too attractive to be real

Sam and Cait…

I can’t even with these two…

They’re too damn cute and attractive..

Ugh, they are so cute…

I love them too much…

Seriously why?

I’m slowly dying from the cuteness…

That is Sam and Cait…

Be still, my beating heart

Ughhhh I forever ship these two, both in Outander and real life!

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The best thing about Elsewhere U is that there is definitely a significant portion of the university that is completely ignorant to everything that's going on and chalk it up to a massive coincidence. They follow all the advice and what not but they think that it's just some strange school traditions...

Yeah there’s at least a third of the population that does everything by the rules bc it’s just kinda What You Do, isn’t it neat to have school traditions. And they study a major that by chance doesn’t attract too much attention, like maybe PoliSci, which has no real relevance to the Gentry one way or another. They know finals week people can get kind of weird, but hey there’s always jokes about that on Tumblr, this is what they expected. And their experience is totally, entirely mundane - the graduate 100% untouched by anything paranormal, with a good degree from a prestigious university, and don’t really understand any of the quiet talk at the class reunions.

“Leadership” - Digital Oil Painting

I think only Tony Stark would be brave (or stupid) enough to tell Steve Rogers that he has a girl’s features. Look at those pink lips and ridiculously long eyelashes! Filed under - another actual Disney prince.

My digital paintings are available at Society6 as art prints. ^_^

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


daniel’s wardrobe is Ultimate Goals but these are a few of my favs!!

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Tea on virgo risings?

These people honestly pretend they’re so innocent and they talk about how their resting bitch face is the reason they don’t have friends when the reality is they’re just too judgemental, picky and bitchy to attract any real friendships.
They also talk about being “backstabbed” when 90% of the time they took the first crack at it.
In conclusion: 🐍

I’ve been thinking a lot about how bi!annabeth could actually come into canon and I’ve decided this is how it happens (I may have pulled from my own experience slightly, but only briefly).

  • Annabeth had never considered her sexuality being anything other than straight until she turns 17.
  • She starts to question after realising that she has had too many ‘girl crushes‘ to not be properly attracted to girls, like why she ever thought it straight to feel the same way when a pretty girl comes along as a cute guy is beyond her.
  • She’s dating Percy by this point, and so she feels bad thinking about it, but she figures it doesn’t mean she loves Percy any less?
  • At first, she wanders if she’s a lesbian, but her feelings for Percy are too strong for her to contemplate that for too long (she is pretty sure her attraction is real).
  • She decides to go to Rachel for help, who had recently came out as gay and is now dating Reyna. This is the main reason she is worried, because Rachel used to think she liked Percy too? What if she is lying to herself?
  • Rachel explains that even though she thought she had feelings for Percy, it was down to compulsory heterosexuality, and that when Rachel had really thought about it she had known all along her and percy were platonic (and that she was forcing herself to like him because she was in denial and scared). 
  • This confirms to Annabeth that she hasn’t been stringing Percy along, because no matter how much she tries she cannot stop thinking about him shirtless.
  • She’s scared of what Percy will think, but at the same time she knows Percy, and she knows he would never be horrible about anything (especially stuff like this).
  • He’s the nicest and most understanding person she knows, so she tells him first.
  • She goes to the beach with him later, and at first it’s really hard for her to find the words but soon she explains and says that she doesn’t want it to change anything. Percy immediately jumps to comfort her, saying he would never think she was more likely to cheat, and he understands that, despite her attraction to girls being completely valid, that doesn’t stop her being his girlfriend and loving him.
  • She nearly cries about how supportive she is.
  • She struggles at first, when she thinks girls are cute she doubts herself (thinking she’s gay) and when she thinks guys are cute she doubts herself (thinking she straight), but eventually she finds a comprimise, no matter who she likes at the time, she is always bisexual.
  • She likes to wear the bi pride colours (pink, purple and blue) literally every day. Even if it’s just her bobbles or earrings (or something else small).
  • She manages to get Pecy to go to pride with her, once he also tells her he’s bi a few years later.
  • She does struggle a bit with jealousy about percy being bi at first, but she quickly pushes it away, reprimanding herself. He still loves her, that doesn’t change.
  • They both paint the pride flag on their cheeks (the bi flag on one and the rainbow flag on the other) and they meet loads of really cool people.
  • She is happier than she has ever been now that she can be her complete and authentic self.


Author: thepsychicclam

Summary: Stiles knows he’s in trouble when he invites the Beacon Hills Fire Department into his third grade classroom and he can’t stop staring at a certain scruffy fireman. But after the third graders take a field trip to the fire station and participate in the fire department’s holiday canned food drive, Stiles can’t ignore his crush any longer.

Info: 12k | Mature

Notes: I might have read it on my phone at work, instead of working, eh, I’m helpless. But thanks to this fic I was grinning whole day so who cares. It was so happy making! And Derek as a fireman! Also Erica and kids and the happy feels. And the scars, it was sad but also beautiful. Loved it! - K.

Sneak Peek:

But then the rest of the group filters into the classroom, and Stiles kinda just stares with his mouth hanging open wide because these aren’t real firefighters.They’re all too attractive. He’s starting to worry that he called that stripper place he’d used for Danny’s last birthday because they kinda look like the people in the firefighter and police officer porns he’s watched. But they’re wearing too many clothes, so maybe it’s just Stiles’ lucky day and he gets to drool over four fucking hot firefighters for the afternoon.

“He’s the teacher?” one of them grunts. And, oh yeah, super hot with his dark hair and scruff, but the eyebrows are arched like he’s not sure Stiles is capable of handling other people’s children all day. Stiles is absolutely capable, and certified to boot – he’s even got a Master’s in elementary education and a specialization in literacy. That makes him a T-6, the best you can be without a PhD, thank you very much Mr. McJudgey Fireman.

Remember guys!

>Cultural appropriation isn’t real

>Reverse racism is just normal racism no matter how you look at it

>You’re a human

>Not all men are rapists

>Misandry is real

>Don’t go against “Meninism” if you support Feminism (that’s sexism and hypocrisy)

>Shaming the majority does not make the minority any better (aka fat & skinny people, white & other races)

>These words: (privilege, cis, feminism, patriarchy, triggered, social justice, oppressed, fat shaming, slut shaming, or anything Tumblr has invented) are dick repellent :^)

>Skinny women can be attractive and ARE real women too

>Hitler did nothing wrong

>9/11 was an inside job

> i pee pee

Why is He Tian over here looking like a model when he clearly jumped in through the window…or he was hiding behind the curtains to spy on Mo Guan Shan???

Actually, looking at it now it looks like a balcony, no?

And here we have Mo Guan Shan looking too attractive to be real. He really looks like he was about to slip his hands into his pants…like no seriously what was he gonna do if He Tian didn’t interrupt him?? Also why does he have a horoscope book of all things in his room??

This has been this week in Questions That We Will Probably Never Get Answers For. 

Also Thank You Old Xian this update made my day, I even got out of bed early when I saw the update, I feel so refreshed today! 

In My Arms - SF9 Hwiyoung Scenario

The sunlight was gentle through the curtains when your eyes drifted open. The room resembled what could be a photo straight from your Instagram feed, serene and undisturbed as the pale glow turned everything into something mystical. There was no sound but the rustle of sheets as you shifted your arm from under the blanket to scratch a faint itch on your collarbone.

And to make it all just that much more perfect, wrapped tightly around your waist was a pair of familiarly soft arms belonging to your favourite person in the world, Hwiyoung. You peeked over at him to see his eyes sealed shut with sleep, a contented smile adorning his lips. He looked every bit like the most beautiful person alive in this peaceful state. Not that he wasn’t ever beautiful at any other time, but right now, he just seemed perfect, too attractive to be real. You almost bent down to peck his lips, but decided against it, settling on just staring at him. He seemed to be enjoying his dream too much for you to dare waking him up.

