too bad about the art but it was still good

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Can you sell me on the Throne of Glass series? Cause your art makes it look like a phenomenal story but every time I look it up I see bad reviews, mostly criticizing the main character. Something about how she acts spoiled rather than a hardened assassin. Or that she's too boy crazy? I figured I'd get the scoop from a fan of the series I trust. Also it goes without saying your art is crazy good and got me looking up throne of glass to begin with!

Well. GOSH! Let me see what I can do here.

(I try not to get too wrapped up in reviews before I read a book. Some of my most beloved books will still get trash reviews (along with all the excellent ones) and it’s funny how we always find ourselves focusing on the bad ones?)

I guess I’m just saying try not to let that taint your opinion before you even start!

Straight off the bat: I fricken LOVE Throne of Glass, clearly. 

I wouldn’t say Celaena is spoiled (she earns her keep and spends it on whatever she likes god damn it)… although, she is absolutely aloof, outlandish, full of bravado and swag™

I once read a super great comment saying that if Celaena were a man, no one would bat at an eye at her cocky attitude. I personally find that refreshing as fuck. I think if you immediately dislike her upon starting the series… it probably won’t end well, but maybe give her a chance? She’s no wallflower.

I can never recommend this series without saying: keep reading. Keep reeeeeeeeading! Sarah started this series when she was SO young… and the story matures and matures as you work your way through the books, and eventually, you get to see underneath a lot of the bravado. 

Whenever I re-read this series I always start again from book 3: Heir of Fire. The first two books are really good fun, but I don’t think you get to the meat of who Celaena really is (hi everyone who’s read it, hi!) until this book. Heir of Fire is my favourite in the series (so closely followed by Queen of Shadows). It’s one of the most cathartic books I’ve ever read and I re-read it at any opportunity. I AM ALL ABOUT THE HEALING BOOKS, OKAY. I enjoyed the series, but didn’t fall head over heels for it until book 3.

Oh. And she’s not boy crazy, not to me. I think some readers literally cannot handle a pro tag moving on from their ship, that’s all. It’s something that comes up often with Throne of Glass but honestly, I love Sarah all the more for that. Give me all those protags doing what’s right for them!

All just my opinions of course :)

Artist please be aware!

This guy come to my messages to ask for an art trade. Since the drawing on his gallery are pretty bad, but very messy too and I didn’t was sure they were him, I asked for their drawings

He become very  harsh, so I explained, still politelly

He, still very rude, showed me some drawings, very good ones.

So I reverse search these images to found the artist. I found her on DA (I don’t have DA account so that’s why I asked a friend to talk to her)

So, this post is to warn you about this particular user (they can change the url or avatar so thats why I didn’t directly mentioned them), but also, be carefull with people like that, don’t be fooled!

And if you can, spread this so artist don’t get swindle by this user or anyone similar! That will be nice!

willy wonka and the inventor mindset

roald dahl’s books, as fondly as i feel about them, have a habit of conflating good and evil with being good or bad at appreciating aesthetic things—just a bit too much.* what i like about charlie and the chocolate factory, but even more so about willy wonka and the chocolate factory (the 1971 movie adaptation) is that it gets much more specific about what exactly it thinks aesthetic appreciation does and doesn’t look like. so you have wonka, who is a kind of “perfect” creator. and you have charlie, who is a “perfect” consumer. and then you have this whole cast of characters that get taxonomized by their ability to appreciate wonka’s inventions.

*(matilda in matilda and charlie in charlie and the chocolate factory are both good-hearted children, mistreated and deprived by a world of tv-watching, cake-gorging philistines. the foxes in the fantastic mr. fox are starved by evil farmers, so they steal chicken and ham to have an enormous banquet. the big friendly giant in the bfg is tragically forced to subsist on the awful snozzcumber, but gets triumphantly served a delicious breakfast at the end. hell, james lives in a giant peach. we know the witches in the witches are evil because they do perverse things to food, eating pea soup and plotting to lace the candies in sweet shops with poison. the villains in his stories are, without fail, the greedy, small-minded and gluttonous. sensitive appreciators versus abusive authority.)

