too adorable ;3;


A few more Magic the Birblring cards for some of the other birblrs. Now I must eat. :o

Bird sources, in order:

@budgiechops @pepperandpals @sweetiesugarbird


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*


Isak: Now, let’s play a game. It goes like this.. It’s “Isak and Even, minute by minute”. It’s.. like this: the only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. You in?

Even: Okay.

What are we going to do during this minute?

Isak: In this minute, we’re going to kiss.

Even: That’s chill.

@nahiishirota had a lil daydreaming about Kuro & Lil.Mahi and she told me about it and I just couldn’t help myself draw him roaming around warmly wrapped in search of Kuro whom wasn’t beside him when he woke up. <3 [HE’S SO DAM CUTE <3]


pfft- I can’t…

why am I still alive? im dying XD

anyway, I was in a bad mood and yuri! on ICE still in my mind.

then I remember a scene that yuri were chasing yurio(?) for a hug.

btw, just look at ganz’ face,too adorable  >3>

gztale belongs to the feels queen @golzy 

[] draw with medibang paint on tablet []