Of course, you couldn’t savour the moment for long, because, as most people are when they wake up of a morning, you were starving. Your body was demanding you fed it, and you found no reason to deny it.

As you moved to get out of bed, the arms encircling you body stiffened and you fell back against him in surprise. You could’ve sworn he’d been fast asleep just a second ago. Or was he doing this subconsciously?

No, he was fully awake, you realised as that sleepy grin grew bigger into something more shameless and cheeky. Two eyes blinked open to meet yours, and he pulled you even closer, turning you to face him.

“Good morning,” he whispered, pressing a brief kiss to your nose. A finger swept your tangled hair away from your face, and he pulled away, still grinning at you. “You’re so beautiful.”

You poked your tongue out at him. “And you’re so cheesy.”

“Maybe,” he nodded, drawing you close and wrapping himself around you so that his breath tickled the hair at the back of your neck. He was so warm and comforting, and you almost didn’t want to move again for the rest of your life.

Until your stomach growled again, making Hwiyoung chuckle and you pout as you moved to get out of bed. Except he refused to release you, tightening his grip until there wasn’t even any room left to wiggle.

“Let me go,” you giggled, but in all honesty you loved the desperate way he clung onto you, as if the moment you were gone he’d combust.


You spared a glance over your shoulder at the alarm clock, and nearly choked when you saw the time: 11:49AM. Thank goodness it was your day off.

“It’s nearly midday, Hwiyoung. We have to get up.” You tried to pry his arms off you, but he began to protest with a long list of disagreements in the sulkiest voice you’d ever heard him use.

“Just stay here… in my arms…” he murmured against your shoulder, already on his way back to sleep but grip still strong as ever, and there was no way you were going anywhere soon.

I’m a big fan of short but sweet. Also, coincidentally, the time Y/N woke up is exactly the time I woke up this morning.


- Admin Ellie

One Thing

Summary:  A one night stand with Dean, told from her point of view.

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Word Count:  3330

Warnings: Female character has low self-esteem and body issues, language, sexual content, nsfw, unprotected sex

Author’s Notes:  I was inspired by this gif (x) and imagining what it would be like if Dean flashed that grin on his way out of my room. One thought led to another and here you go. This is set while Sam was at Stanford and told from the female character’s point of view.

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I’m gonna put this here because it made me have feels

“However, I used to date men. A lot of men, actually. I slept with a lot of guys, too, and felt genuine attraction towards them and, often, real romantic love. I’ve also had some borderline traumatic experiences with men and I know that has contributed to how I feel about men now. (But I’ve also had traumatic experiences with women that didn’t impact how I feel about women! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN, PENELOPE??!! WAS I A REPRESSED LESBIAN ALL THIS TIME?) I also had some serious self-esteem issues that tempt me to write off that whole heterosexual phase as a result of my insecurity and desire to prove my self-worth through being desired by men. WHO KNOWS? At this point, I cannot be myself and also be with a man. Is that a choice I’ve made after living the life I’ve lived? Or is it a reflection of an innate absolute biological preference of women over men? I’ll never know, I guess, but I think that’s fine.”

This is what Riese on Autostraddle had to say in regards to those of us trying to find the right label. I identify with this so much, it hurts. I’m so glad that these words exist– she put it so well. 

☏ Call me Handsome // Bobby

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A/N: 4800+ freaking words and i’m finally finished. This is a Call-Center AU, the idea came to me at work since i’m actually working at one and this fic is based on my real life story– jk i wish. But some things indeed happened lol. Anyway, i’d like to tag some of my favorite Bobby blogs because i love you guys @ikonope @bobbykims @bobbillionaire and unnie @useumwoo

And a big thank you to @hwan-tastic for proof-reading (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Streaks of sun-rays pierced through your window to welcome you on this beautiful Monday morning. You groaned loudly, taking a peek at your clock, 6.25 am. It was in times like these, when you felt the heavy load of regret weighing on your shoulders like a big bucket of bricks because why on earth had you thought watching K-Dramas until 3 am was a damn good idea? It really wasn’t, you realized like every Monday morning.

