too adorable ;3;

so @joliemariella went and made this amazing freaking picture and has been telling me about this adorable little-mermaid-based au idea of hers and my hand slipped for several, several hours, oh dear.


*Poirot adorableness intensifies*


When the bromance jealousy kicks in.

BONUS: “Hoony is mine.”



Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

(please read the tags ^^)

@nahiishirota had a lil daydreaming about Kuro & Lil.Mahi and she told me about it and I just couldn’t help myself draw him roaming around warmly wrapped in search of Kuro whom wasn’t beside him when he woke up. <3 [HE’S SO DAM CUTE <3]

Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)
Digimon Adventure
Butter-Fly (MIDI/Music Box ver.)

I don’t care what anybody else says, Midorima’s dorky extra game haircut is super cute!! I will fight you on this!!!! (ง •̀_•́)ง