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Desperate Measures.. to @sigmasurge , @fuckyoubrian696 , and Anon. Bet y’all thought I’d forgotten about this last Kiss prompt ;P. Sorry for taking so long.

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One of the most unheralded, evocative spots in DCA is also one you can so easily never see and I am sure most folks just miss entirely since don’t walk behind things to get near it - a simple stretch of beach with wooden fencing viewing the boardwalk, like you’d see in Monterey or many other coastal towns. Too bad the rest of the area isn’t this intrinsically appealing…..

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at a high school friend’s eighteenth she had pres for everyone from school she had invited which was around 20/25 people so we were all drinking and some speeches before everyone else came and i was talking to the girl’s mum who i’ve known since i was four years old and she whispered to me “before everyone arrived i just went on the balcony, smoked a j, i’m feeling good” like me too leisa you bad bitch and god like there were park blowjob stories and shit in the speeches and her mum was just loving it.

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Hello, I was wondering if you could explain to me what Uncle Andy had said/done to make everyone hate him? I don't mean to be ignorant, I just haven't seen the episode and I can't find it anywhere, and I wanna hate him too I just don't know what he did.

This video should help explain it, the comments he makes towards the end about “illegal aliens” and “not even marrying an American” are kinda eeughh. I think people with immigrant families found this especially bad, although I wont speak for them. I will say he is a fairly realistic character, cuz we all know assholes like that, but also kinda unnecessary?? I also think the fact that we had an entire 22 min special pretty much dedicated to this character is also really annoying when everyone was hyped up for something more plot heavy.

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Which bros are bad at texting? Who uses too many ellipses? Who communicates almost entirely with emojis? Who dramatically declares their love for their S/O at 3am? (Noctis is king of sending weird pictures with no context, in my mind)

Thank you for indulging me with asks I always appreciate it. On with the show!

Noctis: This is a guy who’s text messages… are all lower case and he never uses punctuation so all of his texts are just one huge run on sentence but he doesn’t care cause hes half asleep through most of his texts anyway in reality you hope youre never on the receiving end of something long cause holy hell this boy needs to learn how to use a period

Prompto: You know those people who can only use emojis and get their point across? That’s Prompto. He can send and have almost an entire conversation in emojis. It’s things like this that tick off Ignis the most.  I am 📉 for 🍨 later! I want 🍓.

Gladio: Gladio is one of those people that WILL FORGET THAT HIS CAPS LOCK KEY IS TURNED ON. One message will be fine. THEN THE NEXT WILL BE SCREAMING IN ALL UPPERCASE TEXT. It drives Noctis nuts. 

Ignis: Ignis’ typing style is very…Mary Poppins if she would text? Practically perfect in every way? He uses perfect grammar, perfect punctuation, perfect everything. He’s the one pointing out grammar mistakes for the rest of the three and never uses emojis. Ever. If you receive an emoji from Ignis, assume someone’s taken his phone.

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is it bad that a Really big pet peeve of mine is people saying the word "transgendered"? it just Annoys me to no end like i get that its probably a mistake but *sighing*

Nope, bothers me too. 

King of Pain Pt. IV

A/N: Lots of action in this installment, I’m really enjoying this story it’s coming very easy to me to write. Hope you guys enjoy it too!

Previously: I, II, III

“Dammit.” You curse. This was bad news. “How close are they?” You ask the messenger.

“You still have time before the reach the kingdom if you leave soon, though I think the King has proclaimed that he will recall his troops if you agree to his request,” He informs.

“Bastard,” You say under your breath. “Let them know that I’m coming, I won’t be far behind you I just need to gather my things,” You direct him. He leaves in a hurry and you’re left to explain this mess to Kylo.

“Y/N, what’s going on? You’re under attack, I didn’t think someone like you would have any enemies?” Kylo queries.

“You’re wrong, I have many enemies. Most of them men like Hux who thought they were somehow entitled to marry me, believing they could run my kingdom better than me,” You explain.

“That explains a lot about you, no wonder you’re so adamant,” Now he felt like he understood why you rejected him like that, and it made him regret his forwardness, he shouldn’t have been so impulsive with you.

“Yes, to be honest I don’t even really know why I even gave you a chance, you’re just like the rest of them,” You sigh. It wasn’t really true, but upon reflection you were beginning to have your doubts about Kylo. You thought that maybe you’d give him the benefit of the doubt to probe for his intentions with you. Though a part of you believed that he truly liked you, you felt the need to close yourself off from him so that he couldn’t hurt you like Hux had.

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Oh boy

So I have a friend, who is the most sweet, pure, virgin, vanilla, innocent cinnamon roll I have ever met (Doesn’t drink, doesn’t swear, doesnt watch porn, has no discernable sex drive; I am 10000% sure she has no kinks), and this week the poor summer child has said the following things to me:

1. “I don’t really have a type. Chubby guys maybe? They’re better to cuddle.” 

Me: “….You know…some people might interpret that as a kink.” 

“What??? Why???” 

2. “I just feel so bad for people on diets. Like, why would you do that to yourself?”

3. “Annie, I just want to eat EVERYTHING.”

4. “This dress was too big when I got it, but it fits perfect now! Perks of gaining weight!”

And the entire time I’m just like 

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Pilot can I just say that everytime i look at your art I'm blown away just by how youre pregreasing in leaps and bounds! Like I know as an artist you might not see it but I can see just how good youre getting and I'm sorry if this is a little weird but I feel really proud of you as a fellow artist. Dude just keep drawing cause I'm excited to see what you put out

thank you so much! i feel like i’ve been doing a lot better with painting and color picking, two things i felt were very weak before! now im doing better with backgrounds too! i still have weaknesses, i rely very heavily on references but i dont think thats a bad thing exactly and my character interaction is still weak as well as placing characters in environments, but im working on it and its getting better all the time! messages like this mean a lot to me, i get worried that im not progressing sometimes but i know that i am ^u^

honestly, shout out to @tides-miraculous, they always make time for my questions and i owe a lot of my progress to them i believe 

Important Waldi news

No, he’s not leaving.

