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When I look at something/someone that you’re attracted too and then you don’t want to be hopeful and you internally just “noooo please don’t, don’t torture me I can’t, its not fair, it won’t/never happen”. I mean, I am a walking bad luck and the worse usually happens to me according to the life I’m living. So the only way to destroy my goddamn strong attraction is telling it to go away by down grading myself and emotional self-beating. But feeling sad and hopeless after and it seemed stupid and pointless and for some reason you want to stab yourself, like, really stab yourself with a knife. End this.

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I'd love to get a borzoi puppy in the future (5+ years cuz I'm still in college and already have a dog) do you have any recommendations as to where to start looking for a breeder? I live in the US and so far google searches have turned up sketchy looking sites or breeders that are not in the US.

You can use the referral program through Borzoi Club of America. There are great breeders all over. There are a few that you want to steer clear of however. The best thing is to ask someone who has the style of borzoi that you are attracted too and they should be able to help. I am in MI and always willing to help out those interested in the breed.

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A few of my friends who don't even watch Skam pointed out how natural the makeout scene looked and how into it Tarjei was (Henrik too but especially Tarjei). Like even people who don't watch it notice it. It's that obvious lol. When they saw his trembling legs, they said he was probably turned on lmao.

Well, well, well. I’m not surprised at all that non-fans are saying stuff like this.
Let’s be realistic. Rumen said it in that Insta vid that Tarjei is missing shooting the show a lot and they were joking about the gay stuff. I’ve always thought that it was true and Tarjei was really missing it because he liked it professionally and personally too. The attraction is definitely there between them and I think he was really enjoying the work because he was able to try some stuff he was curious about without any backlash.
Boy was curious, boy liked it, boy likes Henrik. Not a big deal.


Colin Farrell’s filmography (minus two early films because they are impossible to find)


Norm Lewis, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Rosario Dawson and Oscar Isaac at the Open Rehearsal of the ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ Production of 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ at Delacorte Theatre in New York City (August 18, 2005)

extreme kabe don should be in the olympics

why trevor collins is a cryptid
  • looks attractive always even when covered in smarties dust
  • probably lives on coffee
  • has his hair ever moved????? who knows
  • sweet AND smart tf
  • looks too much like ben feldman, a fellow cryptid
  • tweets such as this one

in conclusion: trevor collins is a cryptid and should not be trusted


seducing your crush like


Harry Potter fancasts

Weasley Family (Ron/Ginny)

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Some of you had questions about bi- or pansexuality, so here’s a quick FAQ! 

“What’s the difference between bi and pan?” 

Bi means “attracted to two or more genders”. 

Pan means “attracted to all genders or regardless of gender”. 

“Those definitions are a bit confusing to me!”

That’s okay, there’s nothing embarrassing about asking for clarification! 

I’ll use some examples to explain them further: 

Bianca is attracted to men and women. She identifies as bi. 

Billy is attracted to men and nonbinary people. He identifies as bi, too. 

Polly is attracted to people of any gender - except for men. She could identify as poly (attracted to multiple genders) or as bi (two or more genders!).  

Penelope really doesn’t care about gender. She’s attracted to people, not specific genders - Penelope is pan. 

Pete is attracted to girls. And boys. And agender people. And nonbinary people. And.. Oh, they are attracted to every gender. They are pan! 

“Isn’t bi only for people who like girls and boys?”

Back when people weren’t really aware that nonbinary genders exist/that gender is a spectrum and not just two set categories, bisexuality was often defined as “attracted to girls and boys”. But nowadays we, as a community, are aware that gender and attraction is not as black and white as people used to believed and so the definition of bisexuality got broader to be more inclusive.

That’s why we now define bisexuality as “attracted to two or more genders”. Those genders can be binary or nonbinary! 

Long story short, bi can mean “I like girls and boys” but that’s not the only possible meaning. Remember: Labels are made for people, not the other way around. 

“I’m dating a nonbinary person, does that mean i have to identify as pan?” 

No. People can date nonbinary people and identify with any label. 

“Technically i fit the definition of pan but i feel more comfortable with the label bi. Is that okay?” 

Yes! Your label is yours and only you can decide which label is the right one for you. 

Many people feel this way because they used the label bi before they learned what pan means and now are already out as bi or already feel so comfortable with the label bi that they don’t feel the need to correct it. That’s fully okay! 

Other people prefer bi because the term pan is less commonly known and they prefer to not have to explain their label over and over again. That’s okay, too! 

“Can i be bi/pan and asexual at the same time?” and “I met someone who identifies as bi/pan and asexual! Is that even possible?”  

Yes. Some people are romantically attracted to two, more or all genders but feel no sexual attraction. That’s not a contradiction! 

A term to describe that is “biromantic asexual”/”panromantic asexual”. However, some people prefer to just say “bi asexual” or “pan asexual”.  

Some people also experience fluidity in their level of attraction and might sometimes feel no sexual attraction and at other times feel attraction to two, more or all genders. That’s another possible explanation why someone might identify as bi/pan and asexual. 

“Someone told me pan people are also attracted to animals and now i feel gross for using the term.” 

That’s just something people say to insult lgbt+ people or to paint them as evil. Neither gay, bi nor pan people are attracted to animals. 

“Attracted to all genders” (obviously) means “attracted to humans of all genders.”. Don’t let any lgbt+-phobes run a perfectly harmless label for you, my dear. 

“I’m bi/pan and currently in a girl/boy relationship, am i still lgbt+?”

Yes! People who identify as bi or pan are part of the lgbt+ community, no matter who they date. You don’t need to be in a same-sex relationship to be allowed to identify as lgbt+. 

You are not “betraying” or “invading” the lgbt+ community. I know you’ll sadly encounter people who say such mean things but they are wrong. Your idenity is valid regardless of your relationship status or dating history. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom