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Do you ever read a piece of writing advice so awful you’re not entirely sure if it’s satire or not.

If your character is an evil assassin, you might want to refer to his fingernails as daggers or stabbers.

Stabbers. Stabbers. Yep.

A jealous ex-girlfriend might have witch hooks or tentacles. Sugar- or flour-coated hands could be clues that a protagonist is a baker. Or a serial killer with a fetish.

Well this has taken an odd turn.

Use ‘hands’ too often, and the word will annoy readers. English offers a multitude of options.

Oh no.

Analyze what the hands are doing and assign a noun that suits them. In addition to the following, check the Movement section for verbs you could convert into nouns. For example, ‘boo-boo soothers’.

Get the fuck out of here.



shadow puppeteers




See also 300+ Words to Describe Human Skin.

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headcanon that after jared starts going around and calling him the lorax, evan goes out and memorizes the entire soundtrack to the lorax movie and blasts it in the car and belts along with the music whenever jared drives him places.

toys are weapons, weapons are toys

Actually reading the book right now (muttering “No, Kevin” on every other page). He keeps haunting me aah
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When it comes to the whole "Only a Shimada can control the dragons" thing, I personally believe it also extends when marrying into the Shimada family. So, could you do Hanzo and Genji's reaction to their s/o being able to control a dragon or dragons? (Hanzo and Genji separately of course). Please and thank you! Love your blog, btw.

Bless your icon, it heals my soul~
btw I believe this too. 


The word ‘annoyed’ was a severe undstatement to what Hanzo was feeling at this point of time. Both you and him were called for an apparently important mission in the middle of your honeymoon. Two weeks alone with you in Hanamura was all he wanted, but he should’ve known something like this would happen.

“HANZO LOOK OUT!” He quickly turned his attention from his current target to behind him where you were. You elbowed the man in the chest knocking the wind out of him then pointing your pistol to the sniper up above ready to shoot your husband. But before you pulled the trigger a blue mist spiraled around your wrist then around the barrel of you pistol and the moment you pulled the trigger Hanzo’s twin dragons erupted going through Hanzo and then knocking down the sniper and the other men behind him.

The both of you stood there shocked as to what had just happened. Your hand was shaking and you lost grip of your pistol causing it to fall onto the ground. Hanzo rushed to you hands firmly place on your shoulders.
“D-did I.. that… what?” You looked at Hanzo confused clear as day.
“Only a Shimada can control the dragons, you are a Shimada.” You had to let the information sink in for a bit trying to make sense of it amongst your muddled mind.
“Oh.” Hanzo hugged you happy as this proved that you’re a Shimada now.


Genji sighed happily slouching over with his arms propped up on his knees head in hands as he watched you train from his spot on the hill.
“You seem happy my student.” His master chimed watching his student stare of in the distance in awe.
“My apologies master. It’s just… I can’t believe I’m married, to (Y/N) at that.” Even though its been a good 8 months since you’ve bee married to each other he’s still on the high. He hopes that this feeling would never end.

He watched every step, every punch, every single movement that you make. Genji’s body was all jittery and chest all fluttery smile ever present. But a slight movement around you caught his attention. He wasn’t sure what it was at first until it was apparent that it actually a green mist slowly forming around your body. It seemed familiar.

Genji slowly stood up walking towards you. Your movements kept at a constant pace and the mist continued to form.
“Oh hey Genji.” The mist disappeared when you stopped to turn and went to give your husband a kiss which he returned happily with his arms around your waist. He saw a stick by your feet and picked it up handing it over to you.
“Try and hit me.” You tilted your head in confusion but stood back in a ready stance. You went to hit him which he block, you went to hit again and he blocked. This continued for a few minutes until the green mist formed again.
“Now hit me with everything you’ve got.” You nodded taking a few steps back then swung at full force causing Genji’s dragon to rush out at him but not affecting him.

All you did was star at your hands in awe then looked up at him with a wide grin. Genji tried his best to squeal in happiness for you and tackled you to the ground.

Day 1: College / Immortality

IwaOi Week one two three four 5 6 7

When Hajime wakes, it’s with an unexpected but welcome warmth curled into his side.

He’s a little dazed, trying to connect the feeling to a memory that feels too far away, to something that’s safe, comforting, familiar. There’s this smell, too, that makes Hajime want to sink back under the covers and inhale, breathing in the calm that it brings.

He shifts, eyes fluttering open when his leg catches on something that feels distinctly leg-shaped as well.

There’s soft light breaking through the blinds, and Hajime blinks for a moment, disoriented in this unfamiliar room. But it’s so warm-

And slowly, it’s coming back to him.

A whole bunch of moving boxes, three of which are still stacked against the wall just at the edge of his line of vision. The bed that took way too long to put together. Falling asleep in an exhausted heap without even bothering to change their clothes.

His eyes focus on the shape he’s got his arms wrapped around, warm and real and here, chest rising and falling with slow breaths.

It’s more on instinct than anything else that Hajime curls in further, burying his face in soft brown curls.

Yeah, he could get used to this.

With a smile on his lips, he lets himself drift.

The second time he wakes, it’s to soft pressure on his hands; fingers pressing into his palms, drawing small, absent-minded shapes and swirls.

He curls his fingers ever so slightly, and the movement stops.

Weight shifts, the bed dips, and suddenly he’s blinking up into chocolate brown eyes.

“G'morning, Iwa-chan,” Tooru says, with a smile that really isn’t fair on someone who just woke up.

“Hey,” Hajime says back, voice raspier than he might like. He wraps his arms a little more tightly around Tooru’s waist, pulling him close.

“…sleep well?”

Hajime blinks, stifling a yawn. He knows his nose scrunches up, because Tooru immediately brings up his finger to poke at it.

“Like the dead,” he mumbles, before pretending to bite at Tooru’s hand. The setter giggles and pulls it back, and Hajime smiles. “How about you…?”

“Mmh, fine,” Tooru says, nuzzling up against his chest, hair tickling Hajime’s chin. “I think I like this new arrangement. Don’t you?”

Hajime shifts to press his lips to Tooru’s forehead, allowing himself to bask in the warmth that’s growing in his chest, filling him with a giddy sort of energy.

“Yeah. It’s… nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”

Tooru is silent for a second - then he pulls back almost violently with a gasp that’s a little too loud to be completely genuine, bracing himself above Hajime.


Hajime blinks up at him, slow and maybe a little too comfortable.


“You- you can’t just say something that sappy and romantic without warning?!”

He sounds honestly offended, but the wide grin on his face is a dead giveaway.

“…’s true though,” he says, trying to play along by making it sound defensive - judging by Tooru’s expression, though, he’s not doing a very good job of it.

Stupid sappy thoughts, honestly.

It’s too early to pretend to be annoyed.

“Nooooo,” Tooru groans, half of the word getting muffled when he buries his face in the crook of Hajime’s neck, dropping his weight back on top of him. “You’re too cute!”

Hajime scoffs, bringing his arms up around him even as he tries not to laugh. “I’m cute?”

“I hate you,” Tooru grumbles, and Hajime pulls him closer, lifting his legs to wrap around him as well.

“Sure you do.”

“I mean it!” Tooru says, but even he’s losing control of his fake-indignation in favor of chuckling.

“…hm, yeah, very convincing.”

Hajime flips them over so they’re lying side by side again, mattress creaking under their weight. His eyes sweep the room - it’s still so bare, they should probably repaint the walls before putting up Tooru’s stars - and find their way back to him. (Always, always back to him).

He must have the grossest, sappiest smile on his face because when Tooru cracks open an eye to look at him, he actually blushes. Adorable dumbass.

“Iwa-chan,” he says again, but it’s softer this time - and when he leans in for a kiss, Hajime is right there to meet him.

Big Bang's reactions to their sassy gf

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Thank you all for waiting for my late update! I’ve benn studying hard and taking those tests seriously. I only have 3 more to go. I hope you are doing good in school/ work too~

Thank you again for reading my reactions!