With half-lidded eyes and a drowsy head, you threw your legs over the bed and groaned once more when you realized it was the wrong side—the side with the wall. Fuck. It worked with the second try, when you felt the icy ground underneath your feet, relieving you that neither of your feet were broken.  

It took you 3 handful of ice cold water to become alert and almost as much concealer to not scare any people with those huge zombie-looking circles underneath your eyes, thanks to Lee Joongki and his brilliant acting. (Or maybe just his holy jesus face because he was so fucking hot and maybe that was the reason you just couldn’t resist watching all 5 episodes at once.)

Today, on this beautiful cold Monday morning, you took a bus early, just in case your nagging boss decided to take her shit out on you again. As if it wasn’t enough that all of your friends and basically almost all of your college-mates enjoyed their break overseas with their families, while you were busy calling grumbly strangers on the phone who didn’t want to participate in the stupid surveys your company developed.  

The clock stroke 9 as you put on your headset with a super big portion of motivation as you started dialing the numbers that were on the long-ass list hanging beside your computer. A few “No, Thank you”, a bunch of “Where the hell do you have my number from?” and plenty of “Who the fuck is this?” later, your motivation, which wasn’t even there in the first place, vanished. You heaved a long sigh, dialing the next number.  


You put on your sweetest voice, “A wonderful good morning sir! I’m calling from the marketing research company IKONic. Today we’re doing a super short survey about grocery shopping. Do you want to participate?” It was probably your 100th times saying this on the phone and you almost pressed on “declined” out of habit, when a deep voice answered with a “Sure.”

You were a bit surprised as you mumbled a soft, “Okay,” and started the survey.  

“So first of all, may I register your age?”  

“23,” Wow, he was the first person this young taking one of these boring surveys. Your fingers typed over the numbers on the keyboard before pressing ENTER, “How about you?” There was a soft chuckle on the other line which made you a bit flustered.

“Haha…,” you let out a forced weird laugh, “I can’t tell you that.”

“Awe why, you have a cute voice though.” You weren’t sure If he was just wanted make a joke out of it and tease you a bit, yet you couldn’t help the light shade of red rushing to your cheeks.

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Guys....Grim Adventures Characters pick up lines

Please note it is presumed all of them wait until they are old enough to use these

Grim: Want to flirt with death?

Mandy: and (It’s even funnier because they’re voiced by the same actress)

Billy: (immediately starts kissing, instead of saying any actual lines)

Lord Pain: You know…I can create feelings other than pain.

Jack O’Lantern: Sooo, do you like pumpkin flavors? How about trying me?

Nergal: LOOK, I CAN DANCE!!! (gets beehive stuck in pants and shakes around trying to get rid of it)

Nergal Jr.: I can turn into whatever you want, babe.

The Bookworm (while possessing someone): You know, the chances of you being born out of all the sperm and all the eggs that could have collided are quite slim. Furthermore, the odds of all the atoms in the universe coming together to create life, and then that life evolving into your species is even slimmer. Thus, the odds of the exact sperm and eggs required to make you being created were incredibly slim, also considering the chances of your ancestors being created and coming together.  In other words, you’re a miracle.

Judge Roy Spleen: I’m afraid I’m going to have to sentence you for the crime of being too attractive. It’s a real thing. I swear. Take them away.

Irwin: You are like a star. You are bright, beautiful, and I can see you from my window every night using my telescope.

Jeff: You make me spin……lots of silk to make cute sweaters for you!!!!

Boogieman: You don’t have to be scared of me….


Boogie: SHUT UP!!!!

Velma Green: I don’t believe in eating my mate, you know.

