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It’s not Thanksgiving anymore, but I wanna share what I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for the fact that he exists, y’knowwhatImean? He’s helped me through some pretty rough times, and I know a lot of people say that, and I know my voice has gotten lost among the crowd, but I’m still here, still watching. I’m laughing with him, crying with him, and taking his words to heart. I’ve been able to turn my life around in the past few months, which is way more progress than I’ve made in years. It’s almost as if Sean himself has sat down in front of me and told me to get my shit together, and it’s been amazing.

Celebrating one year of Jack, from November of ‘16 to October ‘17. Guy has a contagious smile and has helped so many people, it’s so cool!

Here’s to another coming year of Jacksepticeye! Thanks buddy! You’re the best. 


“I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” Redbubble

i drew u w/ ‘me & phil’ on ur forehead so u don’t have to tattoo it there outta spite, @danisnotonfire … (also that was a fun liveshow ty)

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tell us a story about an insect

parker insists that he doesnt normally sleepwalk. 

i have no idea if its true or not; for the sake of anyone who lives with him (myself occasionally included) i hope it is. 

however. when he’s sleeping off a few injuries and is pain-medicated enough that its effective on his jacked up metabolism, he does

which would not normally be a big deal. thor sleepwalks too, and the only problem with that is he sleeps naked. so i thought nothing of it when peterbird wandered into the common room late at night with his eyes closed. he kinda just showed up and then stood there, so i figured id let him be and went off to go make myself some hot chocolate. ten or so minutes later, i stepped around the divider wall back to the common room. 

and promptly had the everloving daylights scared out of me. 

why? you ask, why were ten precious years scared off your ridiculous life, bucky???

well. because parker was standing right on the other side of the wall, about two inches from my face. with an alarmingly vacant expression on his face. because he was sleepwalking. 

he was sleepwalking on the fucking ceiling

I don’t feel the sickness yet, but it’s in the post. That’s for sure. I’m in the junkie limbo at the moment. Too ill to sleep. Too tired to stay awake, but the sickness is on its way. Sweat, chills, nausea. Pain and craving. A need like nothing else I’ve ever known will soon take hold of me. It’s on its way.

Trainspotting (1996)

Avengers Preference: How They Handle Your Death

a/n: the first request of the avenge-these-imagines NYE Request Extravaganza! (if you can think of a better name, I’m all ears, lol). enjoy!

warnings: grief, death of the reader

Thor- upon news of your death, Thor seemingly vanishes into thin air. he travels into some far-reaching corner of the universe to be alone with his grief, and the entirety of Asgard mourns their fallen princess. when he finally returns, he is much more solemn, far less brash, and only returns to Midgard when absolutely necessary. he can’t stand the realm that was once lit up by your beautiful smile, and the way it has moved on without you.

Bruce Banner/Hulk- when Bruce watches you get shot on what was supposed to be a simple, low danger recon mission, he almost completely loses his humanity. the thought of that last laugh lighting up your face right before the bullet entered you was too much for him to deal with in his human form, so the Hulk takes over. Natasha finds him in a cave in the mountains and sings him his lullaby, and she holds him as he deals with his grief for the first time.

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow- you were the only thing keeping Natasha from reverting into her former cold assassin self, and after your death she becomes hell-bent on revenge. calculatingly killing each and every person involved in her loss.

Clint Barton/Hawkeye- people are shocked at how well Clint takes the news of your death, as he seems to be his usual self (though unwilling to talk about you). one night while Tony is restlessly wandering the halls of the tower, he finds Clint in your room, holding your favorite jacket and sobbing. he never mentions it to Clint, but the next day there is a sad understanding in the eyes of the team, and they all drink to your memory and share stories about you.

Tony Stark/Iron Man- Tony throws himself into his work, mainlining caffeine as a replacement for sleep. on the fourth straight day, Bruce steadies him as he almost falls over in the lab. when he demands that Tony get some rest, Tony responds, “I can’t. there’s a cold, empty space where she used to sleep. the nightmares are unbearable. I can’t sleep until I can make something to protect those I love, so I never have to feel this way again.” after that, Bruce begins staying up with him.

Steve Rogers/Captain America- Steve deals with your passing in the somber, steady way he dealt with all of his other losses. he can’t get drunk, but that doesn’t stop him from drinking his way through Tony’s liquor cabinet. nobody ever mentions it, but suddenly there’s a section dedicated to you in Steve’s museum exhibit, with some of your favorite belongings. the donation sign merely reads “forever my girl -SR”

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier- after your death, everyone treats Bucky warily, worried that he’ll lose himself again, but Bucky stays strong. Steve doesn’t tell about the nights they spend sitting up, with Bucky too afraid to sleep because he’s worried he’ll awake with no memories of you.

Sam Wilson/Falcon- ever the rational one, Sam goes to a grief counselor after losing you. he knows that you would want him to deal with this in the healthiest way possible, and he gives back as much as he can in your memory.

Pietro and Wanda Maximoff/Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch- the twins are no strangers to loss, but the loss of you really wrecks them. they find solace in each other, becoming even more isolated and reliant on their sibling, because they are acutely aware that the things they love most can be ripped from them at a moment’s notice.