You were outside at the party and had a lot of fun when a woman came and started talking with you. He was next to you talking to her boyfriend and drinking wine together. He was smiling and having fun but you had some difficult with understanding what that woman wants from you. When her boyfriend and T.O.P were looking away or weren’t near she just started talking how she uses her boyfriend only for money and then when they came back she started talking how great he is and how he treats her well. You had enough listening to her and when they came back you said:
“Sweetie, if you’re gonna be two faced at least make one of them pretty.”
The woman and her boyfriend offended walked away and T.O.P scolded you for saying such mean things to a person but in the car later he laughed so hard you couldn’t stop him. He really adored your sarcasm and your sassy attitude. He especially liked when you would reply to mean comments with your swag and make those people take back his words. He was happy because you were sassy you didn’t let other people judge you or make bad comments about you.

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Jiyong just came home late at night from the airport where he flew from the USA. He was really tired and because of his work he was a little depressed. You really wanted to cheer him up so you made him the best coffee and let him tell you about his business trip. He also brought you a gift, a shirt with a caption ‘swag’ on it. He was glad you liked it but he was exhausted so you let him go shower. Right before he went to bed you wishpered to him:
“Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parents job.”
When you said that to him he smiled and kissed you on your cheeks. He remembered why he loves you so much- because of your awful sarcastic jokes and amazing love you always showed him. He fell asleep hugging you and with a shining smile on his face. 

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You were working on your college studying and took a short break when he came home. He told you how your studying is important to him and how you must be successful in college so you will get a good job. He kept saying how proud will he be if you get A’s on the tests. He kept worrying about the marks you’ll get and it was getting pretty annoying to you. While you ate a strawberry in kitchen he came again and you put your finger to his mouth to keep him shut.
“The only BS in my life are bags and shoes.”
He was quite surprised by your words and he understood he might be too annoying with all those words but he still laughed at the sarcastic voice of yours, because he thought it was funny. He thought it was funny and cute when you made sassy statements like those. 

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After your busy day at work you came home finding Daesung playing drums. When he saw you came home he started a conversation. You were always happy to talk with him and see him but today was one of your bad days. You did talk with him and when he inturrupted you sentance and spoke on you stared at him for a moment and than added:
“Oh, I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt your begining?”
He was offended by your words and apologized for interrupting your talking. He felt bad because of that and went in the bedroom to chill and relax. He kept thinking why you would get so upset over such a thing, although it was rude. You realized your words may have been too much and apologized to him too.

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You are both a king and a queen of sass. He always got your sassy statements about clothes or movies. As you were walking in the shopping mall you saw some cute dresses and ordered him to tell you how you look. You predicted he wouldn’t like shopping a lot but he was just fine watching you in a different dresses. One was glittery and another one was all pink. He said both suits you but the pink one is sexier.
“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”
He couldn’t help but to cringe at your statement. He was proud you realized how beautiful you are and to make sure everyone else sees that he bought you the pink dress, because you already have enough glitter in you veins

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Final Maji Love Revolutions DVD Cover!

Good morning

Roman Reigns x Reader

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#11: Sorry I just can’t help it.

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Roman stood in the door frame of the kitchen chuckling. He watched you for 10 minutes at least by now  as you struggled to reach the cereal box that stood on the highest shelf board. You were groaning and hissing everytime the box slipped a bit further to the back. You tried to climb onto the counter but slipped, deciding this wasn’t a safe option you put your head into your hands sighing frustrated of the defeat.

“I just want to have my cereal.” you whined when Roman lost it and began to laugh audible.

“Do you have to watch me struggle and giggle like a little girl.” you mumbled into your hands just loud enough for him to hear you.

Sorry I just can’t help it. You look just too cute struggling to get your breakfest.”

“You know, you could at least help me instead of making fun of my misery.” you groaned when the box slipped out of your grasped once again.

“You know, you could at least ask for help if you can’t reach it.” he teased chekily. You gave him an annoyed look.

“It’s too early for so many words.” you stated dramatically earnig  a huff from Roman.

“So you’re not that hungry I guess.” he shrugged and turned around to leave.

“Wait, no! Roman!” you begged beaten and sighed heavily “Dear my strong, loving husband. Would you be so nice and help your wife, who’s struggling immensly right now, to get to her most important meal of the day? Pretty please?” you fluttered with your eyelashes.

“If you ask so nicely, baby girl. I gladly help my damsel in distress.” he grinned while walking over to the cupboard and reaching for the cereal box with ease, “There you go.” he hold it in front of you but raised it above his head once you grabbed after it. Your eybrows furrowed.