Bonus: Evil Con Carne

General Skarr: You are the most lovely thing I’ve ever laid EYE on…and I’m not just saying that, you are beautiful. (actual line from Evil Con Carne)

Ghastly: I love you for your brains, chief.

Hector: Please do not be fooled by the bear. I was a very attractive person before….my body was blown up. BUT I STILL HAVE BRAINS TO LOVE ME FOR!!!

Cod Commando: Blah blahblah blah.

Estroy: Under this mask, my face is so handsome it would burn your eyes out.

in a parallel universe

Written For: @stilesharrystyles 
Written By: @paynethecreator 
Pairing: Harry / OFC
Word Count: 13,464 


In a parallel universe, Quinn Foley, 18-year-old undecided freshman, and Harry Styles, 21-year-old physics major, would never be friends. But sometimes, reality has a habit of surprising even the biggest of skeptics.

a story about physics, freshmen, and friendship.

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please normalize the split attraction model. even if your romantic and sexual orientations are the same still use it when you want to identify your romantic and sexual orientation. also please remember that not all people with split orientations are arospec and/or acespec. panromantic homosexual is a real orientation that actually exists please remember that. and there are so many others that can mix and match and they all exist too they’re real too.

but not using the split attraction model because your romantic and sexual orientations are the same makes it seem like that’s supposed to be the “normal.” and that people who do have split attractions are just ordering off the menu but swapping out an ingredient. “specializing” their order or something.

and that’s not very cool.

having like romantic and sexual attractions is no more normal than having ones that are different. please use the split attraction model.

what she says: im fine

what she means: george daniel cannot possibly be a real human being that exists on this earth with us. he’s too attractive and tall to be real he has to be a government conspiracy or one of the aliens that crashed down to this planet in area 51. there’s probably a race of aliens that are just as handsome and amazing as george on some planet far off in the galaxy and we don’t have the space equipment necessary nor the social etiquette to meet a new type of hominid and that upsets me because for fucks sake we could create a new superhuman species. i love george daniel more than my own family

whereintheworldisbuckybarnes  asked:

Steve/Bucky, college AU (skinny Steve has never havd a relationship and isn't used to anyone being interested in him).

Okay, this one is low-key hilarious because usually it’s Bucky that I imprint on, but here we go…

1.  Steve starts college a couple of years later than most freshmen, because he A. graduated a year behind in high school after missing most of third grade after heart surgery and B. wanted to spend some time after finally graduating high school saving up money and making sure that university really was for him, before he went and blew his future in loan debts that he might never be able to find a job to pay.  It’s not really that big of a deal, because 21 is hardly old to be starting higher ed and he’s short and skinny enough that people still figure he’s a teenager to begin with, but if he’s honest with himself he has to admit that he’s nervous when he moves into his dorm during MCU Welcome Week, because it’s one more thing that is going to set him apart from all of his other classmates.

2.  Luckily, he gets placed in an upper-classmen dorm (either the gods or a housing administrator was smiling on him… either way Steve will take every little bit of good luck that gets thrown his way), so it turns out that the age issue is a non-issue from the get-go.  He quickly makes friends with his roommate Sam, who’s also a non-trad student that started college after joining the Air Force out of high school so that he could take advantage of the GI Bill.  Sam’s a friendly, affable guy, who quickly pulls Steve into his impressive friend group and makes sure that Steve knows his way around campus, making his first week as a university student almost comically easy compared to the shit he’s dealt with during the first twenty years of his life.

3.  The one thing that keeps hanging him up is the guy who lives in the single down the hall; he introduces himself on move-in day as Bucky, and he’s easily one of the most attractive people that Steve has ever met.  Steve is immediately a tiny bit leery of the guy, in part because he seems too pretty to be real, but mostly because he’s used to attractive people having one of two reactions to him: either blatant hostility or crushing indifference.  But Bucky… Bucky’s weird in the fact that he’s always around Sam and Steve’s room, and makes a habit of pulling Steve into conversation without Sam having to prompt him.  He even catches up with Steve in the Quad on the third day of classes, seeking him out and calling his name so that they can walk together back to the dorm, as if it’s a perfectly normal thing to do.  He invites Steve to parties, shows an interest in his classes and his music, and regularly sits with him in the dining halls.