the “bad” young people, for example, consume unthinkingly, with the entitlement of never having been denied anything. the “bad” middle generation is too preoccupied with image and success to care about appreciation (the overworked parents). and the oldest generation is complacent and isolated (the bedbound grandparents). by contrast, the “good” young person (charlie) savors his chocolate. the “good” middle person, wonka, is a workaholic in the service of something beautiful. and the “good” older person, joe, has a flexible mind still capable of childlike wonder. (all present-day jokes about what a jackass joe actually is aside)

in willy wonka the people who are bad at art constantly attempt to prove their expertise, except their boasting only reveals how much they care about the wrong or trivial things. their motivations are egoistic. so on the surface, someone like violet “loves” gum, is always talking about the properties of gum—flavor, how long it lasts—but what she really wants is to be the authority of gum. when wonka tries to warn violet away from his experimental gum, she declares: “so long as it’s gum, then that’s for me.” and proceeds to authoritatively narrate her own transformation into a human blueberry.

some more ways that ego interferes with appreciation:

1. confident wrongness

WONKA: Now, don’t get overexcited!  Don’t lose your head, Augustus!  We wouldn’t want anyone to lose that!  Yet.  Now, the combination … This is a musical lock.  (He plays the opening to Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro.”)

MRS. TEEVEE (decisively): Rachmaninoff.

2. irrelevant boasting

WONKA:  My dear Veruca, what a pleasure.  And how pretty you look in that lovely mink coat.

VERUCA: I’ve got three others at home.

3. cruelty or evasion in order to preserve authority

MR. TURKENTINE: What do you think [this chemical mixture] makes?

CHARLIE: I don’t know, sir.

MR. TURKENTINE: Of course you don’t know.  You don’t know because only I know.  If you knew and I didn’t know, then you’d be teaching me instead of me teaching you.  And for a student to teach his teacher is presumptuous and rude. Do I make myself clear?

CHARLIE: Yes, sir.

4. treating the unknown as “weird” or “disgusting” or trivial

MIKE: Boy, what weird looking coat hangers.


MR. SALT: What is this, Wonka?  Some kind of fun house?


MRS. GLOOP: What a disgusting, dirty river.

MR. SALT: It’s industrial waste, that.  You’ve ruined your watershed, Wonka.  It’s polluted.

WONKA: It’s chocolate.

VERUCA: That’s chocolate?!?

CHARLIE: That’s chocolate.

VIOLET: A chocolate river.

GRANDPA JOE: That’s the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen.

what’s peculiar about willy wonka is that superficially, wonka himself is quite egoistic. he’s obscure, and glib, and his teasing would be nearly cruel if the people were capable of detecting that he was teasing. this is a very different quality for a “good” authority figure in a dahl story to have. wonka does not have the motherly kindness of miss honey or the grandmother in the witches. i would call the book wonka impish, but the movie one is downright trollish. i’m not even sure if dahl would endorse him.

compare this wonka exchange with the one charlie had with his chemistry teacher:

WONKA: (as he mixes a concoction) Invention, my dear friends, is ninety-three percent perspiration, … six percent electricity, … four percent evaporation, … and two percent butterscotch ripple.  

(He tastes.)

MRS. TEEVEE: That’s a hundred and five percent!

MR. SALT: Any good?

wonka is being undeniably evasive. he doesn’t expect the people to understand his process, and so he doesn’t share it. he doesn’t even bother to have patience. but unlike the chemistry teacher’s evasion, which is a wall that you can breach with flattery or obedience (ego things), wonka’s acts as a kind of filter. the right person will notice that wonka’s flippancy is the real explanation of his invention process. he is saying: the specifics of this experiment do probably matter, but actually telling you the specifics would just lead you to cargo cult the wrong things (imagine: people writing in moleskines because hemingway did), but here is the attitude that helps me discover the right process. he is saying: if you can think in this magical, imaginative, irreverent way that values beautiful things, you can probably make beautiful things too. people who are good at art, who are good at inventing, are often characterized by this kind of disguised dismissal. that quality that says, simultaneously: “you don’t deserve my seriousness yet” and “but i am giving you an invitation to play.” people that are cargo-culting the impatience of the competent do not leave these sorts of openings. they have no desire to be actually understood because if they were understood it would be clear that their motivations had to do with ego and not making something good.

