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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Trump admitting that he doesn’t pay taxes is not so great a blow to his campaign as we progressives think it is, because Trump isn’t pandering to us, he’s pandering to his base.

We like taxes: they keep the government running and support the organizations we like that provide safety nets for the vulnerable. But Trump is appealing to the people who actually like him, who are mostly conservatives.

There are two kinds of people who evade taxes: rich conservative assholes who don’t like paying taxes because how dare the rabble have any share in what they’ve rightfully stolen, and middle-class-to-poor conservative assholes who don’t like paying taxes because it’s an assault on their ~freedoms~ (or else they’ve been duped - usually through expensive seminars that promise to rid them of debt - into thinking that there is a valid legal argument to support them). The former tends to get away with it because they can hire accountants and such to find legal loopholes; the latter gets in violent standoffs with the IRS as “protest.”

There also tends to be a lot of overlap between tax protestors and other fringe conservative groups: freemen on the land, militia groups, survivalists, and the Loony Tunes that live just about half an hour away from my hometown. Or, you know, Trump’s base.

You think they care that Trump doesn’t pay his taxes? Of course they don’t. Rich people will just see him doing exactly the same thing they all do. Middle-class to poor people will admire him for doing what they’ve tried (and failed!) to do. He might alienate moderates, but what else is fucking new?

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I've been following you since charlie was 2 months old and from what I can tell you've always been encouraging and nice to your followers don't let the haters get to you benji we love you xoxo

That’s a long time to be putting up with me I am so sorry lol. I tend to not let it bother me at all anymore. The ratio of positive to negative comments on my inbox is overwhelmingly good and I think I’ve gotten very lucky not too attract too much crap from the tumblr community.

don’t romanticize basic rights 
it’s not attractive that a man is a feminist 
it’s not sexy that a man finally realizes the prejudice against women and how stupidly oppressed women are 
it’s common sense


Norm Lewis, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Rosario Dawson and Oscar Isaac at the Open Rehearsal of the ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ Production of 'The Two Gentlemen of Verona’ at Delacorte Theatre in New York City (August 18, 2005)