I had about who might Big A be… As any good sleuth would do, you check characters off one by one, until I started to examine Cece Drake. I examined just two episodes of her and suddenly it hit me, “Why has no one noticed this before?” I thought to myself, looking at my screen, baffled to the point of disbelief at what I just realized… I think I finally found Big A. And here’s exactly why, from start to finish. 

Lets start with the pilot episode, we know 4 things for certain that happened that night.

1. Cece Drake was there (And I mean… So was the entire town of Rosewood… But moving on…) and met with Melissa Hastings (confirmed not only in flashbacks but from her own mouth) which Jason revealed (then he merely survived a death trap “A” set to shut him up.)

2. At some point that night, not only Bethany Young was buried alive, but so was Alison DiLaurentis… Cece (somehow) knew about both.

3. There were 3 yellow tops out that night: Alison, Bethany, and Cece 

4. Alison got the tapes from the N. A. T. club and locked them away in a storage unit, giving the key to Emily in a snow globe for safe keeping.

Cece tells Alison that her friends should stay over in her beach house in Cape May (revealed in 4x02) but Mrs. DiLaurentis said they’re not staying there… So they moved it to Spencer’s barn. Now, there were two sets of Alison bracelets and three sets of yellow blouses, at this point in time there is still one bracelet and one blouse missing. So, who has it? Sara Harvey. Yep, Sara Harvey, the girl who disappeared the day AFTER everything happened.

Yes, you read that right… Someone killed Sara Harvey, dressed her in Alison’s clothing and bracelet, and buried her in Alison’s place to make everyone think Alison was dead and long gone. The entire thing was one giant mistake… Cece hated Alison and the girls… And she had a right to, they got her kicked out of UPENN, mentally scarring her, they were terrible people and with a good leader they could’ve turned it around… But there were a few huge problems that happened that night. 

1. Bethany was mistakenly killed and buried by Melissa, thinking it was Alison.

2. Alison survived and Mona sheltered her, giving her a fresh start and giving Mona access to Alison’s clothing the night she was buried.

3. Mrs. DiLaurentis witnessed Cece hitting Alison over the head (leading to her ultimate demise which I will get to in a second) and finally…

4. There was WAY too many people out that night that weren’t supposed to be there.

So, the good girl died, the bad girl lived, and a (mostly) innocent girl from another town died because well… She was just an asshole to people and was gonna go anyway.  We can tell that Alison and Bethany were buried in the same place at two completely different times. Bethany was mistakenly killed AFTER Alison because the plot was already dug, if I had to guess who bashed Bethany on the back of  the head so hard to make an indent in her skull my guess would be any number of people who were out that night… Melissa, Cece, Ian… Anyone really. The point was it was a mistake and everything went downhill from there. 

Now, jumping along to the season 2 finale, Mona was revealed as “Original A” and went to Radley… Now let me break down this little monologue for you:

“I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango? They think it’s over, loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”

Okay… Read that again… But this time, let’s break it up in two parts.

“I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango?” -Mona

“They think it’s over, loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?”-Big A who sounds a hell of a lot like Cece (before she even appeared 7 episodes later)

Now, if you don’t believe me, you can listen to the monologue here:

It starts around 5:14 

Now, back to the Physical Proof, which is actually my favorite part… One thing that stumped me more than anything was 4x12 “Now You See Me, Now You Don’t” I thought that had me… How was Cece going to be A, while “helping” Alison being in the Red Coat? Soooo I watched the scene again and this hit me:  

Yeahhhh you see that right arm? Black hoodie under the red coat, she kidnapped Emily and put her in the mill in the black hoodie, then Wonder Woman’d into the red coat to make Ali believe she was on her side. Then somehow got up and was fine? Oh also, you see where the red coat is tied at the waist? That’s where the missing button was from in 4x11 where Spencer, Emily, and Aria were in the crawl space… Cece was the one spying on the DiLaurentis house, in the red coat and Alison mask…

Next, we get to Mrs. DiLaurentis’ murder, which is a hell of a lot easier to explain than most things… So in 4x23 we see Ashley going into Alison’s old room and she starts rummaging through a bag of clothes, she then says “She bought these yesterday" 

External image

Later that Episode, Mrs. DiLaurentis gives a bag to someone in the woods and gives them a bag… An episode later?

Episode 4x24 was pivotal for everyone, all this time Mrs. DiLaurentis thought Alison was dead, that SHE helped murder her… And Cece forced her to do it, so when Mrs. DiLaurentis found out Alison was alive and that she had nothing to hide anymore, she didn’t have to protect Cece anymore… She was going to reveal Cece for everything she had done and Cece couldn’t have that happen. Which is why they found this email from Mrs. DiLaurentis after she was murdered: 

You’re probably wondering how Shana and Ezra found Alison and the girls too, right? There were only two people who knew where they were… Noel and Cece, and Noel was with them so that just leaves our girl Cece. Cece was feeding false information to Ezra for years to help his book, stringing him along so every time he would get close she would cut him off at a dead end. Not to mention, Cece and Ali found Ezra at the same time at a party, Cece knew everyone before they knew themselves. So, Cece told Shana where the girls were, and Cece told Ezra where the girls were, probably as A to set everyone up for a huge failure and someone was going to get shot… 

Getting back to the season 4 finale, Cece got out of custody, told the police where Ali and the girls were, informed Holbrook about Melissa and Spencer, managed to kill Mrs. DiLaurentis, then go to New York and tell Alison… Escaping to Paris. Now, didn’t it seem extremely odd that A seemed to take a nap for a few episodes after Cece left and suddenly came back and everything went to shit again? And speaking of 5x05, Jenna, Sydney, and Mona went out in the woods to meet someone. Ironically, just when A came back.