the utter disappointingness of most of the golden ticket winners makes wonka’s impatience sympathetic. it’s understandable. but i wouldn’t say that the movie advocates it, exactly, and i wouldn’t say that i do either. it’s a side-effect of the good thing, but meanness is not itself the good thing. i say this because the end of the movie strikes an interestingly upsetting emotional tone. wonka yells at charlie, and it hurts because we know that charlie is good, and wonka is supposed to recognize that. his impatience was only supposed to be for people who don’t get it, not charlie. what good is wonka’s filter if even charlie wouldn’t make it through? and if wonka values joy and whimsy so much, why would he be bothered by charlie playing with the fizzy lifting drinks? but wonka is surrounded by half objects during this scene—half a clock, half a cup, half a hat—and we understand that wonka is just half-done person himself. imperfect, not magic, and lashing out because a boy he was hopeful about disappointed him (about the gobstopper, to be clear, not the fizzy lifting drinks). it complicates the bichromatic morality of dahl’s books, in other words, while still nakedly valuing the sincere appreciation of beautiful things. 

(EDIT: i was talking to my brother and he/we had the additional insight that wonka being disappointing to charlie and/or the audience conveys the idea that being disappointed in your idols–the way wonka is disappointed in everyone else–is a key, painful process of developing your own artistic attitude. maybe you don’t even feel disappointed, but simply aware that the idol cares about something you don’t, or in a way that you think is wrong. and you feel motivated to improve on them.)

There are a lot of different types of freedom. We talk about freedom the same way we talk about art, like it is a statement of quality rather than a description. ‘Art’ doesn’t mean good, or bad. 'Art’ just means art. It can be terrible and still be art. Freedom can be good, or bad, too. There can be terrible freedom. You freed me and I didn’t ask you to; I didn’t want you to. I am more free now than I have ever been and I am spiraling.
—  Alice Isn’t Dead Ep. 2, Joseph Fink
Sorry, small rant incoming


Listen to me. ALL ART IS BEAUTIFUL! The reason some artists are better than others is because they put so much time and practice into getting where they are today. They didn’t just magically become good over night. I’ve spent YEARS drawing and I’m still not good enough. I’m always looking for ways to improve my art. And YOU SHOULD TOO. Stop complaining about it and actually do something about it. Complaining is not gonna get you anywhere, but hard work will.

Here’s what you can do to improve your art:
-Draw daily
-Ask for help
-Look at references
-Critique your own work
-And for the love of GOD don’t complain.

When other people complain about how their art is shitty to professional or popular artists, they feel terrible afterwards because they feel like they didn’t accomplish anything when they finish a piece they are proud of. So please.

DON’T GIVE UP. Art takes time and patience. LOTS of it. You’ll make it!

Creepypasta #1162: Uncle Jeb's Cupcakes

Length: Short

Uncle Jeb makes the best cupcakes. Don’t ask me how. The man isn’t delicate or feminine in any way what-so-ever, not that that’s what it takes to be a good baker but you get what I’m sayin’. 

We live in southern Appalachia so what’s accepted and what ain’t is sometimes a bit backwards from the national average or what-have-you. But in spite of his mountain-man look, his grizzled gray beard, and his turn of the century gold miner appearance, his cupcakes are divine. That’s what Preacher Holden says. Deee-vine.

Everybody asks him his secret and he always just kinda smiles and shakes his head.

“Caint tell ya,” he says and Aunt Telly agrees.

“Old coot won’t even tell me how he does it. Shoos me outta my own kitchen when he gets to bakin’.”

And people laugh but it’s true. They win awards at the fair and I swear to Sonny Jesus sometimes people are excited or very nearly so when a loved one dies or somethin’ bad happens just because of the chance to get some of Uncle Jeb’s cupcakes. That may be a exaggeration or it mayn’t.

Now, I don’t know how familiar you all are with pastries and what not but there ain’t too much variation to it. It’s more a science than a art and anything good coming out of a oven has been achieved through a simple following of the rules of the recipe and so I figger Uncle Jeb has to have some sorta secret ingredient or somethin’.

Those good at describin’ such things talk about texture and a “mouth feel”, whatever that is. I’m still thinking he may have some imported sugar or flour from some other such place.