Bound By A Name

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Thor x reader

Prompt: soulmate au where the name of your soulmate is tattooed on your wirst


F/N  L/N

In all the millennia he’d been alive Thor had no idea how many times he’d looked at that name — the one written in black elegant script on his wrist.

He’d memorized it by now and didn’t even need to look at it to remember the words.

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the oreo bribe

summary: You leave Bucky with your son while you’re on a trip. || ALL THE FLUFF || dad!bucky x reader

warnings: overwhelming cuteness

note: This is my apology for hurting you all with Red Wedding. Anna isn’t born in this one, neither is Rebecca, but Anna is on the way. I don’t know how intelligent two-year-old are, I’m just basing this on how my nephews were at this age.They were surprisingly well at communicating.

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Would You Be So Kind

I want to dedicate this fic to @nerdyadventures , who also beta this fic. You were with me for almost the beginning of the story and there is no way this would be the story it is today without your support, I don’t have words to tell you how thankful I am for you and I’m sorry this story haunted you even in your dreams. For @ltrumbley@bananannabeth @keekal and @artemisrae too, you guys helped me so much even if you didn’t realize it. Y por ultimo para @vithcytries eres una campeona y te agradezco tanto por cuidar mi espalda.

For the PJO/HOO Big Bang 2017.

I’m pathetic’ Annabeth thought while she clicked on the next picture, ‘very, very pathetic.’ It was a Saturday night, her roommates were out in some club having the time of their lives and what was she doing? Sitting on her bed stalking her crush on Instagram. To make things worse her crush was also her best friend for over ten years, her brain yelled at her to leave her phone but she clicked on another picture, it was of her and Percy on Montauk, his arm was around her waist and she was wearing his snapback, they both were grinning at each other and they looked so…couply. Her heart squeezed in pain. She looked at the date and tried not to groan, the picture had been posted 145 weeks ago. When did she go so deep into his page? Well, being fair, he didn’t post that often and most of the time it was random pictures and barely pictures of him unless he was with his friends (her heart did a whole routine when she realized he had more pictures with her than with anyone else)

Annabeth threw the phone on her bed. She should have gone out with Piper and Hazel but she wasn’t really feeling it, she wasn’t feeling like doing anything. Work had been brutal that week, her bosses had overworked her, leaving Annabeth laying on her bed wondering if it was worth it walking to the kitchen for a glass of wine or going back to stalk Percy’s pictures? She was sure he had a few of shirtless ones…The sound of the doorbell made her jump, she wasn’t expecting anyone and Piper and Hazel had their own keys. She did a quick check of her clothes, an oversized gray sweater, and some old constellation pj’s pants, she looked as presentable as she could be.

With one last groan, she left the room, putting her hair up in a bun. “Who is it?”

“The love of your life.” Annabeth recognized the voice, a smile forming on her lips.

“Is it you pizza? Have you finally come to elope with me?” A familiar laughter came from the door just as Annabeth was reaching to open it, revealing the man whose pictures she was obsessing over a few minutes ago.

“Unfortunately it’s Chinese not pizza,” Percy said with a smile that melted her, he looked good, too good for someone who just came out of work and was stuck on a long train ride to Brooklyn, it should be illegal to look effortlessly good. “But I hope you can still take me.”

Annabeth sighed dramatically. “I guess I can make an exception for tonight,” She took the bags from his hands and walked back inside, Percy following her. “And what do I have the honor of your lovely visit tonight?”

“I missed my best friend, isn’t that enough of a reason to come here unannounced?” He walked to the kitchen and started pulling plates from the cabinets. “Piper and Hazel aren’t home?”

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↳ I went to sleep too early so I’m already awake..
↳ I’m hungry
↳ It’s Jin
↳ It’s 2:30 in the morning..
↳ I can’t sleep.. and I’m hungryㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
↳ I thought of this saying
↳ the saddest vegetable in the world is
↳ 우엉 (우엉 means burdock but is also crying noises)
↳ bye now

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Whump prompts: sleep edition

- being so exhausted that he’s sleeping like the dead and nothing can wake him; yelling, slapping, shaking produce no response

- trying to stifle yawns during something important, with pretty good success at first, but as time goes on his whole body is shaking and his eyes are tearing up with the force of each yawn

- dark circles under the eyes and mussed up hair

- a character with insomnia who’s so desperately tired but all he can manage is the odd cat nap at inconvenient times during the day

- a character who’s desperately tired but doesn’t have time to sleep yet, surrounded by empty coffee cups and energy drink cans

- a gruff/stoic character is so tired he’s caught napping… and he’s kind of adorable/young/vulnerable when he’s sleeping

- a character who’s scared of sleeping because of his nightmares

- waking up violently with a gasp, heart pounding, sweat-drenched, feeling their world collapsing once more

- a character who refuses to share a sleeping space with anyone else, and it’s because he doesn’t want to disturb others/doesn’t want pity/is ashamed of his nightmares

- a character who is uncharacteristically grumpy/snarky/irritable due to lack of sleep because he’s running himself ragged

