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I hate posts like that phone one. "Don't ever take things away from your kids or ground them! That's really mean and you might upset them :c" shit like that is so god damn irritating.

Really. I hate that this website thinks discipline or doing anything to even remotely upset your kid = child abuse. Do y’all think being punished is spost to be fun or something?

I’m js, my mom always says like “People are too afraid to discipline their kids nowadays in fear of it being called abuse or something, that’s why this generation acts crazy.” I don’t generally agree with this statement but sometime I see something and it just pops up in my head and I’m just like “…Yeeeah, she’s got a point..”


Description: Dan lives alongside the mirrors, a portal to the parallel world that houses his soul mate Phil. They’ve known each other for 11 years and couldn’t be happier. The only way to cross over is to make ‘The Choice.’ A time when you give up your whole world in the your home universe for your soul mate. Only Dan is too afraid to leave his family behind. Until certain circumstances hit and Dan must make his choice or lose Phil forever. 

Tags: Original Universe; Fluff; Long; Soulmate AU

It’s so easy to forget
the way that girls can’t like girls

when it was so often discussed
between my childhood crush and I
as she would brush my hair behind my ear and sigh
into my neck, teaching me how to touch and I
was in love. But she
was just looking for secrets to keep, and I was the perfect one.
Small enough to be kept tight
behind her lips, but always always on the tip of her tongue, oh
I was in love, I was in love

with a girl too scared to tell the world that girls could like girls

too afraid to tell me that
the two of us weren’t freaks, well

maybe she didn’t know at the time.

—  How Could She When No One Told Her

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What is the best way to learn basic korean? Any tips?

don’t obsess to grammar order. just try to speak as much as u can.

for example. I had lunch = 나는(=I=subject) 점심을(=lunch=object) 먹었다(=had=verb).  S+O+V is formal wordorder. but if u say like english

나는 먹었다 점심을 (S+V+O). most time korean ppl gonna understand it anyway. so don’t be afraid too much about grammar break. just try to speak as much as u can.

with the marriage equality in Ireland we had a little argument today about it and my grandfather was like “and now they’re talking about having a refferendum in Germany too, this is abnormal and disgusting” and it hurt me so hard I called him stupid. that was the moment I realised I’ll probably never come out to my family as queer, as long as he’s around.


Sometimes, I think that you can see into my soul.

You know so much.

You know how I feel just from taking one look at me

You know exactly what will wind me up

You know how to tell when I’m about to cry; you detect it as easily as a change in the weather

But everyone knows that; I’m not so good at hiding my emotions anymore.

Then again, you know the other things too, the things that nobody know.

You know that I am secretly terrified of moths.

That I am over competitive when playing Frustration, especially against you.

You know that until I was nine years old I told everyone that I was allergic to nuts so that I wouldn’t be given any.

And you know that I am far too afraid of getting things wrong.

You know that until I met you I hid my feelings from view.

I never let them show, I never let them through.

And you know that I love you.

And that’s the most important thing of all.

And I too, can sometimes see into your soul.

I can tell when it’s not okay, no matter how often you say it is.

I can tell when you’re hurting, and I know when you’re sad.

I know when you’re trying not to laugh at me, and I can tell when you’re going to stop trying and start laughing.

But everyone knows that; you’re not so good at hiding your emotions anymore.

And I know that you argue with your mother, and after she’s gone you cry and cry

And I wish I could take all your hurt away.

I know that your middle names are Finley Searle and that you’re ashamed of them.

You think that they’re embarrassing but I love them shamelessly.

I know that your first word was condensation, and that by the time you started nursery you could name all of the garden birds in the UK.

And I know that you don’t believe that you’re strong enough; clever enough; good enough

But you are, you are, you are.

And I know that you love me

And that’s the most important thing of all.

Always yours,


Sometimes I find myself wanting to get involved in the eating disorder community again because being surrounded by eating disorders was a comfortable commiseration, but then I remember the secret seizure I had one night a few weeks before inpatient and the weird drugged feeling I always had during the day at work and just the way my heart never seemed to beat the same way twice and the frailty and weakness of being unable to walk up a few steps without fearing my heart would just quit and not seeing Joshua for weeks and weeks and just being an empty shell of a real person who lived in constant fear of being attacked..

I remember all of those things so vividly, down to the way my chest felt and the electrical pulses I would get throughout my body and just stumbling and stumbling and hoping that I never fell because I knew I wouldn’t be able to pull myself back to my feet again, and I would be too ashamed and afraid to ask for help because I can’t be touched.