Uncle Jeb’s regular job, if it can be called such, is as a taxidermist. Skinnin’ and stretchin’ hides all day and makin’ them animals look good even in death makes him some kinda artist, I guess. I ‘member askin’ him one time when I was younger what he did with all the animals’ bones that he pulled out and he only smiled and shook his head.

“Caint tell ya,” he said.

And when I asked him why he roasted the bones in a big ol’ oven and then ground ‘em up I got the same answer.

None a that really matters I guess ‘cause it still don’t show why come he’s such a good baker and all. I’ll figger it out one a these days. I guess it really don’t matter none. They are some dang good cupcakes. Deee-vine.

Credits to: 39thversion

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What are your thoughts on the newest illustration by Ishida. Yet another illustration of Touka looking out the window

A new picture by Ishida has been released does it mean that the Touken talk will go bad? 

hey!! what do you think about the new touka art ishida did and the lyrics ??? have a good day~~ ❤️

Hello many anons! To anon number 3, thank you very much, have a good day too!

Where are you? I'll be by the window.
What are you doing? I have not done anything

The same story / Humbert Humbert

(Translation provided by Google Translate, but the lyrics still make sense, so.)

Worry not anon number 2, I don’t think this is a vision of the future. It’s more likely to be an expression of Touka’s feelings both when she was waiting for him when he was Haise, and also when Kaneki placed her behind the front lines for the latest operation. Although her hair is :re hair, it’s fair to say that the picture and the lyrics are an accurate reflection of her feelings ever since Kaneki left Anteiku. 

The art and lyrics express Touka’s feelings of powerlessness. When Kaneki left Anteiku, Kaneki turned down her offer of help (which would have been futile anyway since her kakuhou was so badly damaged) and then avoided her out of a misguided attempt to protect her. When Kaneki ‘died’ during the Anteiku raid, Touka blamed herself for not going to help like she had originally intended. When Kaneki returned as Haise, she had the power to help him regain his memories - only it was not so simple, because both she and Kaneki believed he would be better off without them. So even when Touka did have power, she decided not to use it. Now that they have been reunited at last, Touka hoped for a chance to really, truly help him, but Kaneki placed her in a safe position while he went into the midst of battle.

A lot of the time Touka is in the dark about where Kaneki is and what he is doing - “Where are you?” “What are you doing?” - and she feels as though she can only try to catch glimpses of Kaneki from afar without being a part of his life - “I’ll be by the window”. She is frustrated with the passivity she always finds herself in - “I have not done anything”.

Basically Ishida is prepping our feels for the Touken talk (which might even be next chapter????) This is a subject that will definitely be addressed.

i legit want 40k to survive, survive as in last another maybe 20 years and not die out as a hobby people from the 90s really liked, problem is the community isnt very inclusive (not everybodys bad, its a solid 40/60, there are more nice people than there are bad). its still hard for women, poc, lgbt people to get into hobbies like 40k, not bc theyre “hippies” who cant handle it (somebody legit said this - about a glorified action figure hobby) but bc these dusty farts are so fucking hostile, like 40k (this hobby where you collect small plastic dolls and move them around on a table) is some sacred cow that cannot be touched by the dirty dorito dusted fingers of a younger generation. the most friction ive gotten was from old, salty 30-40 year olds who would much rather let the hobby die with them than allow anything new, fresh, creative or exciting to happen to the setting. i cant have fun with 40k, i cant joke around and call it satire (btw 40k was supposed to be satire when it was made), i cant use millennial lingo bc its silly and 40k is so fucking serious all the gotdamn time (”“ol one eye”“)

maybe there is some fear that inclusion of new ideas might push out familiar things that many old fans have come to love - but with change that is to be expected. the setting needs to adapt to survive, it cant cater to an older generation, not forever, bc when that generation goes, thats it, 40k goes too.    i dont want that . i want that when im 60 years old ill still be talking about the lore and the models and the stories and i want the younger generation to enjoy it as much as i did.

but its not all bad though, the community is getting bigger and more diverse, theyre the ones writing fanfiction with women/poc/lgbt, theyre the ones creating art and putting out new ideas. the survival of the setting will rely on them and its all really good to see.