- a character who is usually grump/snarky/irritable being surprisingly chill/mellow because for once, he’s been able to have a decent night’s sleep

- reappearing after having slept for over 24 hours with messy hair, sleepy eyes and bare feet

- one character carefully draping a blanket over someone who’s finally fallen asleep

- sitting quietly with a character, breath deliberate and even, keeping still, until he falls asleep despite himself

- a character who keeps getting found napping in odd locations… and it turns out that’s all the sleep he’s getting

- a character who’s so exhausted his hands are trembling, his eyes are dull/unfocused, he’s starting to hallucinate… and his team needs him to stay awake

- a character who’s too wired/distressed/scared to sleep being pulled into an embrace, head on someone’s shoulder, blankets wrapped tight, until he feels safe enough to sleep

- a character who can’t sleep/doesn’t sleep well unless he’s sleeping with another person… and he’s too independent/proud/shy to ask

- a character who’s sure he’ll just be able to “sleep it off”… but he wakes feeling even worse

I can’t tell if I’m being logical or failing to self care by not making food this close to midnight.

I came home and crashed after the funeral like, lay face down down on the couch and just passed out for 7 hours crashed, woke up briefly thinking ‘I should make food’ then my body just pulled me under again. And now I’m awake I’m not sure what would be better, just going back to bed and risking the possible lack of food migraine in the morning, or not eating so I can lay down without getting reflux and burning the shit out of my throat.

And it’s not like I can just make myself something light or grab a snack (please don’t suggest foods, I have a very limited range of things I can eat and I know what they all are. so while I appreciate the thought, it doesn’t help me and is sometimes very frustrating), I literally need to make everything I can eat from scratch and I haven’t had the spoons to make things in bulk for the last few days so there’s literally 0 things I could eat right now without getting up and turning the oven on.

Which, hnggggh.

i picture the karamel fandom as one unshaven man in a basement. his face is only illuminated by the blue light of his computer screen as he angrily makes multiple social media accounts. he has never felt the love of another human. sweat drips down his tubby back as he adds another 0 to the url ilovekaramel100 and starts over. all in a days work, my friend. godspeed

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I can only imagine Akira's head so crowded due to all those Personas he caught. He constantly has annoying voices clamoring in his head while he tries to focus... and then there's the feared Velvet Room.

I thought about this too!! I think he can only hear the voice of the Persona he awakened to, but it would be SO AWFUL if he just had everyone chatting all the time like poor boy, how would he sleep??? He goes through enough without all his obnoxious Personas shouting or doing other unnecessary things. ;_;

Besides, Arséne talks enough to make up for it LMAO like Akira’s trying to go to sleep and he’s slowly drifting away but then he hears ‘…Do you think pigeons have feelings?’ and he just groans and shoves a pillow over his face lolol. BUT THEN Zorro joins in since Morgana’s within close proximity, just sleeping on Akira’s tummy. And Zorro’s like ‘Callate, don’t be a fool. Pigeons killed my father’ and then the two start debating in Spanish and French, so Akira and Morgana have to cry themselves to sleep LMAO. Thank you for the hilarious headcanon, anon!! <33

Humans are Space Orcs

I don’t know about any of you, but I need to sleep with a blanket of some kind. If it’s really hot I will use a top sheet and sleep in almost nothing, but I HAVE to have a blanket. So, imagine aliens never sleep under a covering of any kind because they always need to be ready to jump up at a moment’s notice. (Again, not a natural born writer, so sorry if this sucks.)

426 is walking down the hallway when he sees Human-Tiffany in some very strange clothing. Not that he wasn’t used to human’s strange clothing, but this seemed downright inconvenient. Her arms were not visible and it was wrapped around her in ways that he could not comprehend. Her movement would be very impeded, and she could surely not do her daily duties trussed up this way.

“Excuse me, Human-Tiffany,” 426 said shyly, not wanting her to feel strange about her attire, but feeling it was his duty to be sure the ship ran smoothly.

“Hmmm,” Human-Tiffany replied, obviously she hadn’t had her “caffeine and nicotine” that she seemed to require in the morning.

“I couldn’t help but notice your attire,” 426 stated, “It seems rather impractical for your work day.”

Human-Tiffany gives him a strange look before glancing down at herself.

“Oh this?” she asks, “it’s just a quilt my mom gave me, look.” Human-Tiffany pulled off her “quilt” and 426 found that her regulation uniform was underneath.

“What is a…uhm…quilt…. used for?” 426 wondered aloud.

“To keep warm when we sleep, and sometimes when we are awake too!” Human-Tiffany seems to love explaining things to 426, a much welcome habit, since these humans were so darn confusing.

“Are your quarters still too cold? I thought this problem was resolved when you all boarded the ship, does the temperature need to be adjusted again?” 426 is concerned, an angry Human-Tiffany was not a productive Human-Tiffany.

“No, the temperature is fine, I just…need to be covered when I sleep?” Human-Tiffany looked as though she is at a loss for how else to explain.

426 tries to copy the human gesture of a smile and nod, which generally means a pleasant understanding and moves along. He must ask Human-Trey about this as soon as possible. Surely this “quilt” was not a normal thing all humans need.