Then I feel lucky to be alive and want nothing to do with eating disorders ever, especially the anorexia that controlled me for so long and held me down until I nearly drowned. I am afraid of returning, and I hope that I never do.

The Pitch

Cronus wandered up to the drama classroom. The tongue chick never showed up, which he considered pretty freaking great, since it gave him time to pitch a movie idea. This is not what he was expecting when he came to the school, but, who cared, really? Gotta take advantage of every opportunity he gets, he supposed.

He wandered up the drama classroom. The class had just ended; he was a bit too afraid to go looking around for the guy too long after the class ended. he didn’t know where he’d go. He gave the door a quiet knock, trying not to be too rude about showing up. “Uhh…you there,  man?” The knocking just kept getting louder and louder. He hoped he was there. He really, really hoped the director guy was there.

This is Kitt again.

I have turned off anon for as long as it takes for these revolting pieces of shit to leave, and to those of you people that use Anonymous bc youre too afraid/shy to talk to Wade off it, im so sorry. But for the time being it needs to be cut off for his safety.

And to those of you cowardly, disgusting, revolting piles of shit that think its still amusing to send this beautiful human being death threats and conniving messages , youre gonna have to fucking go through me this time.

Wade, listen to me. We love you, TJ love you, I love you.

Those people dont know you.

They dont choose to know you, and thats their fucking fault.
Theyre nothing. Theyre just pieces of shit that waist their time trying to make others feel bad.

Youre amazing, youre handsome, youre talented, youre sweet. And i love you.

I got ur back bab. They gotta go thru Smokes now.

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I'm too afraid to tell you that I have a crush on you. I think you're amazingly beautiful, funny, and smart. You're great :*

Aww thanks you’re awesome ☺😚


So mudkipgiveaways‘ nerdy teenage Marshtomp got me thinking. I then started looking into pictures on Google Images of Mudkip’s evolutionary chain, and I had this scenario played out in my head… Here are my thoughts on this fella.

Mudkip starts off all cute and young, naive and gentle, he then evolves into Marshtomp… That’s when his life starts to get interesting

Marshtomp looks like he’s probably the nerdy teenager who would get picked on a bunch in junior high and who would be too afraid to ask a girl he has a crush on to the junior prom, partly because he had a night full of Dungeons and Dragons anyhow… He then finishes high school and evolves into a Swampert.

Swampert catches some attention from other girls his age, but Mr. Swampert only has one girl in mind - that gal he gave up on for a night of D&D… He starts an aggressive workout regimen with his buddy, Arnie. Arnie tells Mr. Swampert about mega stones. Swampert uses said mega stones to enhance his performance and show greater gains in his muscle mass. He goes a little hard in the paint with the mega stones… but wait! What’s this? Swampert evolves into Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert… Beef Cake status obtained. Mega Swampert gets a call from Maury Povich to appear on one of those shows where they tell their highschool crush how they still adore them, regardless of how much the crush would pick on him. He takes Maury up on the deal. They show pictures of Mega Swampert as a nerdy little Marshtomp. He gets off stage, his crush comes out, they show her pictures of nerdy Marshtomp. She tells the crowd and Maury about how mean she used to be to him, and that she’s sorry. Beef Cake Mega Swampert comes out and blows her mind with pectoral flexes and bicep flexes and sweeps her and the rest of America off our feet.

poem called touch

these are the times i have been touched:

i sat on my dads lap

and he accidentally grabbed

my brand new breasts,

than said sorry and that he shouldnt do that


my old coworker d— pulled me in for a hug

his barrel body felt hard against mine so soft

and his fucked up hand with dead nail

dropped to my lower back and i smiled

that smile that cant convince anyone!

everytime ive ever gone on a date

ive ended it with a high five

i thought perhaps i was too afraid to kiss

but now i want to say no ones ever

deserved it.

i had a dream i was with no one

id ever seen and we laid on a hill

i laid on his back and felt so warm

ive only ever felt completed in dreams

im afraid im really complete

with just me.

i was working and a man came up too close

i was too young i smiled that smile

maybe hes hard of hearing

he needs to buy underwear for his retarded

sister, where should he measure,

should he measure here?

and his finger dragged under my breast and

i backed up and i said perhaps

you should ask someone else,

i really dont know,

im sorry.

im 20 years old and once i got a call

at work and it was an old man asking about thongs

for his young girlfriend who

sounded just like me

and i sat on that call for way too long.

im 20 years old and my hearts

filled to bursting with love for no one

in particular

but i have never been loved

ive only been touched.