Art Progress (old art under cut)

I’ve gotten a lot of asks recently about my art progress and I’m noticing (pretty often) it’s from either young or older beginning artist that compare themselves now to where I am currently in my art journey, and buddy I am here to tell you I started off ‘bad’ too!

Things didn’t start ‘clicking’ for me until near the very end of college, and again not until my late 20′s to now. Hell I’m STILL learning how to do things. I’ll be learning for the rest of my life. My big jumps came when I stopped trying to make ‘good/perfect’ art, and just started really practicing and finishing things. I started giving myself permission to make art I thought was ‘bad’ or ‘didn’t come out right’ and started realizing that I was learning with every piece, and that’s okay! It’s a hard mindset to get into, but if I can get better at art, so can you! It just takes time!

So here’s some old art under the cut, in chronological order!

Keep reading

I get why everyone is talking about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun since both the anime and manga is really good but why is no one I’ve seen talking about Tsubaki Izumi’s previous manga??? Oresama teacher is like a gold mine of bad jokes + the main character is a previous banchou and a total sweetheart like- 

look at her

(also she has to crossdress sometimes!!)

All characters are as great tho

(There’s lots of serious fights too tho!)

The cover art is gorgeous

and also we have Usa-chan Man!

It’s still ongoing but I’ve read it like two times. It has 105 chapters so far

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Hey, in that previous post you mentioned you learned stuff to help with art block/self-confidence problems. If you don't mind sharing, I'd be really interested in hearing what you do to get around that sort of thing.

Hi! This is all fairly specific to Me Myself And I but I’d love to share some of this stuff on the off-chance anyone finds it helpful, so here we go!

I usually classify “art block” as being a period of time in which I’m either unable to complete a drawing without getting frustrated, or I find that every piece I can complete is below my usual standards, which sucks! A common thing that happens to me here is that I try to start drawings, but I find it really difficult to create something out of nothing. I’m quick to discard attempts and lose hope, as nothing I can make lives up to my standard. This turns into a cycle, I feel inadequate, art sucks, I’m a hack, etc, etc. So, it’s a lot easier if I can change some of these circumstances, like this:

  1. Drawing by building on something that’s already there: Usually I do this by laying down blocks of flat colour and drawing over them, or by digging up old sketches and working on them, drawing over old pictures, this kind of thing. Most recently, I’ve been taking pictures of low-quality sketches in my notebooks and fixing them up digitally. The point is to build on a pre-existing foundation, and I like to just keep chipping away at these pictures, adding and refining. It ends up being more like a calming exercise than anything else, which is nice.
  2. Removing the “stakes” of drawing: Because I’m frustrated by being unable to share my art when the quality is poor or drawings are unfinished, I like to try and change my perspective on this - I draw on cheap paper, fill notebooks, and I don’t allow myself to erase any of it. I set rules: nobody will see these drawings, nothing will be erased. Make it self-indulgent, make it ugly, stay in your comfort zone, branch out. If a picture goes bad, I move on and draw a new one, and then another, and then another. I think this way, without focusing on the end result and instead becoming absorbed in the process, it can be a useful refresher on what drawing actually is, and why it’s fun.

That point about stakes is what helps me with self-confidence, too - it’s very easy to get caught in a loop of drawing, posting, checking feedback, drawing, posting, rinse, repeat. When this happens to me, my perception of the drawings’ reception ends up directly influencing what and how I draw, and it’s almost always negative. Which isn’t to say the feedback itself is negative, but when I draw thinking solely of the end result it seems to corrupt the whole process and I lose perspective on why I’m drawing in the first place. This kind of thought process goes a little like “I’m going to draw X because people will like X”, but in the end, no matter the result, I’ll be unhappy.

I try to divert this by creating a delay between drawing and posting - during this time I’ve emotionally distanced myself a little. That’s not a bad thing. It just means I’ve formed a solid personal opinion on the quality of the art which isn’t dependent on the reception, so even if the post flops, I’m still proud of the work. That ultimately does me a lot of good because I end up becoming more self-confident in the quality of my work and aware of my own standards. Then, when I share it, it’s not “Do you like this?”, it’s “I like this and I wanted you to see it too”. I think that’s a good way to think about a lot of things.

