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idk why but when i watched this last night it was just about the cutest thing i’d ever seen, so. i had to gif it. look how startled he looks look at him. look. look at the way he keeps his hand there like. just in case they move again. juuust in case. he a startled puppy. it’s adorable.

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Warm & Fuzzies: I grew up with several cats (between 3-5 depending on the year; we adopt them, they grow old, die, repeat), and one now is 17 yrs old. Her vet has given her good bills of health overall; she recently is developing deafness, though. Every night at 9pm, she goes to the couch and expects to snuggle and have pets. If no one is there, she finds us and meows until we sit down for her. She has always been an extremely cuddly cat, but she still appreciates a bit of play time, too.

That’s adorable. I would remind you that by giving in when she meows you’re reinforcing that behavior, but it’s honestly endearing enough I doubt you’d want to not reinforce it. 

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(fraxured-dhelmise) Dhelmise wants a very tight hug, just the way he likes giving and getting hugs! Fraxure just wants to pet the snek.

@fraxured-dhelmise Excalibur Loves tight hugs too! And adores his little head pats

What I really like about tumblr is that no matter how strange your ship is or how weird your fandom or a kink, there is always a person who LOVES it too, who adores all about it. Don’t you just feel like you BELONG here?

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Omg imagine telling drunk!Jonathan he's such a pretty boy & he grins all stupidly & he's all dopey & cute but when you try to kiss him he holds up his hand & says "No, stop! You're very pretty & all but I have a girlfriend" "Jonathan I'm your (1/2)

gf" & he’s like “I miss my gf where did she go??” & you’re trying hard not to laugh & then he realizes he’s wearing your hoodie & he gets so excited “Oooh she’s here I can smell her” “I’m right here” & he sniffs you & goes “ehhh” in deliberation"


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England's trying to feed me his scones! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! I'M TOO YOUNG AND AWESOMELY ADORABLE TO DIE! HELP!

Britannia: what do you mean?? His scones are delicious!! Love, just trying it won’t kill you~

Ancients: yes, yes it will… 

Germania: wait a minute… this sounds like Prussia…

Rome: Germania, just because they said ‘awesome’ doesn’t always mean its Prussia

Germania: … my parent-senses are acting up… 

Phichit somehow talked them into doing this pose and it probably broke their social media 😂😂