“Don’t I even get a little thank you for my help?” he pouted. You rolled your eyes giving him a peck on the lips. You pulled away but were hold tightly against him with his free hand. He lowered himself to give you a sweet kiss, making you weak in your knees. He gave you your cereals once he pulled away.

“Good morning.” his  still raspy voice made you shiver.

“Good morning to you too.”

some cute gals at my debate tournament

Did you know that right now, Even is telling Isak all about his day?

Talking about the way his teacher kept saying this one word wrong, which annoyed everyone and him too but he at the same time felt a little bad for it, how he thought about a new shot for his film project he wanted to film over the weekend and about this recipe Mahdi told him about that they wanted to try out soon.

This all happens while Isak plays with Even’s hair, the older boy laying with his head on Isak’s chest and absently drawing circles on Isak’s stomach.

Both getting sleepy and are warm and safe and soon when Even has drifted off to sleep and turns around like he always does, Isak settles into his back and wraps his arms around his favourite little spoon, pressing a kiss to Even’s shoulder before he too falls asleep.


When I make my comic quilt I want to get the fabric for the panels from other people, probably their old clothes. I want to be putting stitches into something foreign so I really think about what I’m doing. If anyone is interested in mailing me a piece of clothing send me a message!


the only thing you need to know about me
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hey! look! an update!! °^°)/

I’m still slightly annoyed (maybe annoyed is too strong of a word, but I can’t think of another one) that the prologue version of once upon a December from the anastasia musical doesn’t use the version from the movie’s prologue

It makes more sense than just using a verse of the song Anya sings later

“On the wind, cross the sea, hear this song and remember, soon you’ll be home with me, once upon a December”

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i'm a little bit irritated the twins haven't explained why they deleted the video yet, either. i think they kind of owe it to their viewers because it directly pertains to their job (which is youtube). it's one thing to not speak about their personal life, they're not obligated to, but when it's something like this that affects their content & their fanbase essentially? its not a big deal, no, but still they have viewers who are excited to see their videos & then suddenly it's gone its like hmm.

but exactly this!!!! you just put my confusing emotions into words because I got annoyed too, like their privacy is their privacy but when it comes to their job then we should know what’s up when a video of their get deleted so suddenly and so randomly x

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32 - open your eyes

2 - snow

[read on ao3]


Alexander Hamilton scrunched his nose, as he peeked out the window to his dorm.

“Snow.” He noted, eyes narrowing. He’d never been too fond of snow- in theory, at least, due to the fact that he’d never actually been in any climate that differed from the Caribbean’s. He roughly pushed the rest of the blinds open, letting the morning light seep in, as he jumped out of bed.

Next to him, John groaned.

“Come back.” He whined, but Alexander merely chuckled and settled himself down at his desk.

“Too much to do.” He justified. “Not enough time, never enough time.”

John, eyes still drooped close, sighed.

“C’mon, it’s too early to be working on anything.” He mumbled, head lolling back onto his pillow.

Their pillow.

At least, on most nights. It was definitely a strange situation that Alexander and John had gotten themselves into. He bit his lip, eyes flitting from his half-written paper, to the window peppered gently with white, and back to John.

Sighing heavily, Alex took out a pen.

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Cute bedtime things:

Kol drawing patterns on Davina’s back as she sleeps

Kol using Davina as his Teddy Bear

Davina hogging all the blankets

Kol getting more blankets

Davina hogging those too

Davina taking pity on Kol and giving him some blanket

Kol complaining about Davina’s hair being in his face

Davina fanning it out further to annoy him

Kol pretending to bite Davina’s neck in retaliation

Davina watching Kol sleep on the rare instances she wakes up first

Davina making cute funny faces at him as he wakes up

Kol offering to make Davina pancakes even though she knows he’d rather just have a blood bag for breakfast

Davina complaining and wrapping herself around him when he tries to leave the bed in the morning

Kol walking around with Davina still attached to him

Davina wearing Kols shirt because she’s too lazy to find her own damn clothes, besides they smell good so why wouldn’t she

Kol using her toothbrush when his is right there and making a quip about making out because he knows it’ll annoy her (and let’s be honest he finds that too adorable for words)