Sorry for the long post, and I hope something here helps!!

a pretty tough week for bellarkers! cheer up, guys! i was wrecked too, but i see all the writers keep writing new amazing fanfics, artists keep making awesome arts, bloggers keep writing wonderful metas, the lovely gifs still pours, it’s not just all about the tv show or the casts anymore to me, there’s YOU guys, i’m in this ship for US, whatever happens tomorrow or next season, good or bad, we’ll be okay.

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Requests? TH!Palette if it is okay! (And I still love your art X3)

@lildreemurr3 @kuroda42

Sorry, I haven’t really been in the mood for drunken tumbles lately. If you have an questions in the meantime, feel free to hit up my askhole.

 I might be up for up for some art trades too since it’s been a while since I’ve done anything besides doobles. 

Oh, and I’ve been trying to tag stuff better. Some tags of interest might be (these are still a work in progress) :

Design Notes - me talking about my own arts

Mythos - short mini mythologies usually in (bad) prose

Cute - things that are cute for no good goddamn reason. Mostly not pokemon.

Lady - I also did gents

Progeny - usually children of the Dim Ones, or their creations.

Eldritch - Idk what this word really means, so I use it for things that are “immensely alien”

Body Horror - too many of something, or not enough of another.

Drew bed head laurens. He seem happy about something, I guess he got a sweet good morning text from Alex. Too bad when he found out what Alex did he gonna be saddd ;^; also no lines are frustrating, this is my second drawing that I did without using any lines to guide anything 😅…. I still don’t know how to draw hands or face lol

I wanted to make a proper post for Fannibal Appreciation Day, but sadly I am buried under work, so I am going to have to keep this fairly short.

First off, massive shout out to @victorineb for being, I believe, the first person to welcome me and the lifeblood of this fandom. You do so much to support so many people. It seems like every time I read a new fic you’v been there before be and have left wonderful, thoughtful, engaging feedback. I don’t know how you do but you are great.   

Shout out to @mrsmusicaddict and @niakantorka for similar reasons. And @astrobravo, who I have only recently started speaking with but I am sure we are going to be great friends. 

Shout out to @diea-kierlyn, loved hanging out with you, looking forward to doing it again, friend, and to more of your “Will and Hannibal kill Space Nazis” fic. 

Love to @fataldrum, @marsqueerianh and @byjove-cannibalcove for being excellent friends, ditto @blind-inviting-alleys. @byjove-cannibalcove is a fucking gift and an endless fountain of excellent ideas. Thanks for putting up with me, guys. <333

I’ve known @sparkyhero for years, and I’ve always adored your work, and I’m so glad that you are in this fandom too. I still think about that pic you drew of Hannibal in the crop top and laugh, and I still look at the gift art you gave me for Identically Different feel overwhelmed and happy.

isn’t active in the HANNIBAL but you know that I love your OC and headcanons and have such a great time talking to you about stuff. @bawdydysmorphia ditto isn’t really in the fandom but it’s so much fun to Yell about good and bad things with you as well. 

Thanks to @red-earth-rising for writing the Socialist Cannibals fic that I always wanted but never quite dared to do myself.  

@hanfangrahamk (<3333), @felidfannibal (LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH!), @devereauxsdisease (I still think about Will’s chest of keepsakes all the time), @toni-of-the-trees (your art gives me so much happiness) @electrarhodes (<3333), @damnslippyplanet, @saintsavage, @insanereddragon, @sokuria, @mrsgurgle, @honey-spice-plaid and so many people that I am sure I am forgetting. 

Love you guys!

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*pokes Olive with a stick to see if she is still alive*

Just sleeping ! 

I am thinking a lot about her story ! Changing and adding new chapters and new characters !

The next update takes a lot of time because the sketches I did for it are months old and I hate them but I don’t have the strenght to do everything all over again.

I cringe a lot about this blog. I did stuff I am ashamed to have done in the past and makes me want to hide in a corner and ignore this blog. ( I can’t ignore it long tho ! This blog is full of good things too ! )

I think I will need some help too. I don’t feel comfortable asking people I don’t know to help me with my own blogs. i usually ask friends for help but I don’t want to burden them and prefers to an guest update trade. An update for an update.