Side Note: In the preview for the next episode, Holbrook seems pissed off… Well of course he’s pissed off, Cece just gave him false information on a million cases to string him along, letting her (an ACTUAL murderer) go. Didn’t it seem odd that Holbrook went all creepy cop major the minute after he talked to Cece, then brought the Hastings in for questioning about Spencer? These aren’t coincidences people…

Now getting to Mona and who I think killed Mona and why: It was Cyrus. Yes, yes I know, I know… Why Cyrus? What reason would he have to kill Mona? Girl… Calm yourself. Firstly I think Cyrus and Cece are the actual twins on the show, Alison recently revealed that Cyrus called her to meet in the woods. She waited there for hours and came back to see that Mona was murdered, it was a set up from the beginning. Mona had to die, she had to die the minute she betrayed Big A and went back to helping the liars. While Mona was in Radley for confessing to Wilden’s murder (which Cece actually committed and for some reason the entire thing was dropped from existence AFTER Cece’s little talk to Holbrook) she was talking to Wren, he says:

Wren:"Lets take a break, I’ll come back when you’re ready to be honest with me”

Mona: “Why would I do that?”

Wren: “You used to be”

Mona: “Yeah, that was before I learned where your loyalties were.”

Meaning… His loyalties to Cece.

From Wren we learned that Cece and Mona had in fact met, and Cece thought she could “Help” Mona because what Alison put her through was similar and she came out the other side… So, Cece had a way in and out of Radley at will whenever she wanted, which is most likely how she told Mona to bait Toby and bring him into it with his Mothers death. It’s also how she framed Paige, getting him to plant evidence on her.

During Spencer’s meltdown and her time in Radley, she finds out Wren was sneaking her in and he asks who told her that Mona was in there… He answers “Melissa” sooooo here’s the thing, Cece and Melissa are supposed to be huge buddies, they go on vacations together, talk about bodies together, meet in the middle of the night… You know, the whole BFF’s thing. Cece knows she buried someone, but I don’t think she told him about Melissa, she only told him about Spencer and her drug problem causing Holbrook to take Spencer in on a murder charge. Every damn time someone starts asking questions about her she points the finger the other way… She did it for both Paige and Melissa talking about Paige’s rival with Alison and Alison blackmailing Paige about her sexuality, she also said Melissa wanted the pictures that Ali had.

Speaking of which, the way Cece says things, and the information other people have about that night are totally wrong… Spencer says that Cece told Ezra “I watched Spencer and Alison fighting and Mrs. Dilaurentis paid me to keep quiet” but… That didn’t happen because she was supposed to be meeting Melissa to get the pictures from Alison, which Alison says absolutely nothing about, she doesnt even mention seeing Cece the entire night. She said she did get them… But that’s also a lie because Alison had already locked the pictures away in a storage unit. 

So, just a little review: 

Black Hoodie and Black Gloves? Check and Check

Violent Tendencies? Check

Ability to know where everyone is at all times… Check…

External image

And finally… In and out of the picture enough to make you super suspicious about her but you just think “Nahhh”? Check.

Oh btw, don’t you love how absolutely sure Cece was about Mona being dead and Mrs. DiLaurentis being dead after those two things happened while she was supposed to be in Paris? Come on now… And Alison didn’t look like she knew Cece was coming, but I mean… Cece just keeps a spare of Alison masks around for you know… Reasons… 

What Marlene has said about Big A is that she thought of the idea towards the ending of season 2… Okay well, in television you can’t exactly go back and un-do everything and put things in. But what you CAN do is incorporate characters in flashbacks to tie them into it. Cece was the only person added to the cast that has a direct connection to every single person on the show and who they directly tie into, like the frat party referenced in 1x18 that got Cece kicked out of UPenn, and even the Pilot episode and beyond. Well I think you’ve done enough reading, so I have some old theory videos that still outline the physical proof… But listen to the facts over here and discard the others. If I think of anything else, I’ll post some more :)

Part 1 Theory Video:

Part 2 Theory Video:

Just Let Me Know || Jungkook || Oneshot

Originally posted by sugapokmybutter

Word Count: 1904

Genre: oneshot, angst

Summary: I’m making a series of angst oneshots based on “Let Me Know”

The apartment was small and probably wasn’t meant to be shared by two people so it was always cramped but it wasn’t bad. His things were always squished next to yours and yours were always hanging haphazardly off of his. He was hardly ever home but the apartment never failed to feel cozy because you knew he would come back and hold you in his strong arms again. You two would cuddle on the bed and he would hum to you softly until you had fallen asleep and then he’d curl against your neck, breathing your scent in as he fell asleep too. You two fought so hard to get here so every moment was a treasured moment.

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