But he’s not entirely healthy at the moment. We’ve always struggled with everything from his fetlocks down, sometimes having short-durated infections. They always seemed to tone down and didn’t seem to bugger Waldi for too long. We left it how it was, hoping his feet would sort themselves.

They did, for a while.

Somehow, sadly enough, it worsened during this autumn and winter. So much so that he was in pain when in strenuous work and activity, not quite limping or anything, but stepping in short and walking out of rhythm.

I figure I am young and unsure, I didn’t call the vet as fast as I probably should have. I had hoped that it would tone down with rest, better weather, and care.

It hasn’t. So I called the vet this Thursday, nearly ensuing an anxiety attack on me because I suck at caring for things.

The vet came and… confirmed that it was bad now. Poor thing is in more pain than I thought, he just could hide it very well.

Anyway, we have a treatment schedule now, hoping we can fix whatever I let happen to my bay bae.
To point out good things: it isn’t a terrible condition, his muscles and tendons are perfectly fine, and it’s just his hindlegs. We know what is causing the pain and we can set out some ways to cure it.

As for the future; I trust that Waldi will get better. There are many solutions and treatments.
It’s just that that’s what’s dragging me down and under the past month, and mostly these past days, and you had the right to know why I wasn’t as active as usual.

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It's pointless even if you try! You suck , not just your drawings! Too bad for you , you don't have people supporting you like your "artist" friend mioyaya ! Just quit all ready!

I don’t mind your hate towards me and my drawings, but you shouldn’t talk bad about other people than me.

Who are you? Are you any better sending hating-asks to me and @mioyaya ? If you think you are , then stop sending as an anon and reveal yourself.

I don’t give a s**** what you think of me, but stop spreading all this hatred on tumblr.

If you don’t like my content , please feel free to unfollow me.

Confession: I’m a bit insecure to share this because once I did (publicly) and I was labelled as a bad fan for it, but… I don’t like the Pikanchi series of movies nor the SP Saigo no Yakusoku (still have to watch Kiiroi Namida though). I find them boring, and I especially dislike SnY because I found the end stupid (for lack of a better word). I don’t think I’m a bad fan though :( I want to enjoy Arashi acting together too :(((( Is it really just me?

Ughhhh…. another boy asked me to prom today😩🙄helppppp meeee. Mind you, I’m already graduated from high school, and im hopelessly into girlsss. (They clearly don’t know the latter though). I just hate having to be like… “ohhhhh… i REALLY would but… It’s too late… to get a dress???? I’m sorry.” Like i know i shouldn’t have to make an excuse but i just feel bad and stuff. Like ugh. 😭 ANNDDDD last night a guy asked me if he could fuck me in my friend’s bed. Like WTF? Who even asks that shit? How do i repel guys? Plz help.

Hi. This is a queued post. I’m not gonna come back to this site anytime soon. It gives me wayyy too many bad vibes and it’s just a horrible place for me to be in rn. I don’t know when I’ll come back for sure. I’m not gonna abandon this blog don’t worry. I’ll log in here and there to queue up my art and post them so sorry in advance for the art spams
In the mean time you can check me out on dA, Instagram or Twitter because I’m gonna be more active on those sites now, namely Twitter. They’re all under the same username as this blog. I’m also gonna update my @askbonbonnet blog again soon. Feel free to pay me a visit
That’s all for now I guess. See y'all again some time soon

  • Person: Must be looking forward to having summers off. Too bad some of us have to have real jobs!
  • Me: Yeah, it must be nice to have job stability once you get a job, not have to worry about finding a summer job, or all the hours of lesson planning I'll need to do in the summer.
  • Person: But at least you're only at school for 6 hours a day.
  • Me: Yeah, lesson planning, marking, extra curricular - it's a great thing I can do those when I'm in the middle of teaching and that they just fall into my lap!
  • Person: Well, teaching is easy! Any idiot can do it.
  • Me: Yeah, go ahead! Good luck to you.

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just saw i can also ask questions soo... what is or are your favorite phan AUs and do you know good FFs for them ?

Yeah y’all can ask me anything ! Hmm my fav AUs.. probably the only 2 that I know from @/incaseyouart and @/maddox-rider and I’ve never read any FFs bc once, I tried to read one and there were too many difficult english words so I struggle so bad to read everything and at the end I didn’t understand shit… But I try really hard to read some easy ones ! 

Can’t wait to improve my english and read some good FFs.

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Thank you, but i don't have a tumblr, i just come on yours to see beautiful gifs. Too bad for the link, i will watch it on line (i just wanted to add english sub because sometimes i don't understand everything). And really for me your an expert :D

damn, maybe you can drop me a mail, I will send you there the link?

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Duuuuude, Mark's scruff, his hair, the "Oh my Dad", the build up from the beginning scene and the end scene (ooooh, shivers ran down through me when he whispered "Dagon"), AND THEY MADE DAGON HOT TOO! I think they should've showed more screen time for Gavin (like, he's in school or something? HOW THO??) but honestly, the episode wasn't too bad even for Bucklemming's standards. 👌

It is my standing theory that this is Bucklemming’s attempt at a formal apology and a peace offering after the train-wreck that was LOTUS. 

It terrifies me because it was nearly suspiciously good, all things considered… But for this moment, I’m just gonna keep being ecstatic af over everything. 

(and yes especially that hair because that hair is what gives me life atm)