I finally feel a bit better about my art again! Life is still trying to kill me with stress and exhaustion and bad news but nothing new eh !

So yeah, I am slowly working on the update and I am very excited about the next NEXT update ! Violet helped me a lot with her point of view and advices ! She is so nice and talented gosh !!!

So yeah ! I am working a tiny bit on it everyday and it is slowly forming something ! Tho It is not a very exciting update ! A calm one before the storm ! 

But if I do it I will finally be closer to the drama !

Without Permission

I know that when I put my art in here means ppl free to look at it and saved it. But that doesn’t mean I gave anyone permission to repost them (especially without credit) somewhere else. I have a bad memory when I was still a small blog with a small fandom. No one wants to help me and my concern was brushed away by the Facebook Page’s admin. I even found out about it by accident. I was so sad after a confrontation that I didn’t make any art for almost eight months.

Now that I have a good enough of a blog, ppl started recognize me and my arts more. More ppl care about my works too. I love it, I love you guys. I could never say thank you enough for every reblogs, asks, messages and comments.

But please, if you want to repost my work or any artist you like, please, please asked the creator first. It’s not only rude, you’re completely insulting them. You didn’t pay respect towards them. If you make something, anything at all and ppl just grab them and put them on display without your consent, how would you feel?

I hope everyone get this. Thank you.

About my fanbook.

I believe some of you still remember this picture I drew a long time ago.

Yes, it’s done, I finished this book, like, last month.

I was thinking about to make an comic-book, unfortunately the idea of me thinking “how Breakdown had met Knocout” is getting bigger and bigger…

I was thinking maybe I can make this book into a English version so you guys can see what I did to Knockout in this book.

Another bad story: I couldn’t stop typing, so this is book became an fan fiction.

I know, I want to do that too….I wanted to translate this book into English version.

But, it’s like…100,000 Chinese words.

I really really wanna do that… but I can’t. The meaning of the words will change, and it’s quite hard for me to do the translate work. Even though I am currently study in US, however translate a whole fiction is not that simply.

Yea that’s what it looks like in real. It’s…not really thick, since it’s only 100,000 words.

Oh, okay, here’s the good news, and another not-too-bad news.

Since I was thinking of make a comic book, yes, I made 22 pages ending for this fiction.

I know you would curious about this little Breakdown, here’s the story of this book: KO still alive after the war, working in a clinic, a bot who named SwitchBlade (hope you guys still remember him from TFU lol) told KO a tiny sparkling is looking for him. Primus had decided to let them reborn, but most of them won’t remember their name from their last death-life.

Oh about the good news? 

I decided to make this 22 pages comic into English version.

Not-too-bad news?

It’s too late for me to print them out……

…So now I’m looking for a website and a place that I could sell digital art work. I never tried Deviant-Art, feel free to tell me any useful website, thanx!


The book (I mean the whole book) is like 174 pages, included 22 pages comic, I decided to sell the rest of them after two conventions in China…One is Transformers Only in Shanghai another is called SlashOnly that host in Beijing. Some of ppl were really interested to buy them even the book is written in Chinese, that’s the reason I decided to sell the rest of them….and….

However, they are all sold out.

Yes, sold out, which is kinda scared the hell out of me.

Back to the price, the whole book….okay I already talked about that… 174 pages for 15 dollars. (but its sold out already.)

I haven’t decided the price for comic part… probably around 8-10, really dunno. And if my sophomore is getting crazy I won’t be able to take care of this.

I dunno, I really dunno, my future is a blank paper, I had some problem I need to deal with, I feel tired. Like tired for everything. Mostly.

But no matter what, I wish you are happy.

Thank you for reading.

anonymous asked:

(1) I'm going to admit something. I never watched season 2 because by the time I was able to, I heard how disappointing it was compared to how the creators hyped it up. They talked about how it would explore Lance more and exploring sexuality in season TWO and it didn't happen. I was upset because he was my favorite character and I was looking forward to it. I stopped writing vld fanfics too, and while I keep updated in fan art, I fell out of love with the show because the creators kinda lied.

Well I think you should give it a chance. It wasn’t bad. It’s only disappointing if you have certain expectations, but I still think that it’s a good show.