4.  It would all be nice, if Steve wasn’t so painfully accustomed to dealing with bullies from his formative years.  Because here’s the deal: there’s no way that someone like Bucky would want to be friends with someone like Steve, so Steve’s convinced that there has to be something malicious behind it.  But he can’t bring it up to Sam without sounding totally paranoid, and even worse, there’s part of him that feels like implicating Bucky in a prank like this would almost have to include Sam and the rest of their friend-group in on it, so he keeps his worries to himself, and does his best to act natural around Bucky despite how much his friendliness unnerves him.

5.  It all comes to a head at a house party about a month into the school year… as usual Bucky had invited him along and Sam had ended up dragging Steve out, although for an off-campus party the place is pretty cool; there’s music and booze and dancing, but Steve doesn’t feel too pressured to do anything stupid, and it’s calm enough that he can actually hear his friends when he talks to them (unlike the hell that was the one frat party he made the mistake of wandering into with a few people from his Freshman lit class… he’d never again make that mistake).  It’s all going great until Bucky joins him on the porch mid-way through the night, swaying a little more than usual and smiling in a way that immediately sets Steve’s teeth on edge. 

6.  As usual, they settle into fairly comfortable small-talk, and Steve starts to let his guard down… which lasts just long enough for him to bring up the size of the moon at the same time as Bucky leans over close to him and presses their mouths gently together.  Two things immediately happen: Steve panics and sees red, just waiting for the laughter to come from the party inside as whoever else was in on the prank sees what’s happened, but before someone can get a picture or a dig in he socks Bucky in the nose, then turns and marches back towards the dorm without bothering to wait for the laughter to start.  He’s livid by the time Sam gets home and tries to ask what the hell had happened at the party, and refuses to talk to anyone about it for the rest of the weekend.

7.  Steve’s angry silence at the entire world lasts until Monday morning, when Bucky shows up at their door a couple of minutes after Sam has left for his first class bearing a coffee and Steve’s favourite gluten-free muffin from one of the few bakeries on campus that he can actually eat at.  Steve’s half-tempted to slam the door in Buck’s still-bruised face, but he’s able to get in a panicked apology that is just sincere enough that Steve pauses and lets him go on.

8.  Bucky, of course, thinks that Steve’s angry at him for kissing without asking for permission, and feels like the world’s biggest asshole for taking advantage of him.  Half-way through his apology, Steve is completely baffled, because it turns out that listening to how torn-up Bucky is is actually pretty gut-wrenching, especially as he realizes that the kiss wasn’t actually a joke in the first place.  Once Buck is finally done rambling all Steve can do is gape for a while, before incredulously muttering the words “you mean you actually like me?”

9.  In the end they actually talk shit out; it takes a while for Steve to truly begin to believe Bucky’s sincerity when he insists that he’s been crushing on Steve since the first time he saw him down the hall of their dorm, but luckily it turns out that Bucky Barnes is the one person on Earth who is actually as stubborn as Steve Rogers.  It’s not an easy road for either of them, but as the months and years pass Steve begins to truly believe Bucky when he says he’s attracted to him, that he loves him, that everyone who ever tried to convince him otherwise was a fucking moron.

10.  Bucky’s first-kiss shiner eventually becomes a joke between them and their friends group as the years go on, to the point that the engagement announcement they send to their closest friends and family features Steve in boxing gloves and Bucky with a taped-up nose.  He sappily admits during one of the wedding speeches that finally getting Steve to see how great he is was absolutely worth getting clocked in the face, especially since they still ended up together despite the rocky start.

Send me an AU and a pairing and I’ll write 5+ headcanons for it